Roberta ‘Morgana’ Delaude: The Two Faces Of Lady Winter And Hurtful Witch

Roberta ‘Morgana’ Delaude’s name may not ring a bell to everyone. But if I tell you, that she was the singer on the fantastic EP by MORGANA and she was the front lady of a band called HURTFUL WITCH, all alarm bells will go off immediately, I guess. Metal Maidens had the opportunity to do an interview with this lady. A once in a lifetime opportunity and the ultimate chance to ask her all about these magnificent albums, the magic past and releases, that unfortunately never reached our ears and also the future plans of her and her musical endeavours. Dig with us into the deepest underground of the Italian heavy metal scene for an exclusive report on JESTER BEAST, MORGANA and HURTFUL WITCH.

Before I start this interview, I’d like to thank you ever so much for giving us the opportunity to ask you some questions. So, when did you actually start your musical career?
Morgana: “I was just sixteen years old and I simply put a classified ad in a music paper, that said “female singer wants to join a hard rock band”. Attilio Scalabrini (guitars; R.I.P.1986) called my number and all started up from there. In a few months, we were joined by other band members, Tony Lionetti (drums) and Fabrizio Francese (bass) and we founded JESTER BEAST in 1983.”

When did you decide that you wanted to be a heavy metal vocalist?
Morgana: “Well, I think to be a singer was all I ever wanted to be. I never dreamt to be a princess or a spacewoman, but a singer!”

Was JESTER BEAST the first band in which you sang?
Morgana: ‘Technically not. My very first band was called DAMNATH, but we split up to join other musicians in JESTER BEAST.”

You didn’t record anything with JESTER BEAST, did you? The only recordings from that time that I know of are on the “Made In Italy” compilation, but you weren’t part of the band anymore on these recordings, did you?!
Morgana: “Honestly, it has to be a bootleg, because I didn’t know about this compilation. There are two live recordings of pretty good quality, that I own. I re-mastered these and it sounds not that bad. Sooner or later maybe I will put it out.”

Was HURTFUL WITCH the first band with whom you released a demo and how did you get in touch with the other band members?
Morgana: “In 1985 Fabrizio (bass) and me decided it was time to move our music to a more black dimension. JESTER BEAST became more and more hardcore influenced and Fabrizio and me didn’t feel at ease with that. We completed the line-up with Max Careddu (drums), Claudio Dauducco (guitars) and Giancarlo Eusebio (guitars). We raised a band of friends. People we knew and shared the same passion. A few years later, my mentor Attilio Scalabrini died in a car crash. All I did, all I am as a musician is Attilio’s credit. In some ways, I lived his dream…”

Did you record anything more with this band than the songs, that are on the original demo and the “Spectra” twelve inch?
Morgana: “Unfortunately not. We wrote more songs, but at those times it was really expensive to record a new demo and we’re just a bit more than adolescents with no more than daddies’ spending money.”

What are the (press) reactions like towards the “Spectra” re-release?
Morgana: “Really more than I could dream of! The response was really great and not just fanzines, but also magazines. At that time a girl on vocals in such an ‘extreme’ heavy metal band was something really new.”

How many copies were sold of the original demo?
Morgana: “I really don’t know, but I suppose five hundred at least.”

Can you name us some of the main musical influences of HURTFUL WITCH?
Morgana: “VENOM and MERCYFUL FATE as first, but please don’t ask me about vocals influences, because I really don’t have an answer for that question. I did my best to be me or maybe it’s just that I’m an awful wannabe!”

Who did the artwork for the “Spectra” re-release?
Morgana: “Enzo Rizzi. He’s a well-known comic book illustrator. His character ‘Heavy Bone’ is pretty famous above all in the heavy metal business.”

MORGANA was your first solo project. When did HURTFUL WITCH call it quits and why did this actually happen?
Morgana: “I think, it was because the ‘woman Morgana’ took the ‘witch’ place. Suddenly, HURTFUL WITCH lost my interest, because of my she-kind mood. It’s hard to say and hard to explain, but I suddenly felt it was time to turn into something more feminine and ‘human’. The music is still aggressive, but more intimate. I wrote my very first love song “Man”, because for the very first time I’d fallen in love.”

Did HURTFUL WITCH play many live shows and with which bands did you share the stage back in those days?
Morgana: “We didn’t do so many live shows, but we played as opening act for SAXON and I will never forget that show. It was amazing and terrifying at the same time! So many people and no one had ever paid a ticket to attend one of my shows… Well, I stepped on stage, resigned to be booed, but it didn’t happen.”

Which other songs did you do with HURTFUL WITCH, when playing live? Did you also play any cover songs and if yes, which covers?
Morgana: “No, we never played any covers. We just played the demo songs and a couple of unrealized songs. Our shows lasted just forty minutes. It was pure power in a short time.”

Any interesting stories you’d like to share with our readers about HURTFUL WITCH when doing live shows?
Morgana: “One time, I lost one flashy earring, while singing. A guy came up on stage and took it! I jumped off the stage and…I almost killed him to have my earring back and during all that mess I never stopped singing! My band mates were mad at me, because of that… Well, who cares? I just wanted my earing back!”

How did the press react towards the mini four track album by MORGANA?
Morgana: “Really good and I still wonder why. It was recorded in a very low quality standard and I did not sing that well. I guess, it was something new and something original, so the press takes a bow on it. At that time, I still was one of the very few ladies in metal and I’m pretty sure this played a role, too.”

In which way did MORGANA differ from HURTFUL WITCH musically?
Morgana: “MORGANA has much more intimate writing and is more hard rock than heavy metal. It’s wild as I am, but in a different way. MORGANA is the woman and HURTFUL WITCH is the witch. It’s like two individuals in the same woman.”

Did you record anything else with MORGANA, that didn’t get on the CD, that I have here, which contains the four tracks from the mini LP and eight other tracks from an unreleased album?
Morgana: “Some try-outs are yet being recorded, but it’s new material for a new album and not songs from my past. No, all is on my demos and on my full-length album. There’s nothing left.”

Who can we see as the musical influences of MORGANA? After all, we’re a couple of years further now in your musical career?
Morgana: “I’m always really reluctant in being influenced. Maybe it’s my limit, but I think it’s my power, because MORGANA is herself for better or worse.”

Did you play live under the moniker MORGANA as well or was this more of a studio project?
Morgana: “I played several shows in 2012 as MORGANA to promote “Rose Of Jericho”. It was really amazing after such a long time away from the stage. To sing live is what I really love to do and it makes me feel so good. I’m the one, who loves strong sensations and only by playing live, you can catch this feeling.”

You moved to Germany in 1992. Why did you want to leave your home country?
Morgana: “More chances and a brand new deal with a label distributed by a major. I moved to Germany filled up with hopes and dreams…”

You also released a few albums, that were hardly available over here. What can people expect from the songs on “Two Faces” and “Rose Of Jericho” comparing to the music from the early MORGANA in 1987-1989?
Morgana: “Both albums are available on iTunes and Amazon. “Rose Of Jericho” was distributed by Nuclear Blast, but I think it’s sold out at the moment and I have no idea if they are going to print new copies right now. “Two Faces” was an AOR project I refused and, as you’ll surely know, I never gave my approval to put it on the market. It was simply stolen by the author of the songs and printed without my approval! It was me, who owns the rights, because I paid 20.000,00 DM (10.225,00 €) for the recordings and the production! Anyway, old fans expected something more close to old MORGANA stuff, but they understand that I grew older and I couldn’t be the same. I experienced different musical moods and worked with new musicians on this album, that have been a big influence to all the songs because of their stile.”

What’s the status of MORGANA right now? Are you still recording new material and do you still play live with the band or what?
Morgana: “We’re writing a new album, but it will sound really different from “Rose Of Jericho”. To experience HURTFUL WITCH again, gave me more power and blood lust in a way… “

Have you ever thought about a HURTFUL WITCH reunion, if people would be interested in that?
Morgana: “A reunion would be impossible, because I’m the only one still in the business, but many people claim for it. Who knows…maybe sooner or later.”

If you look in your crystal ball, can you tell us what will happen to MORGANA in the near future?
Morgana: “We live a hard time in the music business, so it’s hard to even take a look in my crystal ball right now. I hope for a new album.”

We are a Dutch on-line ‘zine that is totally focused on female musicians in the hard rock and heavy metal scene. Do you think that women still need the attention, that we give to them or do you think that they already get all the respect that they deserve so much?
Morgana: “I think discrimination is always around the corner and it’s really, really important for all of us to be supported by a ‘zine skilled on female musicians as your ‘zine does and I do really want to thank you for your work.”

Like I mentioned already, we are based in Holland (or The Netherlands). What else do you know about our country, besides the fact that we have colorful tulips and beautiful windmills?
Morgana: “I visited your beautiful country three or four times. Museums and lovely towns and a wonderful week in a sailing boat to visit the Frisian isles. It was really amazing!! I saw seals and gorgeous landscapes, beautiful people and ate some very tasty food. And last but not least, Dutch men are really good looking! My very first crush was for a boy from Rotterdam, called Neil. I was fourteen years old, but I still remember his face.”

Do you have any personal messages to our readers?
Morgana: “Support music, because music is life and it’s part of our soul.”

The famous last words of this interview are for you Roberta, alias Morgana...
Morgana: “I want really to thank you and to kiss all your readers. I always repeat myself as a mantra: hold on, be strong! So, hold on and be strong and go on with your project and dreams. Always!”

copyright: METAL MAIDENS
interview by: Toine & Rita van Poorten, Metal Maidens 'zine / December 2013.

*Spectra (independent; demo 1985 - 3 songs)
*Spectra (Andromeda Relix; re-release vinyl maxi single 2013 - 3 songs)

MORGANA releases:
*Welcome In The Dark (independent; demo 1987 – 3 songs)
*Morgana (Video Star; EP 1988 – 4 songs)
*Lady Winter {independent; full-length 1989 – 12 songs)
*Three Years Of Maddnes (LM Records; compilation 2005 – 8 songs)
*Two Faces (Top X; full-length 2009 – 9 songs)
*Rose Of Jericho (Nadir Music; 2011 – 10 songs)

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