Back To The Past (3):

We take you back to the 80's again. Black metal was in its glory days with VENOM as biggest name and as an example to those who followed. In Brugge (Belgium) there was this band called PREVIOUS PAGE. Early 1980 they changed their name to ACID. Their line-up was Kate (vocals), [Donald] Demon (guitar), [Dirk] Dizzy Lizzy (guitar), [Peter] T-Bone (bass) and [Geert] Anvill (drums). In 1982 they released a single "Hell On Wheels" c/w "Hooked On Metal", which guaranteed them great success by the heavy metal fans in general. Their debut album "Acid" followed very shortly, which is a serious killer - a real classic indeed! Just before the release, they already played live in their hometown with SOGGY, BODINE and VIVA. This gig made the fans look forward to their first LP even more! ACID's songs deal about hell, satan, demons and all the other black metal subjects. Heavy riffs, wild guitar explosions, double bassdrums - a thundering sound that was always recognizable - together with the powerful voice of the great looking Kate.

"Maniac" was their second album. It was released at the end of '83 and almost as heavy as their debut. Two singles were taken from it. Both added with unreleased tracks. They were: "Lucifera" c/w "Ghostriders" and the great 12" "Black Car"; "Drop Dead" c/w "The Day You Die"; "Exterminator". On "Bottoms Up" (no, not the VAN HALEN song) drummer Anvill plays like he's got four legs, instead of two. It's so fast and furious, that you must hear it before you believe it. With the song "Prince Of Hell And Fire" they add some melody to their sound as well, without losing any grip. It gives the listeners some time to breathe, when they slow things down a little bit.

It's early '85 now and ACID makes their comeback with "Engine Beast". Still not thinking of changing the subject, they sticked to their guns and filled up their third album with great songs about hell and satan. This album has undeniable the pure ACID sound again. Highlights are "S.T.C", "Lost In Hell" and "Satan's Delivery". Songs, that still sound great today. The guitar sound meaner than ever and the overall sound is clean and melodic without getting wimpy. Definitely, a crown on five years of ACID. Although it shows the band at its best, it was also the last release ever. Three mighty good albums, only a very few gigs and a handful of singles, brought us at the end of the glory days of ACID. Belgium is well-known through names, like KILLER, CROSSFIRE and OSTROGOTH and in the 90's MYSTERY and CHANNEL ZERO, but I think that every die-hard metal fan will always add ACID to this list. Simply because they were pure black metal from the very start.

But entering the late 80's and early 90's everything changed: the music became extremer, faster and more brutal. What a shame ACID couldn't cope with that feeling. But they left us with three wonderful and very fine albums, they surely can be very proud of. If anyone can provide us with information on the old ACID members after '85, please let us know (especially about vocalist Kate, of course). If we get any information, you'll read about it on our "Newsflash" pages.

written by: Toine van Poorten/copyright Metal Maidens

ACID was:
Kate - vocals
Demon - lead guitar
Dizzy Lizzy - solo guitar
T-Bone - bass
Anvill - drums


ACID (Giant '82)
MANIAC (Giant '83)
ENGINE BEAST (Giant '85)

Hooked On Metal/Hell On Wheels (ACID 001 '81)
Lucifera/Ghostriders (Giant GS 501 '83)
Black Car/Drop Dead/The Day Before You Die/Exterminator (Hartdog '83)