Pure Metal To The Bone!

BLOOD CORPS is a band that comes from Fairfax, Virginia, USA and they offer something a little unique with their sound. I would classify this band as traditional heavy metal, but with songs that are easy to sing along to as well.Vocalist and lyricist Nina Osegueda's has a taste and passion for the darker side of life, which gives BLOOD CORPS’ songs an extra added dimension of nastiness, that of course I just love. We caught up with Nina, who was kind enough to speak with us today....

Hello Nina and welcome to the Metal Maidens.
“Not a problem, it's always a pleasure to open my big mouth for folks.”

Can you tell us a little about your band BLOOD CORPS?
“Sure thing! BLOOD CORPS is a metal band, that's been cultivated for the past three years. It started off with me and Dan (guitars), but over the next few years we got a line-up that's fit us really well. We've got a sound that's a little different, because my guys are into classic metal while I'm into things like opera, soul, jazz, and power metal. It keeps things pretty interesting.”

You have the nickname ‘Duchess of Dork’, which I think is funny as hell. Where did you get that name?
“Ha! Well, that takes me back to my college days. You see, my real name isn't Nina, it's Balvina Osegueda. With a name like that, one of my teachers suggested I name my website something a little easier for folks to spell. My grandfather is a Spanish ‘don’ and so I wanted to play off of that and eventually I remembered that episode of the Simpsons, where Bart called Lisa the ‘Duchess of Dork’. I loved it, so I stole it.”

The band's new demo is called "Hollow Point" which has a more classic metal sound to it but with some great melody as well. How would you describe your music?
“I'd describe our music as classic heavy metal with soul inspired female vocals. The way my guys play and enjoy playing are reminiscent of old-school metal, but I learned to sing from musicians like ARETHA FRANKLIN.”

This band also has some great lyrics, kind of like a horror movie put to music. For example, the tune "Penetrate Your Mind"(which is my favorite) talks about "Tearing out your eyeballs and ripping at your face” - I just love that stuff. Who writes the lyrics for the band and what inspires the writing?
“Generally, I write the lyrics. They're inspired by the mood that comes from the music that my guys play. I feel a certain groove and then I go with it. I like all of our songs to tell a story: to take you to a place that you may not have ever been before, but could very well be lurking in that dark corner of your bedroom.”

There is a photo of you on you’re My Space page with wearing these very cool spiked ‘metal’ looking goggles on. Where on earth did you find them and do you wear them at certain times on stage?
“I sure as hell do! When I was in college, I was recognizable by the goggles I always wore. I usually wore standard biker goggles and even Elliot from DC101 asked me, what was up with my goggles! I honestly just love the look. Those spikey metal ones are my newest and favorite pair. I bought them online from a vendor in England.”

You are a talented woman not only behind the microphone, but you also are a graphic designer and have a degree from the Art Institute of Washington. How did you decide to make heavy metal your career?
“Before going to art school, I was singing with the Washington Opera and was thinking heavily about going into musical theatre. Going through four years of theatre study turned me off to that idea, but while going to art school for four years I realized, that my life was empty without music. Dan and I started BLOOD CORPS a month within me working at my first job, after school was over.”

BLOOD CORPS was picked to open this year's ‘Flight of the Valkyrie festival’ in June, but due to some very scary circumstances, the band had to cancel. Can you tell us what happened?
“Well, our band faced a huge upset. Basically, Devon (our bass player) was driving with Brandon (one of our guitarists) to meet at a studio. Along the way, his car caught on fire, which destroyed him financially. Because our trip depended on each of our band members 100%, we wouldn't be able to go.”

Thankfully other than the financial burden, everyone involved was ok.
“It was a pretty trying time, but we're survivors. It truly tested whether or not we were meant to be together.”

Rumor has it, you still participated in the festival, which I think is very cool. What was your role?
“I sang a song with Veronica of BENEDICTUM toward the end. It really was a great time and I was so honored to have been up there with her and the guys!”

If the circumstances were right and the band were asked,would you play the festival at another time?
“Oh, absolutely!”

There were some amazing bands playing on this years lineup. Are there any of them that are favorites of yours?
“I really enjoyed LUNA MORTIS. We'll be playing with them in September to open for EDGUY, so it's great to work with another female-fronted band.”

I think festivals like that are a great way to introduce new fans to some very cool music and prove that women in heavy metal are a force that can no longer be ignored. Do you agree?
“I very much agree! I love breaking the stereotypes of women in music and especially women in metal. There aren't a lot of us, but we are here and we apologize for nothing!”

What is your view on women in the scene today?
“Right now, most of the women in metal are classified as either classical singers or scream queens. I'd really like to break away from that and show that we can do more than just growl and sing like we're auditioning for “Turandot”.”

What advice would you give to any young people, who want to follow in your footsteps in the music business?
“My advice would be to steady yourself first. Go to school, get a good job, work on yourself before you set out to start a business, because let’s face it. Starting a band is a business, and it requires lots of money, time, and sacrifice.”

So what is up for the band as far as touring for the rest of the year?
“We've got some great shows coming up this fall. After that, we're going to be focusing more on recording a full-length album. Look for that sometime late next year.”

Well, if your first demo is any indication of what the band's music will be like in the future, I think BLOOD CORPS will knock the metal world right on it's ass. On behalf of myself and Metal Maidens, we want to thank you for taking time for us today and we wish you luck in the coming year.
“Hey, no problem man. Thanks as usual for having me!”

copyright: METAL MAIDENS
interview by: Nick Rohm, Metal Maidens 'zine / August 2009.

Visit their official website at: www.bloodcorps.com/
or go to their My Space site at: www.myspace.com/bloodcorpsmusic