By: Isabella Fronzoni (2006)

It has been nearly 18 years since ICE AGE split up. Lots of things have been said about it, but the truth never came out. I joined ICE AGE in June `89, after Sabrina left the band. I answered an ad in the Italian Metal Hammer, where they were looking for a guitarist to replace her. At the time I had just finished recording a demo tape with WARHAMMER. Although I did not know the band, I decided to send it to them.
After about a week, ICE AGE's managers, Dave Miles and Sean Wright of Nemesis International, contacted me asking me to fly over for an audition, and so I did. When I first met ICE AGE, they seemed to be very friendly and the music was really good, but just after a couple of days I started to realize that there was something wrong with the situation: Vicky Larsson, the bass player, was leaving the band too; she could not stand the drummer Tina Stromberg and Dave Miles, who had a secret sexual relationship (Dave was already married with two kids). Tina and Dave were the ones that decided everything. They thought that I was a nice innocent girl and it suited them as they thought I would have been easy to manipulate (and they were so wrong!). They said I had some communication problems because my English was not so good. Well, I don't agree with that. My English wasn't so good, because I studied it at school and I never practiced it before, but like all the Italians I communicate very well with every part of my body if I need to. It has more to do with your personality than anything. It wasn't me, who had communication problems!
A new bass player from Sweden (Johanna Holmstedt) was flying over to replace Vicky, who was staying until Johanna had learnt all the bass lines. Vicky, Johanna and me became good friends and we were not very happy with the rest of the band and management. Pia was quite diffident with me on the beginning, she did not want me to be involved with the songwriting, the leads or the recordings, but once she realized that I was fine with it, she relaxed and we even become some kind of friends. They needed me to stand in and I needed them to do some experience with, so it was a quite equal exchange. ICE AGE gave me popularity and that helped me a bit later on, but I deserved it, not many other musicians would have put up with what I had to. When I joined ROCK GODDESS, the singer Jody Turner said that she had been approached by Nemesis International to replace Sabrina before me and Debbie joined in. I personally think, that she would have been perfect for the part, but she refused and I can imagine why.
Once we started touring, things degenerated, we were really mistreated by the management which did not do their job at all; they were often out of their minds and they brainwashed Tina and singer Debbie Gunn. We had no money, they took our passports and they wanted to control us in everything, until one day we got fed up with it and we had a big argument. Vicky, Pia, Johanna and I left the band during the tour in Denmark (October `89) and with the help of a local agent and a support band, we managed to reach Copenhagen, where we stayed as guests with them. Debbie, Tina and Dave moved to Sweden. After a week or so, Pia, Vicky and Johanna went back home to Sweden too, while I moved to London. In January `90, Johanna moved to London with me and we formed ORIGINAL SIN.
Pia got back together with Tina and Debbie, and they had another go with ICE AGE. They had a new guitarist and bassist over from the States, Lisa Decavolo and Tammi Chiavari, but it did not work out. Debbie and the two new girls went back to the States and formed a new band, called STRANDED IN SWEDEN in Sweden. After a few months Debbie and Tammi got in touch with me through a mutual friend and they told me why it did not work out in Sweden, that Dave and Tina really lost it and Dave had threaten them. I was shocked to hear it, but not surprised. I was in the band for a very short time and I really admired them musically, I think the songs were great and they were excellent musicians. It's a shame Sabrina left, the only ICE AGE line up was the original one and if only they did not got involved with Nemesis International, maybe ICE AGE would have been still around as one the biggest heavy metal bands. Shame!