All-Female, All Badass And Definitely....All Metal !

Greetings, brothers and sisters! Today on Metal Maidens, we will be chatting with the very cool up and coming all-female metal band from Sweden: FRANTIC AMBER....

Hello ladies, welcome to Metal Maidens.
"Thank you!"

Can you introduce yourselves to our readers and tell us what each of you do in the band?
"We are five girls: Elizabeth (vocals), Mio (lead guitar), Mary (guitar), Sandra (bass) and Emlee (drums)."

How did the band form and why an all-female metal band?
"Mary had a vision to create a female band that made harder metal and after writing a long time she finally found the right people to start the band with."

This band is very much an international collection of talented musicians. Can you tell us where you are all from and how in the Hell you managed to get together?
"Mary longed to play harder music after many years in the hard rock genre and decided to create FRANTIC AMBER. In 2008, she then started to look after musicians with the same dream as her. Elizabeth found Maryfs add online during her ballet studies in Stockholm. Elizabeth is originally from Denmark and she was actually planning to move from Sweden after she finished her education at the Royal Swedish Ballet School, but decided to stay for FRANTIC AMBER. Mary and Emlee are both from Sweden and played in VISION together, so the quest for a drummer was successfully short (laughs). Mary found Sandra on an online Swedish alternative community and asked her if she was interested in joining us frantic females and so she did. Sandra had luckily moved from Norway to Sweden a few months earlier to get a piece of the music scene in Stockholm. Mio is originally Japanese and moved to Sweden with her family as a young girl. Mary knew Mio from an earlier project and asked her to audition as lead and shortly after that our lineup was complete!"

Describe this band to potential fans out there, that may not have heard of you....... yet?
"FRANTIC AMBER is basically what you see: Girls going crazy with a passion for metal! We love to be on stage delivering an energetic show with attitude and hair flying everywhere! It's hard and brutal with mainly growl vocals spiced up with some clean parts. We want to share our love for metal and hope to inspire people all around the world."

Have you had to endure some of the negativity and stereotypes that unfortunately come with being women in metal.
"Well, let's just say, that we have stirred up the sauce and might have added a bit too much chili to it (laughs). There have been very strong reactions of both love and hate. We of course focus on the positive feedback and are thankful for the enormous support that fans are already showing us!"

Have any of you played in other bands before this one?
"Yes, we all have had former band and projects."

Who were some of your influences in music that inspired you to start this band?
"We all have many influences from different kinds of metal, mostly bands from the Swedish Gothenburg scene."

The band's current demo "Wrath Of Judgement" is a very impressive first effort for you all. Can you tell us how the songs came together and if any of them have special meaning to you?
"We love all our work and we really put our souls into this demo. It feels so good to get it released and see all the hard work paying off!"

Did the entire band have input in the final outcome of the music?
"Yes, definately! We work as a team and want everybody to be 100% satisfied with the result of all our work."

You released a video for the song "Wrath Of Judgment", which by the way I think both the song and video are cool as hell. Why did you decide to make a video for that particular tune?
"Well, actually it was the other way around (laughs). We got an offer to make a video on a song in, so we wrote the song specially to make the video."

Are videos something you think you might enjoy doing more of in the future even though at times I hear they can be a lot of work and warrant some very long days?
"Yes, definately! We had so much fun recoding the video. Only our poor head banging necks were sour an entire week after!!(laughs)"

I commend you all for putting out a quality first video, which sadly is something a lot of band's don't do at the beginning. I think a poor video leaves a very negative impression on a fan, who might be viewing your My Space or Facebook page for the first time. Do you agree with that?
"Thank you! We appreciate that you like the video and our work. Well, of course you get a bit more impressed to see a professional video, but a video isn't everything a band has, so I don't know if we can either agree or disagree with you on that..."

Has the band mostly played close to Sweden for the most part and what are the future plans as far as touring?
"Yes, so far FRANTIC AMBER has played around Sweden, but we have a tour planned in Russia in March 2011, so we are excitingly looking forward to that! "

What can fans expect from a FRANTIC AMBER live show?
"Energy, passion, aggression and entertainment blasting from the stage!"

If it was at all possible, what bands would you all love to share the stage with someday?
"A gig with DARK TRANQUILITY, ARCH ENEMY and ETHS all in one would be awesome!"

Sweden has been a hotbed for female metal for several years now with bands like HYSTERICA, CRUCIFIED BARBARA and the legendary DRAIN STH, just to name a few. Is the Sweden metal scene very supportive of women in metal?
"Well, there are a lot of opinions about us, but we are happy for the support and positive response that we have gotten so far!"

What are some of the things you would change, if possible about the way women in our music are portrayed?
"Sometimes it feels very judged... It would be nice to just be accepted for doing whatever you're doing."

Do you see yourselves as potential role models or mentors for young women, who may want to follow in your footsteps someday and if so, what advice would you give to them?
"We do hope to inspire other girls to play hard music, if that is what their hearts desires!"

In your view, what sets this band apart from other bands in metal today, both male and female?
"Nothing really. We just do what we like the best and our live show reflects our personalities and passion for metal."

Where do you all see this band in the next five to ten years?
"Uuuuh, we have big plans! (laughs). We want to be living on our music and continue evolving as people and musicians."

How do you get FRANTIC AMBER to that next level?
"Continuing getting better, playing tighter, making wise decisions, listen to each other and most important: relax and have fun together! We want to be on stage as much as we can and create new songs, so we can head off to the studio for recording a full length record! One step at a time, as they say."

@ When you are all not playing music what kind of things do you enjoy doing?
"Elizabeth is a girl of many passions, but mainly it's all about the dance and music. She is currently setting up her own dance performance and had newly started her own dance company. She also has her own acoustic solo project on the side. Mio does Kung Fu and also has a long history in Karate. She is a song coach as well and plays many instruments. Maria likes to work with a variety of projects on the computer such as photography, video editing and blogging. Sandra is a black metal fanatic and loves to go to concerts. She was originally a guitarist and started to play the bass just to join FRANTIC AMBER. Emlee loves to play guitar, hanging out with friends and has a passion for kids. And we all share the joy of going to concerts and seeing other bands on stage and enjoy going out together!"

From what I have noticed you all seem like you are very close, like sisters... Is this a good thing or a bad thing, when it comes to playing in a band together?
"We think that most of the time, it's a good thing! (laughs). We are a frantic family!"

So what is on the horizon for the band for the rest of 2010 and the new year?
"Writing new material! We have some gigs booked and we're going on tour to headline the International Female Fronted Extreme Festival in Russia together with HYSTERICA in March 2011 [Note: check out the concert page on Metal Maidens]."

Where can fans find out more about this very cool and talented band and also check out your merchandise?
"Go to:;;"

Is there anything any of you would like to add to our interview today? Anything at all and you don't have to be shy - haha?
"Just want to say thank you to all our fans for the wonderful support and thank you to Metal Maidens and Nick for doing this interview with us. Keep updated on more news and stay metal!"

Ladies, on behalf of myself and Metal Maidens, we want to thank you all for sharing your time with us today. I personally am very excited about the future of this band and look forward to hearing more great music from FRANTIC AMBER for years to come.
"You are very welcome, take care!"

Horns up brothers and sisters! Nick Rohm.

copyright: METAL MAIDENS
interview by: Nick Rohm, Metal Maidens 'zine / January 2011.

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