BAD SISTER Never Sleeps!

Their biography screams in big capitals: BAD SISTER are back! This melodic hard rock band from Germany has been no stranger to Metal Maidens. They were already featured in MM#23 [June 2003] with an indepth interview with original singer Petra Degelow. All the more reason to get in touch with current frontlady Suzie to find out what exactly has happened in these past few years. Furthermore, we also take a look at their new album, which proves that the band has a very bright future ahead of them. “Because Rust Never Sleeps” has become an album, that BAD SISTER can be really proud of. Here’s what Suzie had to say about their comeback, eighteen years after their final recordings. This is the story of the returning ‘bad sister', so check it out!

Welcome back and congratulations on the brand new album “Because Rust Never Sleeps”. What made you decide to record a new album after so many years?
Suzie: "The band has already been working on this record for awhile. One day, I got a call asking, if I would like to do the vocals. I didn´t have to think twice, remembering the good ol' days with the guys. The years we played Wacken, the fun we had on several stages and during rehearsals, etc.etc. I always kept my relation to rock music over the years in different bands and projects."
Band: "We have always remained good friends and kept in touch. After noticing, that our music still finds great interest on the internet around the world, we decided to record a new album. We had a lot of fun and are very satisfied with the final result, so we think we were right to do so."

Why did we have to wait such a long time for this new album and what did BAD SISTER do between the release of the live album “Live” in 2003 and May 2009, when you released this new album?
Band: "We all played in different bands and had been very busy with our families and jobs, so the CD took some time. On the other hand, after the first CDs and the reactions, we didn´t want to deliver a second class production. Therefore we worked a lot to improve our sound and didn´t want to be under any time pressure."

Are you satisfied with the final result of “Because Rust Never Sleeps” and what would you change, if you had the chance?
Suzie: "I, for my part, I´m really proud with this piece of silver. And if I had to do it all over again, I would do it exactly the same way. Maybe one thing would be different: we could record a double CD to have twice the fun!"

How are the first reactions of the press towards this album?
Suzie: "Stunning and chuffing. We got so much positive feedback and critics. We didn´t expect this in such dimension. We´re really glad, that our work got this big acclaim."

What’s your fave song from the album?
Suzie: "The Song “Surrender” is one of my faves, because we have this damn good video, where I look so gorgeous (big grin). Another one, I´m very satisfied with is “Take Me As I Am”. I really love to sing this song! And “Zone Zero” because it´s very different from all our other songs."
Band: "Of course everybody has their own favorite song, but we are happy to have achieved such a big variety of songs, which actually constitute a whole in the end."

Are there any songs on “Because Rust never Sleeps” that need any further explanation, lyrically? Maybe there’s one song in particular, that you’d like to talk about?
Suzie: "I wrote “Carry On” to pull myself up by my bootstraps. I’ve experienced some extremely bad times and had to kick myself in the bud to carry on. With this song, I wanted to tell that life goes on..."

Was “Surrender” the obvious choice to become your first single from the album or did you have more good candidates?
Band: "We discussed this question and did have some other songs, that sounded commercial enough, as we wanted the video (single) to attract attention."

Please tell us a bit more about the video shoot for this song in Hamburg?
Suzie: "This was quite a frosty thing. We filmed in December and January and it was so damn cold! I think, it was about ten degrees below zero and I was so lucky to have this warm plushy coat. During the sequences on the Reeperbahn, a funny thing happened to our guitarist..."
Sven: "Well, as you might know, the Reeperbahn is also a red light destrict and Suzie´s dress actually looked a bit fitting for the area. Because she was also wearing some very high heels, I had to support her walking along the pavement and some guys were making jokes at me thinking I was her customer."

Why did you actually pick this place to shoot your video?
Suzie: "We choose the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, because it´s very well-known all over the world and it´s so rock´n roll. You can find many interesting settings like the video wall, the BEATLES or the illumination."
Band: "We thought the Reeperbahn is a place that fits the music with all its amusement arcades, sex shops, coloured lights, the BEATLES place, theatres and live music bars."

What happened to former singer Petra Degelow. A press release tells us, that she’s having severe health problems?!
Band: "That´s correct. But we are proud and happy, that she was willing and able to sing “Talk To You Later” for us."

Was this the first song you recorded for this new album, or is there another reason why she sings this one?
Band: "It’s just one of the songs we recorded. We asked Petra to sing on one of the songs and we all decided to take this one."

You have also announced to play some live shows soon. What will it be like to be on stage again after so many years? And with which band would you like to go on tour, if you had the chance to pick any band you like?
Suzie: "Not different to the old days, I think. When we play together in our rehearsal room, it feels as good as eighteen years ago, like nothing has changed! I´m really looking forward to perform with the band on stage. And maybe one day, we will support bands like FOREIGNER, CHICKENFOOT or DEEP PURPLE."

Is there a deeper meaning behind the rusty car on the CD booklet in any way? Because this piece of rust seems to be asleep for a longer time, in contradiction to the album title...
Band: "Well, even after such a long time, the car is still there and it´s a reminder of the good old days and the fact, it still isn´t gone after such a long time. You can say, that the car, despite its condition, catches your attention."

What are the future plans for BAD SISTER? Will there be a next album in the future or is this just an album for old time’s sake?
Suzie: "We have some great new material up on our sleeve and we´re looking forward to record them. But first thing’s first. We´re really busy promoting the current one."

Does Suzie have any personal messages for our readers?
Suzie: "Buy our new CD... It´s worth it!"

The last words in this interview are for Suzie and BAD SISTER...
Suzie: "Greetings to all the ladies, who are doing their thing in the heavy metal business. Rock on, sisters!! Follow your dream and listen to your heart. Thanks to all people, who have supported us in the past and present."

copyright: METAL MAIDENS
interview by: Toine van Poorten, Metal Maidens 'zine / September 2009.

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