SIRANNON: Pure Old School Black Metal And Corpse Paint !

Here’s the first part of our death/black metal special and we kick off with the all-female black metal band SIRANNON from Izmir, Turkey. The band was founded in June 2005 by drummer Thuringwethil and a bunch of musicians. In October 2007, SIRANNON recorded a demo, entitled “Annon Morin”, consisting of four tracks and an intro, which never saw the light of day because of some major line-up changes. Currently, the band is working on its debut CD, called “Semper Caliga” and as of now, the mastering process is in the works. All the more reason to step into the world of SIRANNON and introduce the band to you....

When did you first start playing a band and why?
“Although SIRANNON was founded in June 2005 and has been active ever since, we all have musical experiences prior to it.”

Who is in your band right now? Please introduce all the bandmembers to us.
“SIRANNON’s line-up is as follows: Thuringwethil (drums), Lygbereth (bass guitar), Carnil (guitars) and Leinth (vocals).”

Can you tell us (in short) the history of your band(s) and give us details about any line up changes, that may have occured?
“As mentioned before, SIRANNON was founded in June 2005 by Thuringwethil. SIRANNON started working on their music soon after its founding, but unfortunately suffered from member distress many times. We do not find it necessary to announce the names of any of the former members.”

How would you describe your music?
“SIRANNON has a sound, that includes both old school and pure elements. Our music is an expression of pure black metal on old school base.”

Who are your musical influences?

Did you release any of your music yet (on CD or DVD, etc.)?
“We have not released anything yet. In fact, we are still recording our debut album “Semper Caliga”, which consists of an intro, an outro and eleven tracks.“

What's your most favorite own written song and why?
“We all have different favorite songs.."
Thuringwethil: “I would say “Erke Solton”, because it gets you in a different mood and its lyrics are very special to me.”
Lygbereth: “Ethereal Empire”, because it has a warrior soul.”
Carnil: “Eternity Is Theirs”, because it's raw and brutal.”
Leinth: “My Hegira”, because it’s a fearless warrior and a leader.”

Do you play a lot of live shows in your country and with whom did you share the stage?
“So far we played three shows, in which we shared the stage with various successful bands from our country.”

What's your most memorable gig and why?
“Although our line up changed a few days before our last gig, it was a successful one! The support we got from the bands and the audience was really incredible. It was so much better than we expected!”

Do you use any special effects and/or stage decoration during your live shows?
“So far we haven’t, but we are planning on doing that.”

Do you use any corpse paint? And what do you think about using corpse paint in general? Does it have a special meaning to you?
“Yes, we have and we will always be using corpse paint. Black metal and corpse paint is a whole and belongs to one another. Corpse paint expresses the mood of the songs.”
Lygbereth: “Corpse paint represents the war for freedom of the ancient power of darkness’ souls.”
Leinth: “Corpse paint demonstrates hatred and the will to fight.”

What's the most positive thing about playing in a death/black metal band?
Carnil: “To have the will to do whatever we want to do in our music, but that is probably a cause rather than a result.”
Lygbereth: “Giving life to the notes by the most brutal and dark feelings of mankind. Yet mankind does not recognize itself.”
Leinth: “To be discharged. To express your hatred towards people, life and existence on stage, in the studio or anywhere else. And to find yourself.”
Thuringwethil: “To express the darkest feelings in one’s soul in our way.”

Are there any negative aspects as well?
Carnil: “Prejudice.”
Lygbereth: “Why would we be here, if there were any negative aspects?”
Leinth: “No negative aspects for us.”
Thuringwethil: “Sometimes, we are confronted with foolish prejudicial ideas, but those are not things that will affect us negatively.”

Do people judge you differently, because you're playing in an all-female or female-fronted death/black metal band? And is this in a positive or in a negative way?
“We don't think our music is defective, compared to those of some male bands. The only difference is our gender, but yet some miserable souls persist on claiming females don't fit in with metal music. We pity them and answer them with our music. It's nonsense to bear prejudice towards something, just because of gender differences.”

Do you think that female musicians still need the support that we like to give them or do you feel that you already get all the recognition that you deserve?
Carnil: “There is never enough support. It is not about recognition or attention, but about participation.”
Thuringwethil: “Female musicians don't need extra support. Whatever gender, the creation of a musician will create a crowd and support will come from it.”

What do you think of extreme national socialist black metal bands or black metallers, who burn down churches (or even kill people)?
“NSBM is a style that is distant to us. What ideology you embrace is your own opinion. However, considering those people’s history, the reason for that act and the persons would be seen justice. They did the right thing.”

What the most evil thing you ever did in your life, in relation to black metal?
“There's no need to tell. This is not a competition.”

Who is your all-time favorite band?
Thuringwethil: “MAYHEM”
Lygbereth: “BURZUM”
Carnil: “MAYHEM”
Leinth: “BURZUM”

What is the goal you would like to accomplish with your band?
“Making music and producing quality work.”

What are your plans for the future?
“For now, our first priority would be to finish the recordings of the album, that we started. It's not necessary to speak about our future plans, as they're bound to change depending time and status.”

What's your profession, besides playing in a band? Or are you still in school?!??
“Carnil and Leinth are studying. Carnil is studying psychology and Leinth is studying meat-industry. Thuringwethil and Lygbereth are working. Thuringwethil as a graphicer and Lygbereth works as an operation manager for an international forwarding company.”

What are your hobbies, other than playing music?
Thurigwethil: “Painting and drawing various patterns. Also reading about Mesopotamia, ancient history and archeo-astronomy.”
Lygbereth: “Writing short stories and lyrics, reading, cooking, etc.”
Carnil: “Mainly writing..”
Leinth: “Reading about ancient Turkish history and ancient philosophy history, also I like travelling.”

If you have any final comments or additions to this interview, please write it down here...
“You have a great magazine. We'd like to thank you for this interview.”

Do you have a personal message for our readers to end this interview with??
Thuringwethil: “Every soul is possessed by darkness; unleash and feed it!”
Lygbereth: “Stay solid!”
Carnil: Nothing really…”
Leinth: “Don't ever lose your respect for darkness!”

copyright: METAL MAIDENS
interview by: Toine van Poorten, Metal Maidens 'zine / March 2009.

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