ARG Demo CD 2016
5 TRACKS: Descuartizado – Peste Nacional – Putrefaccion – Invasores Asesinos – Muerte

This is a limited edition demo CD of fifty copies only by Argentinian death thrash metallers APOFENIA. APOFENIA is the human tendency to perceive meaningful patterns within random data, in case you wondered. But I guess you are more interested in the musical qualities of this band. The demo is worthy of fifteen minutes and “Descuartizado” starts off here, which is a brutal death metal song with a thrashy edge to it. The growls are female and brutal and more of the screaming kind. The riffs push the sound more into the thrash direction. At the end, they give all the energy that they have got. The next song is called “Peste Nacional”, which starts like a traditional metal tune, but once the screaming vocals of Karen rush in, the unmistakable death metal sound is there again. There is some stunning bass playing here, too. “Putrefaccion” sounds very dark and obviously, the traditional metal sound must be an influence to the sound of APOFENIA. Just check out the mighty guitar solo here. Drummer Florencia hits it off in “Invasores Asesinos” and a fast monster thrasher is being unleashed. “Muerte” pays honor to the death and probably that’s why the death metal elements are more upfront here. The underground thrash metal sound of APOFENIA makes them outstanding and the vocals are definitely sick. The mighty male guitar player adds a nice old school metal sauce over the thrash/death metal cake here. The artwork is very old school and I think that APOFENIA will appeal to many brutal metal fans out there. A very nice demo of a band, that only exists a few months.

LINE UP: Karen Hellish (v), Leandro Castro (g), Giselle (g), Abril Mordrake (b), Florencia Escudero (dr).
by: Toine van Poorten (January 2017)

Demo 2016

CH Demo CD 2016
3 TRACKS: Metal Demons – Creator Of Hell – Burning Witches

We have discovered this amazing all-female metal band, who are hailing from Switzerland. These must be the ladies, DORO has been singing about. These three songs are worthy of about eleven minutes of traditional heavy metal. What else would you expect? Just check out these songs and get addicted. Ready to throw your fist in the air? “Metal Demons” starts with some loud shouting, siren screams and lots of metal riffs. Yes, this is indeed good old metal, like it should be and it’s loud and proud by all means. They relive the true metal vibe and just check out the mighty guitar solo and ditto riffs, which sound truly amazing. “Creator Of Hell” continues and I hear influences of HYSTERIA here and there, but that’s a big compliment ladies and I suggest you should just continue that way. Besides that, you’ll hear some ACCEPT and JUDAS PRIEST influences as well. Anyway, this is definitely a ‘must have’ demo and the power these ladies are spreading is quite enormous. For me, the highlight on this demo is title track “Burning Witches” with more influences of IRON MAIDEN and PRIEST and of course old school WARLOCK. Nobody else but Schmier of DESTRUCTION was found to produce the band and introduce them to a bigger audience. After hearing these three songs, I know why. This is top notch material for all old school metal devotees out there.

LINE UP: Seraina (v), Romana (g), Alea (g), Jay (b), Lala (dr)
by: Toine van Poorten (January 2017)

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