DRAIN STH: Why They Don't Mind And Don't Care

The all-female band DRAIN STH was formed in 1993 in Stockholm, Sweden. They signed to Stockholm's MVG Records in March '94 (also home of CLAWFINGER and SALT} and started to record their debut album, and an EP, in January , 1995. The EP was released in the late summer of 1995 in Scandinavia backed up by a number of gigs including a support slot to CLAWFINGER on the latter's Euro-pean tour. Followed next in January 1996 was their debut album "Horror Wrestling", which included the first single "I Don't Mind". After playing at several festivals, the band have successfully completed their European tour with FEAR FACTORY and released a new single "Crack The Liars Smile" in July. METAL MAIDENS spoke to the girls in Eindhoven.

Can you tell us something about the band's history and when you formed DRAIN in this line-up?
Maria: "The drummer and the guitarist have been playing together for about twelve years. Anna joined them after seven years and I joined the band about three years ago and we formed DRAIN in '93. We've all been playing in different kinds of bands for the last ten or twelve years. I used to be a guitarist in a punk band and Anna was our drummer".
Anna: "Yeah, I played in various punk girls bands. Eventually, it moved more and more to this kind of music, because this is what I've always been listening to since I was a kid".

What are your musical influences?
Anna: "We all have some certain bands that we all like, like ALICE IN CHAINS and PANTERA and of course we get inspired by them, because we listen to it a lot. But we also gained some inspiration from the early bands, like BLACK SABBATH and AC/DC and stuff like that".
Maria: "We also get our influences from films and books and people that we meet, not just from the music".

Why did you start an all-female band, as they don't exactly grow on trees and there are still only a very few around today?
Anna: "Actually, we didn't really plan to make a female band at all. We were looking for people that wanted to play, besides thinking of music and that we could work together with and have fun with, because you spend a lot of time with eachother. Like right now, when we're on tour for two and a half months and the tourbus is packed full of people. We're like a family. It just happened that way. As long as we've the same goals and the same thoughts about how things should be done. That's the main thing".

Aren't you afraid you might break up soon, because you are a female band and usually they don't last long because of jealousy and competition?
Anna: "I think that's an old myth: 'female bands can't stick together'. I think even male bands split up for that reason. Besides we have enough free time - we spend a lot of time together anyway - and we are the best of friends. I don't really think about breaking up".

Are you accepted by your male colleague bands?
Maria: "Yeah, they do. I think it depends on what kind of person you are. Most other musicans treat us as equal, like anybody else and so do the promotors and other people. Sometimes you meet these guys that make remarks like 'show me your tits' or whatever. That happens all the time. I think, that happens in every kind of business that you're in. It's really stupid".

Who writes the music of the band and how does it come about?
Anna: "All four of us do. It's like a puzzle. Me and the guitarplayer write the music, then the drummer writes the vocal harmonies and Maria or the drummer write the chorus. That's usually how it happens".

What happens with your lyrics (based on nightmares of drummer Martina), if you don't have any nightmares anymore?
Maria: "Our lyrics are pretty equal, I think. Mine are based on my daydreams, while Martina's are dealing with her nightmares. We write about our dark and deep thoughts, about life itself and they are very personal. Everybody can interpretate it to their own lives".

Who's the blue man on the cover of your CD and your video?
Anna: "Actually, we found him. He's from a huge painting of an artist from Southern Sweden, called Peter Jönsson. We asked, if we could use it and he said: 'yes sure, why not?' It fits in really well to our music and lyrics and the mood in the band. That's why we also used it in the video, because it relates to the CD".

Did you enjoy being on the road with FEAR FACTORY?
Anna: "It was great! FEAR FACTORY are great guys and they really took care of us. The audience was wonderful and they really seemed to like us".

Are you familiar with the Dynamo festival in Sweden?
Anna: "Yeah, we know what it is".

And how did you like playing before approx. 60.000 people?
Maria and Anna (together): "That was great!! We weren't nervous at all and we'd a wonderful time! Our biggest audience so far was 3000 people at a festival in Germany".

What are your future plans?
Anna: "To take this band as far as possible and make another album. Touring around the world, a third album and so on..."

Anything more you'd like to say to our readers?
Anna: "DRAIN RULES!!!!" [Editor: You bet!]

Thanks to Warner for making this interview possible and many thanks to Anna and Maria of DRAIN.

copyright: METAL MAIDENS
interview by: Rita van Poorten, 1996.

This interview was published in Metal Maidens #5/September 1996