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FIONA Flanagan

New Jersey born (Phillipsburgh-1961), although of Irish descent, Fiona Flanagan's journey down the Rock & Roll yellow brick road began in 1985, when she was signed to Atlantic Records. She was then introduced to producer/songwriter Peppi Marchello (ex-GOOD RATS). The two collaborated on the song "Love Makes You Blind" for the movie "No Small Affair". Shortly thereafter, FIONA released her debut solo album, simply titled "Fiona". It features such infectious rockers as "Talk To Me" (an old SHANGHAI song written by ex-AIRBOURNE man/future producer Beau Hill), "Hang Your Heart On Me", "You're No Angel" and the already mentioned "Love Makes You Blind".

In 1987 FIONA released her sophomore effort, entitled "Beyond The Pale". For this album, FIONA turned to the co-writer of one of her earlier songs Beau Hill (more notable for his work with the likes of RATT and later WARRANT) to produce. The end result was yet another collection of good Hard Rock songs that anyone within earshot couldn't help, but fall in love with. Some of the many highlights on "Beyond The Pale" include: "Tragedy", "Hopelessly Love You", "Thunder & Lightning", "Living In A Boys' World" (co-written by Austrian musician Peter Wolf, who is most renowned for his work with STARSHIP), "In My Blood" and "Keeper Of The Flame". "Beyond The Pale" helped to solidify FIONA's position as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of Hard Rock. Still in 1987, FIONA showed off another one of her many talents as she tried her hand at acting. First, appearing in a Miami Vice episode, called "Little Miss Dangerous" and then making her big screen debut in the movie "Hearts Of A Fire" directed by Richard Marquand ("Jagged Edge" and "The Empire Strikes Back"). In "Hearts Of Fire" FIONA appeared alongside the likes of Bob Dylan and Rupert Everett. A soundtrack album was released in conjunction with the film. FIONA can be heard on five of the albums ten tracks. In fact, she really shines on the songs: "Hearts Of Fire", "I'm In It For Love", "Hair Of The Dog (That Bit You)", "The Nights We Spent On Earth" and "Let The Good Times Roll".

With her acting experiences behind her, FIONA decided to get back to what she does best: rocking. In 1989 she released her third, and most successful album "Heart Like A Gun", once again produced by Beau Hill (who at this time also happens to be FIONA's husband - the couple, however, separated in 1992 - ed.). The success of "Heart Like A Gun" was helped in a large part to the albums first single - a powerful duet with Kip Winger, which was called "Everything You Do (You're Sexing Me)". The song quickly became a radio and MTV favorite. Other highlights include: "Little Jeanie", "Where The Cowboys Go" and "Victoria Cross".

In 1992, FIONA released her fourth album, called "Squeeze". This album featured a number of changes for FIONA. She moved from Atlantic to Geffen Records and she parted ways with her producer/collaborator (and husband) Beau Hill and decided to work with Marc Tanner. She also chose to work with a real band as opposed to recording with a bunch a guest musicians. The line-up on "Squeeze" is: FIONA (vocals), Jimmy DeGrasso (drums; ex-Y&T/WHITE LION), Laura McDonald (bass; a pal of FIONA's) and Dave Marshall (guitars). Despite all the changes, "Squeeze" was another fine effort that featured such highlights as "Kiss The Boys Goodbye" (an uptempo melodic rocker), "Treat Me Right", the Jani Lane (WARRANT)-penned "Life On The Moon", "Don't Come Crying To Me", "Best Is Yet To Come" and "Nobody Dies Of A Broken Heart". Sadly, this was to be FIONA's last release. She gave up her career in rock'n'roll to pursue other interests. We wish FIONA FLANAGAN the best of luck in whatever she decides to do in the future.

written by: Tony Cannella/copyright Metal Maidens)

FIONA (Atlantic '85)
BEYOND THE PALE (Atlantic '86)
HEART LIKE A GUN (Atlantic '88)
SQUEEZE (Geffen '92)
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