Interview with Rita van Poorten (Metal Maidens editor) for fan essay [Apr./May 2000]

by Barbara Winkes

1. Name of the fanzine:
Metal Maidens

2. When did you start?
I started out with Metal Maidens (together with my husband Toine) in the Summer of '95.

3. Ciculation (average):
300-400 copies (quarterly)

4. What was the motivation for you to start you own fanzine and how is it linked to the act(s) youŽre writing about?
The actual reason to start a fanzine (and also in particular about female rockerz!) was because I thought the women in rock and metal weren't given the credit they deserved so much. I decided to do something about it by publishing a 'zine about and for female rockers in order to get them noticed and recognized for their work (and not only for their looks). Also I just missed a very important part of information in the regular magazines about female rockers - one I wanted to share with mutual fans all around the world.

5. Do you think it gives you more freedom
a) to express your own opinion about the artist(s)?

No, I always try to give an honnest opinion about something.. I can like a person very much, but hate their album at the same time...
b)to contribute to a public image of the artist(s)?
If this is the image they created themselves, there's not much I can do about it.

6. How did it influence your fandom?
Not really.... only the one time when somebody I admired for years appeared to be not the person I always thought she was....That was a bit of a shock...

7. How did it influence the communication with other fans of the same artist(s)?
Very much, I would say. Because my field (female rockerz) is very broad, I get a lot of response. Unfortunately, I'm not able to get in touch with everybody regularly, but I met a lot of mutual fans of my fave artist(s). It's great that they aren't forgotten!!

8. Has it brought you any closer to the artist(s)?
Yes, it did. In particular because we share the same feelings and opinions about women rockers... I also made a lot of friends throughout the years, including some of my own fave artists.

9. HereŽs the space for comments, anything youŽd like me to mention in the essay?
Thank you so much for giving me the space to tell about Metal Maidens and how important it is for us women to fight for our recognition and to be accepted for what we are and do. And just remember that women can play and rock as hard as their male collegues!!!!! Give 'em a chance to prove themselves!!!!