ROCKBITCH: Selling Their Soul To Total
Gratuitous Sex And Rock'n'Roll

ROCKBITCH from England are a six-piece band (and their so called stage slut Lucy), who come out with the most shocking hard sex rock and porn show, you've ever set your eyes on! The ladies (and male lead guitarist Tony) don't feel ashamed for anything and are dyed-in-the-wool, when you refer to their background as ex-striptease dancers or ex-prostitutes. ROCKBITCH plays heavy rock with some folk influences and their show.. Well, you just have to see it for yourself! I can only say: ROCKBITCH reach the highest point of what has ever been showed on stage before. They continue, where THE TUBES, GWAR and THE GENITORTURES left off. No boundaries, no limits, but a good piece of heavy rock accompanied by an intense, erotic show.. So hold your horses, gents and read the exclusive interview MM did with the band on their 'Pissy Tights' tour through Holland this January. All our female readers should watch out for these hot lassies, too 'cause they're very much into 'ready-n-willing' women (excusé moi). Like the band's slogan says: "We're gonna put the sex back, where it rightfully belongs...."

What's the story behind ROCKBITCH and how did you meet up with eachother?
Julie: "We met up with eachother through the music. It was basically a groupies system, which means that I was Amanda's groupie (the bassist) and I came into the band and became the lead vocalist."
Lisa: "She was following her around every gig and one day she finally got to f*ck her, because she was persistent (laughs all over). Other that, they've been stuck together like this. Then I was following Julie about.. Same thing happened... Actually, the first time I saw her, she wouldn't even talk to me."
Julie: "I ignored you, didn't I?"
Lisa: "Yeah, you ignored me. Eventually, I came in. Nicky, the keyboard player was my groupie. She's just turned sixteen and in school. We stole her away from school. Lucy, she's everybody's f*cking groupie. She's a bicylcle - She's everybody's, which is why her position as a performance artist, the stage slut, is so appropriate. She f*cks everybody. It's a good life. ROCKBITCH itself. Six years ago we started out under a different name: RED ABYSS. As time went on, we got rid of all the men in the band (Tony, the lead guitarist smiles) and our life style became more and more excentric. It meetched itself into the music and that's where ROCKBITCH was born."

Please introduce the band members to us.
"I'm Lisa, rhythm guitar and backing vocals; I'm Julie, I'm the lead vocalist; I'm Nicky, the keyboard player; my name is Amanda 'the bitch' and I play bass; I'm Tony 'the beast'- leadguitar; this is Lucy, stage slut; hi I'm Jo- drums."

How would you describe your music?
Julie: "Hard sex rock, porno rock. Metal with a touch of funk and jazz."
Tony: "And some ballads.."
Lisa: "It's not easy-listening, but it's definitely enjoyable!"
Julie: "I think, I'd describe it as a higher standard music than you'd usually expect from females"

What are your musical influences?
Julie: "We've got a lot of influences, that range from classical music right away up to punk and death metal. I'm into AEROSMITH and all the soft metal stuff."

Did you play in other bands before ROCKBITCH?
Julie: "Yeah, I played in a band, called DRAW DOWN THE MOON. That was mainly folk music, very different than what we're doing today."
Amanda: "Tony, the guitarist and I have been playing in various kinds of bands through the years.."
Jo: "I played in a few school grunge typed bands, but they weren't really going anywhere, besides school gigs."

How's the tour coming along and how are the reactions from the people that come to see your shows?
Julie: "It's going well. In England, we've been banned from most places. All we can do there is play our music and maybe kiss eachother a little bit on stage. But over here in Belgium and Holland, it's been brilliant! We did the full show and it's gone down very, very well. It's been well-received."
Lisa: "We have a mission to spread lust and debortury across the whole damn world! (Tony: Amen!) There's nothing, that the world needs more than a little happiness and happiness can best be achieved through all forms of sexuality: sex and music. Combining the two is just orgasmic heaven and extasy!"
Julie: "People in England have been saying we're not politically correct. At least we feel the world is going down the tubes. It's been f*cked up by politics, so who the f*uck wants to be politically correct, anyway. A bit of crazyness and a bit of chaos isn't going to hurt anyone."

Tell us something about your stage show.
Tony: "It's an exploring human sexuality adventure and it reflects our philosophy."
Lisa: "We show that a woman is more than just a pair of tits and a happy or unhappy smile. We feel that female sexuality is so enormous. In fact, it's the original source of all energy and creativity. On stage we try to express that as much as possible showing every single angle of it."

Is it your intention to shock people with your show?
Julie: "You have to shock somebody first and then put your message. Otherwise, they don't listen . Yes, we do shock people, but that's not our purpose. We only want to show them the things, we enjoy. A lot of people don't think, that we do enjoy them. With our sex background as former strippers and prostitutes, we bring it out on stage really well, I think."

Any plans of releasing a CD in the near future?
Julie: "We do, but we don't seem to have any time at the moment. We actually did a CD about five years ago, but the music's completely different than what we're doing now. We recorded some music, but by the time we get around to put it on CD, it's out of date. We've written plenty of new stuff."(record com-panies, here's your chance!!!- MM)

Who writes your song material?
Lisa: "It's been done by Julie and Tony 'The Beast'. As we all live together in the same house, it makes songwriting a whole lot easier. We also got our own studio in France, not very big, but it's comfortable and it has all the stuff we need."

What are your future plans?
Tony: "Sexual world domination!"

Do you have any messages?
All: "F*ck them, f*ck!!"

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copyright: METAL MAIDENS
interview by: Rita van Poorten, 1997.

This interview was published in Metal Maidens #7/March 1997.