Back To The Past:

The band's history goes back quite a long time. It's 1981, somewhere in Los Angeles, four ladies, Cathy Amanti (bass), Terry O'Leary (vocals), Krissie North (drums) and Debbie Wolf (guitar) decided to form one of the raunchiest all-female heavy rock bands under the name of OBSESSION. They call themselves "Queen Of The Leather Rock" and play around the local club circuit doing mostly own material. It didn't take long before they're getting a lot of attention and also the girl's fan club is growing bigger and bigger. They change their name into LEATHER ANGEL (forced by the already existing male band OBSESSION) and bring out their debut six track mini-LP "We Came To Kill" in 1983. Unfortunately, it has got a lousy production (produced by their manager Keith Dyson), but it shows a lot of potential and it includes some great songs (for example "Under Your Spell" and "Askin' For It"). It's very, very heavy and original as well and it received good reviews in some of the leading magazines in the UK, like "Kerrang" and "Metal Forces". Biggest surprise of the LP must be the amazing axework of Debbie Wolf - a cross between Eddie Van Halen and Brian May - a good example is the guitar solo on the six minutes long track "Whole Lotta Love" (yes, the LED ZEP classic!). With this first album out, the girls soon regain their good name as 'live' band and start touring with huge names such as RATT, LAAZ ROCKIT, STEELER, BLACK & BLUE and HELLION. In September '83 they also play at an important benefit show for Muscular Dystrophy in California with the last three mentioned bands. They become very popular and create a large crowd of followers.

During the Summer of '84, the girls dismisse manager Keith Dyson (differences of opinion and direction of the band) and add a second lead guitarist, named Danelle Kern, to the band to create a stronger and even better sound. They also replace drummer Krissi North for ex-TANTRUM drummer Kerri James. Shortly, they caught up with producer Michael Wagner (RAVEN, ACCEPT, SCORPIONS) and he helps to improve their musical strenghts and prepares the girls for future recording possibilities. But the line up changes haven't been solved yet and in March '85 Debbie Wolf announces she is leaving the band to start her own project. The girls deceide to remain as a four piece now and also feel that the name LEATHER ANGEL is no longer highly appropriate (with only two remaining original members) and rename the band as JADED LADY.

With a new name and a new 'identity', JADED LADY record a 3-song demo tape with Don Mack (Y&T) as producer. The demo contains the songs "Rock And Roll Ain't Pretty", "Break Free" and "On The Run" and shows their state of mind and right attitude. About a year later the girls appear on the compilation album "Ladykillers" with the song "Give It All You Got", displaying their heavy music combined with elements of melody, ballad and rock. In April '86 drummer Kerri James departs the band for medical reasons and her replacement is Mary Jo La Roche. Several months later guitarist Danelle Kern leaves to join prog-metal band LANA LANE, and is being replaced by Sylvia Cei. JADED LADY doesn't give up so easily and they start working real hard in the rehearsal studio getting ready to make their assault on the club scene again. The band records a second demo, which has three songs: "Shoot Me With Your Love", "Give It All You Got" and "(I've) Got An Empty Heart". It's one of their greatest demos 'till present. Also, a third demo follows in 1988, including four songs: "Rockin' On The Floor", "Shakedown", "Silent Cry" and "Hangover City", which sound as mature and professional as they've never sounded before! JADED LADY play a few local gigs after that and even appear in the motion picture "The Decline Of The Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years". Then, things got pretty silent and apparently they broke up as a band. Vocalist Terry O'Leary was spotted in a solo career in the 90s and even recorded a 8-track demo in '89, but we can't give you more specific details here (who can??!?). What a waste, 'cos these girls were really talented!

written by: Toine van Poorten/copyright Metal Maidens)

[Added June 2003]:
Long-time band member Cathy Amanti quit the music business in the early 1990's and now lives happily as a school teacher in Arizona. Drummer Mary Jo also left JADED LADY, to join another female rock band. Terry O'Leary and guitarist Sylvia Cei recorded a demo tape in '91 under a new name; THIGH HIGH. This demo sounds more melodic than JADED LADY, but it showcases Terry's fabulous vocals and it's still hard rock! Demo tracks include the songs "Feelin" and "Winds of Change". Unfortunately, we don't have any recent information on THIGH HIGH, Terry O'Leary, or Sylvia Cei, but anyone who can tell us more, please contact us at:

JADED LADY line-up:
Terry O'Leary- lead vocals (1984-1988) [OBSESSION, LEATHER ANGEL, THIGH HIGH]
Cathy Amanti- bass, backing vocals (1984-1988) [OBSESSION, LEATHER ANGEL]
Syvia Cei- guitar, backing vocals (1987-1988)[THIGH HIGH]
Mary Jo La Roche- drums, backing vocals (1986-1988)

Danelle Kern- guitars (1984-1986) [LANA LANE, LEATHER ANGEL]
Kerri James- drums (1984-1986) [TANTRUM, LEATHER ANGEL]

We Came To Kill (EP 1983)
[including: We Came To Kill, Heart Shaker, Under Your Spell, Askin' For It, Need Your Love, Whole Lotta Love (LED ZEPPELIN cover)]

*Demo 1: Rock and Roll Ain't Pretty; Break Free; On The Run (independent; 1985)
*Demo 2: Shoot Me With Your Love; Give It All You Got; (I've) Got An Empty Heart (independent; 1986)
*Demo 3: Rockin' On The Floor; Shakedown; Silent Cry; Hangover City (independent; 1988)

*Demo 12/89 - independent
[including: Receive My Love; Feed From The Hunger; Rescue; Poker Face; Still Is My Heart; Baby, You're A Rich Man (BEATLES cover); Take Me To Your Arms; These Boots Are Made For Walkin' (NANCY SINATRA cover)]

THIGH HIGH [feat. Terry O'Leary & Sylvia Cei]
*Demo: Winds Of Change; Feelin'(independent; 1991)