The LIZZIES: Spanish Heavy Metal Warriors

If you fancy the sound of some old school heavy metal provided by four beautiful ladies, then look no further and read this introduction to the LIZZIES. Founded in 2010 in Madrid, these four ladies will rock your world with their EP “End Of Time”. Their star is rising very fast now. No wonder, because these ladies sure know how to play heavy metal. This year, they are on the bill of Muskelrock in Sweden and last year they were invited to play at the pre-party of the Heavy Metal Maniacs festival in Amsterdam. These and many other topics were talked about in the next interview with these four Spanish rock vixens. Believe me dear readers, this is not the end of time for the LIZZIES, it’s only just the beginning of a hopefully long and very fruitful career. Read on and hear what these Heavy Metal Warriors had to say to us.

Before I start this interview, I’d like to thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to ask you some questions and congratulate you on your marvelous debut EP. When did the band actually get together and how did you meet up with each other?
“Hi! Thanks a lot to you! I think, this is the first proper non-Spanish interview that we do, so I guess it can be really interesting for our international followers!
Well, Patricia and Marina have known each other since high-school and at some point we decided to do something in our free time besides hanging out in the park - haha. So we picked our guitars and basically started to learn how to play. That was in the summer of 2010 and then it took two years, until we found a drummer and a singer and then the gigs started to come.”

Can you please introduce yourself to us and tell us which instrument you play?
“Hell End (Elena) sings, Patricia Strutter is the guitarist, Motorcycle Marina plays bass and Lucía Xauri is the drummer.”

Did any of the band members play in other bands before the LIZZIES and if yes, did you record anything with this outfit?
“None of us has been in a band before but Lucía. She has been in other bands from other cities, but they were going nowhere and when we told her to be part of the LIZZIES, she said that this would be the last opportunity for herself in a band… And it seems that she made a good decision!”
Who came up with the name the LIZZIES and why did it become your definite choice?
“We had some ideas for the name back in 2010, but as we've always been fans of the film “The Warriors” (1979), we knew almost from the start which one should be our name. The film's about street gangs fighting in New York and there was an all-girl gang, called “The Lizzies”. They had guns, a bar or something like that with loud music, drinks and a billiard. We like that atmosphere and thought it could be really cool to have a little piece of the film in our band, so we didn't think twice and went for it!”

Did any line-up changes occur during your three years of existence and who were in the very first line-up of your band?
“We did have another guitarist before, but she left, because she wasn’t happy with the fact of being in a band... many sacrifices and efforts. We had other members before we set up as a formal band, but since we were officially LIZZIES, nothing has changed.”

What’s the response been like towards your latest “End Of Time” EP?
“It’s quite good, especially the underground press, you know… Sometimes if you don’t pay the big magazines/webzines, they don’t give much attention to young bands. But fortunately some did!”

Do you also get any negative reactions and if yes, how do you deal with that in general? Do you try to forget about it as soon as possible or do you rather learn from it?
“As every band, we also get negative reactions and critics. We used to get a bit angry if they were offensive, but now we take them as a part of the gasoline that keeps us on the road! For sure the constructive criticism is really important to us and indeed we try to learn from it. You don't see things the same from the inside and outside, so it's always good to have different opinions.”

How would you describe your music in a few words?
“Heavy metal like a fist in your face.”

Can you name us the main musical influences of the LIZZIES and maybe you can name the influences of each band member individually here as well?
“Well, the main musical influences would be JUDAS PRIEST, MOTORHEAD and IRON MAIDEN. Those bands are really important to the band, but of course we like a lot more bands and styles. Elena is more into hard rock than the rest, Lucía listens to alternative rock and nu-metal bands and Patricia and Marina enjoy some rock 'n' roll, blues or psychedelic rock for example.”

Who did the artwork for the “End Of Time”?
“Sergio Espín Gea wrote us, when he knew that we were working on the EP stuff. He's a great illustrator and tattoo artist from Murcia (south eastern of Spain). He wanted to design the artwork. We explained him the ideas for the cover and when we saw the first drafts he sent, we were like “Wow!” He changed some things from our original ideas and made the concept much more direct and powerful. Even if he hadn't listened to the EP, he captured the essence and attitude of our songs perfectly, specially “Sacrifice” and “End Of Time”.”

In your opinion, in which way does “End Of Time” differ from the demos, you recorded before this debut release?
“In many ways, especially in terms of the production, but also the music and compositions. The songs from the demo were recorded live at our rehearsal room, without any particular pre-production and really basic devices. “End Of Time” was recorded in a professional studio and we worked really hard prior to the recording, because we couldn't spend more than five or six days in the studio. It was a bit stressful to think about the schedule and so on, but in the end we had a great time recording and we learned many new things. The music is a whole new world and the songs from the EP are really different from those on the demo, even though we re-recorded “Heavy Metal Warriors”. We grew up a lot during the year between the demo and the EP and we kind of found a bit of our essence and the right musical expression in the way that we feel. Sometimes we felt angry or powerful and happy, so we tried to put those sensations in the songs.”

What’s your favorite track on “End Of Time” and why?
“Each one of us has a different feeling towards every song. For example, the most special ones for Patricia are “Blindslave” (being one of the first songs, that she ever wrote) and “Speed On The Road”. For Marina, it’s “Sacrifice” and “Speed On The Road”, because of the atmosphere of those songs. Elena and Lucia agree about the same song “End Of Time”, because it's so powerful.”

Who writes the lyrics for your songs and can you tell us what they are about?
“Some lyrics are written by Patricia and some by Marina. The topics are things, that we love to talk about: religion, mystery, myths, heavy metal, road, beers, party, beers, beers...! (lol)”

How does the song writing come about in general? Do you start with the lyrics or does the music come first or do you write while jamming? Maybe you can explain a bit more about this process?
“It depends a lot on the song, but usually the music comes first and then we think about the lyrics, based on the music. Normally, Patricia composes the music, Elena does most of the vocal lines, Lucía takes care of the drum work and Marina often writes the lyrics.”

For a young upcoming band, the LIZZIES have already played a lot of live shows. Can you update us a bit on the bands that you shared the stage with?
“Well, so far we actually haven't done more than sixteen shows or so. We've played with many different bands, but to name a few: WILD and AGRESIVA from Madrid, which you might know, because they've also played in Holland; SPEEDBREAKER, a cool German band with whom we shared stage in Portugal; GAME OVER from Italy, when we played in Amsterdam at the Heavy Metal Maniacs pre-party; LUJURIA, a well-known Spanish band and STEELWING from Sweden!”

Do you also play any covers during your live shows and if yes, which covers do you crank out? (I’ve seen a cool video of “Heavy Metal Ears” (PICTURE) on You Tube for example!)
“Yeah! We like to play some, because people already know them and we really enjoy playing songs, that we love. One of the first covers that we ever played was “Yeah Right” by GIRLSCHOOL or “Los Rockeros Van Al Infierno” by BARON ROJO. We're currently playing that particular PICTURE song, that you mentioned, “Satisfied Then Crucified” by ROCK GODDESS and “On The Run” by CRUCIFIXION. This last one really fits us, because the lyrics seem to talk about the warriors! (lol). But we will probably pick some new ones for future shows.”

Any interesting stories you want to share with our readers about the LIZZIES live on the road? I can imagine, that there are some funny or hilarious stories to tell, that you want to share with our readers?
“The studio, where “End Of Time” was recorded, was located in a house and they had a swimming pool... It was really funny to swim in between recording songs! Our friend Rubén, who usually drives us to gigs, likes to joke a lot, so if someone gets out of the car at a petrol station, he starts the car and pretends that we're going away without the one still standing outside. Then we have a great time laughing together. By the way, thanks to him we found Lucia and Elena, so this man is actually like the ‘fifth’ LIZZIES member. He's been very supportive and helping us out right from the beginning.
The last story, that we have for you, is not that funny at all! Once, we were promised beds for five people, when we played outside Madrid last year. When we were there, this asshole, sorry organizer, showed us a dirty room with three beds, one of them upside down. All of this was covered by broken pieces of wood, rubbish, pieces of the walls, etc. etc - really unbelievable! “Just gather a bit what's on the beds and share them, you'll be fine”, he said and it wasn't a joke. So after the gig and the party, we headed to our beautiful room, fooled around and took some stuff with us, like a polystyrene gravestone for decoration in our rehearsal room – hehe! At the end, we had to sleep all together in the car and it was actually quite cold, because it was winter...”

What has been your biggest gig so far?
“In terms of a bigger stage, that was when we opened for LUJURIA. It was great to play on a stage like that, because it was bigger and higher than all the others. Besides, the crowd responded really, really well, even though many people hadn't seen or listened to us before. Another big and special gig was in Madrid with STEELWING. There were lots of people, considering we were the opener. We hadn't played for like six months or so, as we’d been quite busy with the EP recording and the previous work, so it was great to finally be back on stage and seeing the people enjoy the show.”

What do you think of the metal scene in your country and is there a huge metal scene in Spain as well?
“Well, let's say there are two different scenes. You have the media scene, where you have all those artists, who are very well-known and then there’s the underground scene, where you can find many good bands, but they get less attention, although they really deserve it. Fortunately, there are lots of clubs, promoters, fans, some zines and radio shows, who support bands that have worked hard for a long time and are also newcomers. So yes, I would say there's a good metal scene in Spain, maybe not as big as in other places, but at least our underground scene is full with good bands, concerts and thirsty heavy metal maniacs, who fight for the music and keep the flame alive.”

Are there many clubs where you can play live in your area (Madrid and surroundings)?
“There are plenty of clubs in Madrid. Some are better and some are worse in terms of sound, conditions, location, but after all there's a very wide offer and it's not difficult to play here.”

Which other well-known metal bands come from your area?
“There are lot of good bands coming from our city. For example STEEL HORSE and WILD, CICLON, OKER (they are going to play in Belgium this June!), AGRESIVA, and there are some interesting newcomers like our friends from LEATHER HEART. The legendary MURO and BARON ROJO are also from our area!”

Where do you have your rehearsal space and how did you find it?
“Some friends told us about this place, when we were looking for a rehearsal room. It's like a bar, restaurant and a gig club all in one. We liked the price and the people there, so we chose it and have been there for almost two years now. It's not really close to our homes, but that's how it works, when you live in a big city.”

You recently played at the pre-party of the Heavy Metal Maniacs festival in Amsterdam, Holland. How was that experience like and did you also play “Heavy Metal Ears” for the Dutch headbangers? (Unfortunately, we could only be at the festival on Saturday….)
“It was our second show outside of Spain, but the first time we were together in an airplane, so it was really funny to be at the airport with our guitar cases and stuff and thinking about the gig. Some people even asked us, if we were a famous rock band or something (lol). We enjoyed the city a lot and meeting up with some old and new friends there. We had a blast playing at the Cave. It wasn't too big, but it was jam-packed and for sure we played “Heavy Metal Ears”! One of the highlights that night was, that THE RODS were watching us in the first row. We didn't expect that at all! By the way, someone took some pics of THE RODS and the LIZZIES together, but we don't have them. So if you read this and took those pictures, please contact us!”

Do you have any plans in the near future to play more live shows abroad? I believe, you will be playing on Headbangers Open Air (Germany) and Muskelrock this summer, which is quite an impressive archievement for a starting band, I think.
“So far, we have three dates abroad this year: Metalheadz Open Air and Headbangers Open Air in Germany and Muskelrock in Sweden. Those festivals always give opportunities to young and new bands and we are very thankful and happy for that. We're really excited about it, not only because it means that we’re playing in different countries for new crowds, but also because we're going to open for bands that we love: ANGEL WITCH, RIOT and SATAN, to name but a few. We've been at some of these festivals before with friends, so we know the places and people, which makes it more special and familiar in some way. We can't wait for this summer! At the moment, we don't have more dates abroad than those, but hopefully there will be more in the future.”

You have recently won the semi-finals of the Metal Battle in Spain (W.O.A.). You probably have to go to the final selection now; when will that be? (there was something on your Facebook page, but it’s all in Spanish and I don’t understand it....sorry!)
“Well, we passed the semi-finals and had to fight against many other bands to get into the finals. We played a shorter set than the other bands and only had twenty minutes. We didn't get into the final in the end, but we had a great time onstage. Actually, it was one of the funniest moments! Someone filmed the gig and it will be on our You Tube channel soon.”

Are there any plans to shoot a video clip for one of the tracks on “End Of Time” and if yes, which song will that be?
“We would very much like to record a real video clip in the future, more professional and so on, but we lack of time and money. We're working on something on our own right now. It will be more like a bunch of videos that we recorded at different trips, shows, parties... Maybe you already guess which song it will be: “Speed On The Road”!! The clip should be ready in April 2014, so keep an eye out on our Facebook page or You Tube.”

Which band(s) would you like to support on a huge tour and why? You can pick any name, that you like (the sky is the limit…..).
“If there's no limit, we’d go for MOTORHEAD, but that will probably always be a dream (lol). They are one of our biggest influences in many ways: musical, lyrical and personal. Some bands, that we'd also like to tour with, would be RAM, STRIKER, BULLET or LEATHER HEART, to mention a few.”

Where can people find you on the internet (official website URL, Facebook page, etc.) and where can people order your EP? Please promote yourself here (it’s free – lol).
“We still don't have an official website, so people can reach us through our Facebook page ( and Twitter ( We've got an online shop, where people can order our music and merchandising:”

We are a Dutch online ‘zine, focused on the female musicians in the hard rock and heavy metal scene. Do you think that women still need this attention or do you feel you already get all the respect, that you deserve?
“For sure everyone deserves attention and respect, if they're doing their work well. It's understandable and positive that there's special support for women, because they don't always dare to get into such a rough world as the music industry and lifestyle. But all human beings should feel free to play or do whatever they want to. Anyway, most of the time it's a problem of mentality, like silly opinions such as “You have to prove, that you're not just a girl with a guitar” or “You only get this or that, because you're a girl”. If girls would achieve everything just because they are girls, then there would be plenty of all-girl bands playing at huge festivals. There aren't that many, so that's the proof that only talented women get there, same as guys. The thing is that there are more guys playing metal than women. We are completely against supporting bands just because of the gender of their members. Music should and must be above all those gender issues.”

Like I mentioned already, we are based in Holland (or The Netherlands). What else do you know about our country and what do you like and dislike about it? After all, you’ve been here at least one time now?!
“Some of us have been there twice, but we still have a lot of things to discover about Holland! So far, we like Amsterdam a lot and the nature in the nearby areas. We're used to see mountains in Spain, so it was interesting to see such flat and long horizons (lol). We don't dislike anything special, maybe as in every place... tourists! Holland is a very nice country and we hope to be back soon!”

Do you have any hobbies or interests besides playing music in a band, that are worth to mention here?
“We all love to travel, mainly because of attending festivals or just visiting new places. Elena loves to play basketball, Patricia likes writing and painting, Lucia likes to play videogames and loves technlogy and Marina loves languages and colleting records.”

What makes the LIZZIES outstanding from the 795,373 other bands with female members?
“That's something your readers should answer (lol). But we think that one of the things that might make us outstanding from all the other (female)bands is our attitude towards the music.”

Do you have anything you’d like to add to this interview, which makes the story of the LIZZIES complete. Maybe there’s something we forgot to mention here?
“Making our story complete? It won't be complete, until we die (lol), but if you are a Spotify user, you can listen to our full EP there. Copy and paste this code (spotify:album:1S4nCyKrMhPfX4nugvzbOl) in your browser and it will take you directly to it! It will give you a more complete view on us!”

Do you have any personal messages for our readers?
“We hope, that you enjoyed this interview and know a bit more about us now. For those, who didn't know us before, please give us a listen! Don't forget to stay tuned for future shows or releases. We hope to see you all on the road, Heavy metal warriors!”

The famous last words are for the LIZZIES…
“Thanks a lot to everybody of the Metal Maidens crew! It's been a really funny interview and also thanks to those head bangers reading it, all the best to you! Be aware...because the End Of Time is coming to get you!!”

copyright: METAL MAIDENS
interview by: Toine & Rita van Poorten, Metal Maidens 'zine / February 2014.

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