DORRN: Investigated And Interviewed

When you play a big variety of styles, there are always enough fans to please with your music. And if you can combine these various styles with an energetic live show, you will easily reach more fans. And if, on top of this all, you’re also able to write catchy, powerful songs, then it’s about time to get a proper introduction to our readers. DORRN from Germany is such a talented band, who knows to write catchy songs with a remarkable wild groove. Their list of inspirations is inexhaustible and their album “Oversexed And Underfucked” (I love that title!), made us decide to get in touch with frontlady Jackie to let her tell the story of DORRN....

When did DORRN become a band, and how did you meet up with each other?
Jackie: “Me and Bernd started working together in 2002, but we had a lot of trouble in finding the right people to complete DORRN. In the end of 2005, we finally found Jörn and Mario and they fit like a glove!”

Was the first line up of the band the same as the current line up? And if not, what has changed inbetween?
Did any of the bandmembers play in other bands, before DORRN?
Jackie: “Everyone of us played in other bands, but I'm sure you haven't heard of either one of them….”

How would you describe the music of DORRN?
Jackie: “This is like our most feared question. In our band info, we discribe it as a electro-rock-crossover, but only because we still have to find a description. In fact, it depends on the stuff, that you heard before DORRN. We just play what we love and what comes from our mind and out of our hearts. For those people, who are more into this electronic stuff, we just play destructive metal shit and for some metalheads, it’s fucking pop music. It depend on what you like and how you look at it.”

Who writes the lyrics for the band and what are they about?
Jackie: “I write the lyrics. I always wrote the lyrics in every band I've ever been in. I guess, otherwise I'd need a doctor. No, seriously. To me, it's a kind of therapy to write about the daily kind of things that touch me or make me sad or angry or whatever. The lyrics of DORRN have a very wide range of themes. I write about what I feel, think or experience…”

How do you get to work, when writing new material? Do you just start jamming or do you start writing the lyrics first and think about the music later on. Please explain to us how a new song is born?
Jackie: “No, we don't jam at all. We started jammin' a little over a few weeks ago, because we wanted to try something different and expand our creative possibilities. Normally, Bernd sits in his little studio and makes the so-called draft for a song, which means, I get a nearly completed pre-production of an idea with everything in it but the vocals. That’s my part. Next, I take the song and go into my little chamber and write the lyrics and the melodies. For me, it’s a very effective way to work on songs.”

Who can we see as the biggest influences of the band, and maybe you can tell us about the personal influences of the bandmembers individually as well?
Jackie: “My personal roots are in the punk rock, but I've never been a ‘fan’ of anyone in particular or of any kind of music. I'm a lousy consumer, because I make too much music myself. At the moment I enjoy listening to DISTURBED. Bernd's influences are a wide range of bands from LINKIN PARK to U2 and THE CURE to RAMMSTEIN. Jörn likes RUSH and NINE INCH NAILS and Mario’s influences are bands like LINKIN PARK and H-BLOXX and drummers like Jeff Porcaro (formerly of TOTO – R.I.P.).”

Who came up with the band name why did you choose DORRN?
Jackie: “When Bernd and I talked about how we should call ‘our baby’, we had a lot of different names in mind, but we could not make a decision. We asked a few friends what they would think of these names and which one they would like best and the majority of them voted for ‘DORN’ – the second part of Bernd's last name! A little later, we changed ‘DORN’ into DORRN, because we found out that there was another metal band, called DORN.”

Let’s take a look at your live shows, if we may. With whom (please name bands here) have you shared the stage yet?
Jackie: “I guess, the most famous band so far was EXILIA in February 2007. We also played a few shows with PRESENT OF MIND from our label STF-Records.”

What’s been your biggest gig so far?
Jackie: “An open air gig in Germany, called Stemweder Open Air. I guess, they had around 20.000 people there…”

Do you use any show effects or props during your live shows?
Jackie: “We show videoclips, while we're playing. Every song has got a special clip. So we try to support the atmosphere and the lyrics of the songs in a visual way. And sometimes when the time and stage allows, I'd like to change clothes in between songs.”

Do you play any cover songs on stage or do you stick to your own penned material alone?
Jackie: “Usually, we only play DORRN stuff. We have two cover songs, one from THE CURE and one from MADONNA, but we don't play them at every show. We have enough DORRN material, that we love to play.”

You must attract a lot of different audiences ranging from metalheads to a more alternative public. What kind of audience do you like most and why?
Jackie: “Those, that dance and scream and give the energy back to us.”

I guess, you must have some nice tour stories that you want to share with our readers. There must have been some funny or hectic situations over the years, that you were caught in, while being on the road?
Jackie: “We were on the road in Germany last year, when the soccer-world-championship happened. We drove the tourbus and listen to the 4/1-finals on the radio. We nearly had the highway to ourselves. Only a few cars drove by… And then there were these important goals from (can’t remember their names) and the whole tourbus started yelling and screaming and everyone that drove by looked at us and waved and we waved back and screamed “Yeeeees!!”. That was an absolutely crazy atmosphere!! Everyone out there must have been listening to the same shit on their radios, as we did.”

Do you play a lot live? What’s the average amount of shows that you do in a year?
Jackie: “We try to play as much shows as possible. You know, we all have jobs in between. During the last twelve months, we played about thirteen or fourteen gigs. In the next twelve months, we want to play a lot more!”

Have you already played outside Germany, and if yes, where was that?
Jackie: “Not yet, but we're very happy to play some shows in Italy at the end of the year and we actually work on some shows in other European countries.”

With whom would you like to go on tour if you had the chance?
Jackie: “Hmmm…LINKIN PARK would be great or NINE INCH NAILS. Every band that somehow fits our music would be great! We're open for everything…(hihi).”

Who came up with the album title “Oversexed And Underfucked”? What a genius one to call your record, by the way!!!
Jackie: “We had this song “Oversexed and underfucked” and I always thought that this would be a great title for an album.”

What’s your favorite song on the album and why?
Jackie: “My personal faves are “Soul Sister” and “Tough girl”. I love the feeling of these songs and the lyrics are very autobiographic!”

How are the reactions towards this album so far? Did you also get any negative critics, and if yes, how do you deal with them in general?
Jackie: “We’ve had many different reactions. A few reviews were really bad. They said that they would rather throw away their money than buying our record. While other reviews were so enthusiastic, that I thought our label must have bribed them. I personally like some controversy. However, we hate statements like “well, it’s quite nice…”. and such nonsense.”

Why did you cover “Bad Girl” of MADONNA on your album? I mean, what makes this song so special to create your own version?
Jackie: “I have to say that this was my idea. I don't know why, but the lyrics always seem to me as if I would have been the one that wrote them, you know. It goes like ”bad girl, drunk by six, kissing too many lips and smoking too many cigarettes…” That was me a few years ago in a very disoriented phase in my life. Yes, that was really me. I always loved that song!”

How important is the internet for a band like DORRN?
Jackie: “Very, very important! It’s like being connected to the whole world and having the possibility to bring your music to the people without the logistic and financial support of a major record label. Just via My Space or You Tube or other portals. I'm sure, that this will become more and more important for music and other forms of art.”

Your website looks very professional, my compliments on that! Who takes care of it?
Jackie: “That’s Bernd's job as a webmaster. He sure knows more than everyone else in the band how to make it work and look good!!”

Metal Maidens is an on-line webzine, dedicated to female musicians in the hard rock and heavy metal scene. Do you feel, that women still need this kind of attention or do you think that today’s female musicians are treated more or less equally and get all the attention and recognition that they need?
Jackie: I personally think, that female musicians have it a lot easier than they like to admit. You know ‘sex sells’ and all that kind of stuff. If a girl is not ugly like a dog and knows how to sing or play an instrument, I think the chances to get famous are much bigger than for a man. It’s a question of offer and demand.”

We are based in Holland. What do you know about our country, besides the fact that we have very colourful tulips, beautiful windmills, a legalised drugs scene and the red light district in Amsterdam?
Jackie: “I heard about your delicious cheese as well. Unfortunately, I don't know much about Holland – I've never even been there. Hopefully, we'll play in Holland soon and I have some days off, so I can catch up with things.”

What are your future plans with DORRN?
Jackie: “We're working on some new songs and new videos. Hopefully, next year we will be able to release some new material and we’ll have the chance to tour Europe a little more.”

Are there any important live shows on the agenda for DORRN right now?
Jackie: “At the end of the year we'll play some shows with GRAIL NIGHTS and MORBIT TALES – also from STF-Records. I'm sure, that will be fun! And of course I’m looking forward to the shows in Italy, like I mentioned earlier.”

Do you have other hobbies or interests besides playing in a rock band?
Jackie: “I'm very interested in a lot of things, but I like to save them for later, when I'm too old for running around on stages and screaming my lungs out....”

Jackie, I saw that you have a lot of tattoos on your body. Can you tell us a bit more about them? How many are there and what do they represent?
Jackie: “Oh my god, I have to count: eight, nine - there are about twelve now, I think. Yes, I have many tattoos, but I love every single one of them. All of my tattoos are motives from pictures that I painted between the age of twelve and fifteen. A very tough time in my life and every single tattoo has a special meaning to me. It's like if my soul is tattooed on my skin.”

Do you also have piercings?
Jackie: “I sometimes plug some spoons or pencils through my ears….(LOL).”

How important is it for you to look good and sexy, when going on stage?
Jackie: “It depends on the mood that I'm in. When I feel like a femme fatale, I like to look like one, when I feel like a freak, and so on. I sometimes play around with different styles and expressions through my clothes. I love to masquerade.”

Are you already working on new material and if yes, what can people expect from it? In which way do they differ from the songs on “Oversexed And Underfucked”?
Jackie: ‘I guess, the new material will be a little straighter and not so much mid-tempo as the songs on our current album.”

There is still one strange thing, that I would like to discuss with you. When I looked at the video for “We’re Out”, I was rather surprised not to find this song included on the album, as it’s certainly one of your best songs. How come “We’re Out” was ‘left out’, ironically speaking?
Jackie: Actually,“We're out” was the title song of our debut album.“Oversexed and Underfucked” is our first album with STF-Records, but the second one of DORRN. The video is a bonus track on “Oversexed And Underfucked” and a kind of teaser to make people curious to listen to our first album as well.”

Videos seem to be very important to DORRN. You also play videos for each song on a giant video wall during your shows. Have you ever thought about releasing these videos for your fans on a DVD?
Jackie: “We hope, this will happen in the near future. In the meantime, you can watch all of our clips on our homepage , as well as on My Space and You Tube.”

Do you have any personal messages for our readers?
Jackie: “I'm not a preacher. I think, that everyone has to take care of our little universe…”

The last words in this interview are for Jackie and DORRN....
Jackie: “Be in the moment and be real…!”

copyright: METAL MAIDENS
interview by: Toine van Poorten, July 2007.

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