Talented Sisters On the Mooooove!

Four kaows, that have a story to tell. A kaow that eats its fellow kaow - an outsider in its specie. A kaow that plays music even so. A meat eating kaow, that plays music is the oddest type you can find in the galaxy. Especially the corpse painted ones are ultra rare and very valuable. Valuable because they are the future of the music scene in Montague, California. From the very first moment on, we heard about these four ladies Silvermoon, Rain, Snow and Whitefeather, we knew that they would have an interesting story to tell. Especially since they are young, talented and have the guts to call their band KANYBL KAOW, they simply ask for some particular questions. That's when we went kaow hunting and found out all you want to know about these meat eating animals. Read the interview below and hear about these four ladies, while drinking your glass of (kaow)milk....

When did KANYBL KAOW get together as a band and how do four sisters find out that they share the same interest in music and that they can actually play an instrument as well?
“KANYBL KAOW was born on April 23, 2004. We have listened to music off all genres since we were babies, so naturally, we had always imagined being in a band. What better way to pursue our dream than to be in a band with your sisters, because we have a special connection and we all like the same kind of music. First of all, we had no intentions of this adventure maturing into something pleasant to the ears, we were pretty much trying to see what we could come up with. Then one day we wrote our first song, “Darkside”. Previous to this day, we had never laid our hands on an instrument.”

Was there any arguing about who gets to play which instrument?
“Since we had no prior experience, we just picked what we felt at the time. Strangely, we all chose a different instrument, which also makes it kind of cool, because where we are now with our music, we can all play all of the instruments.”

Who came up with the magnificent band name, which is so much cooler than the lengthy THE VOODOO FREEZER MONKEYS for example?!??
“We had been thinking about it for the better part of a month, then Rain was watching the news one day and she heard about mad cow disease and that they were grinding up the dead cows and feeding them back to cows. Suddenly Silvermoon screamed out “Kanybl Kaow” and it stuck. (we looked up cannibal cow, but it was already taken, so we tweeked it a little)”

How would you describe the music of KANYBL KAOW yourself?
“We have been asked this question more than we like to think about. Not out of annoyance, but because we don’t really know how to answer it. People have called us rock, metal, punk, grunge and alternative, but the only thing that we can say is it’s our own genre, because our songs aren’t planned around a certain style. It just comes from within, if you really want our honest opinion, it’s kanybl kaow.”

Who can we see as your musical influences and maybe we can have a look at influences of each band member individually here, too?
“OK well, I guess we will start from oldest to youngest:
(Snow): “CAB CALLOWAY, ROB ZOMBIE and HANSON (because they’re all siblings and she likes that)."
"Of course we share a liking to most of these bands, but those are just our personal favorites.”

Who writes the lyrics for KANYBL KAOW and what are they about in general?
“A big percentage of the time we all collaborate, but we also individually write songs. If one of us gets inspired and the rest aren’t around, we will write and then present it to the rest of the band. Our life experiences and that of our family and friends and their take on life. OK, now this is only part of it: out of trying to be polite and not keeping you up into the wee hours of the morning, as it would take about a year to explain all of them; we also like to write random things not intending for them to make sense, so our fans can interpret them as they wish.”

Maybe you can shortly explain more about the writing process of new songs? How do you work things out and what comes first: the music or the lyrics?
“A third of the time we will start with the lyrics, another we will start with the instruments, and most people are surprised to hear that the rest of the time we will actually come up with the melody first and mold everything else around that.”

Who came up with the idea to use (face) corpse paint and did everyone create their own design? (You use some very unique and awesome looking designs, by the way, it looks ultra cool!!) And doesn’t it give people the wrong indication about your musical direction? After all, corpse paint is mainly used in the black metal scene, but I wouldn’t categorise you as black metal myself?
“As you well know sisters have a tendency to all babble at the same time and not let others finish their sentences, so we aren’t sure who came up with the idea for the face paint, but we all loved it. We’ve always been very artistic, so we decided that if we all designed our own faces it would better express our personalities as individuals, yet at the same time remaining as one in the band. We’d have to say that most of the time it just sparks people’s curiosity because we are women. Another reason for the face paint is, that we don’t like to limit ourselves as musicians. One of the biggest reasons for the face paint is due to our haircuts; Rain has a medical condition, that doesn’t allow her to grow parts of her hair very long without it becoming extremely painful, so she ended up having to shave it and being her sisters we were all naturally by her side even though most girls wouldn’t be caught dead with these haircuts. We like our fans to read a book, not judge it by its cover.”

You also use names like Rain, Whitefeather, Silvermoon and Snow. Do you have any native American blood running through your veins at all? Because these all sound like names, that Indians would use?
“Actually yes, we have about five or six different tribes in our bloodline and we were all named after our grandmothers. We thank you for asking this question, because at every concert just about any time we run into a fan, we are asked if Rain, Silvermoon, Snow and Whitefeather are our real names or if they are stage names. These names are on our birth certificates.”

How did the press react towards your current album “Waterproof” so far?
“They loved it and said it has been our best so far. We’ve even run out and had to get more of them professionally manufactured to keep up a steady supply. We are constantly restocking stores that sell our CDs.”

Who made the decision, that your debut album (after releasing some demo material on CD), would be a live CD? Not a common way to present yourself to a bigger audience, if you’d ask my honest opinion?
“Because most bands end up making a “Live” CD, that has been reworked in the studios, we decided to start with an actual live CD and show our fans more of what we really sound like. Besides, we are very uncommon girls. And yes, we really do love honest opinions. A lot of people aren’t willing to give them.”

Did you also get any negative reactions and how do you deal with that in general? Do you try to learn from it or do you rather want to forget about it as quickly as possible?
“We rarely get any negativity, but when we do we show kindness in return because as the popular saying goes: 'One size does not fit all'. We try to reach out to everyone as best we can, but music is an opinion.”

What’s your favourite KANYBL KAOW song and why? [Mine would be “New And Improved”, because of the dark atmosphere and the loud screams!!]
“We are going to have to answer individually on this one. This is a really hard question to answer, but we’ll give it our best.”
Rain: “Let’s see, my favourite song would be one of our newer songs called “Ear sweat Cigarette”.”
Silvermoon: “I’m going to have to go with “Snow’s Blues”.“
Whitefeather: “My favourite is one of our older songs called “Fast Food”.“
Snow: “My favourite would have to be “GO!””

What’s the strategy behind printing the lyrics from your previous CD in the CD that follows right after? “Because true fans will buy all of them and connect the dots.”

Angus Young (AC/DC) must be a very important influence to the band, that you decided to record some kind of tribute song to this brilliant guitarist (who lives in our country, by the way!!)
“It must be an honour to have him live in your country! We have all been headbanging to AC/DC, since we were in our mama’s belly.”

Let’s take a look at your live shows now, if we may. With whom (please name the bands here) did you share the stage already or are there any bands, that you’d like to go on tour, if possible? Please choose any band(s) you like - the sky is the limit?
“You may. This is just a few of the band we’ve played with SURFACE RISING, SADLY TEMPORARY aka OPERATION MILKSNATCH and HABITUAL FALL. We do play shows with other bands when requested, but usually our shows are six hours long, including breaks, so mostly we play alone. You’re right, the sky is the limit, but to name a few are TOOL, WILLIE NELSON, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, FLYLEAF, AC/DC, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, OZZY OSBOURNE and WEEZER. It pains us to cut the list so short, but we’d be here for years. There was also no room to mention SNOOP DOG, so we didn’t.”

Did you already play often or is it difficult to get booked for a show nowadays?
“We started out booking our own shows, but now we don’t have the time to think about it since we’re swamped with offers. People call from all over.”

Do you play any covers during your live shows or do you stick to your own penned material alone?
“We stick to our own music, that way no one can say it’s wrong, because we are the ones who wrote it.”

Do you use any show elements during your shows?
“We have used light effects, but mostly we are just wild and crazy.”

What can people expect, when they come to see a KANYBL KAOW live gig?
“Fun, excitement and a place to be yourself and stay out of trouble. We often give away musical instruments, original KANYBL KAOW jewelry and other Kaow apparel. Also, we often invite people to come up on stage and perform with us (not bands, but people from the audience…for without our fans, we are not a band).”

Did you ever play outside America and if not, are there already plans in that direction?
“No, we have not. We have been offered before, but didn’t have the means and besides, we weren’t ready because we were furthering our experience. Now however, we would be honoured to play overseas.”

Are there any particular places, that you’d like to play live, and why?
“Holland, because we have distant relative there. We have heard that it’s beautiful, the people are great, and there are great cheeses to be had (We love cheese!) And of course, to meet you. We would also like to go to London (UK), Japan, Ireland and many more.”

I guess, there have been some funny moments during your gigs or on the road to a gig. Maybe you can share some of these hilarious situations with our readers here?
“We convinced all of our roadies (all guys) to put on Kaow style makeup and made fun of them all the way to the show. Before a show, we’ve often gone to the local fast food place, such as McDonald’s, and order 100-200 Happy Meals to share with fans pre-show. The restaurants always freak out and think we are joking. For our first official photo shoot, we had to drive about 50 or 60 miles to get there only to discover we had forgotten to bring the face paint among our ridiculous wardrobe and other apparel.”

Are there any important gigs on the agenda for KANYBL KAOW?
“Any gig that provides entertainment to anyone. That is important to us.”

What’s the metal scene like in the part of America, where you live? Are there many clubs where you can play live?
“Where we live there are bears and mountain lions in our front and back yards, so there are not too many bands in our area. Mostly there are beginning and hobby-cover bands."

Which other (well-known) bands are from that area as well? (that you know of)
“Like we said before, bears and mountain lions. To our knowledge, there haven’t been any famous bands to come out of Montague.”

What are the future plans for KANYBL KAOW? Are you thinking of becoming professional musicians or are you (still) going to college and want to get a profession, next to playing music?
“We don’t plan on anything but playing music, because it’s been our lifelong dream and we will stick with it. We don’t plan on going to school for music and becoming puppets.“

Do you have other interests or hobbies, besides playing music in a band?
“We all like camping, hunting, fishing, and gaming.“
Rain: “I like drawing, and abstract art and I am an avid collector of porcelain dolls.”
Whitefeather: “My hobbies are painting fingernails, drawing and coloring.”
Silvermoon: “Sculpting wax, studying bugs and cooking.”
Snow: “Drawing and beadwork.”

I read in your biography, that Rain is learning to play the banjo. How is this shaping up and will this instrument be used on one of your upcoming albums or are you just doing it for the fun of it?
Rain: “We would love to incorporate it into a CD and we would pretty much use any instrument in our music, because anything that makes noise can be great music.”

Snow is very interested in math, so I heard. Can you explain what’s so ‘interesting’ about that? A lot of kids hate it as hell and think it’s kinda boring…
Snow: “First let me say, that math is infinite and being as everything here is finite, then the infinite of math will not work! You can’t fill that which is finite with the infinite, just as you can’t fill the infinite with the finite. So the way science uses math may appear to work, but in the long run it doesn’t. So I view math as a tool to see the relationship between that which is finite and that which is infinite. I could go on for days on this subject; fear not, I won’t, I’m done...”

Silvermoon likes to travel. Any particular places, you’d like to visit in the near future?
Silvermoon: “Spain, for the tomato fight. Okinawa, for the beautiful beaches, weather and food. Australia, for the dangerous animals and plants.”

Whitefeather is the only one, who didn’t name ‘hunting and fishing’ as main interest and mentioned TV instead. Any particular program, you like to watch or perhaps there are any soap series, that you’d like to follow?
Whitefeather: “Actually, I love hunting and fishing, but at the time the biography was written I was eleven years old and about eighty pounds and couldn’t shoot a rifle. Usually, I love to watch Smallville. When I’m not watching Smallville, I like to watch some episodes of Smallville. Surprisingly though, sometimes I like to mix it up and watch Smallville. I know you’re probably thinking I’m going to say Smallville again, but I also like iCarly.”

You are no cannibals, but is there any favourite dish, that you do like to eat (instead of human bodies - haha)
“Our dad is for all intents and purposes a gourmet cook, so we eat a lot of good food, and do a lot of exercise, but as for what we like the best, we all agree, it keeps changing, but right now it’s ………well, food.”

Metal Maidens is totally focussed on female musicians in the (hard) rock and (heavy) metal music scene. Do you think that female musicians still need this special kind of attention, that we’d like to give them or do you feel that you already get all the recognition and attention, that you deserve so much?
“Female musicians always need special attention, especially all-girlbands, because they are so rare.”

We are based in Holland (or the Netherlands, if you like). What else do you know about our country, except of the fact, that we have beautiful windmills and very colourful tulips?
“We get our wonderful makeup that doesn’t burn our eyes (very important) from Holland. Can’t be beat!”

Do you have more sisters (or brothers), who unfortunately aren’t part of the band? I heard something about a younger sister, aged 13, who has got a great voice and is doing a lot of songs with the band….. ( and does she have a second name as well??)
“We have four older (30+) brothers, but no boys are allowed to be part of an all-girl band. Our youngest sister Skyfire is becoming a great part of the band. She just needs to work out a bit of her stage fright.”

Where can people buy your music, if they can’t find it at their local record store and they still want to hear it? Please advertise here - it’s for free!!
“Our music can be found for sale on our website (if you want a physical CD) or through just about any major MP3 download site: Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, MySpace music, Digstation, Napster and more.”

How important is the internet for a band like KANYBL KAOW and who takes care of your webpage and MySpace site?
“Very important. It is such a huge part of world communication. We take care of our website and MySpace personally.”

Is there anything, you’d like to add to this interview? Something we forgot to mention, that might be essential for the story of KANYBL KAOW so far?
“Yes, we love everyone. One of the things we are doing now is happily answering any and all emails. Although we are very busy, we still encourage our fans to write to us. We like to consider fans a huge part of the band. Without them it is not the same. We have even invited people in the crowd to come on stage to play with us. Sometimes this leads to a Half-Kaow song. Our fans have even named some of our songs. Anyone can accomplish what we have. Just follow your heart and never give up. After all, we didn’t have a clue when we started.”

Do you have any personal messages for our readers?
“Thank you to all of you, who take the time to look past our hair and face paint and enjoy the music, you guys are our true fans!!!"

The famous last words (besides a giant Mooo…. of course) are for Rain, Snow, Whitefeather, Silvermoon and KANYBL KAOW....
“We all love food a lot! Almost everyone in our family loves to cook and is good at it. Here are just a few of our faves. Rain: pizza, tortos, (an awesome family recipe containing succulent pork, beans, cheese and sour cream), fried bananas, calamari and dried squid. Silvermoon: Asian cuisine, including Honey Pecan Prawns, Hunan Beef and fortune cookies. Also a crème brulee sauce on just about anything, liver and coconut shrimp. Whitefeather: Cheese sticks dipped in maple syrup, homemade pizza made by my brother, Chow Mein, Banana Cream Pie, French Toast and Tuna Casserole. Snow: Tortos, pizza, dried squid, any and all fruit, chocolate (the darker the better), Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Guacamole and pork steaks. “

copyright: METAL MAIDENS
interview by: Toine van Poorten, Metal Maidens 'zine / May 2010.

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