......Toine gives a brief run-down of other CD releases ......

[Update: November 29, 2017]

Summer 2017-Winter 2017:

AKOMA – Revangels (Massacre/Suburban)
AKOMA hails from Denmark and presents us a mix of NIGHTWISH and WITHIN TEMPTATION. There is a guest role for Liv Kristine here, but Tanya Bell definitely knows her skills too and overwhelmed me with her warm voice. (7 points)

ALL FOR NOTHING – Minds Awake/Hearts Alive (Redfield/Suburban)
You don’t see a Dutch hardcore band with a female vocalist that often. Their sound contains a lot of power and Cindy van der Heijden screams out her lungs on the thirteen hardcore anthems, that the band present here. (7 points)

ANATHEMA – The Optimist (KScope/Bertus)
Lee Douglas easily becomes the biggest ear and eye-catcher of ANATHEMA. Their progressive rock with melodic and alternative sidesteps includes the sober sound on “The Optimist”. This is British doom prog metal at its very best. (7 points)

ANCESTRAL DAWN – Souldance (FC Metal)
There are a lot of guest vocalists on the new album by this Peruvian metal band. Amanda Sommerville is the female voice, that we discovered here. The band uses unusual instruments here, which makes them sound exotic somehow. The album is only available through the Internet, just check (7 points)

ANGELWINGS – The Edge Of Innocence (Pride & Joy/Bertus)
Symphonic metal from Gibraltar in the best EPICA, WITHIN TEMPTATION and EVANESCENCE tradition is presented on this album. Divi Cano is a name to remember, who is a frontlady with a good singing voice. ANGELWINGS started their career as a NIGHTWISH tribute band. (7 points)

ANTROPOMORPHIA – Sermon Of Wrath (Metal Blade/PIAS)
Death metal band from Holland beefed up with female vocals in “Crown Of The Dead”. Only for diehard fans, who want to collect everything with female vocals on it. (7 points)

AT FIRST – Dreams Inc. (Independent)
AT FIRST is a well-talented band from our own country (Breda, to be precisely). They present us their five track EP and hopefully their dreams will come true on this powerful, alternative sounding rock album. (7 points)

AYREON – The Source (Music Theories/Mascot/Bertus)
“The Source” sounds a bit heavier than his previous work, but AYREON remains the master of metal concept albums, in my eyes. The sound remains recognizable and contains influences of QUEEN, THE BEATLES and PINK FLOYD and has many guest vocalists and musicians. A must have for every music and metal fan out there. (9 points)

BABYMETAL – Live At Wembley (earMusic/EDEL/V2)
The release of a live album, that early in your career, proves how successful this band must be. The many fans must constantly be fed with new music. The live show at Wembley is a good mix of very heavy rock and very sweet pop songs. The lady singers sound adorable like always. (8 points)

BASEMENT TORTURE KINGS – There Is Something About Beryl (Glindscene)
This is a pure gore grind explosion from the U.K. Beryl coughs up her bloody lyrics, while the thrash riffs keep pumping along. This sounds amazingly violent, rude, wild, gore and brutal. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!! (7 points)

BATSHEBA – Servus (Svart/Bertus)
BATSHEBA takes doom metal to another level. Michelle Nocon is the biggest ear-catcher here. She covers many ranges with her great voice. (8 points)

BENEATH MY SINS – Valkyries Of Modern Times (Painted Bass/FMLS Biz)
This symphonic metal band puts many different twists in their music. Former EVOLENT singer Emma Elvaston makes sure that the Valkyries of modern times never sound dull. A masterpiece with lots of variation of music styles. (7 points)

BETHLEHEM – Bethlehem (Prophecy/Suburban)
This is the eight release of this dark doom, black, death metal outfit. They’ve added a female singer to their new line-up, called Onielat, who comes from DARK NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT. A great singer, that didn’t change much in the music style of the band though. (7 points)

BEYOND THE BLACK – Lost In Forever (UDR/ADA/Warner)
A new great pop rock band from Holland presents itself. Catchy rock with a poppy edge at times is what we hear. Jennifer Haben is standing behind the mike. This album is a re-release of their 2016 album with four bonus tracks added to it. (7 points)

THE BLACK CAPES – All These Monsters (Dark Tunes/Bertus)
This is a gothic rock band from Athens, that takes you back to the gothic sound of the eighties. It’s like time stood still. The horror influences are fine, too. Dark hearted bats surely know what to do. (6 points)

THE BOMBPOPS – Fear Of Missing Out (Fat Wreck/Sonic Rendezvous)
Pop and punk mixes very well and prove is given here by THE BOMBPOPS. The band is led by Jen Razavi and Poli van Dam and they crank out twelve catchy tracks with some high female vocal parts. (7 points)

BONES OF MINERVA – Blue Mountains (DEMO)
This Spanish alternative rock band is fronted by eccentric voice queen Blue Rodriguez. The rather darker sound of this Spanish band sounds very promising for the future. (7 points)

BRUTUS – Burst (Massacre/Suburban)
BRUTUS is a rocking threesome from Belgium, that has a female vocalist/drummer in their ranks, that goes by the name of Stefanie Mannaerts. They will rock until you burst on this debut album. You’ll have my word on that. (7 points)

AARON BUCHANAN AND THE CULT CLASSICS – The Man With The Stars On His Knees (Independent)
Aaron Buchanan (ex-HEAVEN’S BASEMENT) and his sister Laurie provide us with some alternative sounding hard rock with grungy vibes. Laurie handles the guitar and this cooperation works pretty well, as far as I can judge it here. (7 points)

CELLAR DARLING – This Is The Sound (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
This outfit contains former ELUVEITIE members, under which singer Anna Murphy. Melodic rock with a twist of rock here and there is the closest description that they’ll bring you. Fans of the folk metal of ELUVEITIE can have a good time with it as well. (7 points)

CREEPER – Eternity In Your Arms (Roadrunner/Warner Music)
Hannah Greenwood is the front lady of this power metal band that sounds like ICED EARTH on speed. The band uses guest vocals next to her voice, to beef it all up. After this release Hannah left the band unfortunately and she is replaced by Kayla Dixon. (8 points)

CRIMFALL – Amain (Metal Blade/PIAS)
Helena Haaparanta is the female voice in the sound of CRIMFALL, that mixes death with black metal and they top it off with folk and a bombastic sound. This is a very tasty Finnish combination. (7 points)

DAYDREAM XI – The Circus Of The Tattered And The Torn (Sensory/Bertus)
This Brazilian combo presents us a concept album. There are progressive influences on this rock and metal release, which adds a special dimension and makes it sound a little bit more exciting than average. Male and female voices are switching with each other. This is a nice second release by these Brazilian daydreamers. (7 points)

DEATHLESS LEGACY – Dance With The Devils (Scarlet/Bertus)
DEATHLESS LEGACY is an Italian metal company, that presents their third album in the best horror metal tradition. Steva is the vocal queen behind the mike. Rumor goes that she also dances with the devils. Check out their album before you get caught. (7 points)

DIMMU BORGIR – Forces Of The Northern Light (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
DIMMU BORGIR plus orchestra and live in action at Wacken Open Air in 2012 is presented on this live registration. Agnete Kjølsrud (ANIMAL ALPHA) is the female guest vocalist here. (8 points)

This is a new Dutch thrash metal band that consists of two (ex) members of X-TINXION. Monica Jansen proves to be a great singer and this is a very good debut album for sure. Both horns up for these newcomers. (8 points)

DOYLE – II As We Die (EMP/Suburban)
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (MISFITS) presents his second solo album. The doomy sound is not bad at all. DOYLE is helped out by Randy Blythe (LAMB OF GOD) and Alissa White-Gluz (ARCH ENEMY). Besides this album, Doyle celebrates the fortieth birthday of THE MISFITS. A nice way to celebrate, don’t you think so? (7 points)

DREAMING DEAD – Your Grave (Hammerheart/Bertus)
Melodic death metal from L.A. with the female vocals of Elizabeth Schall, who also takes care of the guitars. The thrash metal influences work very well here and this is indeed a very promising band. (7 points)

EARTH ELECTRIC – Vol.1: Solar (Season Of Mist)
Carmen Simoes (AVA INFERNI) teams up with Rutte ‘Blasphemer’ Eriksen (MAYHEM/AURA NOIR/TWILIGHT OF THE GODS) in this psychedelic metal outfit. It sounds experimental and sinister at times, but it also contains a lot of high quality rock music. (7 points)

MARTINA EDOFF – We Will Align (A.O.R. Heaven/PIAS)
This is the second part of the story of the ACE OF BASE singer, that became a rocker girl. She is surrounded by the guys of H.E.A.T. Together they made this good follow up to “Unity”. (8 points)

ELUVEITIE – Evocation II – Pantheon (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Anna Murphy, the long term signer of ELUVEITIE, has been replaced by Fabienne Erni. This album is filled with acoustic folk metal songs and is completed with Gallic lyrics. Open-minded metalheads may like it, but it’s quite on the edge of my personal spectrum. (6 points)

END OF THE DREAM – Until You Break (Painted Bass/FMLS)
The singer on this second album by this Dutch band lifts the band to a higher level for me. If you like the sound of EVANESCENCE, then you must definitely give this album a few spins, you’ll be positively surprised. (7 points)

ENSIFERIUM – Two Paths (Metal Blade/PIAS)
ENSIFERIUM released another album with war chants and warrior songs. Accordion player Neta Skog (ex-TURISAS) is a new member in the band. She also sings, so just listen to “Feast With Valkyries”. This is a good addition to the band, that can be proud of “Two Paths”. ( 7 points)

FOR ALL WE KNOW – Take Me Home (Independent)
“Take Me Home” is the second solo album of Ruud Jolie (WITHIN TEMPTATION/MAIDEN UNITED). Anneke van Giersbergen adds some guest vocals to this release during “We Are The Light”. The rock on this album has more faces, but every aspect of this album rocks with a capitol R. (7 points)

JANET GARDNER – Janet Gardner (Pavement/Bertus)
The ex-VIXEN singer spreads her wings on this first solo album. Her husband Justin James (STAIND/COLLECTIVE SOUL/TYKETTO) helps her out on guitar. The songs sound raw, and there’s the occasional ballad on the album too of course. A great solo release, in my opinion. (8 points)

THE GATHERING – Blueprints (Psychonaut/Suburban)
The album title explains exactly what we’re dealing with. This is a double CD with demos and unreleased tracks from the period 2001 – 2005. A must have collection for all die-hard fans of the band. (8 points)

GREYWIND – After Thoughts (Spinefarm/Caroline)
Brother and sister O’Sullivan from Ireland present their debut album, which is stuffed with a nice mix of pop and alternative rock. (6 points)

KICKIN VALENTINA – Imaginary Creatures (Mighty Music/Suburban)
Are your ready for some ballsy rock from the USA? Beth Ballinger is the background singer and she plays keyboards on the album. We also hear Chris Green (TYKETTO) on guitar. “Burning Love” (ELVIS PRESLEY) is covered very well. These imaginary creatures spread a lot of energy. (7 points)

KINGFISHER SKY – To Turn The Tables (KFS/Suburban) (single)
This is a one track only single by this Dutch band from The Hague, that knows to catch my attention right away for the full ten minutes. Kristoffer Gildenlöw (DIAL, ex-PAIN OF SALVATION) plays a guest role on this exciting EP. (8 points)

KING WOMAN – Created In The Image Of Suffering (Relapse/PIAS)
Kristina Esfandiari is the front lady of this doomy outfit, that presents their debut album. This is definitely a name to remember, especially because the king is finally a woman and she is being created in the image of suffering. Doom with a majestic female touch. (7 points)

LAWGIVER – Lawgiver (BDHW/Bertus)
LANGIVER is a fast cross-over band from Sweden. Patricia Pneedy is the front lady of this very powerful and dynamic fivesome. Their debut CD consists of their EP with two special bonus tracks. One is the FAITH NO MORE cover “Surprise, You’re Dead!!” (8 points)

MEDEA – Northern Light (Snakebite/Rock Inc/Bertus)
Here’s a symphonic rock opera, made by Henry Meeuws (CASUAL SILENCE). His solo project is called MEDEA. Sandra Peters takes care of the female vocal parts here. The music is a mix of rock, pop, symphonic and progressive rock. (7 points)

LIFE OF AGONY – A Place Where There Is No Pain (Napalm/PIAS)
This is LIFE OF AGONY’s comeback album with Mia Caputo behind the mike. Perhaps hardcore is getting a new dimension because of the female vocals, but the power remains the same. (7 points)

LUCIFERIAN LIGHT ORCHESTRA – Luciferian Light Orchestra (Svart/Bertus)
This is an EP of this psychedelic rock band, that uses female vocals and organs to give their music a real seventies touch. I wouldn’t mind if they added just a little bit more rock next time. (7 points)

MAGNA CULT – Infinitum (Graviton/PIAS)
This Dutch death metal band uses female guest vocals, that mix very well together with the vocal parts of frontman Seb. Alma Alizadeh of FOR I AM KING and Theresa Smith of METAPRISM really add something to this new release. (7 points)

MASTERCASTLE – Wine Of Heaven (Scarlet /Bertus)
Italian power metal band MASTERCASTLE always knows to impress with their music. On this new release, there’s less bombastic sounds and classical themes. Giorgia Gueglio is the female singer on this album, that contains two cover songs by JOE HISAISHI and YNGWIE J MALMSTEEN. (7 points)

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET – Echoes Of The Aftermath (Frontiers/PIAS)
Angelica Rylin is the vocalist, that lifts this rock band to a much higher level. However, I’d like to hear a bit more excitement on the next album. (6 points)

MYRKUR – Mareridt (Relapse/PIAS)
The second album by this black metal nymph (real name Amalie Bruun), that astonished me with her voice, her looks and her music. Her voice ranges from angel to witch. In “Funeral” she called in the help of Chelsea Wolfe for some vocal parts. This is far above average. (8 points)

ONCE HUMAN – Evolution (earMusic/EDEL/V2)
Extreme metal with a filthy female grunter, called Lauren Hart, is what the band ONCE HUMAN presents on this new album. It will make your eardrums bleed. It sounds inhuman and extremely LOUD!!! (7 points)

PENTAKILL – II – The Grasp Of The Undying (Riot Games)
Noora Lourima (BATTLE BEAST) takes care of the female vocals of this virtual band, that only exist in the Riot Games. She does her work next to Jorn Lande and Danny Lohmer (NINE INCH NAILS). This CD will not see the light of day and is only available as digital downloaded from: (7 points)

PROPAGANDHI – Victory Lap (Epitaph/PIAS)
Punk and thrash metal is the thing from this Canadian band, that have recruited a female guitar player in their ranks. This didn’t do any harm to the technical thrash metal sound by the band. (7 points)

C.J. RAMONE – American Beauty (Fat Wreck/Sonic Rendezvous)
C.J. is one of the sole survivor and he mixes RAMONES punk with pop and rock music. C.J. also sings a duet with Kate Eldridge of BIG EYES in “Without You”. Besides that, they cover the TOM WAITS track “Pony” on this album. (7 points)

REALM OF THE DAMNED – Tenebris Deos (3 Wolves/Bertus)
This is the soundtrack of an animation movie with black metal songs in the background. The female vocals here are handled by Jill Janus of HUNTRESS. (7 points)

ROYAL THUNDER – Wick (Spinefarm/Caroline)
This album is probably a bit more accessible than their previous work, but the mix of psychedelic and doom metal still roars through my speakers. The biggest eye-catcher in the band is Milny Parsonz, who will impress you with her marvelous voice and earth splattering bass-playing for sure. Turn up the volume for the best result. (8 points)

RUBY THE HATCHET – Planetary Space Child (TeePee/Suburban)
Jillian Taylor must be a planetary space child herself to become the singer of this American psychedelic rock outfit. When you love the heavy sound of the seventies mixed with a touch of the music of today, then this one might be interesting for you. (8 points)

THE RUNS OF BEVERAST – Exuvia (Van/Suburban)
A lot of styles come together in this new, experimental sounding album of this band. Female choir vocals are part of this mix of styles, but they don’t have a prominent place here. (7 points)

SCENARIO II – A New Dawn (Demo)
SCENARIO II is a melodic death metal band with female vocals. They started their career as AURA. There is a huge gap between their debut album and this one, but you can definitely hear the progression that they’ve made throughout these years. High quality music from the lowlands. (7 points)

SEMBLANT – Lunar Manifesto (EMP/Suburban)
This is the second album by this Brazilian female fronted gothic metal band. References to EPICA and NIGHTWISH are never far away. Mizuho Lin is the frontlady with the clear voice. She’s assisted by Sergio Mazul on brutal grunts. (7 points)

SEVEN SPIRES – Solveig (Black Ray Music Group)
Adrienne Cowan catches the most attention on this black metal album. She screams, shouts, whispers and even sings a melodic ballad with a clear voice. There is a lot of variation here and the sound is accessible for a wide range of music fans. (7 points)

SHADOWSIDE – Shades Of Humanity (EMP/Suburban)
Melodic heavy metal is the main direction on the third album by this Brazilian band. Dani Nolden is the lady singer, who sings quite clear and very powerful without going over the top. (8 points)

SHOW OF BEDLAM – Transfiguration (Choking Hazard Records/Sentient Ruin Laboratories)
Canadian sludge doom outfit that sounds experimental, raw, extreme and even stranger than contributors to a real show of bedlam. This is only for real freaks and underground weirdos. (7 points)

SUPERNOVA PLASMAJETS – Supernova Plasmajets (A.O.R. Heaven/Bertus)
What a great name for a band that brings you almost a dozen sleazy, dirty, melodic glam rock songs. Jennifer Crush is the front lady, who spits out the lyrics with a lot of power. Even the power ballad is there. All on all, a debut album to be proud of. (8 points)

TRAVELIN JACK – Commencing Countdown Steamhammer/SPV/Suburban)
Spaceface is the female vocalist of TRAVELIN JACK, that are hailing from Germany. The hard rock songs stand with both feet in the roaring seventies. I recommend this strongly to all retro rockers out there. (8 points)

UNRULY CHILD – Can’t Go Home (Frontiers/PIAS)
If you like the previous releases of UNRULY CHILD, you will also enjoy this album, which is stuffed with classic rock, A.O. R. and the beautiful voice of Marcie Free. The music sounds a bit more modern than before. (7 points)

VANDROYA – Beyond The Human Mind (Inner Wound/Sonic Rendezvous)
This Brazilian power metal band has a female vocalist. Daisa Munhoz has got a great powerful voice. She can scream, but also sing some great and very sensitive ballads, where needed. Their sound never goes beyond the human mind though. (7 points)

WE RIDE – Empowering Life (Victory/Suburban)
Mimi Telmo is the vocalist of this Spanish hardcore band, that presents their third album. Powerful hardcore with a vision, that comes from this promising band. (7 points)

STEVEN WILSON – To The Bone (Caroline Records/Virgin)
There are some female guest vocals on this fifth solo album by STEVEN WILSON. Pop and progressive metal are getting together on this great album, where Steven went all the way down to the bone. (8 points)

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM – Thrice Woven (Artemisia/Bertus)
On this new album you can hear some female vocal parts. They don’t dominate the sound, but they give the doomy black metal sound another dimension. (7 points)

Summer 2016-Spring 2017:

ABNORMALITY– Mechanisms Of Omniscience (Metal Blade/PIAS)
This Massachusetts based death metal band surprised me with their music, which is fast as lightning. If you like your metal brutal, unpolished and on a technical high level, then you must be addicted to ABNORMALITY. (7 points)

AETERNITAS– House Of Usher (Massacre/Suburban)
German symphonic metal band that presents their fourth album. Alma Mathar is the frontlady that makes this band sound like WITHIN TEMPTATION sometimes. (6 points)

AGAINST ME– Shape Shift With Me (Total Treble/Bertus)
Thomas James Gabel transformed into Laura Jane Grace. A man became a woman. The transformation didn’t change too much to the music of the band though. The punk rock remained proud and loud. (7 points)

ALBEZ DUZ– Wings Of Tzinacan (Listenable/Suburban)
Third album of this Berlin based that, that has got a female guitarist in Julia Neuman. Doom fans that like an old school doom sound can dig in here. (8 points)

ALLEGAEON– Proponent For Science (Metal Blade/PIAS)
Brutal metal with subtle melodic sidesteps, like female choir vocals, acoustic flamenco guitar chords and so on. Guest roles are for Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid (SOILWORK) and Benjamin Ellis (SCAR SYMETRY/BLOODSHOT DOWN). The best melodic part is at the end of the CD, when they play the RUSH cover “Subdivisions”. (7 points)

AND THEN SHE CAME– And Then She Came (DME Music/PIAS)
The front lady Ji-In Cho of KRYPTERIA stopped for a while with music, because she was pregnant. Her bandmates formed AND THEN SHE CAME and recorded the soundtrack for “Bad Trip”. After her pregnancy, Ji-In Cho took care of the vocals on this album that sounds more rock than metal. The sound has got an alternative and poppy twist at times. Guest roles are for Jen Majura (female EVANESCENCE guitarist) and Alissa White-Gluz (ARCH ENEMY). A new start for a band with a long history, that changed their sound and moved forward under a totally different name. (7 points)

ART X– The Redemption Of Cain (Metalville/PIAS)
Andre Mattos (ANGRA), Blaze Bailey (BLAZE BAILEY/ex-IRON MAIDEN), Zak Stevens (CIRCLE // CIRCLE/SAVATAGE) and Amanda Sommerville (TRILLION and SOMMERVILLE/KISKE) are among the guest vocalists on this average concept album. I think, that things could have sounded better with well-talented singers like that. (6 points)

ASSIGNMENT– Going The Circle (Massacre/Suburban)
Maria José Pot sings a duet on the new album of this German proggy power metal band. In “Variaxis” she teams up with new Argentinian singer Diego Valdez. (7 points)

GRAHAM BONNET– The Book (Frontiers/PIAS)
Beth-Ami Heavenstone plays bass guitar on this double CD of the former vocalist of bands like RAINBOW, MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, ALCATRAZZ and THE MARBLES. The new album contains some great hard rock songs that will make the heart of the average rocker beat faster. The second CD contains reworked versions of old classics. A must have for every devoted hard rock fan, believe me. (10 points)

MARCELA BOVIO– Unprecedented (independent)
Crowdfunding took care, that this CD would the light of day. Marcela is backed with three violin players and a cellist that call themselves THE DUDOK QUARTET. This is for diehard fans of Marcela only because it has got nothing at all to do with metal or hard rock. (5 points)

CIRCLE UNBROKEN– Vincere (Painted Bass)
CIRCLE UNBROKEN from Belgium are the painters of this musical portrait. It’s their first work of art and it sounds very promising indeed. Marieke Bresseleers is the female vocalist of this pop/gothic metal band. (7 points)

CIRRHA NIVA– Out Of The Freak Show (Parnassus/Sonic Rendezvous)
Lisette van den Berg (SCARLET STORIES) handles the female guest vocal input on this new album, next to Devon Graves (PSYCHOTIK WALTZ). Symphonic metal at a very high level since many, many years.(8 points)

CREMATORY– Monument (Steam Hammer/SPV/Suburban)
Twenty-five years of existence, thirteen albums long, CREMATORY delivers a groovy sound. The female input comes from the lady behind the keyboards (Katrin Jüllich). Congratulations on this monumental anniversary album. (7 points)

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX– Bronze (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Where doom, stoner and prog meet each other, you will find the new album of CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX. Not easy to comprehend maybe, but a beauty for the fine tasters. (7 points)

CULT OF LUNA & JULIE CHRISTMAS– Mariner (indie/Suburban)
The seventh album of this Swedish band is a cooperation with JULIE CHRISTMAS (ex-BATTLE OF MICE, ex-MADE OUT OF BABIES). This is in our vision a step forwards because the band sounds a bit heavier nowadays. (7 points)

DARK SARAH– The Puzzle (Inner Wound/Bertus)
Heidi Parviainen is the singer, who once was in AMBERIAN DAWN, of this symphonic metal band. Guest vocals come from Charlotte Wessels (DELAIN) and Manuela Kraller (ex-XANDRIA). The second album is a nice step forward on the road to success in our opinion. (7 points)

DARKWELL– Moloch (Massacre/Suburban)
After an absence of thirteen years Alexandria Pittracher is back with DARKWELL. “Moloch” is the first fruit of this reunion, which is a safe buy for DARKWELL fans. (6 points)

DEVILMENT– II The Mephisto Waltzes (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Lauren Francis is the female vocalist that shines next to Dani Filth (CRADLE OF FILTH) on the second album of DEVILMENT. If you liked their first album, this is a safe buy. (7 points)

DOCKER’S GUILD– The Heisenberg Diaries Book A: Sounds Of The Future Past (Black Swan/Bertus)
This album contains covers of soundtracks of science fiction movies. It also contains guest appearances of Elize Ryd (AMARANTHE), Ammanda Sommerville (TRILLIUM, KISKE~SOMMERVILLE), Nita Strauss (ALICE COOPER), Anna Portalupi (TARJA), and Roxy Petrucci (VIXEN, MADAM X). It gives an extra dimension to an album that stays close to the original versions. (7 points)

EDEN’S CURSE– Cardinal (AFM/Suburban)
Liv Kristine is a guest vocalist on the track “Unconditional”, on the fifth album of this multi-national melodic metal company. (7 points)

ENBOUND– The Blackened Heart (Inner Wound/Sonic Rendezvous)
Mike Lepond (SYMPHONY X/THEM/HEATHEN’S RAGE) and Linnea Wikström (THERION) are guesting on this second album, which is loaded with melodic progmetal. (7 points)

ETERNAL IDOL– The Unrevealed Secret (Frontiers/PIAS)
New band of Fabio Lionne (ex-RHAPSODY/ex-ANGRA), that will definitely appeal to all the fans of his former bands. Giorgia Colleluori takes care of the female vocals on this bombastic masterpiece.

ETHS– Ankaa (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Many line-up changes have tortured the metalcore spirit of this French band. Their new singer is called Rachel Aspe, who can’t make the difference. They walk on the thin line of good and bad on this new album. I give them the benefit of the doubt this time. (6 points)

EVERGREY– The Storm Within (AFM/Suburban)
Most commercial album of EVERGREY so far, with female guest roles for Floor Jansen (NIGHTWISH) and Tom Englund’s wife Carla Englund. If you go for more melody and less power, then this is the one to check out. (7 points)

EYE– Vision And Ageless Light (Laser’s Edge/Bertus)
Lisa Bella Donna plays keyboard, sings and plays guitar on this space rock epos that is very interesting for adventurous souls among us. Lengthy instrumental parts is the keyword on this space rock event. (8 points)

FEJD– Trolldom (Dead End Exit/Bertus)
On the fourth album of this folk metal band from Sweden we hear female vocals on “Bed För Din Själl”. (6 points)

FOGHAT– Under The Influence (Metalville/PIAS)
FOGHAT in Metal Maidens?! This is because DANA FUCHS takes care of some guest vocals on this new album. Roger Earl is the only remaining original band member of this great boogie rock band. (9 points)

FOR I AM KING– Daemons (Redfield/Suburban)
FOR I AM KING from Holland loves it loud and in Alma Alizadeh they have a perfect front lady because she sings like she’s slaughtered to death. If you also like it real loud, you should definitely try this one out. (8 points)

ACE FREHLEY– Origins Volume I (Steam Hammer/SPV/Suburban)
Wild thing LITA FORD guests on this rock and roll classics CD, on which the former KISS guitarists shows the public his main influences. A must have compilation on which Ace really rips it out. Lita plays on JIMI HENDRIX’s “Wild Thing”, of course. (10 points)

GRUESOME– Dimension Horror (Relapse/PIAS)
DEATH, the band, is the biggest influence on this new album of GRUESOME. Robin Mazen of DERKETA is the metal maiden here and she plunders the brutal bulldozer bass guitar. You have been warned. (8 points)

KID HARLEQUIN– Itch (independent)
Ariane van der Steege is the female guitar player of this Dutch dark alternative metal band. They called in the help of Marcela Bovio (STREAM OF PASSION) for their song “Hounds”. (6 points)

KRISTOFFER GILDENLOW– The Rain (Melodic Revolution/Just For Kicks)
New solo album of this former PAIN OF SALVATION and DIAL member, who presents his very emotional music, which is getting straight from the heart. Female guest is Anne Bakker on vocals. Don’t expect any heavy stuff here, though just high quality music. (7 points)

LEAVES EYES– Fires In The North (AFM/Suburban)
Elena Siirala is the new singer of LEAVES EYES. The title track is a new song. The other songs on this EP are reworked versions of songs that appeared on “King Of Kings”. (7 points)

LIGHT & SHADE– The Essence Of Everything (Scarlet/Bertus)
Progressive power metal from Italy, with Adrienne Cowan behind the mike. The rest of the band consists of members of TEMPERANCE, SECRET SPHERE and LUCA TURILLI’S RHAPSODY. (7 points)

MADAME MAYHEM– Now You Know (Metalville/PIAS)
MADAME MAYHEM has gathered a lot of friends around her to finish this fine rock album. And so we can hear Billy Sheehan (DAVID LEE ROTH BAND/TALAS/WINERY DOGS/ MR. BIG), Ron Thal (GUNS ‘N’ ROSES), Russ Parish (STEEL PANTHER), Corey Lowery (STUCK MOJO) and Ray Luzier (KORN) on this average rock album with female vocals (7 points)

MADDER MORTEM– Red In Tooth And Claw (Dark Essence/Bertus)
Agnete Kirkevaag is the singer of this Norwegian doom band that stays true to their alternative doom sound. A safe buy for long term fans of the band. (7 points)

METAL ALLEGIANCE– Fallen Heroes EP (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Tribute to three rock heroes who died almost right after each other. Lemmy of MOTŐRHEAD, is honored here with “Iron Fist”, while DAVID BOWIE’s “Suffragete City” is cranked out too. Alissa White-Gluz (ARCH ENEMY) surprises us with her rendition of GLENN FREY’s “(EAGLES) “Life In The Fast Lane”. These covers sound better than the songs that landed on their full length album. A great tribute to these fallen heroes. (9 points)

MGT– Volumes (Steamhammer/SPV/Suburban)
Mark Gemini Thwaite is the guitar player with the initials MGT. On his album we hear the female vocals of Julianne Regan of ALL ABOUT EVE and Erica Nockalls of THE WONDER STUFF. The guitar sound rocks but there’s a bit too much gothic and new wave influences in here for me. (6 points)

MIRACLE FLAIR– Angels Cast Shadows (Massacre/Suburban)
Symphonic metal band from Switzerland, that presents their second and too modest album. (7 points)

MOTHER FEATHER– Mother Feather (Metal Blade/PIAS)
MOTHER FEATHER balances on the thin line between being reviewed here or not. Their music is pop with a gothic and new wave touch, but also some raw edges too. Ann Courtney is standing behind the mike, as a true ear and eye catcher. (6 points)

NOFX– First Ditch Effort (Fat Wreck/Sonic Rendezvous)
The daughter of one of the members of the band is to be heard on this punk rock album that sounds really lood again. Only interesting for those who want to hear everything with female vocals on it. (7 points)

NO SINNER– Old Habits Die Hard (Provogue/Bertus)
Colleen Dennison is the lady with the raw voice that sings her lungs out on this bluesy rock album. Her voice may remind you of BETH HART, but Colleen rocks louder. (8 points)

ORACLES– Misery Corde (Deadlight Entertainment/Bertus)
Mix EPICA with death metal and you’ll end up with the sound of ORACLES. Sanna Salou (DIMLIGHT) is the female voice of this new band. “The Beautiful People” of MARILYN MANSON is being covered on this promising debut album. (7 points)

OUTBREAKER– Rheia (Deathwish/Suburban)
Caro Tanghe is the vocalist of this Belgian band that is used to walk far away from the paved ways. If you’re a finetaster and love to hear a band that dares to try out things that nobody ever dared, then you should give “Rheia” a try. Be prepared for some big surprises. (7 points)

SHADOWRISE – Escape From Shadow Island (independent)
Progressive metal brought to you by this well-talented Dutch band. Laura Guldemond stands behind the microphone, you might know her from THE THEATER EQUATION and VALENTINE. The artwork of this EP is breathtaking, the music is bombastic and impressive. Enough said, I guess. (8 points)

SHIVERBURN– Road To Somewhere (Graviton/PIAS)
Debut album of this Dutch band that has got a good singer in Sanne Heuyerjans. Ruud Jolie of WITHIN TEMPTATION is a guest player on this very promising debut disc. (7 points)

SKILLET– Unleashed (Warner Music)
Christian rock band from Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Korey Cooper is the female member, who plays guitar, keyboards and sings, next to her husband John Cooper. The easy on the ears rock band already was to be seen at the prestigious Pinkpop Festival and Fortarock in our country. (7 points)

SOULBURN– Earthless Pagan Spirit (Century Media/Sony Music)
Dutch black metal release of a band that uses female vocals in the background. The female vocals are not upfront in the mix maybe but they’re sure recognizable enough to be mentioned here. (7 points)

STITCHED UP HEART– Never Alone (Another Century/Sony Music)
Mix EVANESCENCE with IN THIS MOMENT and put Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner behind the mike and you’ll end up with the sound of STITCHED UP HEART. Brutal and raw where it’s needed, but sweet, soft and tender without hesitation too. (7 points)

SYNERGY PROTOCOL– Odd To Get Even (independent)
Progressive rock band from Holland with a female singer called Laura Martinez. They put many musical ideas in their long tracks. Singer Laura will be a treat for your ears and I think that we can say that we’re talking about a very well-talented band and a promising debut album here. (8 points)

TREES OF ETERNITY– Hour Of Nightingale (Svart Records/Bertus)
Aleah Starbridge is the singer of this great doom band. A half year before the release of this album she suddenly died. The nightingale of TREES OF ETERNITY died, let’s celebrate the last album of TREES OF ETERNITY with this line-up. R.I.P. Aleah. (8 points)

TEMPERANCE– The Earth Embraces Us All (Scarlet/Bertus)
Chiara Tricarico is the frontlady of this Italian NIGHTWISH soundalike. With a bit more input of their own they could definitely reach a higher platform, but for me they have to put the saxophone aside. (7 points)

THEATRES DES VAMPIRES– Candyland (Scarlet/Bertus)
If you say gothic metal, you will probably think of THEATRES DES VAMPIRES. Sonya Scarlet sounds erotic and emotional. The music sounds more industrial this time. Open-minded fans will be in ‘candyland’ with this new CD. (7 points)

THY CATAFALQUE– Meta (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
There are female voices on the album of the Hungarian musician Tamas Katai. The music is hard to describe but it all sounds fascinating and contains a lot of variation. Doom with innovative sidesteps that sometimes result in long, dark sounding hymns. Strange but beautiful. (7 points)

THY SHADE– The Last Goodbye (Massacre/Suburban)
Debut album of this American band that combines operatic vocals with loud, growling male vocals. Diana Shade is behind the mike of this average debut album that hopefully isn’t their last goodbye already. They can grow in the future. (6 points)

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT– Transcendce (Inside Out/Sony Music)
What’s a new DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT album without the vocals of Anneke van Giersbergen? In the choir vocals, she gets help from Che Aimee, Dorval and Kartina Natale. Finally, they also do a cover of WEEN, called “Transdermal Celebration”. (7 points)

TRUE WIDOW– Avvolgere (Relapse/PIAS)
Nicole Estill is the singer/bass player of this American stoner rock formation. The slow pace in their sound fits perfectly on the fourth album of this true widow. (7 points)

Winter 2015-Spring 2016:

Kat Katz plays a leading role on this album that contains her ‘musical influences mark’. Three songs stuffed with sludgy doom is the final result. (7 points)

ALMANAC – Tsar (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Jeanette Marchenka takes care of the female input on this new outfit of RAGE frontman Vicotr Smolski. They worked together in LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA already. Fine debut album. (7 points)

AMON AMARTH – Jomsviking (Sony Music)
DORO plays a guest role on vocals on this catchy sounding Viking heavy metal album. (7 points)

AMORPHIS – Under The Red Cloud Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
On the twelfth studio album by this Finnish metal company we hear female choir vocals again. The album sounds a lot heavier than their previous release. For die hard fans only, I guess. (7 points)

ASYLUM PYRE – Spirited Away (Massacre/Suburban)
Heidi is the vocalist of this French metal band, who sound just above average on their new album. A bit more spirit next time, please. (6 points)

AVANTASIA – Ghostlight (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
The seventh album is again a good concept metal opera with impressive guest vocalists at work, like Bob ‘The Cat’ Catley, Jorn Lande, Geoff Tate, Michael Kiske and Dee Snider. On the ballad “Isle Of Evermore” we hear Sharon den Adel of WITHIN TEMPTATION. This is high quality stuff again. (8 points)

AXXIS – 25 Years Of Rock & Power (Phonotraxx/Suburban)
The 25th birthday anniversary concert of AXXIS is captured live on a double CD/DVD, recorded in Zeche in Bochum. DORO plays a guest role on this great registration. (8 points)

BESEECH – My Darkness, Darkness (Despotz/Suburban)
Comeback album of these Swedish goths, who didn’t change their sound too much after their absence from the scene. Singer Angelina Sahlgren is a new member though. (7 points)

CALIBAN – Gravity (Century Media/Sony Music)
Alissa White–Gluz (ARCH ENEMY) plays a guest role on the new album by this German metalcore band. (7 points)

CHRONOS ZERO – Hollowlands (Scarlet/Bertus)
CHRONOS ZERO plays progressive metal in their home country Italy. Biggest ear- catcher is the mix of male and female vocals. Guest stars are Matt Marinelli (BOREALIS), Jan Manenti (LOVE MIGHT KILL) and producer Simone Mularoni (DGM) (7 points)

DEVILSKIN – We Rise (Rodeostar / SPV/Suburban)
Jennie Skulander sings, growls, shouts and screams in the alternative metal band DEVILSKIN from New Zealand. I bet that their star will rise fast after this release. (7 points)

DRIVE SHE SAID – Pedal To The Metal (Frontiers/PIAS)
After a too long absence, A.O.R. icons DRIVE SHE SAID, are back. On “In Your Arms” they teamed up with the lovely Fiona Flannagan. For fans of old school rock and fantastic A.O.R. (8 points)

MARTINA EDOFF – Unity (Into/Suburban)
Forget about her work with ACE OF BASE, DR. ALBAN and E-TYPE. Forget about her solo album. This is the real deal for MARTINA EDOFF. High quality melodic rock with an eighties feel is what you get here. All the more reason to check this one out. (8 points)

EMERALD SUN – Metal Dome (Fastball/Bertus)
Third album of this Greek powe metal band. Liv Kristine guests on the ballad “Call Of Nature”. (7 points)

FIELDS OF TROY – Hardship (independent)
Mayken Hoessen plays a guest role on this new Belgian project. An interesting release. (7 points)

Italian band FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE delivers a bombastic, spehereful masterpiece in the symphonic death metal scene. There is a bigger role for soprano voice Veronica Bondacchini this time, who appears on three tracks of this album. (7 points)

FOR I AM KING – We All Have Demons (Redfield Digital)
Pretaste of the songs from the upcoming full-length album. Vocalist Alma doesn’t have any demons, she scared them away with her brutal grunts. Respect for that. (7 points)

Female jazz guitar player, that shows her skills on her third solo CD. No time for freaking out, because her cool solos are in service of the song. She can reach a bigger audience, because of this new album. (8 points)

GRAVE SHADOW – Nocturnal Resurrection (Mausoleum/Suburban)
GRAVE SHADOW is a new band, but already a name to remember. This debut album sounds stunning and Heather B. Smith proves to be an amazing front lady, that can handle many different styles. Ralf Scheepers of PRIMAL FEAR is a guest vocalist in “Blink”. (8 points)

GUS G – Brand New Revolution (Century Media/Universal)
On this second solo CD of the guitar player of Ozzy, we find Eliza Ryd (AMARANTHE) on the list of guest vocalists, next to Mats Leven en Jeff Scott Soto. (7 points)

KOEN HERFST – Back To Balance (Not To Do/Graviton)
Solo CD of ARMIN VAN BUUREN drummer, who shakes out a heavy beat here. Marcela Bovio (STREAM OF PASSION) is on the list of guest singers and musicians. (7 points)

IMPERIAL AGE – Warrior Race (Adulruna/Suburban)
Russian symphonic metal band that found themselves a place on the record label of THERION boss Christopher Johnsson. They called in the help of Fabio Lione (RHAPSODY OF FIRE/ANGRA) and Darius Brzowski (DIMMU BORGIR/VADER). Alexandra Sidorova takes care of the female vocals on the debut album of this band. (7 points)

INNERWISH – Innerwish (Ulterium / Sonic Rendezvous)
Power metal band from Greece that presents us their third album in nineteen years. The vocal part come partially from a female vocalist. (7 points)

JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES – Second Psychedelic Coming (Svart /Bertus)
The second occult rock album of this Finnish company is a fact and if you already liked their debut album, then you’ll find this successor finger licking good. (8 points)

KARMA TO BURN – Mountain Czar (Rodeostar/SPV/Suburban)
Instrumental EP of this American band. On “Uccidendo Un Sog” however, you can hear Stefanie Savy’s voice. It’s a reworked version of TOM PETTY’s “Running Down A Dream”. (7 points)

KILLING CULT SOCIETY – Fallout (independent)
Peggy Meeuwsen of BLIKSEM plays a leading, guest role on the cover “Frozen” of MADONNA, on this stunning debut album of these Dutch death metallers. (7 points)

LOCRIAN – Infinite Dissolution (Relapse/PIAS)
Dana Schecter (INSECT ARK/ANGELS OF LIGHT) plays steel guitar in this band, which makes an exciting mix of ambient, black, doom and heavy metal. Don’t expect average rock songs, because this is fur for connaisseurs! (7 points)

MARTYR – You Are Next (Into The Limelight/Bertus)
Dutch pride MARTYR provide us with a brand new album for which they called in the help of Marloes Voskuil (IZEGRIM) in “Souls Breathe”. Among the other guest stars are Nick Holleman (VICIOUS RUMORS) and Gert Nijboer (HIGHWAY CHILE). The cover “Don’t Need Your Money” of RAVEN is a very fine bonus track. (8 points)

METAL ALLEGIANCE – Metal Allegiance (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Cooperation of metal heroes that call themselves METAL ALLEGIANCE. The band is led by Mark Menghi, who is accompanied by Dave Ellefson, Alex Skolnick and Mike Portnoy. Among an impressive list of guest singers and musicians we find back the female input of Christina Scabbia (LACUNA COIL) and Alisa White–Gluz (ARCH ENEMY). Nice concept this release. (7 points)

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET – Beth Out Of Hell (Frontiers/Pias)
Stockholm based band with a commercial and catchy side, but also an eccentric side that provides you a mix of pop, rock and prog music, here and there with a soft goth touch. Angelica Rylin is the singer of this band that will appeal to fans of WITHIN TEMPTATION without a doubt. (7 points)

MY DYING BRIDE – Feel The Misery (Peaceville/Suburban)
Doo, doomer, doomest, MY DYING BRIDE. After listening to this album you’ll know for sure, that the sun will never shine again. And you’ll be glad about that, too. You can simply “Feel The Misery”. (8 points)

MYRKUR – M (Relapse/PIAS)
Danish black metal vixen Amalie Bruun calls her outfit MYRKUR. Next to angel like vocals she also spreads her wings over her piano. Great debut album, in my humble opinion. (8 points)

NERGARD – A Bit Close To Heaven (Battlegod Productions)
A handful of guest vocalists and musicians is used on the second album of this Norwegian musician. Elize Ryd (AMARANTHE) is the female guest singer on this melodic metal release, she receives her moment of fame in “On Through The Storm”. (7 points)

NEW YEARS DAY – Malevolence (Another Century/Sony Music)
Nu metal with female vocals. Ash Costello has got the looks, the power and the voice to lift this band to a higher platform. Happy 2016 and congratulations with this new album. (7 points)

NITROVILLE – Cheating The Hangman (Mighty Music/Suburban)
Powerful hard rock fills the second album of this London based band. Tola Lamont stands behind the mike and she really does a great job. NITROVILLE is a name to remember. (7 points)

NYX – Home (Agonia/Bertus)
German all-female black metal band that wants to take you home. The two faced outfit also rocks the underground scene with their other outfit called VAG TERTIUM, but here the ladies Blitz and Vinterbarn will rock your clogs with the blackest metal they can deliver. (7 points)

ONCE HUMAN – The Life I Remember (earMusic/Edel/V2)
Logan Mader (ex-MACHINE HEAD/ex-SOULFLY) is back with a band. In his band we find back the female singer Lauren Hart, who can sing bone hard thrashy songs, but also the melodic stuff is made for her voice. The variation in styles can be found back on this promising debut album. (7 points)

PAINFUL – Imagines Pestis (SAOL/Bertus)
German black/death metal band, that uses a female guest grunter on one of their songs. The quality is just above average though. (6 points)

PSYCHO PUNCH – Sweet Baby Octane (Steamhammer/SPV/Suburban)
The two duets on the eleventh album of this Swedish punk rock collective take care of the female input here. Clare von Stitch sings on “Forever And A Day” and Julie Mörtstrand in the country punker “When You’re Out Of Town”. (7 points)

RENDEZVOUS POINT – Solar Storm (Karisma/Bertus)
The prog metal of today sounds a bit like RENDEZVOUS POINT. The band hails from Norway and Gunn–Hilde Erstad plays bass guitar in this promising band. (7 points)

RHAPSODY OF FIRE – Into The Legend (AFM/Suburban)
You can enjoy opera vocals on this new album of this well-known Italian symphonic power metal band. (7 points)

Tarin Kerrey is the female vocalist of SANGUINE that knows to scream loud and sing soft and tender as well. Although the second album seems to be a “Black Sheep”, SANGUINE is still a name to remember and a band to cherish. (7 points)

SARKE – Bogefod (Indie Recordings/Bertus)
Female vocals are present on this album that bears a huge variation in styles. The concept is about Torolv Bogefod, from the Norwegian saga “Eyrbyggja”. This is no fur for the faint hearted, but only for real music lovers. (7 points)

SCARLET STORIES – Resurrection (independent)
Promising Dutch band that debuted with acoustic tracks. Now they return with a mix of heavy and progressive parts. Lisette van den Berg is the female singer of another well-talented Dutch band on the horizon. (7 points)

SINISTRO – Semenie (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Patricia Andrad is the front lady for this Portuguese band, that knows to create a Mediterranean atmosphere on this new release. (7 points)

SKUNK ANANSIE – Anarchy Tecture (earMusic/V2)
The new album of SKUNK ANANSIE covers again a huge variation in styles. In every song, singer Skin is the biggest earcatcher, who can do almost everything with her voice and she easily lifts this album to a higher level, all by herself. (8 points)

SPARTAN – The Fall Of Olympus (Into The Limelight/Bertus)
Dutch power metal band, that releases their debut album. It contains guest appearances of Henning Basse (MAYAN), Sakis Tolis (ROTTING CHRIST) and Hadassa Kosten (THE NAME). An interesting album of a band, that will definitely grow in the future. (7 points)

VAN CANTO – Voices Of Fire (earMusic/V2/Edel)
I always had my doubts with this German voice metal company. The new album is a nice try again based upon a fantasy book, called “Feuerstimmen”. Inga has got the female voice of fire again. This time I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. (6 points)

VANDENPLAS – Chronicles Of The Immortals: Netherworld II (Frontiers/PIAS)
Julia Steingass takes care of the beautiful female vocal parts on this album. The music is an exciting mix of prog, metal and classical music. People who already liked the first part, will be delighted to hear this second part. (8 points)

VARG – Das Ende Aller Lügen (Napalm/PIAS)
Black death metal band, that uses choir vocals and female background vocals in their brutal, dynamic sound. (7 points)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Metal Massacre XIV (Metal Blade/PIAS)
Compilation of the most impressive metal bands of today. SAVAGE MASTER simply can’t be missed here. (10 points)

WEEPING SILENCE – Opus IV Oblivion (Massacre/Suburban)
Gothic metal band from Malta, that tries to convince us of their qualities with their new singer Diane. I’m sorry to say, that they remain average, but I don’t hope that they weep in silence yet, because of this review. They still have a long future ahead of them. (6 points)

STEVEN WILSON – 4 ½ (KScope/Bertus)
Ninet Tayeb adds her vocal qualities to this album of prog hero STEVEN WILSON, that contains a lot of different styles. The sound of PORCUPINE TREE is never far away. (8 points)

ZOON – Deep (Lighttown Fidelity/Suburban)
Farida Lemouchi (THE DEVIL’S BLOOD) plays a guest role on “Strike”. The music of ZOON is dark as the night and will touch the listener ‘deep’ in his soul. (7 points)

Spring 2015-Summer 2015:

ALL THAT REMAINS– The Order Of Things (Razor & Tie/Suburban)
They may have put a little bit more melody in their music, but the energy is still there. This is just another good release from this American band, but with a more melodic touch this time. (7 points)

ANGRA– Secret Garden (earMusic/EDEL/V2)
ANGRA recruited a new vocalist in Fabio Lione (ex-RHAPSODY OF FIRE). Together with female guests like Simone Simons (EPICA) in title track “Secret Garden” and Doro Pesch (DORO) on “Crushing Room”, they turn this new album into a beauty. “Synchronity II” of THE POLICE is a nice point of recognition on this new progressive power metal album (8 points)

ARMAGEDDON– Captivity & Devourment (Listenable/Suburban)
Third album of former ARCH ENEMY guitar player Christopher Amott, that contains a lot of melody and breath taking guitar work of the master himself. (7 points)

BACHMAN– Heavy Blues (Linus/Bertus)
You ain’t heard nothing yet, if your ears haven’t tasted the rough and raw blues rock sound on the new solo album of Randy Bachman (BACHMAN, TURNER, OVERDRIVE / GUESS WHO). His band consists of two female members. JEFF HEALEY supplies a posthumous guest role, and some solid heavy blues rock is leaving your speakers on this damn fine album. (9 points)

BLEEDING GODS– Shepherd Of Souls (Punishment 18/Hammerheart)
Gea Mulder (DEADCELL) picks the bass on this brutal album by these Dutchies. If you like the musical mix of SINISTER and KREATOR, then these bleeding Gods will gladly take your souls. (7 points)

CELTACHOR– Nuada Of The Silver Arm (Trollzorn/Bertus)
Black metal band from Ireland, that puts Celtic sounds into their music. PRIMORDIAL fans might be also pleased with this Irish sound-alike. (7 points)

CONVICT– Burn The Flags (Strength/Bertus)
Cindy van der Heijden takes care of some of the guest vocals on the fourth album of CONVICT. She sings on the title track “Burn The Flags”. The purest hardcore you can get. (7 points)

CORONATUS– Cantus Lucidus (Massacre/Suburban)
Carmen R. Lorch is the only remaining female vocalist of the three female members they had before. It doesn’t make the messy mix of folk and gothic metal more exciting though. (6 points)

CRETIN– Stranger (Relapse / PIAS/Rough Trade)
Dan Martinez did undergo an operation and became Marissa Martinez. Now they’re a female-fronted grindcore band, that also has a female guitar player in their ranks. Elizabeth Schall pulls the strings, and therefore the sound of sound of CRETIN remains brutal. (7 points)

CRYSTAL BALL– Liferider (Massacre/Suburban)
Noora Louhimo (BATTLE BEAST) sings a duet in “Eye To Eye” on the eight album by this Swiss hard rock band. (7 points)

THE DARKNESS– Last Of Our Kind (Hall Or Nothing/V2)
THE DARKNESS recruited a female drummer for this album, that gives you a good portion of seventies and eighties rock with a touch of QUEEN again. In the meantime, Emily Dolan Davis, left the band right after the release of this good album. Rufus Taylor, the son of QUEEN drummer Roger Taylor has taken over her place already, a coincidence or what?? (8 points)

DARK SARAH– Behind The Black Veil (Inner Wound/Bertus)
Heidi Parviainen (ex-AMBERIAN DAWN) is the front lady of DARK SARAH, and tells you the story of the schizophrenic Sarah here.

DIVINE ASCENSION– Liberator (Vicisolum/Suburban)
Jennifer Borg is the siren in this melodic power metal company, that sometimes has a bombastic touch in their sound. (7 points)

DIVINE REBELLION– Liar (independent)
Rock music with many different influences are on the second album of this Dutch band. Pasquale Abbruzesse is the female member of the band, that sounds rather impressive. (7 points)

DRACULA– Swing Of Death (Frontiers/PIAS/Rough Trade)
Jorn Lande teamed up with WIG WAM guitar player Trond Holter for a good melodic rock album that is based upon Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. Lena Foitmoen Borresen plays the girlfriend of Count Vlad III, Prince Of Walachia. A rock opera like this will score above average for us. (8 points)

DRIVE BY WIRE– The Whole Shebang (My First Sonny Weissmuller/Konkurrent)
Dutch band that rides on the stoner rock paths on their very own way. Simone Holsbeek is behind the stirring wheel. For all the modern day rockers out there. (7 points)

ENSIFERUM– One Man Army (Metal Blade/PIAS)
The one man army goes to war. Pagan folk metal, that proves to have set a giant step forward in their career with this new album. (7 points)

If you like JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES, then this band (which consists of the same members) will appeal to you as well. Melodic, psychedelic and with the great vocal sound of Jasmine ‘Jess’ Saarela. Part two of this album will be released early next year, by the way. (7 points)

EXXILES– Oblivion (Nightmare/Bertus)
This nice progressive metal album contains a guest appearance of Marcela Bovio (STREAM OF PASSION). She performs her vocal skills next to other guests like Wilmer Waarbroek (AYREON), Mike Lepond (SYMPHONY X), Chris Caffery (TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA) and Zak Stevens (CIRCLE // CIRCLE). An impressive album is the result. (8 points)

FINAL CHAPTER– For Glory & Victory (Herrie Records)
On this new album are sixteen punk rock songs from this Dutch threesome. The lady picks the bass guitar. Not very heavy maybe, but very well played. (7 points)

Female-fronted band, that mixes black metal with folk and the sound of the sixties. This may sound like a strange combination but it is a treat to your ears. The female vocals are the cherry on the cake. Tastes like more. (7 points)

THE FRUIT OF THE ORIGINAL SIN– The Black Lodge (independent)
The alternative sound of the nineties returns in the new millennium with this Dutch band, that brings and exciting mix of metal and industrial sounds. (7 points)

THE GREAT DISCORD– Duende (Metal Blade/PIAS)
Fia Kempe and her husband Askel Holmgren form a band together. “Duende” is a surprising debut album, which promises a lot for the future. (7 points)

GRUESOME– Savage Land (Relapse/PIAS)
Am I listening to the new DEATH album here? No, it’s the new GRUESOME album. Even the cover art has all the ingredients we know from Chuck Shuldiner’s DEATH.. James Murphy plays a guest role on this magnificent album. Robin Mazen (DERKETA) plays bass guitar for GRUESOME. (8 points)

Rock and punk go together very well. In “Touch The Sky” we hear the guest vocals of Etzia in a duet with singer Jocke. Only for the real diehard fans. (7 points)

HELL CITY– Victorious (Spinal Records)
Second album of this Belgian metal band. Fronted by Michelle Nivelle they make an important step forward to become victorious. (7 points)

HOLLOW HAZE– Memories Of An Ancient Time (Scarlet/Bertus)
After Fabio Lione left the band, the Italian band HOLLOW HAZE decided to make a new album with guest singers. And so we can enjoy the voices of Mats Leven (THERION / CANDLEMASS), Rick Altzi (MASTERPLAN) and Amanda Sommerville (KISKE – SOMMERVILLE) on this good, symphonic progressive metal album. (8 points)

HOME SWEET HOME– Original Songs From The Shit Musical (Fat Wreck Records/Sonic Rendezvous)
Punk rock musical that was performed in San Francisco is being captured here on this concept CD. Karina Dewike (DANCE HALL CRASHERS), Stacey Dee (BAD COP / BAD COP) and Lena Hall are among the female singers that are on this CD. Besides punk rock, it also contains dixie, pop and acoustic rock influences. (7 points)

HOT MAMA– Re-Earth (Fast Ball / Rock Inc./Bertus)
This is the second album of this German progressive metal band. Sonya is the ‘hot mama’ behind the mike, that will make your metal heart beat so much faster. (7 points)

HYDRA– Malachite Skies (STF/Sonic Rendezvous)
Melodic metal from Germany. On this debut album the band called in the help of guest vocalists Liv Kristine LIV KRISTINE / LEAVES EYES) and Maria Raum. They form a good team with the band’s lead vocalist Lisa Rieger. (7 points)

INSANITY REIGNS SUPREME – Unorthodox (Shiver/Suburban)
VALKYRE singer Claudia Michelutti guests on the fourth album of this Belgian death metal band that uses doom and black metal sidesteps in their sound. They sound that unorthodox for twenty-five long years already. Happy birthday. (7 points)

ISSA– Crossfire (Frontiers/PIAS)
Another great AOR album of this blonde singer. It’s her fourth CD, that still bears a high quality of AOR and pop again. (8 points)

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE– Hail Mary (Artery/Bertus)
Courtney LaPlante is the forceful female vocalist of this tech metal band. She will crash your eardrums and you’ll be thankful for it. (7 points)

KAIPA– Satyg (Inside-Out/Universal)
This Swedish prog metal band will show their skills again on this great new release. Touches of folk are mixed with old school progressive rock sounds. Aleena Gibson is the singer of this well talented prog crew. (8 points)

KAMELOT– Haven (Napalm/PIAS)
Female vocals are a common thing on the later KAMELOT CD’s. This time we will be able to enjoy female vocal input by Charlotte Wessels (DELAIN) and Alissa White-Glutz (ARCH ENEMY). Troy Donockley (NIGHTWISH) is also a guest player on this fantastic progressive metal album. (8 points)

KATATONIA– Sanctitude (Peaceville/Suburban)
Acoustic live show recorded in London. Bruce Soord (THE PINEAPLE THIEF) and Silje Wergeland are the guest stars on this live registration, that is also available on DVD for all the diehard fans of the band. (7 points)

KISKE / SOMMERVILLE– City Of Heroes (Frontiers/PIAS)
The second melodic album of Amanda Sommerville and Michael Kiske sounds stronger and is a big step forward, if you compare it to their debut album, which was released in 2010. (7 points)

KONTRUST– Explositive (Napalm/PIAS/Rough Trade)
Party metal, crossover style, of this Austrian metal band, that will sound very explositive. Hopefully for them they will score a second hit single in our country after entering the charts with “Bomba” in 2009. (7 points)

LESOIR– Luctor Et Emergo (V2)
Maartje Meessen is the singer of this Dutch band, that puts a lot of pop in their rock sound. It still contains enough guitars to make it sound interesting enough to be reviewed here though. (7 points)

LONELY ROBOT– Please Come Home (Inside Out/Universal)
Heather Findlay (MOSTLY AUTUMN) and Kim Seviour (TOUCHSTONE) are two female guest stars on the solo album of ARENA member John Mitchell (also IT BITES). The final result became a prog rock album with many different faces, where Mitchell is the lonely robot that leads the way. (8 points)

LUCIFERIAN LIGHT ORCHESTRA– Luciferian Light Orchestra (Adelruna/Suburban)
Psychedelic, occult seventies rock in the very best DEVIL’S BLOOD tradition. Christoffer Johnsson of THERION is the conductor of this very promising band that is very secretive about their line-up. (8 points)

MAIDEN UNITED– Remembrance (Maiden United/PIAS)
This acoustic IRON MAIDEN tribute band uses guest vocals of Paul Di Anno, Blaze Bailey and Marcela Bovio (STREAM OF PASSION). Marcela sings in “Aces High” and plays violin in “Still Life”. (7 points)

MINDSHADE– Asylum Of The Fallout (independent)
The melodic touch of this Dutch metal band sounds pretty promising. The choice to make it a concept album is a brave one, whether it’s a good choice or not? Only time will tell I guess. Nienke Verboom is the female singer of the band. (7 points)

PAPA ROACH– F.E.A.R. (Eleven Seven/ADA/Warner)
On the new album of million sellers PAPA ROACH there is a guest role for Maria Brink (IN THIS MOMENT) in “Gravity”. “F.E.A.R.” stands for Face Everything And Rise, by the way. (7 points)

RASKASTA JOULUA– Ragnarok Jultide (Spinefarm/Caroline)
Finnish project that made their third album, which is again filled with Christmas carols. This time they sing in the Finnish language, too. Elize Ryd of AMARANTHE is one of the vocalists on this nice release of Christmas songs with a heavy guitar touch. Merry Christmas everybody. (7 points)

ROYAL THUNDER– Crooked Doors (Relapse/PIAS)
ROYAL THUNDER takes a step back in heaviness on this new album. But what front lady, singer and bass player Milny Parsonz present us here is definitely far above average. (8 points)

SHAPE OF DESPAIR– Monotomy Fields (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Natali Koskinen is the front lady of this doom metal band from Finland. A great comeback album after a hiatus of eleven long years. The sound of the ‘monotomy fields’ will sound like that. (8 points)

SIGH– Graveward (Candlelight/Bertus)
“Graveward” is another exceptional album by this Japanese metal band. On the album we’ll hear guest appearances of Matt Heafy (TRIVIUM), Frédéric Leclercq (DRAGONFORCE), Kvarforth (SHINING) and Sakis Tolis (ROTTING CHRIST). It continues, where “In Somniphobia”, the 2012 release of SIGH, ended. (8 points)

SPIDERS– Shake Electric (Spinefarm/Caroline)
Seventies rockband from Gothenburg, Sweden, with Ann-Sofie Hoyles behind the mike. The vibe is good, the solos are perfect and the shake is electric. Nothing more to wish for, I would say. (8 points)

TEMPERANCE– Limitless (Scarlet/Bertus)
Pop and rock come together on the new album of this Italian band. Chiara Tricarilo is responsible for the female vocals in their bombastic sound. (7 points)

THE 69 EYES– The Best Of Helsinki Vampires (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Tattoo artist Kat von D. is guest vocalist on the 25th anniversary, double best of album of these Finnish vampires. A nice contribution. (7 points)

TRIOSPHERE– The Heart Of The Matter (AFM/Rock Inc./Bertus)
This is the third album of this Norwegian, female fronted metal band, that tends to lean more to progressive metal by each release. (7 points)

UNLEASH THE ARCHERS– Time Stands Still (Napalm/PIAS)
American metal band with brutal pull outs that harm the true metal style they play all over the album. Female singer Brittney Slayes sounds great, but the extreme sidesteps are not within the borders I had in mind. (7 points)

UNSAFE– Enter Dark Places (Mighty Music/Suburban)
Stéphanie Nolf is the front lady of this French thrash metal band that presents us their fifth album. Let them drag you down to their dark places. You’ll be pleasantly surprised…..I hope. (7 points)

VIPER SOLFA– Carving An Icon (Massacre/Suburban)
Extremeness and darkness are the main ingredients on the album of this Norwegian metal band. Former TRAIL OF TEARS members attack their instruments in a brutal and firm way. Behind the mike we find back Sphinx, the female singer of RAM-ZET (what happened to that band???) (7 points)

VOODOOMA– Secret Circle (Echozone/ Rock Inc./Bertus)
Amy Frye (TRAUMTÄNZER) guests on this gothic metal album of this German band. She does this on, what is the highlight of this album for me: “One Last Goodbye”. (7 points)

Autumn/Winter 2014:

ANATHEMA– Distant Satellites (KScope/Bertus)
Great symphonic rock album by the English kings and queen. With great class and style, they show us why they wear this crown. Lee Douglas is the female eye-catcher of the band. (8 points)

ARKAN– Sofia (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Heavy and death metal are the main ingredients on this third album of ARKAN. Sarah Layssal grunts out loud, but there’s also room for some melodic parts. The title track is the highlight of the album for me. (7 points)

ELUVEITIE– Origins (Nuclear Blast/PIAS/Rough Trade)
Death metal is mixed with folk and Pagan metal on the new album of this Swiss band, that brings the sound of the medieval times to this new millennium. Sometimes they also add some thrashy riffs to their music. (7 points)

EMBRACE OF DISHARMONY– Humananke (My Kingdom Music/Sonic Rendezvous)
Symphonic progmetal band from Italy, that uses two vocalists. This debut album is a nice start on the ladder to success. Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X) and Robi Fabri (ORPHANED LAND) play a guest role on this debut release. (7 points)

EQUILIBRIUM– Erden Tempel (Nuclear Blast/PIAS/Rough Trade)
Folk metal band from Germany, that also uses lyrics in the German language. Sandra van Eldik played bass guitar on this nice release. But after the album hit the stores, she left the band together with guitar player Andrea Völkl. The future of EQUILIBRIUM remains unsure for this moment. (7 points)

FLYLEAF– Between The States (Loud & Proud/Edel/V2)
Pop with raw edges or rock with poppy influences. Call it whatever you want. The band changed vocalists and they have Kirsten May (ex-VEDERA) behind the mike now. It didn’t change their sound that much. (6 points)

FOR I AM KING– Revengeance (independent)
Dutch metal band from our capitol with a firm grunting front lady, called Alma. She’s no king but a true metal queen on this release. (7 points)

HDK– Serenades Of The Netherworld (Revolutionary/PIAS/Rough Trade)
Amanda Sommerville teams up with former AFTER FOREVER guitar player Sander Gommans. The result is a fine follow up album to “System Overload”, which was released five years ago. This is how the netherworld sounds. (7 points)

HIIDENHAUTA– Noitia On Minun Sukuni (Inverse/Bertus)
Melodic black metal from Finland with female vocals. Jonne Järvelä of KORPIKLAANI plays a guest role on this album. (7 points)

SEBAS HONING– Songs Of Seas And Oceans (Freia Music)
The fabulous guitar player of VAN HALEN tribute band 5150 presents his solo CD, which is packed with rock oriented guitar music in the best VAI tradition. Petra adds her vocal abilities to “The Sea Live” here. The follow up to this prestigious project will see the light of day later on this year. (7 points)

SEBAS HONING– From Middle To East (Freia Music/Sonic Rendezvous)
Second album by this Dutch guitar teacher. It’s packed with an exciting mix of prog metal, pop and rock. Female singer Petra is the cherry on the cake once again. MUSE and PORCUPINE TREE fans may want to check this out. (7 points)

IDES OF GEMINI– Old World, New Wave (Neurot/Konkurrent)
A bit too much wave and a bit too less rock. Gothic and folk sounds with a dark, doomy horror atmosphere are presented on this second album. Sena Simms is the singer of the band . (7 points)

INAMATE EXISTENCE– A Neverending Cycle Of Atonement (Unique Leader/Bertus)
American death metal band, that mixes brutal technical death metal with fusion sidesteps here and there. Kaitlyn Kell adds some guest vocals on “The Rune Of Destruction”. (7 points)

IRON REAGAN– Tyranny Of Will (Relapse/PIAS/Rough Trade)
Crossover punk rock band, that used guitar players Phil ‘Landphil’ Hall’s friend Luna Duran, who is doing a guest role on “Consensual Harrasment”. (7 points)

KONG– Stern (Kongenial/Suburban)
KONG brings the guitars back to their music. “Stern” becomes a strong album, because of this. It’s less experimental and therefore it sounds more like rock. (7 points)

MACHINAE SUPREMACY– Phantom Shadow (Spinefarm/Caroline)
Fourth album, that adds female vocals to their sound. The band mixes rock music with digital computer and video games sound bites. The final result is very much on the edge of what we would call metal. (6 points)

MORTALS– Cursed To See The Future (Relapse/PIAS/Rough Trade)
Watch out for this all-female band from Brooklyn, that presents their second album. Black and doom metal sounds are easily mixed by these metal maidens that also form together the SLAYER tribute band SLAYWHORE. Need I say more? Brutality rules on this silver disc. (8 points)

MYRKUR– Myrkur (Relapse/PIAS/Rough Trade)
One woman band, that presents black metal mixed with angel-like vocals. Nice debut album. (7 points)

PENELOPE– Bounce Back (RVP)
This Dutch band gives it their best shot on their debut album, that is packed with powerful loud rock music. Vicky van Zijl is the female singer of this new, well-talented rock band. (7 points)

SONIC STATION– Next Stop (Avenue Of Allies/Bertus)
Swedish AOR band, that shows us exactly how AOR should sound like. Marika Wilstedt sings on three of the early TOTO influenced songs. (7 points)

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT- Z² (Inside Out/Universal)
A solo album and a group effort in one release. A mix of various styles unfolds itself and ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN plays a crucial role on the female vocals parts. (8 points)

TDW– Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To! (independent)
Female violin players are assigned to this symphonic project by Tom de Wit (MIND:SOUL). Music-wise, this is a very interesting release. (7 points)

TEMTRIS– Shallow Grave (Battlegod/Bertus)
Australian rock band with male grunts and a melodic female vocalist, called Genevieve Rodda. This is the band’s third release already. (7 points)

THIRTEEN– A Shot In The Dark (Freia Music)
Dutch symphonic rock band fronted by Audrey Lahaye. Keyboard player Jeroen van der Wiel (ODYSSICE) plays a big role on this album. (7 points)

TIMO TOLKKI’S AVALON– Angels Of The Apocalypse (Frontiers/PIAS/Rough Trade)
Second part of the rock opera by former STRATOVARIUS guitar player TIMO TOLKKI. We hear female vocal input from Floor Jansen (NIGHTWISH / REVAMP), Simone Simons (EPICA) and Elize Ryd (AMARANTHE), next to other big names like Fabio Lione (RHAPSODY OF FIRE), David DeFeis (VIRGIN STEELE) and Zachary Stevens (SAVATAGE / CIRCLE // CIRCLE). The songs remain quite average though. (7 points)

VOICES OF DESTINY– Crisis Cult (Massacre/Suburban)
This German band switched vocalists and put Ada Fletcher behind the mike. The result of this wise move can now be heard on “Crisis Cult (7 points)

VOYAGER– V (IAV/The Rock Online)
Zemyna Kuliukas is a guest singer on the track “A Beautiful Mistake” by this progressive rock band. A small role, that does make the difference on this catchy album, which also has some pop influences here and then. Simone Don is guitar player for these Australian newcomers. (8 points)

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT– Suspended At Aphelion (Nuclear Blast/PIAS/Rough Trade)
This band from Virginia sure knows to mix doom metal with exciting progressive sidesteps. The new concept shows a lot of variation and celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of this very innovative band. (8 points)

WINTERGARDEN– The New Victorian (Mighty Music/Suburban)
Miriam Gardner is the vocalist of WINTERGARDEN, who present this debut album. Music-wise this Danish band brings you a tasteful equivalent of a more poppy version of LACUNA COIL. (7 points)

Spring 2014:

CREMATORY – Antiserum (Steamhammer/SPV/Suburban)
German gothic rock band that uses a lot of influences from the industrial, new wave, melodic death metal and even from the dance scene. The Metal Maiden in the band is the lovely looking keyboard player Katrin Jüllich. (6 points)

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX – White Light Generator (Mascot/Bertus)
Belinda Kordic is the female voice, that you can hear on the sixth album of this prog rock heroes. The band divided the album in a ‘white side’ and a ‘black side’, that also shows some difference in music styles. (7 points)

DAWN OF DESTINY – F.E.A.R. (Phonotraxx/Rock Inc/Bertus)
Jeanette Scherff shows her skills on this traditional power metal album. She calls in the help of Mats Leven and Jon Oliva, which leads to a very fine album. (8 points)

ELYSION – Someplace Better (Massacre/Suburban)
Second album of this Greek female fronted band, that sounds like a mix between LACUNA COIL and EVANESCENCE . Christiana already knows how to impress us and the songs they present here are at least very catchy and well worth listening to. (7 points)

EPHEL DUATH – Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness (Agonia/Bertus)
Karyn Crisis profiles herself again in the band of her husband Davide Tiso. Metal with a dark touch of doom is what you’ll get to hear on this very sphereful debut album. (7 points)

EQUISA – Strange Release (independent)
The first decennium of EQUISA is celebrated with a very nice album in the best THE GATHERING tradition. Petra Honing is handling the vocals very well on this very nice release, that is not that strange at all as the album title would suggests. (7 points)

ETHS – Ex Umbria In Solem (Season Of Mist)
Rachel Aspe is the new front lady of ETHS, who didn’t change the sound of this French metal band too much. The EP contains one new song, three new recorded oldies and three live songs, recorded in Paris. The EP is limited to a thousand copies, so be quick if you want to lay your hands on this release. (7 points)

EX LIBRIS – Medea (independent)
Dianne van Giersbergen, who is also the new singer in XANDRIA, sings on the second album of EX LIBRIS. Damian Wilson (THRESHOLD / MAIDEN UNITED) is the male vocal partner here on this sixty minutes prog metal album which contains a lot of bombast, orchestral passages and classical tinted vocal lines. (7 points)

FAKE IDOLS – Fake Idols (Lifeforce/Suburban)
Hard rock album by this Italian combo. In “My Hero”, they called in the help of Mia Coldheart (CRUCIFIED BARBARA) for a duet. With “My Favorite Game” of THE CARDIGANS, they even added a cover song to this exciting debut album. (7 points)

LENORE S. FINGERS – Inner Tales (My Kingdom/Sonic Rendezvous)
Frederica Lenore Catalano is the front lady of this Italian rock band that presents us their debut album, which is filled with sphereful ‘inner tales’. Fans of ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN might want to check this one out. (7 points)

GUS G. – I Am The Fire (Century Media/Universal)
Rock album by OZZY guitarist GUS G, who is helped out by Tom S. Englund (EVERGREY), Blake Allison (DEVOUR THE DAY) and Alexia Rodriquez (EYES SET TO KILL). The guitar solos of Gus are in service of the songs here and not always as flashing as on the OZZY OSBOURNE and FIREWIND albums. (7 points)

TUOMAS HOLOPAINEN – Music Inspired By The Life And Times Of Scrooge (Nuclear Blast/PIAS/Rough Trade)
Solo album by NIGHTWISH brain that mixes symphonic, classic and Celtic sounds to a style, that you would expect to hear on this album, which is far away from heavy metal. Johanna Kurkela takes care of the vocal parts on this solo project. (7 points)

HOODED MENACE – Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze (Doomentia/Clear Spot)
Dark, doomy twenty minute EP from HOODED MENACE from Finland. Pia Högberg of SERPENT OMEGA, plays a vocal guest role on this release. (8 points)

HOUSE OF LORDS – Precious (Frontiers/PIAS/Rough Trade)
ROBIN BECK, the wife of HOUSE OF LORDS singer James Christian, guests on “Enemy Of Mine”, on this terrific, melodic metal album, that is filled with ‘precious metal’. (9 points)

KOWAI – Dissonance (independent)
Dutch band that released their debut album. Laura van Nes is the front lady of this exciting new band. The great production of this album was in the hands of Joost van den Broek, who did a terrific job here. (7 points)

MACBETH – Neo-Gothic Propaganda (Dragonheart/Bertus)
Italian gothic metal band, that makes you think of LACUNA COIL. Morena is the female part of the two singers who perform on this album. (6 points)

MAYAN – Antagonise (Nuclear Blast/PIAS/Rough Trade)
Laura Macri is the female singer of MAYAN, who present us their second album. “Quaterpast” was already an exciting debut album, but now they take the symphonic death metal to an higher level. Guest appearances come from Marcela Bovio (STREAM OF PASSION) and Floor Jansen (REVAMP/NIGHTWISH). Dutch metal of the premier league. (8 points)

OBDURATED – I Feel Nothing (Mighty Music/Target/Suburban)
French death metal band, that has slowly settled themselves in the premier league of the metal scene in France. (7 points)

ANNETTE OLZON – Shine (EarMusic/Target/Suburban)
First solo album of this former NIGHTWISH singer. A mix of various styles can be heard here, which takes care of a whole lot of variation. It never gets really heavy though, so you have to be open-minded to give it a try. (7 points)

PRIMAL FEAR – Delivering The Black (Frontiers/PIAS/Rough Trade)
The tenth album of PRIMAL FEAR contains a guest appearance by Liv Kristine (LIV KRISTINE/LEAVES EYES) in “Born With A Broken Heart”. Besides this ballad with acoustic guitars, you can still rock it out loud and bang your head with this album. Try it! (8 points)

RAZEND – White Goat (independent)
Corinne van den Brand (ACROSTICHON) fronts this speed metal band, which sounds very promising. Together with three former members of OUTBURST she puts the pedal to the metal. There is still hope for the Dutch metal scene and RAZEND is the absolute prove here. But now I’m stuck on my one room apartment with a white goat…… (8 points)

RED DRAGON CARTEL – Red Dragon Cartel (Frontiers/PIAS/Rough Trade)
The return of Jake E Lee, who previously played guitar with OZZY OSBOURNE and BADLANDS, is a fact. His new outfit is called RED DRAGON CARTEL and the self-titled debut album is a rough diamond. Maria Brink (IN THIS MOMENT) and SAS JORDAN both sing one song each, next to male contributors like Robin Zander (CHEAP TRICK) and Paul Di Anno (ex-IRON MAIDEN). (9 points)

RUN LIKE HELL – Imprinted (independent)
This is a six track hardcore release from Holland. Cindy, who sings for ALL FOR NOTHING is a guest vocalist in “Shadows”. (7 points)

SHEAR – Katharsis (Life Force/Suburban)
Heavy rock band from Finland, which sounds very brutal, firm and stout. Alexa Leroux takes care of the outstanding, powerful vocal parts here. (7 points)

SHEZOO – Change (Sonic Rendezvous/Rock Inc/Bertus)
Nice hard rock album from this band from Switzerland, at least officially, because they have a multinational line-up. On their second album they show their skills with catchy songs, done by their Dutch singer Natacha. Three out of four members are metal maidens and hopefully, they don’t want to change this winning team. (7 points)

SILENT OPERA – Reflections (Massacre/Suburban)
French rock band, that provides some EPICA styled metal with loads of heavy guitars, tons of melodic twists and female vocals. (7 points)

TEMPERANCE – Temperance (Scarlet/Bertus)
Chiara Trirarico is the beautiful front lady of this Italian symphonic power metal band, that presents us their debut album. Because of the many sidesteps, the album shows a lot of variation but not too much cohesion. The enthusiasm and skills are more than enough to make up for this minor detail. (7 points)

VAN CANTO – Dawn Of The Brave (Napalm/PIAS/Rough Trade)
A-capella metal band with a drummer. I’m sorry, but I still don’t get it, I guess. On this album they cover EUROPE’s “The Final Countdown”, but this ain’t enough to lift it above the average level for me. (5 points)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – RONNIE JAMES DIO – This Is Your Life (Rhino/Warner Music)
DORO brings the female input on this marvelous tribute album to Ronnie James Dio. The proceeds of this album go to the Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund. (10 points)

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Wildstyle & Tattoo Music – Ultimate Tattoo Sound Part 1 (The Flying Dolphin/PIAS/Rough Trade)
DORO also takes care of the female input on this sampler. All the songs are called “Wildstyle”, and DORO even made a video clip from her contribution. Well worth checking out for the average metal head. (8 points)

W.E.B. – For Bidens (No Regrets/Bertus)
Dark metal band from Greece, that puts electronic pop influences into their music. You can’t miss that. they also use female voices in the vocal parts on this album. (7 points)

THE WOUNDED KINGS – Consolamentum (Candlelight/Bertus)
Doom metal with a touch of psychedelic rock is presented to you here by this British band. Sharie Neyland provides the vocals on this promising second album. (8 points)

Autumn 2013-Winter 2014:

ANATHEMA – Universal DVD (KScope/Bertus)
For this DVD, ANATHEMA teamed up with the PLOVDIV PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA in the Philippolis Theatre. Lee Douglas’ role is getting bigger and bigger in this British gothic doom company. (7 points)

AOR – The Secrets Of L.A. (AOR Heaven/Rough Trade)
AOR band that used the marvelous vocal qualities of people like FERGIE FREDERIKSEN GÖRAN EDMAN, JEFF SCOTT SOTO and ROBIN BECK to beef up their sound a little. This won’t change the fact that the songs of the band are pretty poor. (6 points)

ASSIGNMENT – Inside Of The Machine (Mausoleum/Suburban)
Melodic, bombastic metal is what we get on this third album, that takes us to the inside of the machine. ROBIN BECK is the female vocalist among the likes of Mats Leven (YNGWIE J MALMSTEEN), Michale Bormann (JADED HEART/BONFIRE) and Carsten Kaiser (ANGEL DUST). (7 points)

ASRAI – Between Dreams And Destiny (independent)
New EP by this Dutch gothic darkwave outfit. The band around frontlady Margriet Mol also flirts with electro and pop to please their fans, which adds a special dimension to their sound. You can order this EP at (7 points)

AVATARIUM – Moonhorse (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Leif Edling’s new band mixes doom metal with traditional classic rock and hard rock. On this EP we hear album tracks “Moonhorse” and “Boneflower” next to an acoustic version of “War Pigs” by BLACK SABBATH. (9 points)

AYREON – The Theory Of Everything (InsideOut Music/Universal)
Another chapter in the AYREON file declares the theory of everything on two discs. It has become a prog rock masterpiece with guest appearances by Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson and Steve Hackett and vocal parts of Marco Hietala, John Wetton, JB and metal maidens’ Christina Scabbia and Sara Squadrani. Maaike Peterse plays cello on this new masterpiece of former BODINE and VENGEANCE guitar player. A must have for every music fan. (9 points)

BARB WIRE DOLLS – Slit (Soul For Food/Sonic Rendezvous)
This CD by Greek punk rockers BARB WIRE DOLLS opens very promising with some heavy punk rock songs. Later on, they mix this sound with new wave and the raw edges are being polished. Queen Isis is the front lady of this interesting band. (7 points)

BLESSTHE FALL – Hollow Bodies (Fearless/Sonic Rendezvous)
Canadian singer Lights, wife of front man Beau Bokan of this screamo metal band from Phoenix, Arizona, sings a duet on the ballad “Open Water” at the end of this CD. (7 points)

BLOOD I BLEED / Lycanthropy – Split (Bones Brigade)
Eleven extremely fast songs are on side A of this split single. That’s the Dutch rendition. On the B-side we’re in for some Czechian violence with female screams and shouts. (7 points)

CIRCLE OF ILLUSION – Jeremias-Foreshadow Of Forgotten Realms (Generation Prog/Bertus)
This progressive rock opera contains many mood and speed changes and has quite a busy and wild instrumental spectrum with lots of different influences. Female vocals are from Cara Cole and Elga Shafran. (7 points)

CORONATUS – Recreatio Carminis (Massacre/Suburban)
German gothic prog metal outfit with three (!!!) female singers behind the mike. Ada Flechtner and Mareik Makosch handle the rock segments, while Carmen R. Lorch comes with a more opera-like voice. (7 points)

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX – Live Poznan (Cool Green/Mascot/PIAS)
Double live album by this English rock band, that sounds like a tasteful copy of PINK FLOYD at times. They can take this as a huge compliment. On this album, which was recorded in Poznan in Poland, they cover “Of A Lifetime” by JOURNEY. (8 points)

DEADEND IN VENICE – A View From Above (Kick The Flame/Bertus)
German melodic death metal outfit, that presents their second album. Annabell Klein takes care of the female vocals next to grunter Christian Litzba. Nothing special, but who knows what the future might bring? (6 points)

EYE SEA I – Legend (Redfield/Suburban)
Estonian screamo band with female vocalist Kate Timoshina behind the mike. No legends yet, but definitely a well-talented band in the near future. (7 points)

EYES SET TO KILL – Masks (Century Media/Universal)
Fifth album by this band from Phoenix, Arizona. Alexia Rodriguez and her guys have made a big step forward and they will definitely gain a lot of new fans with this new release. (7 points)

FMR FORMANYREASONS – Make Your Own (Great Dane/Bertus)
French death metal band, that has nobody else but ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN on their album as a guest singer in “Funeral”. It may remind you of earlier stuff of THE GATHERING maybe. (6 points)

FOREST FIELD – Pioneers Of The Future (Independent)
Progressive rock band by CHINAWHITE guitar player Peter Cox. He gets vocal support from Aukje Peeters on this independent release. (6 points)

SAMMY HAGAR – Sammy Hagar And Friends (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
The red rocker called in the help of a lot of his friends for this album. One of the guest players is HEART singer/guitarist Nancy Wilson with whom he sings a duet in “All We Need Is An Island”. A great release for every rock fan around the world. (8 points)

HYBRIS – Heavy Machinery (Candlelight/Bertus)
This English heavy machinery is the British equivalent to ANTHRAX and a damn good one, too. (7 points)

KILL DIVISION – Destructive Force (Metal Blade/Rough Trade)
Destructive thrash death metal band from our very own country with three band members, that have gained enough experience over the years to come up with such an impressive album. Susan Gerl (CLITEATER/GOD DETHRONED) plays guitar and sings, like she really means it. (7 points)

LION TWIN – Nashville (Sonic Rendezvous/Rock Inc/Bertus)
Melodic metal with sidesteps to pop and folk at times. Udo Dirkschneider (ACCEPT/UDO) guests in a duet with front lady Li in “Day Of Anger”. A very promising act! (7 points)

LUCID DREAMING – The Chronicles Part I (Limp Music/Suburban)
This metal opera contains female vocal parts of Jutta Weinhold (ZED YAGO/VELVET VIPER/JUTTA WEINHOLD BAND) and male guests such as Thassilo Herbert (DRAGONSFIRE) and Oliver Rossow (ELVENPATH). (6 points)

MADNESS OF THE NIGHT – The Asgarda (Massacre/Suburban)
This debut release by MADNESS OF THE NIGHT is only for the dark ravens among us. Abir Blackshadow is the female half of this Swedish duo. (6 points)

JIMMY MARTIN – Wild At Heart (Fastball/Rock Inc/Bertus)
ROBIN BECK guests on this AOR album of JIMMY MARTIN from Luxembourg. You might remember this man from his work with metallers FISC. RICK SPRINGFIELD also lends a helping hand to this man, who is still wild at heart. (6 points)

MYGRAIN – Planetary Breathing (Spinefarm/Universal)
MYGRAIN hails from Finland and they release their fourth album here. Ballsy rock with firm guitar riffs is what you get. Get rid of your migraine with this new album. (7 points)

OPERADYSE – Pandemonium (Sonic Attack/SPV/Suburban)
Symphonic power metal band from France, that uses female vocals and a lot of keyboards in their sound. A nice, full-length album, that is the successor after their 2009 EP “Hope Era Dies”. (7 points)

RUSTFIELD – Kingdom Of Rust (Massacre/Suburban)
John Macaluso (TNT/YNGWIE J MALMSTEEN), James LaBrie (DREAM THEATER) and Frederica DeBoni (WHITE SKULL) guest on this average prog metal CD of this band from Italy. (6 points)

SLEEPING ROMANCE – Enlighten (Ulterium/Bertus)
Female-fronted symphonic metal band from Italy, that will remind you of EPICA and WITHIN TEMPTATION musically. (7 points)

STARSHIP – Loveless Fascination (Loud And Proud/Bertus)
There are some female guest vocals on this new STARSHIP album. Only for those, that want to complete their collection. (7 points) SYREN’S CRY – Shattered Horizons (Nightmare/Bertus)
A band consisting of multiple nationalities ask for multiple music styles. Joanne fronts this progressive metal outfit. (7 points)

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT – The Retinal Circus (DVD) (Inside Out Music/Universal)
This is a must see of a ‘once in a life time’, even in England, where Devin presented a musical circus to his fans. ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN is one of the biggest eye-catchers on this DVD. You will need a thousand eyes to catch all the action at once or better watch this at least five times. This is what a DVD release must look like in my opinion. (10 points)

TYR – Valkyrja (Metal Blade/Rough Trade)
The band from the Faroer Islands present their seventh album. Liv Kristine (LIV KRISTINE / LEAVES EYES) plays a guest role during a duet with Heri Joensen in “The Lady Of Our Love”. (7 points)

UNSHINE – Dark Half Rising (Massacre/Suburban)
On this third album we hear a nice mix of folk metal and gothic metal. Susanne Vesilahti takes care of the female vocal parts once again. (7 points)

WELL HUNG HEART – Young Enough To Know It All (Grow Visions/Bertus)
This is the solo album of HOAX bass player Robin Davis. Together with his wife Greta Valenti, he presents a nice style of garage rock, which has the raps of Greta up front in the mix. (7 points)

WINDS OF PLAGUE – Resistance (Century Media/Universal)
Alana Potocnik plays the keyboard on this new album by WINDS OF PLAGUE, but her sound is very much pushed aside by the brutal hardcore root of this band. (7 points)

WITHIN TEMPTATION – Paradise (What About Us) (EP) (BMG)
Sharon teams up with TARJA TURUNEN on this new song. This EP also contains three raw and heavy demo tracks as a pre-taste for the new album. Fans will be in paradise with this new release by then already. (8 points)

WOLFPAKK – Cry Wolf (AFM/Rock Inc/Bertus)
Mark Sweeney and Michael Voss present us their second album with a lot of superstars donating their skills, like Ralf Scheepers, Piet Sielck, Göran Edman, Blaze Bayley, Tony Mills, Kee Marcello, Ronald Grapow, Herman Rarebell, Don Airey and metal maiden Amanda Somerville. Together with Tony Carey, they also do the only cover on the album, namely RAINBOW’s “Run With The Wolf”. (8 points)

Winter 2012-Summer 2013:

ADEIA – Hourglass (Layered Reality/Bertus)
Laura ten Voorde plays violin, she sings and she co-wrote this debut album of ADEIA. The progressive metal contains some exciting twists and lyrically, she sometimes knows to touch you deep inside your soul. Surprising album that deserves an official release after it was presented in an independent way already. (7 points)

ANGER AS ART – Hubris Inc. (Old School Metal/Bertus)
American thrash band led by former ABATTOIR guitar player Steve Gaines. The old school feeling gets some extra power because of the guest appearance of Jim Durkin (DARK ANGEL), Betsy Bitch (BITCH) and Timothy Gaines (STRYPER). (8 points)

BENEA REACH – Possession (Spinefarm/Bertus)
This raw and energetic metal band from Norway uses female vocals on their second album. (7 points)

CARDIANT – Verge (Inverse/Bertus)
Melodic rock band from Finland, that uses two singers. Outi Jokinen is the female part of the twosome. The catchy tunes have a crusty bite and will please many listeners out there in my opinion. (7 points)

CHAOSTAR – Anonima (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Androniki Skoula represents the female vocal parts on this side project of Christos Antoniou (SEPTIC FLESH). Fernando Ribeiro (MOONSPELL) and David Vincent (MORBID ANGEL) play guest roles on this album that mixes doom with soundtrack like parts and influences of dance music. A hot mix of cool music. (7 points)

CHASING VIOLETS – Jade Hearts (AOR Heaven/Rough Trade)
AOR band with two female vocalists. They called in the help of Bob Harris (AXE), Göran Edman and Paul Sabu for this record too. Fans of PRIVATE LIFE or VENUS AND MARS might wanna taste some. (7 points)

COUGH / WINDHAND – Reflection Of The Negative (Relapse/Rough Trade)
On this split-CD only WINDHAND consists of a female member of their line-up. COUGH plays sludgy doom, where WINDHAND plays a more retro seventies doom style. Dorthia Cottrell sings on the WINDHAND songs and both bands hail from Richmond, Virginia. (8 points)

DEADLOCK – The Arsonist (Napalm / Rough Trade)
The extreme death metal of this German band is slowly disappearing for a mix of metal and pop with an adding of electronic sounds here and there too. Sabine Scherer is the front lady of the band that even dares to cover “Smalltown Boy” of BRONSKI BEAT. I’m afraid, I have to distract a point off the score, for chosing a song like that by a heavy metal band. (7 points)

DEMON LUNG – The Hundreth Name (Candlelight/Bertus)
Shanda Fredrick is the front lady of this American doom/occult metal company. This evil princess has got demon lungs, so much is for sure now after listening to this monstrous release. (8 points)

ENCORION – On Pagan Hearts Reborn (Sleazy Rider/Reborn)
Dutch folk metal band with a pagan metal background. You can definitely say that the band has grown on their second album, but still they have a long way to go. (6 points)

EQUILIBRIUM – Waldschrein (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
German folk metal band, which presents us their new EP. The German Pagan metal fans will like this music more than the average metal head out there, I guess. (6 points)

EVERGLOW – Destination (independent)
Our Southern neighbors present a very good debut album here. Cindy Baert is the front lady of this great sounding melodic metal band. (8 points)

EVE’S FALL – From Here On (independent)
Dutch melodic metal band with a sound like WITHIN TEMPTATION. Ad Sluijter, the guitar player of EPICA, providing the band with some guitar solos on this debut album. The front lady of this well-talented abnd is calles Liesbeth Cordia, by the way. (7 points)

FADINE BLISS – From Illusion To Despair (Mighty Music/Target/Suburban)
Belgian octet that mixes doom with gothic metal. Melanie is the front lady. The band called in the help of Paul Kuhr of NOVEMBERS DOOM on “A Walk Through Despair”. (7 points)

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH – The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell: Volume 1. (Eleven Seven Music)
Maria Brink (IN THIS MOMENT) is one of the guest vocalists, next to Tech 9, Max Cavalera (SOULFLY) and Rob Halford (HALFORD, FIGHT, JUDAS PRIEST) . Volume 2 of this groovy metal release is expected to be presented to the public at the end of this year. (7 points)

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE – Labyrinth (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Technical death metal band from Italy, that uses the vocal qualities of Veronica Bordacchini for their firm album with symphonic side steps. (7 points)

GODYVA – Ancient Heart (Scarlet/Bertus)
GODYVA hails from Italy and present us their third album here. If you like the sound of LACUNA COIL, then this one is for you. “Ti Sento” is a well-known pop cover, which receives an average score. (7 points)

HOT MAMA – Downloader (Sonic Revolution / Rock Inc./Bertus)
German rock act that can be described as a degraded version of GUANO APES. This mama ain’t super-hot and I think that many people will categorize this as a typical ‘downloader’. (6 points)

HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN – High Priest Of Saturn (Svart/Bertus)
Occult rock band from Norway. The long séances will get you in trance and Merethe Hesgett is the high priestess behind the mike of this well-talented band. (8 points)

IMMANENT DISTANCE – 649 Diary Of A Murder (independent)
Prog metal band from Belgium with Maaike as front lady. The ideas are very nice, but they still have to improve their skills a bit to make it more interesting for the fans of this music style. (6 points)

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE – Late For Nothing (Century Media/Universal)
Courtney LaPlante is the new front lady of this band, that likes to mix a wide range of styles in their adventurous music. (7 points)

JEX TOTH – Blood Moon Rise (I Hate/Suburban)
JEX TOTH mixes doom with folk and a touch of psychedelica. At the same time they mix the brand new millennium sound with the sound of the seventies. The mistress of doom did it again. (8 points)

MARCUS JIDELL – Pictures From A Time Traveller (Lion Music/Bertus)
EVERGREY guitar player presents us his solo album. Jennie Ann Smith of AVATARIUM plays a guest role next to Andre Andersen (keyboards, ROYAL HUNT). This is a very nice hard rock album with some great guitarwork. (7 points)

KONG – Live At FZW (Kongenial/Suburban)
Live registration from 2010 from Dutch progrockers KONG. Most songs are from the album “What It Seems Is What You Get”, but this time played in a live setting. (7 points)

KYLESA – Ultraviolet (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Stoner rock with a psychedelic touch is what you get on this album. KYLESA consists of two drummers and they also have two vocalists, who both play guitar. Laura Pleasants is the female part behind the mike. The band is still growing in my opinion. (8 points)

LARCENY – My Fall (SAOL/Bertus)
A mix of styles unfolds itself on the debut album of this German metal band. A catchy album that could appeal to many rock fans out there. (7 points) LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA FEATURING RAGE – LMO (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Peavey Wagner and his band show a more orchestral side of his band RAGE with this side project LINGUA MORTIS ORCHESTRA. For the vocal parts he received some help from two female singers. For fans of both bands an interesting release. (7 points)

MASMIC THEORY – Sound Of Desperation (Inverse/Bertus)
Melodic death metal with male and female screaming vocals. Lisa cries out the sound of desperation on this album, which sounds like music to my ears. (7 points)

MASTERCASTLE – On Fire (Lion Music/Bertus)
Another neo-classical album of this Italian metal band that is fronted by Giorgia Gueglio. Nice stuff with fast guitar work. (7 points)

MELTED SPACE – Between (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
French band, that took the opportunity to have LIV KRISTINE on vocals on some of the songs on this album. The music is bombastic and with a better production, it would have scored far above average. (7 points)

MENTAL CIRCUS – Mental Circus (independent)
Rock music from Belgium with front lady Sanne Marico. On this album the band called in the help of EVERGREY’s Tom S. Englund for a guest appearance. This release is well worth checking out!(7 points)

MORGENRAU – Extrinsic Pathway (Blind God/Bertus)
Death metal mixed with thrash on the debut album of this American band, that consists of two female members, namely Erika Tandy (formerly IGNITOR singer) on guitar and Reba Carls on drums. They cover “Inner Self” of SEPULTURA. (7 points)

NERGARD – Memorial For A Wish (Battlegod Productions)
Concept album that uses violins, heavy guitar parts and some female vocals, which can be heard next to eleven different male vocalists. Next year, the release of a follow up album is about to be released. (7 points)

NEW YEARS DAY – Villain To Victim (Century Media/Universal)
If rock, that is suitable for radio airplay, is your thing you can dig in on NEW YEARS DAY. Don’t let the horror looks of this band members fool you. It's only part of the band’s image. (7 points)

NOEIN – Infection – Erasure – Replacement (Klonosphere/Bertus)
French industrial metal band, that consists of two female members. Brutal riffs and groovy rhythms topped with sometimes very low and aggressive female grunts is exactly what you get with this release. (7 points)

CLIVE NOLAN – Alchemy (Metal Mind/Bertus)
Musical written by prog rock mastermind Clive Nolan (ARENA/PENDRAGON/SHADOWLAND). He called in the female help of Agnieszka Swita, Noel Calcaterra and Tracy Hitchings (LANDMARQ) here. “Alchemy” is also scheduled to be performed live in the future. (7 points)

OATHBREAKER – Eros / Anteros (Deathwish Inc/Suburban)
Belgian hardcore band fronted by Caro Tanghe. She is a wild screamer, that also sings with her normal voice on this sometimes brutal sounding album. (7 points)

OVER THE COALS – Over The Coals (independent)
Susie Meyers is the grunting front lady of this Canadian brutal metal band. But she is also able to impress you with her normal voice at times. (7 points)

PHLEBOTOMIZED – Devoted To God / Preach Eternal Gospels (Vic/Bertus)
The second demo and the EP of PHLEBOTOMIZED are compiled with a few live tracks on this CD. This Dutch doom death metal band was far ahead of their time with their musical ideas. The CD contains many nice pix to complete this interesting release. (8 points)

RADIANCE – Undying Diabolica (My Kingdom/Sonic Rendezvous)
Karin Raidanza on vocals and Federica Viola on guitar are the only two female members of what once was an all-female outfit. A good attempt, but not a killer album, I’m afraid. (6 points)

SIRENIA – Perils Of The Deep Blue (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
The seventh album of this Norwegian symphonic gothic metal band sounds a bit better than their previous two albums with female vocalist Ailyn. This time they deserve the benefit of the doubt, although this is still a poppy release. (6 points)

SISTER SIN – Dance Of The Wicked (Victory Records)
Mind you, this is the re-released version of the debut album by SISTER SIN, including three demo tracks and a bonus DVD, that contains ten video clips of the band. A must have release for all the SISTER SIN devotees out there. (8 points)

SKELETAL SPECTRE – Voodoo Dawn (Pulverised/Bertus)
Vanessa Nocera is the brutal growling vocalist of this doom death band. The female vocals are more evil and powerful than the rest of the music at times. (7 points)

SUIDAKRA – Eternal Defiance (AFM / Rock Inc./Bertus)
Tina Stabel seems to get a bigger role on each new album by SUIDAKRA. The bagpipes also get a bigger role on this eleventh album of this German Celtic folk metal band. (7 points)

TEARDOWN – Inner Distortions (Grave New Music/Bertus)
Average melodic metal band from Finland. Katja Peiksämäki is the frontlady of this band, that gets the benefit of the doubt with this release. (6 points)

TEARS OF MARTYR – Tales (Massacre/Suburban)
Gothic metal band from Spain, that surprised me with this wonderful album. Berenice Musa is a very well-talented singer, who lifts the band up to a much higher level on her own. (7 points)

TIMO TOLKKI’S AVALON – The Land Of New Hope (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
Rock opera by this former STRATOVARIUS guitar player, who once fronted REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE and SYMFONIA. A long row of well-known vocalists can be heard on this album. The female input comes from Elize Ryd (AMARANTHE) and Holland’s very own Sharon den Adel (WITHIN TEMPTATION). (8 points)

TRISTANIA – Darkest White (Napalm / Rough Trade)
Surprising good album of this Norwegian metal band. Two firm openers are followed by a lot of much darker wave like music with great vocal parts of Mariangela Demurias. (8 points)

VOLBEAT – Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies (Universal)
Sarah Blackwood plays a guest role on the new album of these Danish metallers. Although this record also contains a lot of commercial and modest sounding material. (7 points)

WITHIN TEMPTATION – The Q-Music Sessions (BMG/Tone Entertainment)
WITHIN TEMPTATION performed several cover versions for Q-Music Radio. If this is interesting for heavy metal fans is the question. Qualitively good, but very commercial and almost without a twist of their own sound to it. Judge for yourself, if you'd like to hear WITHIN TEMPTATION play overs of GNARLS BARKLEY, LANA DEL REY or ENRIQUE IGLESIAS. (6 points)

Summer-Winter 2012:

107 – Parole Denied (independent)
Jailers teaming up in a punk rock band. 107 Is the amount of years that they have to serve all together. There are female guest vocals in “Vita Mea” on this Belgian release. (7 points)

THE AGONIST – Prisoners (Century Media/EMI)
THE AGONIST mixes a lot of styles together on this new album. From gothic to power metal to hardcore to metal, it’s all there and then some. Highlight on this new album are the vocals of Alissa White-Gluz, who can scream and shout with a whole lot of power. When you take no prisoners, please make an exception for these ones. (7 points)

ALL THAT REMAINS – A War You Can Not Win (Razor & Tie/Bertus)
War metal presented by former American marine man Phil Labonte. For the die hard soldiers of metal among us. (7 points)

ANTIMATTER – Fear Of A Unique Identity (Prophecy/Suburban)
Vic Anselmo is the perfect female voice for these melodic, emotional sounding soundscapes here. (7 points)

ASHES YOU LEAVE – The Cure For Happiness (Rock ‘N’ Growl/Rough Trade)
Croatian metal band with a female singer, that seems to present us ‘the cure for happiness’, but I have serious doubts about it all. (6 points)

ASYLUM PYRE – Fifty Years Later (Massacre/Suburban)
Heidi is the name of the front lady of this melodic metal band from France. The album contains no surprises whatsoever and is really average to me. (6 points)

BLOOD COMMAND – Funeral Beach (Fysisk Format/Suburban)
Pop and punk meet each other on the second album of this Norwegian band. Silje is the front lady of this remarkable and energetic band. (7 points)

THE CHARM THE FURY – The Social Meltdown (independent)
Five strong metal core songs by this Dutch band. They have a great front lady here in Caroline Westendorp. This EP might be their business card to an international breakthrough! (7 points)

CRADLE OF FILTH – Midnight In The Labyrinth (Peaceville)
This double CD needs to fill the gap, until the new album by these vampire bat metallers will be released. Orchestral remakes of the best songs of the first four albums without the guitar s but with the spoken word vocal lines Of Sarah Jezebel Deva and Dani Filth. A must for real filth fans, but a bit too experimental for the average metal fan, because of the low metal level, I guess. (6 points)

CRADLE OF FILTH – The Manticore And Other Horrors (Peaceville/Suburban)
Caroline Campbell and Lucy Atkins take care of the female input on the new album by these British vampire black metallers. (8 points)

DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA – Pandora’s Pinata (Candlelight/Bertus)
Metal, jazz and opera come together on this new album of the DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA. On this album, the band takes back to their roots. (7 points)

DISAFFECTED – Rebirth (Massacre/Suburban)
Célia Ramos is the front lady of this Portuguese death metal band. Only for die hard music fans, because the quality is not too high unfortunately. (5 points)

DISTRICT 97 – Trouble With Machines (The Laser’s Edge/Bertus)
Prog rock with ex-American Idols finalist Leslie Hunt behind the mike. ASIA member John Wetton plays a guest role here and very quick deciders get a limited live DVD for free with this release, called “Live At Rites Of Spring”. (8 points)

DRIVE LIKE MARIA – Drive Like Maria (PIAS)
Radio friendly songs are on this new album of this Dutch/Belgian cooperation. The rock level is way much higher than before. (7 points)

EARLY CROSS – Pathfinder (Lion Music/Bertus)
Japanese rock band with a touch of goth and a pinch of prog. Natasha Vaichuk leads the way on this path they have found. (7 points)

ENCHANTYA – Dark Rising (Massacre/Suburban)
Portuguese gothic metal band, that gets the benefit of the doubt with this debut album. Rute Fevereiro (BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY, ANCIENT RITES) handles the female vocal parts. (6 points)

END OF SEPTEMBER – End Of September (Ulterium/Bertus)
END OF SEPTEMBER follows the example that was given to them by Dutchies WITHIN TEMPTATION and DELAIN. Erin Redin is for sure a great front lady, that can lift this band up to an A-status with their next album. The first steps to success are made with this nice debut album. (7 points)

ENVIYA – Inner Silence (Massacre/Suburban)
A typical prog goth metal CD in the best EDENBRIDGE tradition. Not bad for a debut album though. ENVIYA has got enough potential to grow, that’s for sure and that’s why they get the benefit of the doubt here. (7 points)

THE GATHERING – Disclosure (Psychonaut/Suburban)
Silje Wergeland on vocals and Marjolijn Kooijman on bass form the female input of THE GATHERING. They still prove to be the kings and queens of art rock with this new album. (7 points)

GOLD – Inter Bellum (Van/Bertus)
Dutch rock band that surprises us with a great debut album. Milena Eva is the biggest earcatcher on this album. A new Dutch star is rising. (8 points)

GRAJ – O Zemle Rodnoy (Vic/Bertus)
If you dig a band like ARKONA, then it’s wise to check out this Russian folk metal band as well. You might be positively surprised. (7 points)

ILLUMION – The Waves (Freia/Sonic Rendezvous)
Great prog rock album from this Dutch band led by guitar player Eveline van Kampen. On vocals we hear the sweet voice of Esther Ladiges, who is also very convincing. A very nice second album indeed. (8 points)

JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES – Astral Sabbat (Svart Records/Bertus)
Psychedelic occult rock band from Finland, who released a MCD, that is really a must have. They cover “Long And Lonesome Road” from our Dutch pride SHOCKING BLUE in an inspiring way. (8 points)

KAMELOT – Silverthorn (Steamhammer / SPV/Suburban)
Also on this new KAMELOT album we hear female guest vocals, but they don’t fulfill such a premier role this time, I’m afraid. (7 points)

KATATONIA – Dead End Kings (Peaceville/Suburban)
Silje Wergeland of THE GATHERING contributes on the song “The One You Are Looking For” here. (7 points)

KILL FERELLI – A Modern Scenery (Suburban)
KILL FERELLI plays a radio friendly mix of pop and rock with references to AVRIL LAVIGNE and KELLY CLARKSON. Kelly Kockelkoren is the front lady of this well- talented Dutch band. (7 points)

KONG – Merchants Of Air (KONGenial Music/Suburban)
Another instrumental missive in the book of KONG. There are some more cohesion in the different songs, that still sound surprisingly experimental at times. (7 points)

KONTINUUM – Earth Blood Magic (Candlelight/Bertus)
Band from Iceland, that mixes a lot of different styles without actually choosing one direction. In “Red” we hear a female (guest) singer. (7 points)

LYONITE – Disguised In Darkness ( independent)
Progressive symphonic metal band from our own country, that presents their debut album here. Claudia Edwards van Muijen is the front lady of this promising band. (7 points)

MUNRUTHEL – CREEDamage (Svarga / Rock Inc/Bertus)
Masha Archipova of ARKONA sings guest vocals on this album by this Ukranian band. Their sound is a fascinating mix of NIGHTWISH and EPICA. One of the biggest earcatchers is the BATHORY cover “The Lake”. (8 points)

MY DYING BRIDE – A Map Of All Our Failures (Peaceville/Suburban)
Eleventh album by this English doom ensemble, that proves to be back on track again. (7 points)

THE MYSTERY – Apocalypse 666 (Pure Legends/Bertus)
Surprisingly good third album of this German metal band. Iris Boanta is the powerful sounding front lady of the band. Check it out and another mystery will be solved. (8 points)

NIGHTWISH – Imaginaerum The Score (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)
Soundtrack of the movie with the same title. The album has got new arrangements and the songs received a new name, which makes it exciting enough to check it out. (8 points)

NOX AETERNA – Nightblood (independent)
Debut album of this Dutch melodic death metal band. A very promising start of this Dutch band, that puts a lot of variation in their songs. (7 points)

NUBIAN ROSE – Mountain (Funklord Dynasty/Music Buy Mail)
Christer Akerlund and Sofia Lilja are a couple and they also have a musical marriage together. Their melodic metal sounds great and they even know to do a good cover version of “Close My Eyes Forever” by LITA FORD and OZZY OSBOURNE. Former EUROPE guitar player Kee Marcello can be heard as a guest player on this remarkable album by this Swedish band. (7 points)

THE ORDER OF CHAOS – Sexwitch (Killer Metal Records/Bertus)
Single by this American metal band, that tries to spread their metal wings over Europe as well. Amanda Kierman is the vocalist of this retro metal gang. Whether she’s also a sexwitch is not known by the reviewer. (8 points)

PAATOS – V (Glassville/Bertus)
V stands for five. Meaning that this is the fifth album by this remarkable Swedish band with a very powerful sound. (7 points)

PELLEK – Bag Of Tricks (Liljegren/Suburban)
Solo album by this Norwegian, former X-Factor candidate, who also sings in DAMNATION ANGELS and ANATHASIS. On this debut album he calls in the help of Oliver Hartmann (ex-AT-VANCE), Tommy Johansson (REIN XEED) and Amanda Somerville to give the catchy, bombastic power metal another dimension. (7 points)

PHOBOS CORP – Felicity (Freia/Sonic Rendezvous)
An EP full of bombastic Greek fairytale metal. All well-known ingredients are there and this EP will surely find its way to all the fans. (7 points)

JOEY RAMONE - …Ya Know? (BMG/Rough Trade)
Posthume released compilation album by the late RAMONES singer. JOAN JETT added her voice to this album next to STEVE VAN ZANDT and the CHEAP TRICK guys. (7 points)

ROLO TOMASSI – Astralea (Destination Moon/Bertus)
A mix of styles unfolds itself on this new album by ROLO TOMASSI. Eva Spence is the classical trained front lady of this wicked, somewhat strange but brilliant sounding metal band. (7 points)

ROTTING CHRIST – Kaita Ton Daimona Eaytoy (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
This Greek black metal band always tends to use female vocals. They make no exception for this album that goes from gothic like sidesteps to fast furious black metal sounds. (7 points)

ROYAL THUNDER – CVI (Relapse/Rough Trade)
American occult rock with female vocalist Milny Parsonz. The lengthy tracks develop into jam session like musical escapades, in which the band members show their skills without limitations. We love it like that. (8 points)

SAPPHIRE EYES – Sapphire Eyes (Avenue Of Allies/Bertus)
Arabella Vitane (ALYSON AVENUE) and Annette Olzon (ex-NIGHTWISH / ALYSON AVENUE) are background singers of this Swedish A.O.R. band, that show their skills in this genre. Great stuff for the long Swedish highways. (7 points)

SATURNIAN – Dimension (Indie Recordings)
There are some female vocals on this DIMMU BORGIR-like metal outfit from England. Only for the completists among us. (7 points)

SEPTEMBER MOURNING – Melancholia (Repo/Sonic Rendezvous)
Front lady Emily Lazar provides us with an exciting CD, that contains a whole lot of energy and raw power. This “Melancholia” could be the beginning of something really big! (8 points).

SEVEN KINGDOMS – The Fire Is Mine (Nightmare/Bertus)
Sabrina Valentine fronts this melodic prog power metal band from USA. This will definitely light your fire, too. (7 points)

SOLISIA – Universeasons (Scarlet/Bertus)
Italian power metal band, that present their second album here. Elie Syrelia is the front lady of this band, that mixes power with melody. Louder than EVANESCENCE, but the singer has got the same vocal sound. (7 points)

SOUL SPELL – Hollow’s Gathering (Inner Wound Recordings)
Brazilian metal opera album, that contains a lot of big names like Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, Blaze Bailey, Mike Viscera, Markus Grosskopf and Amanda Somerville. However, this is not always the key to a good album. I would call this rather ‘average’, if you don’t mind. (6 points)

STELLA BLACKROSE – Death And Forever (Target/Suburban)
Rock from Denmark presented on this album by STELLA BLACKROSE. Rebecca Lou Armstrong is the front lady of this remarkable pop rock outfit. (7 points)

STINKING LIZAVETA – 7th Direction (Exile On Mainstreet/Bertus)
Seventh album by this remarkable band from Virginia. The long instrumental parts sound impressive and prog rock fans will definitely love their sound. (8 points)

SUBSIGNAL – Out There Must Be Something, Live In Mannheim 2012 DVD (Golden Core/ZYX Music)
Live DVD by SUBSIGNAL, on which you hear and see Julia Alsheimer on background vocals. Only for completists in my opinion. (7 points)

TANKARD – A Girl Called Cerveza (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
DORO plays a guest role on this new German thrash attack during “The Metal Lady Boy”. Never thought, that we would mention TANKARD in this part of our online zine. (7 points)

TELLUS REQUIEM – Invictus (The 11th Hour) (Nightmare/Bertus)
Neo classical rock from Norway with female vocals. Definitely a good album, when you consider that this is their debut release. (7 points)

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT – Epicloud (Inside Out Music/EMI)
Anneke van Giersbergen profiles herself as a true star on this new DEVIN TOWNSEND album. A true masterpiece, mainly because of the great vocal parts by this great lady singer. (8 points)

TRANCE MISSION – Naked In Flames (Pure Rock/Bertus)
Lalena Katz sings a duet with Lothar Anthoni in “You”. TRANCE MISSION released their eleventh album, where die hard metal heads will surely remember “Break Out”, “Power Infusion” and “Victory”, recorded under the monicker of TRANCE. Those were the days! (7 points)

STEVE VAI – The Story Of Light (Favored Nations/Sony Music)
There are several female guest singers on this new album by STEVE VAI, that contains a lot of variation in styles. Beverly McLellan adds her voice to the BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON cover “John, The Revelator” and Aime Mann does a duet in “No More Amsterdam”. Why would he hate this lovely city? (8 points)

WARNOT – His Blood Is Yours (Nightmare/Bertus)
Former CLOUDSCAPE guitar player Björn Eliasson found six different singers for his debut album with this new outfit WARNOT. Sussi Sörensen and Sara Andersson take care of the female input on this melodic metal album. (7 points)

WEEPING SILENCE – For The Unsung (Ravenheart/Bertus)
Fourth album by this gothic doom metal band from Malta. After the release their female singer left the band unfortunately. (7 points)

WHITE COWBELL OKLAHOMA – Buenas Nochas (Slick Monkey/Bertus)
This Canadian southern rock band returns to its roots with an album, that is loaded with lots of loud guitars. Yeehaw!! (8 points)

WHYZDOM – Blind? (Scarlet/Bertus)
Symphonic metal band including an orchestra and choir. The band hails from France and Elvyne Lorient is the front lady. This is the band’s second album. (7 points)

WILL WALLNER / VIVIEN VAIN – Rising (Metal Mind/Bertus)
An English guitar player, a female Croatian singer and a handful of guest players like Brian Tichy, Tony Franklin, Rudy Sarzo, Derek Sherinian and Tony Carey turn this album into some kind of RAINBOW tribute. Not bad at all, but I’m afraid that this band won’t reach the success of RAINBOW, when they released their album with the same title. Very nice try though. (7 points)

Winter 2011-Spring 2012:

AKIN – The Way Things End (Progrock/Bertus)
Adeline Gurtner is the female vocalist of this French band, that plays around with elements like prog rock and jazzy parts and adds instruments like keyboards, cello and violins to their sound. (7 points)

ALL FOR NOTHING – To Live And Die For (GSR/Suburban)
Dutch hardcore band, that has vocalist Cindy behind the mike. SICK OF IT ALL’s Craig Setari has a guest role on this powerful album. (7 points)

ALL HEADS RISE – No Hope No Cure (Spook)
Dutch metalcore band with a front lady that must be heard to be believed. High quality metal core stuff from our own country. (7 points)

ALTERNATIVE 4 – The Brink (Avantgarde/Bertus)
Dark melancholic album of the former bass player of ANATHEMA, ANTIMATTER and ION, Duncan Patterson. Sometimes the dark soundscapes give you the feeling that you are listening to the soundtrack of the movie about the end of the world. (7 points)

ANATHEMA – Falling Deeper (KScope/Bertus)
Just like MY DYING BRIDE, we see ANATHEMA come with an album of reworked oldies, including a string orchestra. Anneke van Giersbergen lends her voice to the reworked version of “Everwake”. (7 points)

ANATHEMA – Weather Systems (KScope/Bertus)
And the next ANATHEMA album will become another classic in their already very successful career. Lee Douglas takes care of the female input on this exciting new album. (8 points)

ANCIENT BARDS – Soulless Child (LMP/Suburban)
Italian power metal band that sounds like RHAPSODY OF FIRE playing at a constant high speed. They use a classical voiced female singer that lifts up their sound a bit. (7 points)

ARKONA – Slovo (Napalm/Rough Trade)
Folk and metal came together on the sixth album of this Russian band. The female siren is called Mischa. (6 points)

BAMBIX – The Story Tailor (Rookie/Sonic Rendezvous)
Dutch melodic pop punk band, that made another catchy, fresh sounding new album with influences of BLONDIE and THE RAMONES, but also country can be waved into their songs at times. The stories told on the album come from front ladies Wick’s own life experiences. (7 points)

BEYOND THE BRIDGE – The Old Man And The Spirit (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
Variation all over on this symphonic progressive metal album from German based BEYOND THE BRIDGE. Dilenya Mar takes care of the female vocals on this great album. (7 points)

J.R. BLACKMORE & FRIENDS – Voices Part I (J.R. Blackmore/Bertus)
Jurgen Blackmore pleases the people who still long back to the days of RAINBOW. Cathrine Jauer is one of the voices on this album that reminds me of the saying ‘Like father, like son’. (8 points)

BONSAI KITTEN – Welcome To My World (Wolverine/Sonic Rendezvous)
German punk rock band with female vocals, that is ready to rock your world. But this kitten has got some firm claws at times, so watch out! (7 points)

COASTLAND – On Top Of The World (Avenue Of Allies/Bertus)
Swedish A.O.R. band that uses female vocals here and there. Only interesting for those people, who want everything with a female vocalist. (7 points)

CORONATUS – Terra Incognita (Massacre/Suburban)
This gothic metal band from Germany changed their line-up dramatically. Two new female singers don’t change the sound of the band too much though. (7 points)

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX – (Mankind) The Crafty Ape (Cool Green/Mascot/Bertus)
Double album, put together by Justin Greaves. Retro rock that goes back to the days of FLOYD and ZEPPELIN. Belinda Kordic handles the female vocals on this mighty masterpiece, that makes you relive the early days, but also knows how to give things a modern twist at times. (8 points)

CYNIC – Carbon-Based Anatomy (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
This EP contains progressive soundscapes that could also appeal to fans of world music, Complete with female vocals, violins and didgeridoo. This sounds totally different than their debut “Focus”, which they released in 1993. (7 points)

DIMENSION ACT – Manifestation Of Progress (Progrock/Bertus)
Prog rock band from Norway that tries to impress with long instrumental parts and loads of keyboards. Male and female vocals are switching but not always convincing. (7 points)

DIVINE ASCENSION – As The Truth Appears (Nightmare/Bertus)
Australian equivalent to bands like EPICA, DELAIN, or NIGHTWISH. Jennifer Borg is the front lady of this gothic progressive metal band from Down Under. (7 points)

DRAGONLAND – Under The Grey Banner (AFM/Rock Inc/Bertus)
Elize Ryd (AMARANTHE) is to be heard on the new album of DRAGONLAND. She lifts the album up to a higher level, but the band surprised me already with their high quality music. (7 points)

ENDYMAERIA – Endy Maeria (Independent)
Dark death metal album from this Dutch band. They combine violins with guitars, and this combination makes the MYDYING BRIDE fans happy. (7 points)

ETHS – III (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Third full length album of this French nu metal band with its schizophrenic screaming front lady Candice, who proves that she can also sing like a sweet little angel…….if she really wants to. (7 points)

EVENOIRE – Vitriol (Scarlet/Bertus)
Lisy Stefanoni is the lead singer in this Italian gothic metal band, and lifts it up a higher level, because of her great vocals. (7 points)

GRAVEWORM – Fragments Of Death (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
There are some female vocals on the new release of this black, death metal band from northern Italy. XXX1/2 (7 points)

HEARTLANDS – Drifter (Epitaph/PIAS)
Laura Nichol and Ben Murray have found two more band members to make this follow up album to their debut release “Until We Surrender”. The melodic punk rock sound remained intact on this one. (7 points)

HOLY MOSES – 30th Anniversary: In The Power Of Now (Steamhammer/SPV/Suburban)
Twenty songs are re-recorded on two CD’s and completed with two new songs. Sabina Classen and HOLY MOSES belong to the impressive list of German thrash legends like DESTRUCTION, SODOM, KREATOR and TANKARD. (8 points)

HOUSTON – Relaunch (Spinefarm/V2)
Swedish AOR/melodic rock band that covers “Didn’t We Almost Win It All”, originally recorded by LAURA BRANNIGAN. “Without Your Love” is a new song, which is turned into a duet with Elizy Ryd of AMARANTHE. (7 points)

ILLNATH – Third Act In The Theatre Of Madness (Pitch Black/Bertus)
Mona Black stands behind the mike on this new album of ILLNATH from Denmark. The band sounds brutal, raw and very powerful. Just as we like it the most. (7 points)

ILLUMINATA – A World So Cold (Twilight Zone/Bertus)
Symphonic band from Austria with three female members in their ranks. EDENBRIDGE becomes an obvious reference for this promising band that presents us their debut album. (7 points)

ISIS CHILD – Strange Days (Yesterrock/Bertus)
Second album of this French rock band. Nathalie Pellissier’s raw voice fits well with the music of the band that chose to sing in the English language this time. Magali Luyten of AYREON fame plays a guest role on the album. (7 points)

JAPANESE VOYEURS – Yolk (Spinefarm/V2)
Grunge is back must have been the thought of front lady Romilly Alice, when recording this new album. Grunge in the British way, so to speak. (7 points)

KELLS – Anachromie (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
French metal band that sings in their native tongue. Virginie Goncalvez is the front lady of the band that sounds like a mix between EVANESCENCE and IN THIS MOMENT. (7 points)

KONTRUST – Second Hand Wonderland (Napalm/Rough Trade)
Funny sounding band from Austria, who mixes two handful of styles and add a lot of humor to their music. (6 points)

LESOIR – Lesoir (Marista)
Dutch alternative rock band that has a promising front lady in Maartje Meessen. I’m afraid that the artwork for their debut CD isn’t that impressive, as their music. (7 points)

JEFF LOOMIS – Plains Of Oblivion (Century Media/EMI)
Solo album of the former NEVERMORE guitarist, which is mainly instrumental. Jeff gets some help of Attila Voros, Tony Macalpine, Chris Poland, and Marty Friedman. Three songs are with vocals on it, two of them are sung by former NEVERMORE background singer Christine Rhoades. (9 points)

LUNAR PATH – Memento Mori (Inerse/Bertus)
Finnish gothic metal band that presents their debut album to a bigger public. Janica Lönn is the singer of the band, which called in the help of J.P. Leppäluoto (CHARON), Tuomas Saukkonen (BEFORE THE DAWN/BLACK SUN AEON) and Attila Csihar (MAYHEM). (7 points)

MY BLACK LIGHT – Human Maze (Massacre/Suburban)
Italian symphonic, gothic metal band that scores just above average with their debut album, that contains a weak cover of the even weaker song “Ti Sento”, originally recorded and released by MATIA BAZAR. (6 points)

MYRATH – Tales Of The Sand (XII Bis/Suburban)
If you like to taste the sound of the Middle East, you might take a tasty bite of this new MYRATH album. Female vocals make a nice combination with male voices. Keyboards and various Eastern sounds make this to an exotic mix that will please many fans out there. (7 points)

NOVEMBER 7 – Season 3 (Daily Rock)
There is a catchy vibe on the album of this Swiss gothic metal band. The voice of Annamaria Cozza makes this band like a good mix between EVANESCENCE and WITHIN TEMPTATION for me. (7 points)

SARACEN – Marilyn (Escape Music/Bertus)
Concept album about the life of Marilyn Monroe, who died fifty years ago. The cult NWOBHM band called in the help of ROBIN BECK and ISSA to perform the female vocal parts on this marvelous new album. The ladies get what they deserve in a leading role. Buy, buy, buy!! (9 points)

SATINOXIDE – Still The Sun (MySpace.Com/Satinoxide)
Two members of CASSIOPEIA moved to EPICA. Three are members, under which singer Marloes Thijssen, team up in this experimental progressive death metal band. A good, solid sounding debut album is the result of their hard work. (7 points)

SEMARGL – Satanic Popmetal (Twilight/Bertus)
Ukrainian electro pop rock band that sounds so much different than their album title suggests. The CD cover art bears the highest metal level of it all. Better listen first before buying. (6 points)

TO CAST A SHADOW – In Memory Of (Kolony/Sonic Rendezvous)
Find back the original British doom sound on the second album of this Norwegian melodic, gothic doom metal band. Gunnhild Huser stands behind the microphone of this band, that sounds like ANATHEMA, PARADISE LOST and MY DYING BRIDE. (7 points)

SHEAR – Breaking The Stillness (Lifeforce/Suburban)
And yet another metal band from Finland. Alexa Leroux is the magic force behind this very promising new band that sounds very powerful on their debut album. (7 points)

SILENT OPERA – Immortal Beauty (Ravenheart/Bertus) Symphonic metal band from Italy, fronted by Lady Victoria. The band still has a long way to come, but this debut album sounds promising. ( 6 points)

69 CHAMBERS – Torque (Massacre/Suburban)
Heavy experimental nu metal from Switzerland. This is a band to watch out for, mainly because they know how to create a mysterious atmosphere throughout the whole album. Nina Vetterli–Treml is the blonde vixen behind the microphone of this talented band. (8 points)

SONIC STATION – Sonic Station (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
AOR and rock of a high level, with female vocals that come from two different singers. (7 points)

SOUL SECRET – Closer To Daylight (Galileo/Bertus)
Prog metal band from Italy. There are some interesting guest musicians on this album like Mark Basile (DGM), Mark Sfogli (JAMES LABRIE) and female vocalist Anna Assenato. It lifts this second album to a higher platform for me. (7 points)

A SOUND OF THUNDER – Out Of The Darkness (Nightmare/Bertus)
Second album of this powerful metal band. The singer Nina Osegueda is a killer vocalist who called in the help of RAVEN shouter John Gallagher for title track “Out Of The Darkness”. (8 points)

STATUS MINOR – Ouroborus (Lion Music/Bertus)
Anna Murphy of ELUVEITIE guests on the melodic rock album of this Finnish band. This second album sounds like a nice step forward for the band. (7 points)

TERRORIZER – Hordes Of Zombie (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
TERRORIZER is back after the death of Jesse Pintado. Katrina Culture (RESISTANT CULTURE) plays the loud riffs that are part of the mix of death metal and hardcore, that the band plays on this new album. (7 points)

ULVERHEIM – När Dimman Lättar (Soulseller/Bertus)
Swedish black metal album of a band that originally started out as a one man project. Now the band exists as a trio with Kali Ma on bass. Black metal meets rock and roll on this album. (7 points)

VAN CANTO – Break The Silence (Napalm/Rough Trade)
VAN CANTO called in the help of Joakim Braden on vocals and Marcus Siepen (BLIND GUARDIAN) on guitar, but even they can’t lift this album to a rating above average. Covers like “Bed Of Nails” (ALICE COOPER) and “Master Of The Wind” (MANOWAR) can’t change my final judgement either. (4 points)

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM – Celestial Lineage (Southern Lord/Konkurent)
Atmospheric black metal with doomy sidesteps. The female vocals on this fine album come from Jessika Kenney. (7 points)

Spring-Summer 2011:

ACUTE MIND – Acute Mind (Electrum Productions/Bertus)
Melodic prog metal band from Poland. Dorota Turkiewicz plays keyboards on this impressive album. [8 points]

Katherine Katz in the front lady of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED, and she shows us that her band belongs to the finest of what the underground has got to offer to us, with a nice mix of death and doom metal. [7 points]

AMORPHIS – The Beginning Of Times (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
AMORPHIS uses some female vocals again on their tenth album. The role of the female voice on this album is quite important and bigger than before. [7 points]

ARAFEL – For Battles Once Fought (Noise Art/Rough Trade)
Folk metal from Israel. In my opinion they sound a bit too average, but for fans of more exotic bands it’s a nice challenge to check them out. [6 points]

ARKAN – Salam (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Death metal from the far distanced deserts of Morocco and Algeria are presented to you on this second album of ARKAN. Sarah Layssal is the female vocalist of this band that also uses some exotic instruments on the successor of “Hilal” [6 points]

AVA INFERNI – Onyx (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Portuguese gothic doom metal, who have a great singer in Carmen Simões. She also knows how to impress me again on this new release. [7 points]

BACKGUARD – Fireflight (Victor/Suburban)
This Canadian metal band has a female drummer in their ranks, who plays as fast as a shark. In the acoustic point of rest called “Iblis”, we can also hear a female opera singer, which is quite a change next to the more dynamic other songs on this album. [7 points]

THE BELLRAYS – Black Lightning (Fargo/Munich)
From the club scene of Los Angeles comes this garage rock guitar band that presents us their interesting new album. Lisa Kekaula is the front lady of this American guitar rock band. [7 points]

CEREBRAL BORE – Maniacal Miscreation (Earache/Rough Trade)
Bone hard metal company from Scotland. Front lady Simone ‘Som’ Pluijmers adds the most extreme screams and growls to these death metal ear attacks. Holland can be proud on a screamer, with a talent like this. [7 points]

CHTONIC – Takasago Army (Spinefarm/Bertus)
The sixth album of this melodic black metal band from Taiwan is a concept album. The exciting breaks and gothic influences remain the same though. [7 points]

CLANDESTINE – The Invalid (Nightmare/Bertus)
Rock band from Los Angeles, fronted by female singer June Park. The album bears a lot of variation ranging from poppy songs to progressive metal. [7 points]

COMA DIVINE – Dead End Circle (Oblivion/SPV/Bertus)
Gothic rock in combination with classical music and electronic sounds. It’s an almost impossible mix, realized here by COMA DIVINE. Former L’ÂME IMMORTELLE front lady Sonja Kraushoffer, takes care of the female vocal parts here. [7 points]

CONSORTIUM PROJECT V – Species (Lion Music/Bertus)
Ian Parry did it again. Power metal from the highest level comes to you from this fifth album of the CONSORTIUM PROJECT.Lene Pedersen and AniLozanova take care of the female vocals of this new masterpiece. [8 points]

CRIMFALL – The Writ Of Swords (Spinefarm/Bertus)
Choose your weapons before listening to the armor plated metal of this Finnish metal band. Helena Haaparania will lead us the way through these war anthems. [7 points]

CRUACHAN – Blood On The Black Robe (Candlelight/Bertus)
Folk metal from Ireland. This may not sound as exciting as they sounded on their first albums, but this new release is still good enough to be mentioned here. [7 points]

DEADEND IN VENICE – See You On The Ground (Casket Music/Bertus)
German band, that presents you a mix of death and thrash metal, which may not sound that special. The combination of male and female vocals lifts this band up to just above average. Annabel Klein takes care of the female vocal parts. [6 points]

DEADLOCK – Bizarro World (Lifeforce/Suburban)
Sabine of DEADLOCK has a wonderful voice. On her own she knows how to lift the songs to a higher level. An exciting sounding album is the final result of that. [7 points]

ELIZIUM – Relief By The Sun (SPV/Bertus)
Mariska Blaas can be heard as a guest vocalist on this Dutch gothic, doom release [7 points]

FALCONER – Armod (Metal Blade/Rough Trade)
Folk metal band that uses female choir vocals to add an extra dimension to their sound. The lyrics on this album are in the Swedish language this time. [7 points]

DINO FIORENZA – It’s Important (Fog/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Instrumental album of this Italian bass virtuoso. In “All Is Lost”, he calls in the help of JENNIFER BATTEN on guitar. [7 points]

If the eighties are too old fashioned for you, then try this. It’s industrial, it’s alternative, and very nineties. If this appeals to you, can only be judged if you dare to check it out. [6 points]

GUANO APES – Bel Air (Sony Music)
Pop rock and hard rock come together on the new album of these German rockers, fronted by Sandra Nasic. The pop rock side slowly gets the overhand on this album. [7 points]

HACKNEYED – Carnival Cadavere (Lifeforce/Suburban)
German death metal band that presents us their third album in four years time. Tini Wuttke is the new, female bass player in the band. [7 points]

HAEMORRHAGE – Hospital Carnage (Relapse/Rough Trade)
Sick death metal company from Spain that will make some diehard fans long back to the early days of CARCASS, I presume. Great artwork, by the way. [7 points]

HEAVENWOOD – Abyss Masterpiece (
Next to MOONSPELL, this is already another interesting gothic metal band from Portugal. On “Leonor”, we can hear the female voice of guest singer Miriam Rennag of RAM-ZET. [7 points]

HELENGARD – Helengard (Firebox/Displeased)
Pagan, doom metal band with Alina Roberts as female voice. The lyrics are in the Russian language, so you have to go to page 888 on your tele text screen while listening. Antov Belov is her male counterpart. He was the leader of a band called KALLAN for a while, but obviously he longed back to his old band HELENGARD again. [7 points]

INSENSE – Burn Beautiful Fire (Indie/Suburban)
Metal band from Norway that uses serene female vocals, next to maniacal screams and MESHUGGAH like riffs. Weird stuff to listen to, at times. [7 points]

INSOMNIA – Insomnia (
Gothic rock band with progressive sidesteps. Karen Petterson takes care of the female vocals on the EP of this Dutch outfit. [7 points]

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE – Ruining It For Everybody (Century Media/EMI)
The second round comes for this American band that dares to mix all different styles available and create a style of their own from this peculiar mix. Krysta Cameron is the strange sounding front lady of this remarkable band. [7 points]

KING LOCUST – PoèteMaudit (
There are some female voices to be heard on the album of this Dutch grunge band. [6 points]

KOTTAK – Attack (SAOL/Bertus)
James Kottak surprises us with another rock attack. Athena Lee is still the lady behind the microphone here. [7 points]

KROMLEK – Finisterrae(Trollzorn/Bertus)
Heavy metal is mixed with heavy folk influences here. Add to this some black metal soundscapes and you get some exciting moments from this German outfit. [6 points]

LEGIO MORTIS – The Human Creation And The Devils Contribution (MDD/Sonic Rendezvous)
Liv Kristine is guest vocalist in “Life Denied”. There are some more female vocals to be heard on this dark, death metal album of LEGIO MORTIS from Germany, that also covers “Pity The Sadness” of PARADISE LOST [6 points]

LIQUID GRAVEYARD – The Fifth Time I Died (Rising/Bertus)
Raquel Walker is the female vocalist on this death metal album of the former CANCER singer John Walker. [7 points]

ANI LO PROJEKT – Miracle (Dott/Suburban)
AniLozanova is the Bulgarian frontlady of this progressive metal project. Stephan Lill (VANDENPLAS) is responsible for some guitarwork on this CD. The songs were written by Ian Parry, except “Give It To Me”, which is a cover of MICHAEL JACKSON. [8 points]

LYRAKA – Lyraka Volume I (Yesterrock/Bertus)
Metal opera’s may not be my cup of tea. On this metal opera we hear BENEDICTUM’s Veronica Freeman on “Scatherus”. There are also guest roles for Tommy Heart (SOUL DOCTOR / FAIR WARNING) and Graham Bonnet (RAINBOW, ALCATRAZZ / ANTHEM) [6 points]

LYRIEL – Paranoid Circus AFM/Rock Inc./Bertus
Re-release of the third album of this gothic metal band. Jessica Thierjung is the female vocalist on this album, that contains different artwork and several bonus tracks. [7 points]

MAYAN – Quarterpast (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
MAYAN calls in the help of Floor Jansen, Simone Simons and Laura Macri on this magnificent album that is full of variation and exciting metal themes. [8 points]

METATRON – Human Devolution (
Debut EP of this brutal Dutch metal band. Male and female vocals fight for the microphone on these three bashing songs. [6 points]

MY DYING BRIDE – Evinta (Peaceville/Suburban)
For their twentieth anniversary the band reworked old songs and gave them an orchestral make over. Complete with female opera singers here and there. Three CD’s in the deluxe version is a bit too much maybe, though. [6 points]

NERA NATURE – Forresting Wounds (Metal Mind/Bertus)
Nera is the vocalist of DARZAMAT, and on this solo album she shows us that she still can rock. A nice solo debut album. [7 points]

NOVEMBERS DOOM – Apothic (The End/Bertus)
In the song “What Could Have Been” we hear Anneke van Giersbergen on guest vocals. The nice mix of doom and death remains in the rest of the songs too. [7 points]

OMEGA LITHIUM – Kinetik (Drakkar Records)
Industrial metal and dance beats are mixed on the second album of this band from Croatia. Call it experimental, or call it exotic, but at least give it a try. [7 points]

PAATOS – Breathing (Glassville/Bertus)
Swedish progressive art rock band with female vocals. Petronella Mettermalm’s vocal parts really add something to the fine music of this original sounding band. [7 points]

THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX – Bleeding The New Apocalypse (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
With the new singer Ruby Roque, who replaced Jonna Enckell, THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX blasts even harder than before. Tobben Gustafsson (ex VOMITORY) is the new drummer in the band. Guest appearances on this new album come from Leif Edling (CANDLEMASS) and Mike Wead (KING DIAMOND). [7 points]

RADIO DEAD ONES – AAA (Steamhammer/SPV/Suburban)
Rockabilly mixed with hardcore and oi! From this band from Berlin. Beverly delivers the female vocal parts. In “Dirty Love Hotel” we can hear a duet with Brijitte West of NY LOOSE. [7 points]

RAIN I BLEED – Narcissist (Twilight Zone/Bertus)
Greek EVANESCENCE like symfo metal band. Mina is the front lady on this average sounding album. [6 points]

ROAD TO CONSCIOUSNESS – Road To Consciousness (Fakto)
Gothic metal from our neighbors in the South. On the debut album of this Belgian band we can enjoy guest vocals of Laura Cronet (ex BEFORE SILENCE), among other guest appearances. [7 points]

ROYAL THUNDER – Royal Thunder (Relapse/Rough Trade)
Occult rock from Atlanta, Georgia. MilnyParsonz voice fits perfectly with the spooky melodies of this band. [7 points]

SONS OF SEASONS – Magnisphyricon (Napalm/Rough Trade)
Oliver Palotai (KAMELOT/DORO keyboard player) and band release their second album. Simone Simons (EPICA) sings on the song “Sanctuary”. [7 points]

SUPERCHARGER – That’s How We Roll (VME/Suburban)
Mia Coldheart (CRUCIFIED BARBARA) guests on vocals on the second album of these Danish rockers. [7 points]

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT – Deconstruction (Inside Out Music/EMI)
Floor Jansen (REVAMP / ex AFTER FOREVER) added her voice to the complex album of this mad musical genius. Other guests on “Deconstruction” are Insahn, Michael Akerfeldt, Oderus Urungus, Paul Masdival and Fredrik Thordendal. [7 points]

Meet the softer side of musical genius Devin Townsend. Katrina on vocals and Kat Epple on flute take care of the female input on this ambient, ghostly project. [6 points]

TURISAS – Stand Up And Fight (Century Media/EMI)
Folk rock from Finland, complete with well-known instruments in this genre like violin, horns and accordion. [7 points]

ULVER – Wars Of The Roses (K-Scope/Bertus)
There are some female guest vocals to be heard on this ambient metal piece of art. [7 points]

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Embrace The Sun (Lion Music/Bertus)
This compilation is put together to raise money for the victims of the earthquakes in Japan. Jennifer Batten recorded “Sakura Season” exclusively for this double CD. [7 points]

VITRUVIUS – Vitruvius I (Dott/Suburban)
Vitruvius hails from Mexico, and Dolce Dolbes is their front lady. Not a bad album from this prog rock band. [7 points]

JOHN WETTON – Raised In Captivity (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
Anneke van Giersbergen guests on the new solo album of John Wetton (URIAH HEEP / ASIA / UK / KING CRIMSON) in a duet called “Mighty Rivers”. Other guest appearances come from Steve Hackett, Mick Box, Robert Fripp and Geoff Downes on this melodic rock album. [7 points]

Live album of this Canadian southern, country, boogie, rock band, recorded at the Burg Herzberg Festival. The band gives you an honest reflection of their wild and rawking live shows. [9 points]

Autumn-Winter 2010:

*ANSOTICCA – Rise (Rockfield/Bertus)
Gothic metal band, that uses heavy riffs and loads of bombastic sounds, as well as keyboards, cello and violin on a much ‘softer’ level. Carie van Heden, a very talented Dutch singer, is fronting this exciting new band. [7 points]

*ANTIMATTER – Alternative Matter (Prophecy/Suburban)
‘Best of’ album, which contains several female guest vocal appearances. On this double disc, you will also hear cover songs by DEAD CAN DANCE, and ANATHEMA. The deluxe edition even contains a DVD and a bonus CD with a live version of “Enjoy The Silence” (DEPECHE MODE), among others. [8 points]

*APOCALYPTICA – Seventh Symphony (20-20/Sony)
Various guest vocalists are on this seventh album by this cello quartet from Finland. We will hear Gavin Rosdale (BUSH), Brent Smith (SHINEDOWN), Joseph Duplantier (GOJIRA) and Lacey Mosley (FLYLEAF) this time, but also master drummer Dave Lombardo (SLAYER) is back behind his devil’s kit. [7 points]

*BRING ME THE HORIZON – There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret (Visible Noise/Suburban)
The second album by this British Band is so much heavier and more diverse than their debut. And what a great title they gave it! Canadian singer Lights is the female member in the band. [7 points]

*BURN THE IRIS – Sovereign (Independent)
Eindhoven has got a good reputation of delivering some fine rock bands to the scene. BURN THE IRIS is no exception to this rule and on this twenty minute EP we’ll hear some sludgy psychedelic doom metal with some female vocals here and there. [7 points]

*CRADLE OF FILTH – Darkly, Deadly, Venus, Aversa (Abracadaver/Peaceville/Suburban)
Lucy Atkins is the guest vocalist on this new album of these British black metal adepts. They return to their black metal roots on this ninth album. An impressive return in my opinion. [7 points]

*THE CREEPSHOW – They All Fall Down (People Like You/Suburban)
Swinging third psychobilly album from this Canadian band. Sarah ‘Sin’ Blackwood’s voice matches perfectly to the rocking psychobilly style of the band. [7 points]

*CREMATORY – Black Pearls (Massacre/Suburban)
‘Best of’ double album by this German gothic metal band with female keyboard player Katrin Jüllich. On the DVD, that comes with this double CD, we can see their video clips and a whole bunch of nice live footage. [7 points]

*DǺKRYǺ - Crime Scene (Sensory/Bertus)
Greek gothic metal company with two female singers in their ranks. These ladies sometimes dare to take some exciting sidesteps, so this release is definitely worth the try. [7 points]

*DICTATED – Summary Of Retribution (
With two ladies in their ranks, we can say that we’re dealing with an unique combination here in this Dutch death metal band. Their brutal sound could be compared with extreme death metal bands like CANIBAL CORPSE and SUFFOCATION. Heavy stuff!! [8 points]

*DISTRICT 97 – Hybrid Child (The Lasers’s Edge/Bertus)
Progressive metal band from the USA with biggest eye-catchers Katinka Kleijn on cello and former American Idols finalist Leslie Hunt. The high technical quality of the band and the many speed changes in their music may remind you of the old sound of KANSAS. [7 points]

*DJERV – Headstone (Katapult)
Agnete Kjølsrud (ANIMAL ALPHA) has formed a new band, that has just released a three track EP called “Headstone”. The full-length album will be out soon and this is already a nice foretaste of things to come. [7 points]

*EPICA – This Is The Time (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
This EP was exclusively recorded for the World Wildlife Fund. “Unleashed” is to be found on this release with Amanda Somerville on vocals. A great initiative for a good cause by this very successful Dutch band. [8 points]

*GALLOW BRAID – Ashen Eidolon (Northern Silver/Clear Spot)
Vance is the name of the guest singer, that can be heard on this death metal EP. The song in which she sings sounds a bit more doomy than the rest. [7 points]

*HOUSTON – Houston (Rocket Songs/Sound Pollution/Suburban)
Helena Alstershed guests on this magnificent A.O.R. album by the in Sweden based band HOUSTON. High quality A.O.R. in the very best TOTO, JOURNEY, FOREIGNER style is what you get on this very nice debut album. [8 points]

*KAMELOT – Poetry For The Poisoned (Earmusic/Edel/V2)
Simone Simons takes care of the female vocals on several songs on this new KAMELOT album. This time the band also uses the vocal abilities of Jon Oliva (SAVATAGE, DOCTOR BUTCHER / JON OLIVA’S PAIN) and Björn ‘Speed’ Sirid (SOILWORK). Gus G (FIREWIND / OZZY) can be heard as guest guitar player. No wonder, this turned out to be another fantastic album! [8 points]

*KRASHKARMA – Straight In The Blood (Fast Ball/Bertus)
KRASHKARMA is previously known as SUICIDAL HOLIDAYS. Led by Ralf Dietel, who also played guitar in NINE INCH NAILS for a short while. Niki Skistimas plays the drums and sings on this album, where we will hear a big variety in styles. [7 points]

*MAIDEN UNITED – Mind The Acoustic Pieces (
“Piece Of Mind” is played here in its most down to earth and naked form, which means that it is an acoustic album. Damian Wilson sings on most of the songs, but Anneke van Giersbergen takes care of my personal favorite “To Tame A Land”. [7 points]

*MANIC MOVEMENT – Hot Hot Hot (Moonzoo/Universal Belgium)
Gothic, symphonic rock band from Belgium, that will musically remind you of EPICA or WITHIN TEMPTATION. Virginia is the front lady of the band, that covers ULTRAVOX “Vienna” on this new album. [7 points]

*TOM GALLEY’S PHENOMENA – Blind Faith (Escape Music/Bertus)
The music on this album is for all the fans of the band PHENOMENA. The female input, alongside the many guest musicians that appear on this disc, comes from ROBIN BECK in “ I Was Gonna Tell You Tonight”. The foundation is laid down by the members of SALUTE. A very high standard melodic rock album. [8 points]

*POISON SUN – Virtual Sin (Metal Heaven/Rough Trade)
POISON SUN has Martina Frank as singing frontlady. She is the sister of Herman Frank (ACCEPT), who is the guitar player of this German band, that sounds like a mix between ZED YAGO, AC/DC and VENGEANCE. No-nonsense, straight forward rock and roll, so to speak. [8 points]

*SCENARIO II – Uniforms Of Death (Independent)
Melodic death metal band, that hails from our own country. They used the female voice of Myrthe van Beest of MAGION here and there to put a more melodic aspect next to their brutal grunts. [7 points]

SEBASTIEN – Tears Of White Roses (Escape Music/Bertus)
On this rather average sounding power metal album, we hear guest appearances of Apollo Papathanasio (FIREWIND), Dougie White (RAINBOW, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN / TANK), Roland Grapow (MASTERPLAN / HELLOWEEN) and Amanda Somerville (AVANTASIA / SOMERVILLE / KISKE). That doesn’t really lift the quality of the songs up by this Czechian metal band though. [6 points]

*7DAYS – Into Forever (Liljegren/Bertus)
Melodic metal band from Sweden, that contains members of THERION and ROYAL HUNT. Caroline Sigfridsson takes care of the female vocal parts. [7 points]

*SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY – Navaz (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Czechian folk metal band. that puts a lot of variation in their music, where the violins have taken a prominent place in the final mix. [7 points]

*SKYTAH – Breathe (
Adriënn Pasztor handles the female vocals on this second album by SKYTAH. Their adventurous music makes them a big promise for the future, as far as I’m concerned. Kris Gildenlöw (ex-PAIN OF SALVATION / DIAL / THE SHADOW THEORY) is the bass beast on this album. [7 points]

*SOLEFALD – Norron Livskunst (Indie Records/Suburban)
You have to be very open-minded to dig everything that is going on on this new album by SOLEFALD from Norway. The hysterical sounding female vocals come from Agnete Kjølsrud (DJERV, ex-ANIMAL ALPHA) and they seem to match perfectly with the eccentric music of this sometimes weird sounding black folk metal band. [7 points]

*THE STORM – Black Luck (Spinefarm/V2)
THE STORM is a heavy rock band from Denmark. Pernille Posendahl is the frontlady here, who also does a duet with fellow Danish rocker Michael Poulsen (VOLBEAT) in “Black Shot Eyes”. Heavy rock with a catchy vibe is what you get, when listening to this album. [7 points]

*SYSTEM DIVIDE – The Concious Sedation (Metal Blade/Rough Trade)
Death metal band with female vocals is something, that you don’t get to hear that much. Miri Milman and male partner-in-crime Sven de Caluwé show us that things can work out just fine, when you add some melody to the heavy songs. [7 points]

*THERION – Sitra Ahra (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
THERION already proved for many years, that metal can be mixed with classical music, as long as you know how to do it right. With this new album, they show us once again that they are the real masters of the universe and the inventers of this sound. [8 points]

*VIOLENT DEMISE – There Is No Kill Like Overkill (
You can find some female vocals on this nice death thrash release. [7 points]

*VOGELFREY – Wiegenlied (Trollzorn/Bertus)
In the list of names like IN EXTREMO, SUBWAY TO SALLY and SCHANDMAUL we can now add VOGELFREY. They, on their turn, add some more punk and metal to their medieval sound. [7 points]

Spring-Summer 2010:

*ALKONOST – On The Wings Of Call (Einheit Produktionen/Displeased)
ALKONOST from Russia presents their new folk metal album with different East European influences. Zena Pelevina is the female singer of these folky, pagan Russian metalheads. [6 points]

*ANATHEMA – We’re Here Because We’re Here (KScope/Bertus)
After an absence of seven years, the British masters of melancholic gothic doom metal are back. Lee Douglas is the female singer. We hear Ville Vallo of HIM as a guest vocalist on this album with the remarkable title. [7 points]

*ANCIENT BASTARDS – The Alliance Of The Kings (Limb Music/Bertus)
This is the debut album of this progressive power metal band from Italy. Their music, in combination with the classical voice of their female vocalist, is something you may not have heard before that much. [7 points]

*A NEW REVOLUTION – Inerica (E1Music/Rough Trade)
Nu-metal band from Austin, Texas. In “Take Me Over”, the band does a duet with female singer Carlicia Conner. She is only guesting on this album. [6 points]

*ANGST SKVADRON – Sweet Poison (Agonia/Displeased)
Female voices are used as background choir. They fill up the empty space on this black metal CD by this Norwegian outfit. [7 points]

*ANTICOPS – Out In The Streets (Psycho T/Bertus)
Brutal hardcore from Berlin. This album is quite interesting, because almost every song is being performed by a different singer. Resulting into plenty of variation here. Candace of WALLS OF JERICHO being one of them. [7 points]

*ATROCITY, feat. Yasmin Krull – After The Storm (Napalm/Rough Trade)
Yasmin Krull, sister of frontman Alexander Krull, is the female vocalist on this new album by these German metalers, which has many classical sidesteps this time. (7 points)

*AULD CORN BRIGADE – A Fighter’s Lullabies (Bad Dog/Sonic Rendezvous)
The raw Irish punk sound stands out well on this album with male and female vocals. War ain’t over yet on “A Fighter’s Lullabies”. (7 points)

*BALLS ‘N’ BOOBS – Good Education – Bad Reputation (Asphalt/Sonic Rendezvous) German horror punk mixed with rockabilly can be found on this CD. Good for your musical education, but it might give you a bad reputation. [6 points]

*THE BREATHING PROCESS – Odyssey: (Un)Dead (Siege Of Amida/Bertus)
Symphonic black metal band with Sarah Loerlein on guitar and background vocals. [6 points]

*BURDEN OF GRIEF – Follow To The Flames (Massacre/Suburban)
Sabina Classen of HOLY MOSES guests on the limited bonus CD, which is filled with covers of AC/DC, THE DOORS, IRON MAIDEN, WHITESNAKE, PANTERA and SEPULTURA. She screams her lungs out on “Refuse, Resist” (SEPULTURA), that fits very well with the brutal voice of this scream machine. [7 points]

*CHEENO – 2 Face Macy (Supreme Chaos/Bertus)
Power rock band from Germany, that mixes SKUNK ANANSIE with GUANO APES. Brutal, straight and loud at times, yet soft and a bit melancholic where needed. [7 points]

*CORONATUS – Fabula Magna (Massacre/Suburban)
Lisa Läsch was replaced by Ada Flecutner as the female rocking voice of this German folk metal band. The soprano vocals are still handled by the band's second female voice Carmen Lorch. A surprisingly, good new album. [7 points]

*CRACK O DAWN – Gods Of Insane (SAOL/Bertus)
Yvonne Ducksworth (JINGO DE LUNCH) and Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR) are the two surprising guest vocalists on the new death metal attack by this German band. [6 points]

*CREMATORY – Infinity (Massacre/Suburban)
CREMATORY is back and the world has got to know! Their teutonic death metal attacks still contain a lot of melody. On “Infinity”, they cover “Black Celebration” of DEPECHE MODE. [7 points]

*DARKNESS ABLAZE – Shadow Reign (Black Bards/Sonic Rendezvous)
Melodic death metal band from Germany, that tries to add a little extra to their music by using female vocals here and there. [6 points]

*DEADLINE – Bring The House Down (People Like You/EMI)
DEADLINE's music has become more accessible to a bigger audience on this fifth studio album. The streetpunk received some poppy touches here and there. Liz Rose is the female voice of DEADLINE. [7 points]

*DELANY – Blaze And Ashes (Music By Mail)
Rock opera written by Volker Leeson (WIZARD), Davy Vain (VAIN) and Torti Spoof (LEVERAGE). The different singers we hear on this album are Davy Vain (VAIN), David Readman (PINK CREAM 69) and LANA LANE. Check out this true melodic force. [7 points]

*DEMIURG – Slakthus Gamleby (Cyclone Empire/Displeased)
Swedish death metal all-star band, that presents us their third album. We hear guest appearances by Dutch talents Ed Warby on drums and Marjan Welman (AUTUMN) on vocals. [7 points]

*DERDIAN – New Era Part Three: The Apocalypse (Magna Carta/PIAS)
Every second is being used on this rich mix of several sounds. The bombastic power metal gives a special flavor to the female guest vocalist at the end of the album. [7 points]

*DIABULUS IN MUSICA – Secrets (Metal Blade/Rough Trade)
People, who like bands such as AFTER FOREVER and EPICA, should check out the album by this Spanish metal band. In this particular genre, it is one of the better releases coming from this country. [7 points]

*ELUVEITIE – Everything Remains (As It Never Was) (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Folk metal from Sweden. On this album, ELUVEITIE plugged in their guitars again to provide more power to their sound. They also pushed Ann Murphy forward, adding some female vocals to their folky sound. [7 points]

*EQUILIBRIUM – Rekreatur (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
German metal band, who changed vocalists recently. This didn’t change their sound that much though. [7 points]

*EVIG NATT – Darklands (Black Bards/Sonic Rendezvous)
Gothic doom metal of the former frontman of EINHERJER, Stein Sund. Kirsten Jörgensen stands by his side. She does the female vocal parts, while wandering through the ‘darklands’. [7 points]

*FOREVERS EDGE – Chaotic Silence (Nightmare/Bertus)
This power metal band from New York uses male background vocals on some of their songs. When SYMPHONY X and EVERGREY are your thing, you should try out FOREVERS EDGE as well. [7 points]

*HEARTSOUNDS – Until We Surrender (Epitaph/PIAS)
Laura Nicholl is the female part of this two member poppy punk band, that started their career as LIGHT THIS CITY. Together with Ben Murray, they made an album filled with melodic and kinda catchy punk songs. [7 points]

*HEAVEN SHALL BURN – Invictus (Iconoclast III) (Century Media/EMI)
Sabine Weniger of DEADLOCK can be heard in a duet with Marcus Bischoff on this melodic death metal album. [7 points]

*IMPULSIA – Expressions (Riverside/Bertus)
Modest A.O.R, rock CD with the outstanding ROBIN BECK on vocals in three songs. In “Oceans Of Love”, Johan Langquist (ex-CANDLEMASS) sings a duet with Pandorra. The album contains the ERIC CLAPTON cover “LAYLA”, next to the very last ever recorded bass line by Marcel Jacob (R.I.P.). [7 points]

*IN SILENCIO NOCTIS – Through Fragments Of Christianity (My Kingdom Come/Sonic Rendezvous)
Very average symphonic black metal with some female voices. This has been done before plenty of times and far better as well. Hope they do better on their next album. [6 points]

*JEX TOTH – Witness (I Hate/Displeased)
Doom metal based on a psychedelic foundation. Jessica Toth is the frontlady, whose voice matches very well with the old hippie atmosphere created here. “Mr. Rainbow” is a cover by SLAP HAPPY WITH FAUST. [7 points]

*KENOS – X-Torsion (My Kingdom Music/Sonic Rendezvous)
KENOS is a band, that uses female voices in their death metal formula. Besides that, they also put some exciting twists and variation in their fast sound. A name to remember for fans of the death metal sound. [7 points]

*KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI – Betrayal, Justice, Revenge (Century Media/EMI)
Folk metal with epic metal lyrics from Finland. Leeni Maria Hovila is the front lady of on the second album of this band. [7 points]

*KOTTAK – Rock And Roll Forever (S.N.U.G./SAOL/Bertus)
Athena Lee, sister of MÖTLEY CRÜE skinsbeater Tommy Lee, is the drummer of KOTTAK. James Kottak sings and plays guitar, although he is famous for being the drummer of KINGDOM COME and THE SCORPIONS. On this album, they cover the SCORPIONS song “Holiday” (again). [7 points]

*KOWAI – Prelude (NL DemoCD; independent)
Gothic metal from Holland. They will probably remind you of THE GATHERING at times. Laura van Nes is the frontlady of the band. [7 points]

*KRU$H- Kru$h (Power-It-Up)
Dutch crustcore band with Miranda handling the six strings. Exxxtreme metal to the max is being served on this crushing CD. [7 points]

*THE LOVE CRAVE – Soul Saliva (Repo/Alive/Bertus)
Italian gothic rock band, fronted by Francesca Chiara. They even know to impress me with their version of the MICHAEL JACKSON cover “Thriller”. This sounds far above average to me. [8 points]

*MANDRAKE – Innocence Weakness (Grey Fall/Grau/Suburban)
Gothic doom metal band, led by frontlady Birgit Lau, presenting its successor of “Mary Celeste” here. [7 points]

*MATTSSON – Tango (Lion Music/Bertus)
Plenty of variation on this tenth album by Swedish multi-instrumentalist Lars Eric Mattsson. The female vocals on this album, that covers a wide range of styles, are done by Adrienn Antal. [8 points]

*MUMMY’S DARLING – For The Bootboy’s Soul (Sunny Bastards/Sonic Rendezvous)
This is what we like to call pure street punk: honest songs and lyrics, that are straight from the heart. The female input comes from the bass beast of this band. [7 points]

*OOMPH – Truth Or Dare (Columbia/Sony Music)
OOMPH aims for an international breakthrough. They play sixteen English versions of original German songs on this “Truth Or Dare”. Sharon den Adel (WITHIN TEMPTATION) sings her part on “Land Ahead”. [6 points]

*REMEMBRANCE – Fall, Obsidian Night (Firedoom/Displeased)
Caroline van Roos is the female singer of this atmospheric doom death outfit. Matthieu Sachs is her male sidekick. The dark plain CD sleeve looks beautiful and matches very well to their sound. [7 points) Eva Spence is the female voice of ROLO TOMASSI, which is a melting pot of different styles. And Eva's voice isn't any different, ranging from angel-like parts to heavy, brutal grunts. [6 points]

*ROSWELL SIX – Terra Incognita: A Line In The Sand (Prog Rock/Bertus)
Second release of this progressive project, this time led by Henning Pauly. Among the singers are some quite impressive names like Steve Walsh (KANSAS), Arjen Lucassen (AYREON/STAR ONE/VENGEANCE), Charles Dominici (ex-DREAM THEATER), but we can also enjoy the female voices by LANA LANE and SASS JORDAN on this great album. [8 points]

*ROTTING CHRIST – Aealo (Seasons Of Mist/Bertus)
This new ROTTING CHRIST album focuses very much towards folk metal rather than anything else. Quite remarkable are the guest appearances by PRIMORDIAL singer Alana Nemtheanga in “Thou Art Lord” and DIAMANDA GALAS in her own cover version of “Orders From A Dead”. [7 points]

*SALEM – Playing God And Other Short Stories (Pulverised/Displeased)
Next to ORPHANED LAND, we find another Israelic metal band with gothic female voices and loud thrashy riffs. Nice but average. [6 points]

*SHINING LINE – Shining Line (Avenues Of Alies/Bertus)
ROBIN BECK is one of the many guest vocalists on this new A.O.R. album. You can hear her besided other big names in this scene, like Harry Hess (HAREM SCAREM), Michael Schotton (VON GROOVE) and Vinny Burns (DARE). [8 points]

*VOICES OF DESTINY – From The Ashes (Massacre/Suburban)
Considering this is only their debut album, I must say I was very impressed by the very powerful sound by these German metalheads. The great female voice of Maike Holzmann is the cherry on the cake here. [8 points]

*X-TINXION- Act The Injured Innocent (NL DemoCD; independent)
Dutch brutal thrash band, showing that the time is right to record a full-length album. Monica Jansen takes care of the clear (yet brutal) vocal parts on this high quality demo CD by this Dutch band. [7 points]

Winter 2009:

*ALL FOR NOTHING – Miles & Memories (GSR/Suburban)
Dutch hardcore band with Cindy as stout frontlady. This is the original hardcore sound, that die hard fans want to hear. In “Overhaul”, the band called in the help of Andrew Neufeld of COMEBACK KIDS for a duet. [7 points]

*DAWN OF DESTINY – Human Fragility (Shark/Bertus)
Gothic metal band with Tanja Maul as leading frontlady. This third CD contains guest performances by Bernhard Weiss (AXXIS) in “Unborn Child” and Ian Parry (IAN PARRY’S CONSORTIUM PROJECT, VENGEANCE) in title track “Human Fragility”. [7 points]

*DEADMARCH – The Project Hate – Initiation Of Blasphemy (Vic/Rough Trade)
This band will later become THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX. The CD, that is released here, contains an unreleased album from the early days. Ultra loud riffs are combined with the angel-like voice of Mia Stahl. [7 points]

*ELYSION – Silent Scream (Massacre/Suburban)
EVANESCENCE-like type of band from Greece with Christianna as frontlady. This debut album sounds like a terrific gothic metal CD to me with the obvious influences. [8 points]

*FACTORY OF DREAMS – A Strange Utopia (Progrock/Bertus)
Cooperation between Hugo Flores from Portugal and Jessica Lehto from Sweden. On their debut album “Poles”, they convinced me more than on this album. But the voice of Jessica remains very beautiful. [7 points]

*FIFTH ALLIANCE – Reflections Of Consiousness (Crossfire Cult)
Silvia handles the female vocals on the single by these new Dutch talents, that definitely shows some progress since their latest EP “Fear Consumption”. [7 points]

*GLASS HAMMER – Three Cheers For The Broken Hearted (Arion/Bertus)
Prog metal band, that exists since the early nineties. Their biggest influences are from traditional names like YES and GENESIS. Susie Bogdanowicz is the frontlady in this well-talented prog outfit. [8 points]

*GONE TIL WINTER – Gone Til Winter (Headroom)
What FLOWING TEARS is for Germany, EVANESCENCE is for America and LACUNA COIL is for Italy, is GONE TIL WINTER for England. Talena Smith is the frontlady, who shows her skills on this mini album. [7 points]

*HYPNOSIS – The Synthetic Light Of Hope (Dark Balance/Suburban)
French experimental death metal band with Cindy Goloubkkoff as screaming, guitar playing frontlady. The sampled synthesizer sounds are an important part of their sound, which makes it less interesting for Metal Maidens readers. [6 points]

*INFINITY OVERTURE – Kingdom Of Utopia (Lion Music/Bertus)
Ian Parry (IAN PARRY’S CONSORTIUM PROJECT, VENGEANCE) is the male singer in this melodic metal project. Lene Pedersen is the female voice, that you’ll be able to enjoy in this new project. They both welcome you in their newborn kingdom. [7 points]

*IXION – Garden Of Eden (independent)
This new album by IXION from Holland is a mix between a rock opera and a musical. In my opinion, it sounds less interesting (read: less heavy) than IXION’s previous work. Esther Ladiges (UNICORN) takes care of the female vocal parts here. [6 points]

*LAND MINE MARATHON – Rusted Eyes Awake (Prosthetic/Bertus)
This band takes you back to the early successful years of British grindcore and death metal with a sound, influenced by the true heroes of this scene like BOLT THROWER, CARCASS and NAPALM DEATH. Grace Perry is the lady, who howls, growls and screams the gore lyrics around and awakes your rusted eyes. [6 points]

*LIQUID GRAVEYARD – On Evil Days (My Kingdom/Sonic Rendezvous)
The former frontman of British death metal legends CANCER John Walker is back with a new band. On this melting pot of different musical styles we can hear his wife Raquel on the soprano vocal parts. [7 points]

*THE MURDER OF MY SWEET – Divanity (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
This Swedish band shows a lot of potential. Their album is filled with DELAIN and EVANESCENCE kind of music. If this is your cup of tea, then you can safely listen to this band, that is fronted by Angelica Rylin. [7 points]

*MY INNER BURNING – My Inner Burning (SAOL/Bertus)
German metal band, that loves it loud, like we do. Fronted by Becky Gaber, they will definitely please a lot of devoted metal heads out there. For DORO and ZED YAGO fans, this is highly recommendable! [8 points]

*ORPHANED LAND – The never ending way of Or warrior (Century Media/EMI)
Maybe the most well-known metal band from Israël has found themselves a suitable, female voice to add something special to their sound. Shlomit Levi takes care of this surprising sounding effect. [7 points]

*PARAMORE – Brand New Eyes (Warner Music)
PARAMORE is already a commercial success in our country. With “Brand New Eyes” we will definitely hear more catchy songs from Hayley Williams and her guys. One of the better sounding pop rock bands out there and definitely a must for fans of the harder PINK stuff. [8 points]

*PITTBULL TERRORIST – C.I.A. (Anstalt/Nuclear Blast)
Short but very powerful tracks from this extreme metal outfit from Finland. The brutal frontlady screams her lungs out and it has been quite a while, since I heard so much violence on an album. [8 points]

*SAATTUE – Vuoroveri (Spikefarm/Bertus)
Finnish doom metal band, that introduces us to their female fronted guest vocalist Ines Lukkanen (EMBASSY OF SILENCE). A rather strange sounding album, because the lyrics are sung in the Finnish language. [7 points]

*SPIN GALLERY – Embrace (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
SPIN GALLERY plays some fantastic melodic metal and A.O.R. based music. On this second album, they called in the help of DAN REED and ROBIN BECK (“Just A Momentary Why”). [7 points]

*STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS – Never Rust In Piece (Alternative Tentacles/Sonic Rendezvous)
On this second album, the American punk band shouts out their political laden statements once again. The catchiness of these songs makes them easy to get addicted to. [7 points]

*SWALLOW THE SUN – New Moon (Spinefarm/Bertus)
The music by this Finnish dark doom band has become much more accessible to a bigger public. They add more variation to their dark slow sound, like female guest vocal parts and fast blast beats and this way they will possibly gain more listeners. [7 points]

*SYMPHONY CULT – Rewind To Fast Forward (Cipro/Bertus)
New English band, that writes catchy rock tunes. Charlotte Lubbeck is the female part of this multi-vocal outfit. [7 points]

*DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT – Addicted (Hevy Devy)
Incredible cooperation between wiz kid Devin Townsend and Anneke van Giersbergen (THE GATHERING, AGUA DE ANNIQUE). On Anneke’s solo CD, they both showed their softer side, here it’s time to rock it out to the max. [8 points]

*WOODLAND – Dreamility (CCP/Rock Inc/Bertus)
Folky fairytale kind of metal from Lübeck, Germany. A little bit more innovation could surely lift this album up to a killer release. Now it has become a rather dull dreamy and folky album to me. [6 points]

*ZERO MENTALITY – Black Rock (Let It Burn/Bertus)
Jacqueline Fink has got the right mentality. She does a guest vocal appearance on the album by this German hardcore band [7 points]

Summer 2009:

*CIRRHA NIVA – For Moments Never Done (Parnassus/Bertus)
It’s been eight years since “Liaisson De La Morte” saw the light of day. Female bassplayer Liselotte left the band, but the exciting prog metal remained. Manda Ophuis of NEMESEA fame, does a duet with new vocalist Legrand in “Dream On”. [8 points]

*DARZAMAT – Solfernus’ Path (Massacre/Suburban)
Gothic black metal band from Poland with some progressive touches. Singer Kate has left the band in the meantime and is being replaced by Nera. They developed a lot in quality since then, which is a major step forward since the previous album. [7 points]

*EDGE OF SERENITY – The Chaos Theory (Romulus X/Bertus)
Judith Stüber (SATYRIAN) is the guest vocalist in a song, called “Born To Fall Apart” on this album by the melodic death metal band from the Northern part of our country. [6 points]

*FORREST STREAM – The Crown Of Winter (Candlelight/Bertus)
Sympho-styled doom band with keyboards from Russia. Think about OPETH here, including some fast blast parts. This is definitely a CD, that should be heard. It’s their second CD. [7 points]

*THE GATES OF SLUMBER – Hymns Of Blood & Thunder (Rise Above/Suburban)
The female vocals on the folky sounding “The Mist In The Morning” is reason enough to mention this superb CD in our short review section. The rest of the album contains some true heavy metal songs, that may not be missed. Killer release! [9 points]

*HELLBLAST – Earthquakin’ Brutality From Hell (independent)
Dutch death metal band, who present their first demo here. Manja is the female grunt beast on this very promising demo. [7 points]

*HOUSE OF LORDS – Cartesian Dreams (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
On “Repro Man”, we hear guest singer ROBIN BECK in a duet with her husband JAMES CHRISTIAN, the only original member of this fantastic melodic metal band. [9 points]

*IMMOIRA – Invisible Wounds (Massacre/Suburban)
Female vocals on several songs of this band, which is in fact TAD MOROSE with vocalist Charles Rytkonen of MORGANA LEFAY. [7 points]

INTWINE – Kingdom Of Contradiction (Tiefdruck/Rock Inc/Bertus)
Sarah Bettens of K’S CHOICE contributes to this album on the POLICE cover “Walking On The Moon”. The rest of the album is filled with reworked and re-recorded originals. [7 points]

*IWRESTLEDABEARONCE – It’s All Happening (Century Media/EMI)
This album is a rollercoaster ride through a lot of different styles. When you step out of the rollercoaster, you will have to wrestle with a bear. It’s all happening on this album, if you’re open-minded enough to check it out. [7 points]

*ONE WITHOUT – Thoughts Of A Secluded Mind (Lifeforce/Suburban)
Debut album by this Swedish melodic metal band. Catrin Freymark is the frontlady of this band, that sound like a heavy version of EVANESCENCE now and then. [7 points]

*PN – From What Rivers Have To Offer (Frontline/Suburban)
Annelies Tangue is the guest vocalist on the seventh album by this Belgian hardcore band, that knows to surprise their fans with a superb packaging of their new CD. It comes in a wooden box, including the lyrics and a poster. [8 points]

*THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX – The Lustrate Project (Vic/Rough Trade)
Seven long, epic metal songs fill this sixth album. Joanna Enckell is the singer and frontlady of the band. Mike Wead (MERCYFUL FATE / KING DIAMOND) has a guest appearance and Dan Swäno mixed the album. Now you tell me, what can go wrong here? [7 points]

*ROSWELL SIX – Terra Incognita: Beyond The Horizon (Progrock/Bertus)
LANA LANE is one of the four singers on this amazing project of Erik Norlander. Exciting progrock, seventies style is mixed with beautiful ballads. It’s a real piece of art for all the sympho rock fans. [8 points]

*RUDRA – Bhramavidya: Transcendental I (Vic/Bertus)
Extreme black/death metal from Singapore, that mixes brutal outings with some female vocals, acoustic guitars etcetera to get the perfect balance on this fifth album. [7 points]

*SONATA ARCTICA – The Days Of Grays (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Guest vocalist Johanna Kakkola does a duet with Tony Kakko on a song, called “Death Aura” on this sixth CD of SONATA ARCTICA. The Finnish band seems to slowly depart from their ultrafast sound. “The Days Of Grays” sounds more mature in my vision. [7 points]

*SUN OF THE BLIND – Skullreader (Avant Garde/Bertus)
There’s a female vocalist in the song “Ornaments”, taken from this CD by the Swiss black metal band, which is led by vocalist, guitarist Zhaaral.[7 points]

*ROLO TOMASSI – Hysterics (Hassle/Suburban)
This British band really knows the meaning of the word ‘progressive’ rock. All kinds of styles are melted together and here and there they also use some female vocals in this weird mix of musical outings. [7 points]

*VANMAKT – Av Luciferi Regnum (Pulverised/Displeased)
Swedish black metal band, that sometimes uses female vocals. [6 points]

*WARMEN – Japanese Hospitality (Spinefarm/Bertus)
New album of the solo project by CHILDREN OF BODOM keyboard player Janne Warmen. Jonna Kasonen is the female singer in this band, who is guested by top vocalists like Timo Kotipelto (STRATOVARIUS), Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM), Pasi Rantannen (ex- THUNDERSTONE) and Marko Waara (ex-TUNNELVISION). And by the way, Janne is right about the warm, Japanese hospitality, you can easily write an album about that. [7 points]

*WINDS OF PLAGUE – The Great Stone War (Century Media/EMI)
Band from California, USA, that presents their third album, which is another busy mix of black/death metal and hardcore, including loads of keyboards. [7 points]

Spring 2009:

*ALKONOST – The Path We’ve Never Made (Vic/Rough Trade)
Russian pagan metal band that re released their 2006 album “The Path We’ve Never Made” Alena Pelevina is the female soprano here, which gives the CD a gothic feel sometimes. [7 points]

*AMESOEURS – Amesoeurs (Avant Garde/Bertus)
Debut album of this French dark metal band. Audrey Sylvain is the female voice of AMESOEURS, who also plays the piano. It seems that AMESOEURS has disbanded almost right after the release of this album. [7 points]

*ANGELI DI PIETRA – Storm Over Scaldis (CPP/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Gothic metal band with female soprano vocals of Sjoera, combined with brutal male grunts of Guy and some heavy riffs. [6 points]

*ARKONA – Live…For The Glory Of (DVD) (Vic/Rough Trade)
Already in 2006, ARKONA released this live DVD. So this is the re-release by this pagan metal band. ARKONA is fronted by Masha. Apparently, the music seems to be released on a live CD as well. [8 points]

*AVA INFERNI – Blood Of Bacchus (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Gothic doom metal of Carmen Simões and Rune Eriksen (also known as Blasphemer of MAYHEM). Although the sound has got nothing at all to do with MAYHEM, we can still hear the great experience of the talented musicians in this band. [7 points]

*CANTATA SANGUI – On Rituals And Correspondence In Constructed Realities (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Finnish guitarless doom metal band. Anna Pienimäki is the frontlady with the bronze voice. It won’t hurt ya to have a listen to this mysterious sounding album. [7 points]

*CHAOSWAVE – Dead Eye Dreaming (Silverwolf/SPV/CNR)
Italian brothers and sister of LACUNA COIL. Fabio Carta and Giorgia Fadda are the male and female singers of this band, who hired in guest musician Steve Smyth (TESTAMENT) for some heavy guitarwork. Andy La Rocque is the producer of this album. [7 points]

*DARK MOOR – Autumnal (Scarlet Records/Bertus)
Itea Benedicto is the female soprano vocalist, who is a welcome guest on the seventh album of this Spanish NIGHTWISH alike band. [7 points]

*DARK THE SUNS – All Ends In Silence (Firebox/Displeased)
The female vocals within this Finnish dark death metal band are only to be heard in the background. So this is strictly for die-hards. [7 points]

*DEATHLIKE SILENCE – Saturday Night Evil (Spinefarm/Bertus)
Dark, doomy horror metal from Finland. Frontlady Maya has got a classic trained voice, that matches very well with the mysterious songs on this release. The band covers “Moonlight Shadow” by MIKE OLDFIELD and MAGGY O’ REILY. [7 points]

*ELI – Darkness Will Fall (Lion Music/Bertus)
ELI is the short version of Eliza Pezzuto, the Italian frontlady of this symphonic, gothic metalband. LARS ERIC MATTSSON wrote all the music on this album, which resulted in a very catchy CD with influences of NIGHTWISH, WITHIN TEMPTATION and EVANESCENCE. [7 points]

*ELLE BANDITA – Queen Of Fools (PIAS)
Ryanne van Dorst started her career in BAD CANDY. From there on, she went to THE RIPLETS. Now she has released her solo album under the monnicker of ELLE BANDITA. Together with bandmembers of ZZZ, VOICST and DE STAAT, she compiled her album with exciting, sexy electro pop‘n’roll songs. [7 points]

*ELUVEITIE – Evocation, The Arcane Dominion (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Acoustic album with Anna Murphy on vocals. She sings in the Gaelic language, which really adds a special dimension to the music, that already shows a lot of variation despite the missing of electric guitars. [7 points]

*ENSOPH – Rex Mundi X-ile (Cruz del Sur/Sonic Rendezvous)
There’s a lot of space for gothic sounds on this album, which contains female voices here and there. ENSOPH hails from Italy and on “Rex Mundi X-ile” we can also enjoy a cover version of “Would”, originally recorded by ALICE IN CHAINS. [6 points]

*EXILIA – My Own Way (AFM/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Italian nu-metal band that has grown a lot since their latest release “Unleashed”. Masha Mismane is the female singer, who sounds much more angry than ever before. [7 points]

*FARTHER PAINT – Lose Control (Lion Music/Bertus)
Monia Rossie is the frontlady of this Italian band, that has still a long road to. However, “Lose Control” sounds like a good step forward. [6 points]

*FEJD – Storm (Napalm Records/Bertus)
This album is especially for the folk metal fans among us, who are more interested in the folk part rather than the metal part in this description. In “Alvorna Dansar”, we hear Elina as guest vocalist. Only for die-hards! [6 points]

*LACRIMOSA – Sehnsucht (Hall Of Sermon/Suburban)
This is the tenth album by a goth metal band, that is still exploring their borders. This time with accordions and a childrens choir. LACRIMOSA still wears the crown in the dark goth scene. [8 points]

*LAST WARNING – Throughout Time (My Kongdom/Sonic Rendezvous)
This is the third album by this QUEENSRYCHE like band from Italy. During “In The Flood” we can hear a duet between Fabio del Sal and female guest vocalist Laura Ivan, that makes it all worth mentioning here. [7 points]

*LEGENDA AURORA – Elipsis (Twilight Zone/Bertus)
Another band in the female-fronted world, that presents their album. Vocalist Simone is the metal maiden in this powerful, bombastic metal outing. [7 points]

*MADDER MORTEM – Eight Ways (Peaceville/Suburban)
MADDER MORTEM always added something special to their music, which made them outstanding from many other bands. Same happened on this fifth album, which is again very special. They simply refuse to walk the already paved paths and I think that we must give them credit for that. [8 points]

*MANIC MOVEMENT – Dark Glitter (Shiver/Suburban)
The Belgian MANIC MOVEMENT underwent a drastic change of style. From powerful prog metal to bombastic goth rock. In Virginia Fantoni, they’ve also found a suitable female vocalist. Point of recognition is the STING cover “Russians”. [7 points]

*MASTERCASTLE – The Phoenix (Lion Music/Bertus)
Italian neo classical rock band with former LABYRINTH guitarplayer Pier Gonella. Maybe the sweet vocals of Giorgia Gueglio could do with a little more pepper on the next album, so she matches better with the powerful music. [7 points] *MENA BRINNO – Wicked Polly (DarkBalance/Displeased]
All styles are represented on this album. I hear speed metal parts, folky tunes and the classical female voice of Katy Decker. The band will have to grow to become really interesting, but the first steps have been taken with “Wicked Polly”, the follow up album to “Icy Muse”. [6 points]

*MIDNIGHT MENACE – Fences (independent)
Melodic punkrock band from our own country. In Heleen, they have found a frontlady who knows to stand tall against all her male collegues. Hail to Heleen! [8 points] *MY DYING BRIDE – For Lies I Sire (Peaceville/Suburban]
Tenth album of these British legends. Lena Abe plays bass guitar and Katie Stone replaced the pregnant Sarah Stanton on keyboards, while she also re-introduced the violin in the dark doomy sound of MY DYING BRIDE. [7 points]

*NOVA ART – Follow Yourself (My Kingdom/Sonic Rendezvous)
Two female guest vocalists are on this second album of this Russian artist. Devon Graves (DEAD SOUL TRIBE / PSYCHOTIK WALTZ) produced the album and he also sings on “Follow Yourself”. [7 points]

*PATHOSRAY – Sunless Skies (Frontiers/Rough Trade]
Italian power progrock band PATHOSRAY surprised us with guest performances by female vocalistst Silvia Marchesan in “Poltergeist”, and Klaaire in “The Coldest Lullaby” [7 points]

*QUEENSRYCHE – American Soldier (Rhino/Warner Music)
The female vocals on this new QUEENSRYCHE album are not from Pamela Moore this time. In “Home Again”, we hear father Geoff Tate sing a duet with daughter Emily Tate instead. Softer but classier album than I’d expected. [8 points]

*REGARDLESS OF ME – The World Within (Locomotiv/ Rock Inc./Bertus)
REGARDLESS OF ME is an Italian goth metal band with an heavy underground. Pamela Manzo is the female vocalist and because the band comes from Italy, a comparison with LACUNA COIL is drawn very fast. They can see this as a compliment though.[7 points]

*RESURRECTURIS – Non Voglio Morire (Casket/Bertus)
This is brutal, powerful, energetic and bone heavy and I also hear female voices in the exxxtreme sound of these Italian true survivors. [7 points]

*RTX – JJ Got Live RaTX (Drag City/Munich)
RTX, formerly known as ROYAL TRUX, presents their third album here. Frontlady Jennifer Herrera is the biggest eye-catcher in the band. The band covers “Are You A Boy Or Are YouA Girl”, originally written by THE BARBARIANS. Great new album! [7 points]

*SILENTIUM – Amortean (Dynamic Arts/Sonic Rendezvous)
SILENTIUM is another Finnish band, that knows how to create a good catchy and bombastic album. The female vocalist of the band is called Riina Rinkinen. [7 points]

*SILVERLANE – My Inner Demon (Drakkar/Suburban)
German melodic power metal band. Dodo is the female keyboardplayer in the band. SILVERLANE will please many power metal fans with this one, I think. [7 points]

*69 CHAMBERS – War On The Inside (Silverwolf/SPV/CNR)
Poppy on one side, heavy on the other side. 69 CHAMBERS from Switzerland is a band with two different faces and they also have two female members in their line up. On this album we hear Nina Treml on guitar and on vocals. Maddy Madarase plays bass guitar. You’d better check this out. [7 points]

*AMANDA SOMERVILLE – Windows (Hya!/SAOL/Bertus)
The lady, who replaced Simone Simons for a while in EPICA, and the female voice of AVANTASIA, presents her first solo album here. It’s more pop and rock oriented than metal in a way, but it’s all done with a good feel for class and style. For the broadminded fans among us. [7 points]

*SONS OF SEASONS – Gods Of Vermin (Napalm Records/Rough Trade)
SONS OF SEASONS is the cooperation between keyboard player Oliver Palotai (KAMELOT / DORO) and vocalist Henning Basse (METALLIUM). On this exciting debut album, Simone Simons of EPICA sings some guest vocals on one of the songs. [7 points]

*SPOONFUL OF VICODIN – Bursts Of Hate At The Speed Of Hate (Bones Brigade/ Displeased)
Short speedy gore grindpunk songs fill this compilation album by SPOONFUL OF VICODIN from New York. As producer we find back the name of Danny Lilker of NUCLEAR ASSAULT. A real neighbour teaser to play extremely loud! [7 points]

*STINKING LIZAVETA – Sacrifice And Bliss (Monotreme/De Konkurrent)
Heroic instrumental songs form the ingredients of this new album of this American threesome. Cheshire Augusta proves to be a great drummer and definately metal maiden worthy. [8 points]

*SUBWAY TO SALLY – Kreuzfeuer (Nuclear Blast)
SUBWAY TO SALLY present their albums on a regular base. Their sound may not be very surprising, but their songs always have a high quality level. In “Komm In Meinem Schlaf”, we hear some female vocals. [7 points]

*TIMO TOLKKI – Saana, Warrior Of Light Part One, Journey To The Crystal Island (Scarlet Records/Bertus)
Rock opera with a low rock or metal level with female parts by Jennifer Sonle and Aino Laos. This album might be even suitable for average music fans. [6 points]

*TONER LOW – II (Freebird)
Dutch doom metal band, that released their second album. Miranda plays bass guitar in this slow, doomy outfit, that has to refil their toner kit. [8 points]

*VELVET SEAL – Lend Me Your Wings (Dark Balance/Suburban)
This band from Hungary wants to create the sound of succesful Dutch bands like WITHIN TEMPTATION, AFTER FOREVER and EPICA. If they succeed in this, is up to the listener. Gabriella is the female vocalist of the band. [7 points]

*VISION DIVINE – 9 Degrees West Of The Moon (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
Female vocals are added to this CD to complete the sound of this Italian, melodic metal band. The band covers “Touch Of Evil” of JUDAS PRIEST on this one. [7 points]

Winter 2008:

*ALPHA GALATES – A Stimilus For Reason (EMI)
Canadian progmetal fivesome, that has two female members in their line up. It’s difficult to describe their music, but if you think about a mix between KING’S X, GALACTIC COWBOYS and A PERFECT CIRCLE, then you’ll come close to what ALPHA GALATES is all about. [8 points]

*AMASEFFER – Slaves For Life (Inside Out/CNR)
Israelian band, who join forces with Angela Gossow (ARCH ENEMY) in “Midian”. The band plays progrock that sounds like a soundtrack. This CD is part one of three parts. [7 points]

*ANDROID SOUL – Disappointing Paradise (PMM)
Dutch symphonic metal band, that presents their debut album. Linda Aarts is the frontlady of these well talented Dutch newcomers. [7 points]

Lady Catman is the new female guitarplayer of this German outfit, that presents us an album full of exciting folkmetal. [7 points]

*ARKAN – Hilal (Seasons Of Mist/Bertus)
Brutal death metal band with melodic vocal chords. The band uses mandole, bendir and has a traditional sound. Female voices were added as well. [7 points]

*BENEA REACH – Alleviat (Tabu/Bertus)
Norwegian metalcore band, that uses female vocals here and there. A killer album in its genre. [7 points]

*BIONIC ANGEL – Digital Violence (Schwarzdorn)
German gothic rock band with sidesteps to electro. The band is well-known for their extravagant, exxxtreme live shows. [7 points]

*BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY – Devil’s Mayhem (Osmose/Rough Trade)
The raw thrash metal band of ANGELCORPSE guitarplayer Gene Palubicki has an important female input. Drummer Gina Ambrosia beats the shit out of her kit, and that exactly why we like this shit. [8 points]

*BLOOD CEREMONY – Blood Ceremony (Rise Above/Suburban)
Great psychedelic rockband from Canada. With the use of flute and keyboards, which are played by frontlady Alia O’Brien, they come close to the good old proggresive sound of JETHRO TULL and our very own FOCUS and GOLDEN EARRING. [8 points]

*CAAMORA – Journey’s End ….An Acoustic Anthology (Metal Mind/Bertus)
Clive Nolan (PENDRAGON / ARENA) and Agnieszka Swita teamed up together for this two hour double CD. Most of the songs are recoreded live on the world tour of this band. Christina Booth adds her female voice as a guest singer in “The Bonding”. The CD is compiled with demo tracks and a radio interview. [7 points]

*CLITEATER – Scream Bloody Clit (War Anthem/Displeased)
In need of some brutal grindcore? CLITEATER put fifteen grinding grenades in thirty-five minutes. Susan Geri is the guitarist of these Dutch flesheaters. [7 points]

*CORONATUS – Porta Obscura (Massacre/Suburban)
This German gothic metal band has two female singers in their line up. The soprano vocals (NIGHTWISH influenced) come from Carmen R Schäfer and the rock vocals are by Ada Fletcher. An interesting release in its style. [8 points]

*THE CREEPSHOW – Run For Your Life (People Like You/Suburban)
Horror shockabilly from America in the best horrorpops tradition. Fans will know exactly know enough now. [7 points]

*DAWN OF DESTINY – Rebellion In Heaven (Shark/Bertus)
German power metal band, that already gained experience by touring with AXXIS and HOUSE OF LORDS. Tanja Maul is the frontlady of this promising band. [7 points]

*DEADLOCK – Manifesto (Lifeforce/Suburban)
Sabine Weniger plays keyboards and takes care of the female vocal parts of this German based band. The mix of brutal screams and beautiful female voices is done before already of course, but DEADLOCK still makes it sound fresh and enjoyable. [7 points]

*DEADLY SINS – Selling Our Weakness (People Like You/Suburban)
Raw hardcore punk from the well-known Boston hardcore scene. The female frontlady Stephanie Dougherty has a loud, rasping voice which really does the job here. [8 points]

*DEVIL’S GIFT – Devil’s Gift (Tiefdruck / Rock Inc./Bertus)
Lennon Murphy has found herself a suitable band. And with DEVIL’S GIFT she plays an exciting mix of GUANO APES and EVANESCENCE sounding music. A great CD shows her harder, more brutal side. [8 points]

*DICTATED – Suppressing All Who Refuse (independent)
Brutal death metal demo from our own country. The line up of DICTATED contains two female members, who are more than welcome in the mainly male dominated death metal scene. [7 points]

*DRIVE BY WIRE – Between Oceans (My First Sonny Weissmuller/Konkurrent)
Simone Holsbeek is the vocalist of this band, that revives the most successful days of THE GATHERING on their album. [7 points]

*ECLIPTICA – Impetus (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
Eighties rock band from Austria. After a show on the well-known Wacken Open Air Festival the band presents us their debut album. Metal Maiden in the band is female vocalist Elisabeth Fangmeyer. [7 points]

*EDEN’S CURSE – The Second Coming (AFM/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Pamela Moore (Sister Mary in QUEENSRYCHE’s “Operation Mindcrime”) sings a duet in “Angels & Demons” on this melodic rock album. [7 points]

*EPHRAT – No One’s Word (Inside Out/CNR)
Debut album of this Israëlian progrock band. Besides Petronella Nettermalm (PAATOS), we can also hear Daniël Gildenlöw (PAIN OF SALVATION) on vocals, next to the bands original vocalist Lior Seker. Steven Wilson (PORCUPINE TREE, BLACKFIELD) mixed the album. [7 points]

*REINO ERMITAÑO – Rituals Intersiores (I Hate/Displeased)
Read this review real slow, so it matches with the so called ‘witch doom’ of this Peruvian band. Tania Duarte is the dooming witchvoice of this surprising band. [8 points]

*FACTORY OF DREAMS – Poles (Progrock/Rough Trade)
Internet cooperation between the Portuguese guitarist Hugo Flores and Swedish soprano nightingale Jessica Letho lead to this album. An album with fantasy, gothic metal. A surprisingly good result by a surprising cooperation. [7 points]

*FALCONER – Among Beggars And Thieves (Metal Blade/Rough Trade)
On the sixth album of this Swedish melodic power metal band is also some space for female vocals. Although not upfront maybe, it’s still worth mentioning here. [7 points]

*GONIN – ISH – Naishikyo Sekai (Seasons Of Mist/Bertus)
This Japanese band started their career as an ANEKDOTEN tribute band. Anoji is the frontlady of this progressive rock band that uses quite a lot of keyboards. Some songs are too far distanced from the rock and metal scene, to make the whole world enjoyable for diehard metalheads, I’m afraid. [6 points]

*GRAVE DIGGER – Ballads Of A Hangman (Napalm/Rough Trade)
Veronica Freeman of BENEDICTUM is a guest singer on the thirteenth studio album of these German power metallers. Just listen to the outstanding “Lonely The Innocence Dies”. [7 points]

*HAND – Deadroom Journal (Casket Music/Bertus)
Old school gothic rock is the basic sound of this English threesome. Kat is the singer, bassplayer, pianoplayer of this band, that will sometimes surprise you with long, exciting instrumental pieces. [7 points]

*INCASSUM – In Vain (Casket Music/Bertus)
Six track mini CD of this English thrash metal company. Frontlady Sharleen Kennedy uses her wild grunt voice, but also her normal singing voice on this MCD. [7 points]

*JARBOE – Mahakali (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
JARBOE’s roots lay in a band called SWANS. The msuic on this album ranges from folk to black metal. SWANS fans may dig this, cause it comes close to the sound of SWANS but it’s heaviër in general. People who like this experimental mix of styles can enjoy over seventy minutes of JARBOE metal on “Mahakali”. [8 points]

*KERION – Holy Creatures Quest (Thundering/Bertus)
French power metal band that didn’t impress me too much, because of the bad English lyrics. Musically, the band sounds quite OK. Flora Spinelli is the frontlady of the band. [6 points]

*KIVIMETSÄN DRUIDI – Shadowheart (Century Media/EMI)
Take BATTLELORE, give them an opera singer called Leeni – Maria Hovila, and you’ve just created a band with an unique sound. Metal for the old druids that life down in the forrests of Finland. [7 points]

*LITES OVER FENIX – From Dust EP (independent)
Roel van Helden and Aniek Janssen (both ex DELPHIAN), have joined forces on this EP. Together with members of SUN CAGED we can enjoy three sphereful rock songs on this EP. [7 points]

*MADE OUT OF BABIES – The Ruiner (The End/Suburban)
Strong third stoner rock album of this female fronted band. Julie Christmas shows what she can do with her marvellous voice here. [7 points]

*MALNÀTT – La Voice Dei Morti (CCP/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Black metal is mixed with gothic and folky passages, and female voices here and there. The band hails from Italy. [7 points]

*MARTONE – Clean (Magna Carta/PIAS)
JENNIFER BATTEN is a guest on this great guitar CD of Canadian mastermind David Martone. Next to her, we can also enjoy the skills of BILLY SHEEHAN, JOE SATRIANI and STEVE HOWE on this album. [8 points]

*MATTSSON – Dream Child (Lion Music/Bertus)
Swedish guitarhero Lars Eric Mattsson presents his new female recruit Adrienn Antall here. Symphonic metal on a very high level, like we are used to hear from him. Released of course on his own label. [8 points]

*OCEANS OF SADNESS – The Arrogance Of Ignorance (Scarlet/Bertus)
There are guest vocals of Ann Louice Loeglund and John Liiva (ex ARCH ENEMY, now HERSE) on this fifth album of this Belgian band. OPETH fans may want to add this CD to their collection. [7 points]

*PAIN – Cynic Paradise (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Anette Olzon of NIGHTWISH sings on two songs of the new of Peter Tägtgren’s band PAIN. [7 points]

*ALBERTO RIGGONI – Something Different (Lion Music/Bertus)
There are two vocal tracks on the instrumental debut album of bass player Alberto Riggoni. On “Bassex” and “Rollercoaster” we hear the vocal input of Irene Ermoli and Danielle Conte. [7 points]

*SIEBENBÜRGEN – Revelation VI (Massacre/Suburban)
The ressurrection of SIEBENBÜRGEN is a fact, and Lisa Bohwalli is the new female vocalistin the band. Andy Larocque (KING DIAMOND) plays guitar on two songs on “Revelation VI”. [8 points]

*SIN 7 SINS – Promo 2008 (independent - demo)
Gothic nu-metal band from our own country. Frontlady of this remarkable band is called Lotus. [7 points]

*SIRENIA – The 13th Floor (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
SIRENIA lives on the edge between what’s good and what’s bad. Monika Pedersen has left the band after “Nine Destinies And A Downfall”. She’s been replaced by Ailyn, who comes from Spain. It makes the album sound even more poppy than they did before already. Nice frontcover though. [6 points]

*STUCK MOJO – The Great Revival (Napalm/Rough Trade)
There are some screaming female vocal parts on the new album of this crossover band. The abnd has introduced a more retro sound on this new album. [7 points]

*JENNIE TEBLER’S OUT OF OBLIVION – Till Death Tear Us Part (Black Mark/Bertus)
Jennie rocks outloud. This Swedish rockgirl already released a tribute single to Thomas Quorthon (BATHORY). This CD shows us, that the lady has many different faces. [7 points]

*TODESBONDEN – Sleep Now Quiet Forrest (Prophecy/Suburban)
Laurie Ann Haus is the frontlady of TODESBONDEN, an American band that mixes metal with folky parts, and folk music with metal parts. A name to remember, because of the high quality music they play. [8 points]

*VAN CANTO – Hero (Gun/Bertus)
A capella metal. No, this is nothing for me. I’d rather go for loud and screaming guitars. MANOWAR and IRON MAIDEN songs without instrumentation can be found on this second album of VAN CANTO. Vocalally, very well done maybe, but I’m missing some essential elements, which make this album to an uninterresting release for me. [5 points]

*VARIOUS ARTISTS – Ferocity And Fenimity (Anthem Records)
Compilation album of the home of female fronted bands, the Anthem label. Enjoy various styles of female fronted bands like ASASTREIA, HANGING DOLLS, SUBMERGED, ARAPACIS, MAIDA VALE, DREMORA, DENDURA, AFTERDAWN, TEMUJIN, CELTICA, LIQUID SKY, DYONISIS and ANCESTRAL LEGACY. With the release of this album, money will be raised for the MacMillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK. A good way to support this good cause. [8 points]

*XYSTUS AND US CONCERT – Equilibrio: A Rock Opera (Phoenix Productions)
Dutch Rock opera with Simone Simons (EPICA) and Michelle Splietecke (musical CATS) on female vocals. A remarkable enjoying project with a high orchestral and classical level. Musical fans might like to hear this as well as open minded metalheads. [7 points]

Spring-Summer 2008:

*ALURA– Alura (independent)
Five track EP, that reminded me of SKUNK ANANSIE. Vocalist Laura Schoegje sure can make some noise, but she’s also a very strong frontlady in the less heavy tracks on this EP. There are some new Dutch talents on the horzion here, that’s for sure. [8 points]

*ASVA– What You Don’t Know Is Frontier (Southern/De Konkurent)
This band sounds bad to the bone! Female vocalist Holly Johnson matches very well with the imposing, alternative sound of this doom band. [7 points]

*BROTHER FIRETRIBE– Heart Full Of Fire (Spinefarm/Bertus)
Annette Olzon of NIGHTWISH sings guest vocals on the new CD by NIGHTWISH guitar player Emppu Vuorinen and LEVERAGE singer Pekka Ansin Heino. The band also covers “Chasing The Angels” of Mike Reno (LOVERBOY), which was origianlly recorded for the soundtrack of Iron eagle II. [7 points]

*CARDAMON– The Primrose Path (independent)
Debut rock album by this Dutch band, that has a good frontlady in Floortje Donia. A well-produced CD that walks on the thin line between rock and metal. [7 points]

*CHTONIC– Pandemonium (Deathlight/CNR)
Black metal band from Taiwan, of all places. Exotic, exciting metal fills your room. Female bassplayer Doris is the metal maiden in the band. She is also responsible for some female vocals here and there. [8 points]

*CREMATORY– Pray (Massacre/Suburban)
CREMATORY brings you gothic metal to the max. This album sounds a bit more heavy than the band's previous release “Klagenbilder”. [7 points]

*DELIGHT– Breaking Ground (Metal Mind/Bertus)
This Polish gothic metal band slowly differs their sound from gothic metal to a more poppy sound. Fans of EVANESCENCE may like this album. Paulina ‘Paula’ Maslanka is the frontlady on this well-produced album. Fans will be, without any doubt, very delighted with “Breaking Ground”. [7 points]

*EBONY ARK– When The City Is Quiet (Ascendance/Bertus)
Debut album from this Spanish prog metal band. This CD was going to be released on Transmission records, but the label went bankrupt. We’re glad, it is released by Ascendance now. Beatriz Albert is the frontlady of this powerful band. [8 points]

*ELUVEITIE– Slania (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Pagan black metal with some female voice here and there. [7 points]

*EQUILIBRIUM– Sagas (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
German band that brings a fabulous mix of extreme metal and folky stuff. Sandra Volkel is the female bassplayer in the band [7 points]

*ETERNAL DEFORMITY– Frozen Circus (Code 666/Displeased)
This band from Poland mixes all imaginable styles, trying to create a style of its own. Together with some female vocalists, “Frozen Circus” has become an experimental yet very nice album. [8 points]

*EVERON- North (Mascot/PIAS)
German prog rock band that presents their seventh album. On “Islanders”, we hear a duet with female vocalist Judith Stüber. [7 points]

*EXPEDITION DELTA– Expedition Delta (Progrock/Bertus)
Melodic progmetal band from Serbia, that presents us their new album. Frontlady Alexandra Jankovic gets help from interesting guest musicians like Gary Wehrkamp (SHADOW GALLERY), Erik Norlander (ROCKET SCIENTISTS/LANA LANE), Joost van den Broek (AFTER FOREVER), Santiago Dobles (AGHORA), Torsten Roehre (SILENT FORCE) and Sabine Edelsbacher (EDENBRIDGE). No wonder, that “Expedition Delta” sounds so well. [8 points]

*FOREVER SLAVE– Tales For Bad Girls (Wacken/SPV/CNR)
The sound of FOREVER SLAVE is comparable to WITHIN TEMPTATION. Lady Angelyca is the bad girl, who tells you all the tales on this CD. [7 points]

*HEIDEVOLK– Walhalla Wacht (Napalm/Rough Trade)
Dutch best folk metal band, that surprises us with their second album. You can see this band as a sort of Dutch equivalent to SKYCLAD and CRUACHAN. Stefanie Speervrouw is the female violin player of the band. Raise your beer jug and sing along! [7 points]

*JUCIFER– L’Autrichienne (Relapse/Rough Trade)
A lot of different styles are captured on this double CD of Edgar Livengood and Amber Valentine. Ranging from raw, raunchy rock to melancholic ballads, JUCIFER plays it all. The variation in different songs makes the album sound utterly fresh. [7 points]

*KIUAS– The New Dark Age (Spinefarm/Bertus)
You can hear a female guest singer on the acoustic ballad “After The Storm” on the third album by this Finnsih metal band. [7 points]

*ELVIRA MADIGAN– Regent Sie (Black Lodg /Suburban)
Average gothic black metal album of Elvira Madigan. Only the future will tell, if she is capable of competing with the murdering competetition in this scene. I’m afraid, that she will drown into the full sea of releases with this album. [6 points]

*MAGENTA– Metamorphosis (Tigermoth/Bertus)
Symphonic prog rock band releasing their fourth album. Christina Booth is the female member of this British band, who convinced me most with their long epic songs here. [7 points]

Hear the groovy sound by this New York based band. Fans of MARILYN MANSON might dig this. [7 points]

*MOONSPELL– Night Eternal (Steamhammer/CNR)
On this new MOONSPELL album, vocalist Fernando Ribeiro sings a duet with Anneke van Giersbergen in “Scorpion Flower”. The band from Portugal slowly moves their sound from black metal to gothic metal on this one. “First Light” closes the CD with the help of a ladies choir. [7 points]

*NEVERLAND– Reversing Time (AFM/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Put the band DREAMTONE and female vocalist Iris Mavraki togeter, and you have the band NEVERLAND. On “Reversing Time” we also hear guest appearances by Mike Barker (SHADOW GALLERY), Gary Wehrkamp (SHADOW GALLERY), Hansi Küsch (BLIND GUARDIAN) and Tom Englund (EVERGREY). Interesting concept album! [8 points]

*NUCLEUS TORN– Knell (Prophecy/Suburban)
Melodic prog rock band from Switzerland with male and female vocals. Flute, cello, acoustic guitars and piano add something special to the melodic side of this band. [7 points]

*REMEMBRANCE– Silencing The Moments... (Firedoom/Displeased)
Not for depressed people! Beware this is slow, dark funeral doom metal with a dark black edge around it. Carline van Roos is the female singer in this French threesome. [7 points]

*ROYAL HUNT– Collission Course…Paradox II (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
Follow up to the “Paradox” album of 1997. Mark Boals has replaced John West on vocals. The female input on this neo classical, progressive work of art comes from Maria McTurk (background vocals) and Soma Alpass (background vocals, cello). Guest vocals are done by Dougie White, Henrik Brockmann and Ian Parry. [8 points]

*SABATON– The Art Of War (Black Lodge/Suburban)
The female narrator of the story is the only link to Metal Maidens. The idea of this album is almost the same as the latest SARACEN album "Vox In Excelsis", only the topic is different. [7 points]

*SCHANDMAUL– Anderswelt (Fame/Rock Inc./Bertus)
This folk album can hardly be called rock or metal. Fans know that it exists now though. [5 points]

*THANATOSCHIZO– Zoom Code (My Kingdom/Sonic Rendezvous)
Doomy gothic metal band from Portugal, which mixes a lot of styles together, and adds some strange ideas in their music, like accordion parts in “Hereafter Path”. Patricia is the frontlady and singer of the band. [6 points]

*THEATRES DES VAMPIRES– Anima Noir (Aural/Bertus)
One of the leading gothic metal bands from italy presents their new album. Scarlet is the frontlady of this band, that is most well-known for their great live shows. [7 points]

*THEE MERRY WIDOWS– The Devils Outlaws (People Like You/Suburban)
Juicy punkrock, horrorpunk songs fill the new album of this all-female, American punk band. Think about a mix between THE CRAMPS and THE MISFITS and you’ll come close to what THEE MERRY WIDOWS sound like. [8 points]

*THROUGH YOUR SILENCE– Whispers To The Void (My Kingdom Music/Sonic Rendezvous)
Italian death metal band, that uses female vocals every now and then. And Dalai Orsi (SUMMONER) adds just that little something that lifts this band up to something special in the mass of other death metal bands. [7 points]

*TRINACRIA– Travel Now Journey Infinitely (Indie Recordings/Bertus)
Debut album from a band, that consists of former members of EMMERKORF, ENSLAVED and FE-MAIL. Noise is mixed with black metal blasts and also dreamy parts. Interesting stuff for the adventurous listener. [7 points]

*WOLFMARE– Whitemare Rhymes (CCP/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Folk metal band, CRUACHAN style, from Sint Petersburg in Russia. Even Keith Fay and Karen Gilligan (both CRUACHAN) are guesting on this nice album, that mixes folk metal with touches of black and doom metal. [7 points]

Winter 2007-2008:

*AFTER DEATH– Retronomicon (Iron Pegasus/Displeased)
Project of former MORBID ANGEL, NOCTURNUS member Mike Browning. He added female vocals to create the ultimate sound for his occult stories in music. [7 points]

*AGHORA– Form Less (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Diana Serra replaced Danishta Rivero, which is not an easy job, because AGHORA plays a complex mix of different music styles. Sometimes experimental and brutal, and at other times progresive and leaning towards fusion. This is a great new album with a lot of variation and with a convincing, great new singer [8 points]

*ALL FOR NOTHING – Can’t Kill What’s Inside (Swell Creek/Sonic Rendezvous)
Female-fronted old school hardcore band from The Netherlands. The album shows that women are not afraid to sound brutal as well in the male dominated hardcore scene. [7 points]

*AMATRIS– Imprisoned (Twilight/Displeased)
German gothic doom band with female vocals (Jannet Baade) and male grutns. Nothing new, but still enjoyable. [6 points]

*APOCALYPTICA– Worlds Collide (20-20/Sony/BMG)
The cello trip from the stretched country of Finland release their sixth album. Guests on this disc are Corey Taylor (STONE SOUR / SLIPKNOT), Till Lindeman (RAMSTEIN), Adam Gontier (THREE DAYS GONE) and Dave Lombardo (SLAYER). The female input comes from Christina Scabbia (LACUNA COIL), who sings in the song “S.O.S. (Anything But Love)” [6 points]

*ATARGATIS– Nova (Massacre/Suburban)
Austrian goth metal band, who release their second album. Vocalist Stephanie Luzie also sings in DARKWELL, and she is helped out here by Matthias Hechler (CREMATORY) and Thomas Helm (EMPYRIUM). [7 points]

*AVA INFERNI– The Silhouette (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Portuguese gothic metal band, that perfectly blends the opera-like vocals of Carmen Simoẽs with the slow riffs of Rune Eriksen (a.k.a. Blasphemer of MAYHEM). [7 points]

*AVANTASIA– The Scarecrow (Nuclear Blast/Pias)
Amanda Sommerville is the female voice on the third album of this project of EDGUY’s Tobias Sammett. [7 points]

*AXXIS – Doom Of Destiny (AFM/Rock Inc/Bertus)
The female voice of Lakonia has moved from the background to the front row, which is a good thing. She’s a very positive addition to the melodic rock sound of this German rock sensation. The band recently toured with GAMMA RAY and HELLOWEEN, but then Lakonia’s parts were performed by Ana Mladinovici (MAGICA) [8 points]

*BEFORE THE DAWN– Deadlight (Cyclone Empire)
Dark metal band from Finland with Katja Vaukkonen as guest vocalist. [6 points]

*THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE– Waking With Strangers (Repo/Sonic Rendezvous)
This band from Canada presents us their third album. Vocalist Chibi is the biggest eye-catcher of this threesome, that provides us very catchy, melodic songs. [7 points] XXX1/2

*BLINDED BY TRUST– Justice Will Prevail (Lucifer’s Legion)
Femke (SIREN) sings the title track on this old school hardcore CD. BLINDED BY TRUST consists of three ex members of BETTER OFF [6 points]

*CONSORTIUM PROJECT– Children Of Tomorrow (Metal Heaven/Rough Trade)
Again we can enjoy some female (choir) vocals on Ian Parry’s CONSORTIUM PROJECT’s new CD, which contains some great, bombastic, melodic rock songs. Henk van der Laars (ELEGY) plays some guest guitar parts with his former bandmate. [8 points]

*CORONATUS– Lux Noctis (Massacre/Suburban)
This is some kind of super gothic metal band. While other bands have one frontlady, CORONATUS has two frontladies. Carmen R. Schäfer and Ada Fletching provide the TRISTANIA-like sound with normal vocals and opera vocals. Try to top that!! [8 points]

*MICHELLE DARKNESS– Brand New Drug (A.F.M./Rock Inc/Bertus)
Solo album of the frontman of END OF GREEN. Hanna Pakarinen, who won the Idols contest in Finland, is the female guest vocalist, which you can hear on the JOY DIVISION cover “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. Besides this, it is just an average gothic metal album. [6 points]

*DEPRESSED MODE– Ghosts Of Devotion (Firebox/Dis)
Finnish doom metalband with a great name. Natalie Koskinen is the frontlady of this excentric band, that covers BURZUM’s “Dunkelheit” on this album. [7 points]

*DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA– The Butcher’s Ballroom (Candlelight/Bertus)
The name of the band gives away the biggest secret. This band walks the thin line between metal and rock or even pop. They mix different styles and use various, uncommon instruments like cello, piano, didgeridoo and horns. Annlouice Loeglund adds her best opera voice to this odd mix of styles and instruments. Check it out, if you don’t like rock in its traditional way anymore. [6 points]

*EILERA– Fusion (Spinefarm/Bertus)
French singer, who presents us her solo album, including the sound of violins and heavy guitars. It’s recorded in Finland with a totally Finnish line up of the band. [7 points]

*ETHS– Tératologie (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Hard to describe, nu-metal like band from France. Frontlady Candice Clot is the absolute ear catcher, who will surprise you with a wide range of different voices that she provides. [7 points]

*SEBNEM FERA– 10 Mart 2007, Istanbul Konserti (Pasaj Müzik)
This Turkish singer can be heard on several APOCALYPTICA CDs. But now she’s the biggest eye-catcher on her double live CD, recorded in her home country Turkey. Rock and metal with a solid Turkish base. [8 points]

*FLOWING TEARS– Invanity (Ascendance/Bertus)
Live album, recorded in Berlin. The listener gets a best of set, including covers like “Dead Skin Mask” (SLAYER) and “The Weeping Song” (NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS). [8 points]

*FOR SELENA AND SIN– Overdosed On you (Mascot/PIAS)
Finnish rock band, that surprised us with their debut album. Annika Jalkanen is the frontlady of the band, that provides us a lot of catchy rock songs on “Overdosed On You” [7 points] XXX1/2

*GUTTURAL– Anal Violation (demo)
Wow, a grindcore band with a female bass player! Femke is one of the very few women who discover the guttural sound of the grindcore scene. Sick, sicker, GUTTURAL. Check it out, if you dare! [7 points]

*HARDINEROCK– Grimen (Candlelight/Bertus)
New, non-metal project of Ihsahn (EMPEROR / PECCATUM) and his wife Ihriel (PECCATUM). The music is a sort of mix between Norwegian folk music and black metal. High quality music with a low metal level. [7 points]

*I HATE SALLY– Don’t Worry Lady (Vagrant/PIAS)
Dee Prescott is the very convincing frontlady on this powerful rock album. [7 points]

*INDIGO DYING– Indigo Dying (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
Gisa Vatchky does it all on her own this time, instead of working together with big names like ANDREA BOCELLI, MELISSA ETHERIDGE and MEAT LOAF. She does a great job on this “Indigo Dying” album, on which she sings duets with Michael Kiske and Mark Boals. A must for fans of melodic rock. [8 points]

*IVORY MOON– Human Nature (Ulterium/Bertus)
EPICA-like band with a bit more symphonic input. Cecilia Serra is the female vocalist of this band, that still has got a long way to go. [6 points]

*KAIPA– Angling Feelings (Inside Out/CNR)
Aleena Gibson is one of the singers in this progressive rock band. Roine Stolt (THE FLOWER KINGS) has left the band and was replaced by Per Nilsson (SCAR SYMETRY). The music remained the same and captures a lot of variation in styles. [8 points]

*KINETIC– Corrosion (Burning Star/LSP Distribution)
Greek death metal band with a female frontlady, that have some good, innovative musical ideas. A possible promise for the future. [7 points]

*LACRIMOSA– Lichtjahre (Hall Of Sermon/Suburban)
The godfather and mother of gothic metal present their double live CD here, recorded on their most recent tour. Tilo Wolff and Anne Nurmi at their very best. This concert is also available on DVD. [9 points]

*MACBETH– Superangelic Hate Bringers (Dragonheart/Bertus)
LACUNA COIL-like gothic metal band from Italy. Fans of this band will definitely enjoy this stuff a lot [6 points]

MALSAIN– The Disease (Dark Essence/Bertus)
Dark, doomy, black metal band from Norway. Sturmring is one of the very few ladies who knows how to survive in the brutal world of extreme underground black metal. [8 points]

*MENA BRINNO– Icy Muse (Dark Balance/Displeased)
New gothic metal band, that releases their debut album. Katy Decker is the frontlady in this EVANESCENCE-like outfit. [7 points]

*SANDRA NASIC– The Signal (GUN/Sony BMG)
The German version of ANOUK, could be the right description of this solo album by GUANO APES singer Sandra Nasic. Solid rock with some poppy sidesteps. Fans of GUANO APES should also check out this solo release. [7 points]

*NATION BEYOND– The Aftermath Odyssey (Burning Star/LSP Distribution)
Concept album of this Swedish sextet, that provides us with some melodic, epic song material here. Sara is the female singer on this release. [7 points]

*NUCLEAR BLAST ALLSTARS– Into The Light (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
Each of the ten songs on this album is recorded with another singer. Tarja Turunen (ex-NIGHTWISH, now solo) takes care of the female input here. Later this year, they will release a more brutal set of songs, which will be called “Out Of The Dark” [7 points]

*PRIMAL FEAR– New Religion (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
This is not a mistake, because on “Everytime It Rains”, Ralf Scheepers is doing a duet with EPICA’s Simone Simons. The switch from Nuclear Blast to Frontiers has turned this previous ‘JUDAS PRIEST clone’ into a more melodic metal outfit. [7 points]

*PROJECT CREATION– Dawn On Pyther (Progrock/Bertus)
If you like wild, busy songs with a very few points of rest, than this “Dawn On Pyther” is something for you. There are different female vocalists on this seventy-five minutes prog rock CD. [7 points]

*SHADE– One Way Line (Rockcliffe)
Emma Shade gathered two ex-DARE members, Simon Gardner and Andrew Moore, around her to record this A.O.R., pop rock album. Catchy pop, ballsy rock and sensitive ballads are the main ingredients on this album [7 points]

*SOUL TAKERS– Flies In A Jar (Dragonheart/Bertus)
Italian progmetal band with two female members in their line up. The Badalini sisters play piano and guitar on this new CD. [7 points]

*SPIDER ROCKETS– Ever After Locomotive/Rock Inc/Bertus)
Very average rock album of this American band. Helena is their singer. [6 points]

*STINKING LIZAVETA– Scream Of The Iron Iconoclast (Monotreme/De Konkurent)
STINKING LIZAVETA from Philadelphia play an exciting mix of very different styles on their fourth album. The band has a female drummer in their ranks, that goes by the name of Cheshire Agusta [7 points]

*SUBWAY TO SALLY– Bastard (Nuclear Blast/PIAS)
This septet have picked up their guitars again to provide us some raw folk metal, comparable to HAGGARD, SCHANDMAUL and IN EXTREMO. [7 points] XXX1/2

*TERKEN– Eyes Unfolded (Firebox/Displeased)
Death doom band from Finland. TERKEN is an old Finnish word for ‘mist’, which fits well to the dark sound from the land of the thousand lakes, where the mist is tightly connected to the beautiful stretching landscape. Elisa is the female singer, and Yuri is the brutal male grunter in the band. [7 points]

*TOXOCARA– The Great Rebellious (Twilight/Bertus)
Death metal band from Holland with a female bassplayer (Anne van Doorn), who present us their second album. [7 points]

*TRAGØDIA– The Promthean Legacy (Dark Balance/Displeased)
Gothic metal band with male and female vocals. Not only the fact that they come from Italy, made me think of LACUNA COIL here and there. [7 points]

*TULUS– Biography Obscene (independent/Bertus)
Black metal with pianos, string arrangements and female vocals, from a band that surprised everybody by releasing this new album. After all, singer Sverre and drummer Bergli play in a band called KHOLD, after they put TULUS on hold. [7 points]

*ULVER– Shadows Of The Sun (Jester/Bertus)
Dark metal album with influences of new wave, jazz, gothic rock and symphonic laden music. Pamela Kurstin is the female member of this excentric, experimental dark sounding band. [6 points]

*VLAD IN TEARS– Seed Of Ancient Pain (Dreamcell)
Another so-called gothic metal talent is developing itself in the crowded gothic metal tree. VLAD IN TEARS hails from Italy, and Kris is their female singer. “Seed Of Ancient Pain” is the bands debut album. [6 points]

*VOYAGER– Univers (Dockyard/Rock Inc/Bertus)
Australian metal band with a female guitarplayer in their ranks. “Univers” is the bands second album. [7 points]

*WINDS– Prominence And Demise (The End/LSP Distribution/Bertus)
Agnete Kirkevaag (MADDER MORTEM) lends her voice to some songs on this bombastic black metal album from Norway. [7 points]

*WITNESS THE FALL- Take A Closer Look Inside (demo)
There are some female guest vocalists on this demo by WITNESS THE FALL from The Netherlands. [6 points]

*WOLVES IN THE RUNE ROOM– Two Hunters (Southern Lord/De Konkurent)
American pagan metal band, that have a great singer in their band. Jessica Kenney (ASVA). The band shows their musical ideas in exciting, long, epic tracks. [7 points]

Spring/Summer 2007:

*ANNIHILATOR– Metal (Steamhammer/CNR)
Metal to the max, as you may expect from Jeff Waters and ANNIHILATOR. Angela Gossow and Danko Jones sing a duet in “Couple Suicide”. On every other song, the band is helped out by another guest. This is what ‘metal’ is all about. [9 points]

*CASURE SILENCE- Lost In A Life (Rock Inc/Bertus)
Sandra Peeters (V-MALE) is the female guest vocalist on the title track of this new album. The Dutch prog rockers have also asked in the help of Damian Wilson (AYREON, THRESHOLD), to do a guest performance on this good album. [7 points]

*CHTONIC– Seediq Bale (Down Port/Bertus)
Black metal without borders lands in Taiwan this time. The lyrics of the songs are based upon myths and legends from their home country. Even their corpse paint is based upon the heritage of their forefathers. [7 points]

*DARK MOOR– Tarot (Scarlet/Bertus)
This album grabs back to the early days of the band (first two albums). Manda Ophuis (NEMESEA) is their female guest singer on this album this time, that is filled with melodic power metal. The cards predict good sales for DARK MOOR with this new release. [8 points]

*DEADLOCK– Wolves (Lifeforce/Suburban)
German metal band with a male and a female singer (Sabine Weniger), who slowly develops from a brutal black metal band to a more LACUNA COIL-like sound. The input of Sabine is more prominent each album. [7 points]

*THE DOGMA– A Good Day To Die (Drakkar/Suburban)
Lisa Middelhauve of XANDRIA is guest vocalist on the new album by this power metal band. [7 points]

*FAREWELL TO WORDS– Tear Down This Wall (Sonic Rendezvous)
Band from Berlin, who presents us their new five track mini CD. The sound of this band is a mix of metal and hardcore. Vocals are done by Mo and Jessi. [7 points]

*GENIUS– Episode Three: The Final Surprise (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
Third and final chapter of the rock opera of Daniele Liverani. The female parts on this disc come from Andrea Dätwyler of LUNATICA. [7 points]

*KORN– Unplugged (EMI)
Amy Lee of EVANESCENCE plays a guest role during “Freak On A Leash” on this acoustic album. I still have difficulties listening to metal without the amps. [7 points]

*MALNÀTT– Happy Days (CCP/Displeased)
Italian pagan black metal band with a female singer. [6 points]

*MOTHERNIGHT– Mothernight (Locomotive/Rock Inc/Bertus)
Powerful female vocals are the main attraction on the album of this Polish band, that makes a remarkable mix of nu-metal and gothic rock. [7 points]

*PRIDE OF LIONS– The Roaring Of Dreams (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
Tori Hitchcock is the sister of Toby Hitchcock, who is the singer of PRIDE OF LIONS. She is the female voice in the mini opera “Turnaround”. She proves to be as talented as her brother. A.O.R. at its very best. [9 points]

*ROTTING CHRIST– Theogonia (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
This Greek metal band likes to play with strange instruments, songs with an Eastern sounding input and female vocals. The first buyers of this album will get a bonus DVD for free. [7 points]

*SEVENTH SIN– Darkest Of All Dreams (independent)
Another star in the Dutch goth rock scene. SEVENTH SIN shows us, that they can easily compete with other Dutch bands in the international scene. Monique Op Hey is the female frontlady of this band. Website: [7 points]

*SUNNO))) + BORIS– Altar (Southern Lord/De Konkurrent)
Jesse Sykes is the guest vocalist for this extreme, strange combination of musicians. With the piano ballad “The Sinking Belle”, they’ve recorded a song that you really won’t expect from these dark slow doomsters. [7 points]

*THEE MERRY WIDOWS– Revenge Served Cold (People Like You/Suburban)
Rockabilly punk from an all-female band, that really knows to rock until you drop. They’re served cold, but they’re hot to be rocked!! [8 points]

*THERION– Gothic Kabbalah (Nuclear Blast/Rough Trade)
The female vocals on this new THERION album were done by Katrina Lilja and Hannah Holgersson. All the different voices add a progressive touch to the already existing gothic metal sound of the band. Long term fans might need another turn to dig their new sound. [7 points]

*TRAIL OF TEARS– Existentia (Napalm/Rough Trade)
Emmanuele Zoldan is the female guest singer on this new TRAIL OF TEARS album. Although this new album sounds very solid and good, the future doesn’t really look too bright for bandleader Ronny Thorsen. After a tour in Mexico, the whole band left, and Ronny is the only remaining member of TRAIL OF TEARS. He is destined to go on with his band though. [8 points]

*THE WHITE BARONS– Up All Night With The Barons (Gearhead/Sonic Rendezvous)
THE WHITE BARONS mix punk with rockabilly and create a rather unique style. Frontlady of this talented band is Eva von Slut. She will make you stay up all night and play this new CD of THE WHITE BARONS. [7 points]

Winter 2006:

*BEGGARS BRIDE– Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (MTM/Suburban)
Rock album including several different vocalists. Aino Laos is one of the female singers on this rather average rock album. (6 points)

*BITE THE BULLET– The Return Of The Unrich & Ugly (TKO/Sonic Rendezvous)
German punkrock band with female drummer Marina Maniac, who keeps the beat together tightly. She is also the drummer of SUBKULTUR. Here, she is the metal maiden in this very powerful, kick ass punkrock outfit. (7 points)

*BLOODLINED CALLIGRAPHY– Ypsilanti (Facedown/GSR/Suburban)
Brutal American hardcore outfit fronted by female mosh queen Ally French. After the release of this album, Ally has been replaced by Ellen Hoffman. (6 points)

*CARDAMON– Cardamon (NL promoCD; independent)
Floortje is the name of the frontlady in this Dutch rock band, who released their four track promo CD in 2006. The female vocalist is by far the best component in this promising band. Website: (7 points)

*CLAYBORN– Every Dog Has Its Day (Down/Suburban)
Crazy Jane, the frontlady in this Dutch metalband, certainly knows to lift the band to a higher level. Her dogs (read: bandmembers) put a lot of variation in the powerful songs. A name to remember! (7 points)

*CRUACHAN– The Morrigan’s Call (AFM/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Irish folk metal band, that will make you happy, sad, bang your head or think about Ireland as a nice holiday destination at the same time. A safe buy for people, who already liked the band's previous albums. (7 points)

*DACIA & THE WMD– Dacia & The WMD (MTM/Suburban)
Catchy punkrock music, ready for radio airplay. Dacia Bridges might become the new chartbuster after AVRIL LAVIGNE, SKIN and GWEN STEFANI. Lemmy (MOTORHEAD) is even doing a duet with the lady in “Losing You”. A great way to start a successful career! (8 points)

*DEADLINE– Take A Good Look (People Like You/Suburban)
Melodic punkrock coming right from the streets of London! Take a good look and above all a good listen, because this is a first class band. Liz Rose is the female member in this phenomenal band. (7 points)

*DRAGONLAND– Astronomy (Century Media/EMI)
Power metal band from Sweden, that presents us their fourth album already. In their song “Cassiopea”, they called in the help of Elise Ryd on vocals. (7 points)

*FAIRYLAND– The Fall Of An Empire (Napalm/Rough Trade)
French epic, symphonic metal band, that uses female vocals here and there. The bombastic music sounds like an instrumental soundtrack to the fictive movie about "The Fall Of An Empire".(7 points)

*KOTTAK– Therapy (Escapi/Bertus)
Drummer James Kottak (SCORPIONS/KINGDOM COME) is now singer, guitar player in his solo band. On the drums we'll find back Athena Lee, sister of MÖTLEY CRÜE’s drummer Tommy Lee. “Holiday” is a cover of the SCORPIONS classic, from the “Lovedrive” album. These punk rockers started their career as KRUNK, by the way. (7 points)

*LIGHT THIS CITY– Facing The Thousand (Prosthetic/Bertus)
Laura Nichol is the female frontlady in this Bay Area thrash band, that could have put a little more power into their music. A bit more innovation and power would have made this release a lot more interesting than it is now. (6 points)

*LUDICRA– Fex Orbis, Lex Orbis (Alternative Tentacles/Sonic Rendezvous)
Doomy, black metal band from the State of California. Laurie is the singer, who proves that she can put on a normal voice, but she can scream as well.(7 points)

*MADE OUT OF BABIES– Coward (Neurot/Southern/De Konkurent)
Ultrabrutal band from America with the sick female vocal parts of Julie Christmas in front of the mix. Man, what a power!! Only cowards wouldn't dare to listen to this new power explosion. (8 points)

*MEAT LOAF– The Monster Is Loose, Bat Out Of Hell Part III (Universal)
Marion Raven, Patti Russo and Jennifer Hudson are the female singers on this third “Bat Out Of Hell” chapter. It will possibly never get even near the success of the first bat-release, but I’m sure it will please all the MEAT LOAF fans out there. (8 points)

*MEMORIES OF A LOST SOUL– Seven Steps To Nothingness (Deasun/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Melodic death metal band from Italy, that uses female vocals here and there. The keyboards in their sound take care of the melodic touch. (6 points)

*MORTAL LOVE– Forever Will Be Gone (Massacre/Suburban)
Gothic metal band from Norway, that presents us their great, second album. For fans of melodic goth stuff with female vocals. (7 points)

*MY DYING BRIDE– A Line Of Deathless Kings (Peaceville/Suburban)
The sun disappears, the moon shines bright tonight, leaves starts to fall, and the long dark nights are getting colder and colder. A perfect situation to release the new album of dark doomsters MY DYING BRIDE. (7 points)

*THE NAME– Recognition (NL DemoCD; independent)
Hadassa is the name of the new frontlady in this Dutch powerful metal band. With a bit more experience, they can easily grow out to become a successful new band in the Dutch metal scene. (6 points)

*NAPALM DEATH– Smear Campaign (Century Media/EMI)
Competition: Which Dutch singer sings on two songs of these British grind metal monsters?? Answer: Anneke van Giersbergen of THE GATHERING. What a surprisingly combination!! (7 points)

*THE PROVENANCE– Red Flags (Peaceville/Suburban)
Swedish progressive metal band, that shows us that they have a good talent for writing exciting songs. Vocalist Emma Hellström is a great singer, who easily lifts this band to a higher level. (7 points)

*PRYMARY– The Tragedy Of Innocence (Prog Rock/Bertus)
Very emotional concept album by this American prog rock outfit. Valerie Quirarte tells us her story, which is not really easy to accompany by suitable music. What type of music can be used best, when telling the story of a father who abuses his child sexually?? PRYMARY did a great job here though, and they dealt very well with this difficult task. (8 points)

*RED SPAROWES– Every Red Heart Shines Towards The Red Sun (Neurot)
Dark instrumental album of Josh Graham and Julie Christmas (MADE OUT OF BABIES/BATTLE OF MICE), that tells the story of the bloody revolution in China under Mao Zedong. (7 points)

*SHIVA– The Curse Of The Gift (Shiva/Bertus)
This is not the NWOBHM band, dear friends, but a Swedish band, that has slowly developped into a real band instead of just a project. After two albums, Aneste Johansson remained the singer of this melodic rock outfit from Scandinavia. (7 points)

*THE SPOOKSHOW– Psychosexual Chapter I (Crypt Of Blood/Sonic Rendezvous)
Swedish horror punkrock band, that definately knows to surprise us with their new album. Miss Behave is the frontlady of this colourful spooky outfit. (7 points)

*SYLVER MYST– Emotions Revealed (Sirenette Music Industries)
This is indeed the new Dutch prog rock sensation. Marjolein Hüsken is the frontlady of this promising band, that has captured their diverse soundscapes on this debut album. (7 points)

*TO/DIE/FOR– Wounds Wide Open (Spinefarm/Bertus)
Again, you will find back female vocals on the fourth album by this Finnish gothic metal band (F.e. in “Liquid Lies”). The band also performs their version of OZZY OSBOURNE’S “I Just Want You”, on this brand new album. (7 points)

*TWISTED SISTER– A Twisted Christmas (Demolition/Bertus)
Have a rocking Christmas with TWISTED SISTER, performing Christmas carrols in the best TWISTED SISTER tradition possible. “White Christmas” is guested by DORO, and in “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” we can hear some guest vocals of LITA FORD. A perfect CD for under the Christmas tree. (10 points)

*WETTON/DOWNES– Rubicon, Icon II (Frontiers Records/Rough Trade)
Anneke van Giersbergen (THE GATHERING, yes again!!) is guest vocalist on the new album of these sympho heroes. She can be heard in “To Catch A Thief” and “Tears Of Joy”. (7 points)

*WHY SHE KILLS– Of Hope And Suffocation (NL demo CD; independent)
Death metal band with two lady singers in their ranks. Imke and Janneke are the Metal Maidens in this new band, that was formerly known as GENETIC WISDOM. They put the melody in the death metal like sound of this Dutch band. (7 points)

Summer 2006:

*AMETHISTA– Realitate (Chaos Path/Master Piece/CM Distro)
Aeritica is the frontlady of this gothic black metal band, who decided to go into the studio to record their debut album much too early, in my opinion. Better luck next time, I hope. (5 points)

*ANCIENT RITES– Rubicon (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
Rute Fevereiro from BLACK WIDOWS (Portugal) performs the female vocals on this new album by the Belgian black metal band ANCIENT RITES. They sound heavier and more structured than on their previous album. (7 points)

*THE BELLRAYS– Have A Little Faith (Cheap Lullaby/Bertus)
This garage rock band has a very talented frontlady, called Lisa Kekaula. She puts some soul in the music of THE BELLRAYS with her marvelous voice, which lifts them up far above the average limit. (8 points)

*B-IMPATIENT– Intensity (Locomotive/Rock Inc./Bertus)
German rock band, that has the strength of writing good rock songs with a lot of variation. They may even be capable of writing a hit single in the near future. Vocalist Brigitte Berg is the key figure, who puts the variation in the songs. With the right promotion, this might lead to a commercial and successful career. Fans of rock bands like GUANO APES, EVANESCENCE etcetera, might like to check this out. (7 points)

*BLOODFLOWERZ– Dark Love Poems (Silverdust/Rough Trade)
Gothic pop rock band, who are too far away from the metal sound that our readers might expect from us. Kirsten Zahn is the female singer of the band. The flute playing on the album is done by SCHANDMAUL members Birgit Muggenthaler and Anna Kranzlein. This release gets the benefit of the doubt this time. (6 points)

*CREMATORY– Klagenbilder (Massacre/Suburban)
CREMATORY still sound like they’ve never been away. They score with a new CD, that is completely recorded in the German language. That’s also where they have the most success so far. (7 points)

*DISTORTED– Memorial (Bad Reputuation/Suburban)
LACUNA COIL-like metal band from Israël. Their influences are obvious, but the much louder sound of this band makes them a little bit more refreshing to me. (7 points)

*DUITSE HERDER– Blitzkrieg Bark (Den Canteeen Kweeker/Evil Bitch)
Dirty rockband with two female singers Hester Childmolester and Romylar Dee. Comparing to their previous release, this one sounds like a giant step forward for these Dutch rockers. I hope, that their political ideas are correct as well. (7 points)

*FIREWIND– Allegiance (Century Media/EMI)
On this fourth CD, we hear a nice duet between new singer Apollo Papathanasio and female vocalist Tara in “Breaking The Silence”. Good album with a short but very sweet female touch. (8 points)

*FLEE THE SEEN– Death Becomes The New Addicition (Facedown/GSR/Bertus)
Screamo band from Kansas City with Kim Anderson as the wild screaming vocalist. This lady is wild and energetic, and she shouts all her anger on this powerful album. (7 points)

*PAUL GILBERT– Get Out Of My Yard (Mascot/PIAS)
Paul’s wife Emi plays organ and piano on two of the songs on this new instrumental album of the RACER X / MR BIG guitar player. (8 points)

*HAUTEVILLE– Relief Data Incomplete (Lion Music/Bertus)
Lydie Gosselin is the frontlady in this prog pop rock band from France. Her beautiful voice adds the poppy touch in the melodic songs of this talented band. “Immaculate Eyes” is a cover of the progressive pop rock queen DALBELLO. (7 points)

*HYUBRIS– Hyubris (Recital/Bertus)
Portuguese metal band with Filipa Morta as the female singer of the band. I’m afraid though that the singer is the weakest link here. Another band, that went into the studio much too early! (5 points)

*IXION– Talisman (independent)
Esther Ladiges (UNICORN) and Maaike Bergman are the female voices in this symphonic rock opera. In Linde Faber, the band also added a female cello player to the line up. This is the second release of this solo project of SANGAMO bass player Jankees Braam. Website: (7 points)

*KAMIKATZE– Knit And Trash (Dirty Faces/Sonic Rendezvous)
Aggressive all-female hardcore threesome, that plays much more brutal than you would expect from these lovely ladies. (8 points)

*MAD– The Sentence Remains....1119 (Recital/Bertus)
MAD stands for Mutualy Assured Destruction and it’s the name of this Portuguese band, that still have a very long way to go. But the first steps of this band around Gabriela Pina are there and we have to wait and see where this leads. (6 points)

*MAKHEENA– Martyr (demoCD - independent)
Belgian rock band with a female background singer, called Melissa. Their music sound really groovy. Check their website at: for more information. (7 points)

*MÅNEGRAM– Urminnes Hand ~ The Forrest Sessions (Displeased)
Acoustic folk metal CD by this Swedish band. It never gets really heavy, but it never gets dull either. On this MCD, the band collaborates with the Swedish folk metal band TVÅ FISK OCH EN FLÄSK. Just in case, you wondered... (6 points)

*ROYAL ANGUISH– A Journey Through The Shadow Of Time (Fear Dark/Displeased)
Death metal band from Florida, fronted by a female gothic metal vocalist. A strange combination, which works remarkably well. Bass player Sean Tibbets used to play in KAMELOT. (7 points)

*SARACEN– Vox In Excelso (Escape Music/Bertus)
The NWOBHM icons have used a female storyteller Meg Fairly Maunder on their new album. This might be a good reason for the readers of Metal Maidens to check this one out. The music on this album is superb, and a worthy buy for everyone, who already liked their previous releases. (9 points)

*SARA LEE– Darkness Between (Firebox/Bertus)
Gothic rock band, that barely lifts itself up above the level of average. Maybe it’s because the music of the band is more soft rock, instead of anything that comes close to metal. (6 points)

*SARCOPHAGIA CARNARIA/MORTUARY HACKING SESSION– So Tasty..../Painfully Yours (Last House On The Left)
Split CD with four songs by the female MORTUARY HACKING SESSION, playing very gore, sick and extreme metal. But they also prove, that women won’t hesitate to make history in the gore section as well. Better warn your neighbours, before you play this one! (7 points)

*7 DAYS– The Weight Of The World (Rivel/Bertus)
Caroline Fridsen is the female exponent on this melodic metal album. She sings her part during the song “Fall Again”.(7 points)

*DAIZE SHAYNE– Live Your Dreams (Mascot/PIAS)
Have you ever thought about how SHANIA TWAIN would sound, when playing guitar? Or how JOAN JETT would sound, when she would play surf music? Listen to this CD of blonde guitar nymph Daize Shayne, and you may find your answer here. She even covers GOLDEN EARRING’s biggest hit single “Radar Love” on this new release. Check it out! (7 points)

*SILENTIUM– Seducia (Dynamic Arts/Sonic Rendezvous)
This Finnish band has changed record labels. And also their drummer, male vocalist and female vocalist left the band, since they released their previous album “Sufferion – Hamertia Of Prudence”, three years ago. Riina Rinkinen is the new frontlady of the band now, and she proves that she is just what this band needed to make a fine album like “Seducia”. (8 points)

*SPITTING OF TALL BUILDINGS- Spitting Of Tall Buildings (AGR/Sanctuary/Suburban)
Punk rock band from Germany with a rather uncommon name. They mix their sometimes aggressive sound with influences that seem to come from noise and hardcore music. Jana is the loud screaming lady of this promising band. (7 points)

*STRAPPING YOUNG LAD– The New Black (Century Media/EMI)
On this new album of rock professor Devin Townsend we hear a guest role of BIF NAKED in “Fucker”. All the more reason for the fans of this lady to check it out. (7 points)

*TYSTNADEN– Sham Of Perfection (Limb Music/SPV)
This progressive rock band with some influences of gothic rock, hails from Italy. And they show us, that they’re capable of writing some exciting songs. Laura is the well-talented frontlady of the band. (7 points)

*UREAS– The Naked Truth (Locomotive/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Heidi and Per Johansson are from Denmark, and they give a positive twist on this album to all the negative things, that happened in life. And the final result is something they can be very proud of. (7 points)

*WASTEFALL– Self Exile (Sensory/Bertus)
These Greek musicians used female vocals on their third album. An exciting album full of innovative ideas. Well worth checking out maybe, although the female input is not that big. (7 points)

*WELTENBRAND– The End Of The Wizard (Napalm records/Rough Trade)
CD for the lovers of romantic, melodramatic, gothic metal. Dina Zambelli is the female vocalist with a voice as sweet as candy. Maybe a bit too soft and sweet for the average metal head out there. But overall, this album sounds pretty good. (7 points)

January-March 2006:

*ATARGATIS– Wasteland (Massacre/Suburban)
Gothic metal band from Austria, where Stephanie Luzie is the frontlady. She is well- known for her contribution with DARKWELL, and now presents us this average metal album called “Wasteland” with her new outfit ATARGATIS. (6 points)

*BELIEVE– Hope To See Another Day (Galileo/Bertus)
The female input on the new CD of this Polish melodic rock band comes from a Japanese violin player, called Satomi. She adds just that little bit more to the songs this average CD needs very badly. (6 points)

*BEYON-D-LUSION– Intuispection (Adipocere/Displeased)
French band, that sounds very much like our Dutch pride THE GATHERING. Alexandra Bernard is the frontlady, who also sounds very much like Dutch dream metal diva Anneke van Giersbergen. Good music, but not very original. (7 points)

*THE BLOODLINE– Where Lost Souls Dwell (Rebel Monster/Mascot/PIAS)
Kemi Vita is the female vocalist for this Dutch gothic doom metal band. She definitely lifts the sound of this band up to a higher volume. (6 points)

*THE BONES– Partners In Crime Volume I (People Like You/Suburban)
This is a single, on which some guest vocalists are singing cover songs. Mia Colden of CRUCIFIED BARBARA performs her version of “It’s My Life”, originally recorded by WENDY O WILLIAMS. (7 points)

*BUCKETHEAD AND FRIENDS– Enter The Chicken (Serjical Strike)
Buckethead uses many different vocalists on his new solo album. Several of them are females. All the more reason to mention this new solo CD of former GUNS ‘N’ROSES guitar player here. (8 points)

*CHARLEY HORSE– Charley Horse (People Like You/Suburban)
It was a great shock for us, when Corey Parks left NASHVILLE PUSSY. Her return with DIE HUNNS, together with her husband Duane Peters was already most promising. With CHARLEY HORSE, the fire spitting, new becoming mother, returns to her rock and roll roots with a sound, that will remind you of THE CRAMPS. Check it out! (8 points)

*THE DOGMA– Black Roses (Drakkar/Suburban)
Melodic power metal band from Italy, with a female background vocals. Only interesting for those, who want to buy everything with female members. (7 points)

*DOMINA NOCTIS– Nocturnalight (Officina Rock/Masterpiece)
Italian gothic fivesome with female vocalist, who present us their average debut album. Nothing special going on here though. (6 points)

*DRIVE BY WIRE– Drive By Wire (My First Sonny Weismuller/De Konkurent)
Simone Holsbeek (ex-TELEFUNK, ex-CHORDS) is the frontlady of this grungy stoner rock band. Hans Rutten of THE GATHERING is her partner in crime on this album. (7 points)

*GODSMACK– IV (Universal)
You don’t really need to buy this CD for the female vocals in the ballad “Hollow”. Therefore, it all sounds just a little bit too average. (6 points)

*HER ENCHANTMENT– Darkness (Burning Star)
Lucy Straates is the new female frontlady of this Dutch doom, death metal band. If you liked their previous album, you can’t go wrong on this one either. (7 points)

*KADENZA– The Second Renaissance (Holy/Displeased)
Horror black metal from Japan. The band likes to switch styles constantly on their sometimes bizar sounding album. Not bad though. (7 points)

*LACUNA COIL– Karmacode (Century Media/Suburban)
The songs on this new LACUNA COIL CD aren’t as catchy as the songs on “Comalies”. But for the fans of this Italian metal band, “Karmacode” will be a safe buy and it will definitely become a big hit again. (7 points)

*LEMMY– Damage Case (Sanctuary/Suburban)
Finally, LEMMY made it to the ranks of our magazine as well. Congatulations on that! “Damage Case” is some kind of ultimate compilation album of the work of this God of heavy metal. The female input on these two silver discs comes from WENDY O. WILLIAMS and GIRLSCHOOL. Easily full scores here, of course! (10 points)

*LORD VAMPYR’S SHADOWREIGN– Bloodcity (Gothic Slam/CM Distro)
Horror metal from Italy with gothic background singers. A band with an average sound, in which the singing of the English language is far below the acceptable level. (6 points)

*MADDER MORTEM– Disiderata (Peaceville/Suburban)
A new record label, a new bass player, a new guitarist, a new album. MADDER MORTEM is back, including good old Agnete on vocals, thank God! She sings better than ever on this new CD. Great stuff! (8 points)

*MARSHALL– Pages From The Past (PMP/Rough Trade)
Progressive metal band from Italy. This album contains two female vocalists on two different songs. Only interesting for the die hards. (6 points)

*IAN PARRY– Visions (Escape Music/Bertus)
Many female singers have guested on the new album by this great, sympathic rock singer, who presents us his fourth solo album here. (8 points)

*PENETRATION– Moving Targets (Captain Oi Records)
Re-release by this female fronted punk rock band. The CD contains five bonus tracks. (7 points)

*JIM PETERIK– Above The Storm (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
Lisa McClowry is guest vocalist on the new album of this A.O.R. god. (8 points)

*PYRAMAZE– Legend Of The Bone Carver (Massacre/Suburban)
There are also female guest vocals on the new CD of this well-talented band. (8 points)

*RED CARPET– Treatment (E-Sound/Big Gain)
Dutch band, that presents us their new album, capturing a lot of different styles. Desiree Wouters is the female frontlady of this interesting new band. (7 points)

*SACRIFICIUM– Escaping The Stupor (Black Lotus /Rock Inc./Bertus) Good album of this German death metal band, which has a slight Christian input. Brutal at times and also melodic, where needed. It’s all in a very good balance. (7 points)

*SATYRIAN– Eternitas (Lion Music/Bertus)
Kemi Vita and Roman Schoensee teamed up again, like they did in THE BLOODLINE, and formed SATYRIAN (formerly known as DANCE MACABRE). Judith Stüber is the other female voice, that we can hear on this album mixing gothic rock with new wave and industrial sounds. There is something for everyone here. (7 points)

*ST. VALENTINES DAY MASSACRE– A Rock ‘N’ Roll Tribute To MOTÖRHEAD (Bad Reputation/Suburban)
Hear SKEW SISKIN and CRUCIFIED BARBARA crank out their favorite MOTÖRHEAD song on this good compilation. In “B4” we hear maestro Lemmy himself in a guest role with SKEW SISKIN. Kick ass rock and roll to the max and a good tribute to the loudest band of this galaxy. (8 points)

*VENTURIA– The New Knigdom (Lion Music/Bertus)
Progressive rockband from France. With Lydie Robin performing the female part of the double lead vocals section, the band proves that there is still room for good progressive rock in this country, next to HEADLINE. (7 points)

*WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM– Diadern Of 12 Stars (Vendlus)
Doomy, black metal band from the States, presenting us an album, which contains four songs, and about a full hour of music. (6 points)

Nov./December 2005:

*ALUGHANA – Yabal (demo)
Band from Belgium, who mix a lot of different styles to create a style of their own, completed with their own made language. Male and female vocals switch constantly and they also use not too common instruments on this demo like violins, accordion and didgeridoo. For more info about this excentric band you should check out their website at: (7 points)

*ANUBIZ – Siebzehn (Nicrothal/Rock Inc./Bertus)
German Gothic metal band, that will colour your winter days even darker than they already were. (6 points)

*APOSTASY – Devilution (Black Mark/Bertus)
Average DIMMU BOGIR, CRADLE OF FILTH-like black metal band from Sweden, with female vocals here and there. (6 points)

*ARCTURUS – Sideshow Symphonies (Seasons Of Mist/Bertus)
There are some female (background) vocals on this good, sphereful (black) metal album of this excentric band from the dark fjords of Norway. (7 points)

*AURACLE – Crystal Lies (demo)
On this demo, we can still enjoy the female vocals of Elizabeth Cordia. However, she has now been replaced by Amelie Mangelschots. The Gothic, WITHIN TEMPTATION-like style remains the same though. This demo contains of two new songs. Check the bands website at: (7 points)

*AVA INFERNI – Burdens (Seasons Of Mist/Bertus)
Portugues band, that loves to experiment with not too common soundparts. Add to this the beautiful voice of Carmen Simoes (AENIMA/POETRY OF SHADOWS) and you'll get a surprisingly nice album. (7 points)

*AXXIS – Paradise In Flame (AFM Records/Rock Inc./Bertus)
The female vocal parts of Lakonia are getting bigger and bigger each album. On “Paradise In Flame”, she can even be heard in front instead of doing background vocals. (7 points)

*BLEEDING THROUGH – The Truth (Trustkill/Roadrunner)
Marta is the keyboardplayer of this sextet, that play an exciting mix of thrash, hardcore, black and death metal, on this third album. (7 points)

*DAVOLINAS – Edge Of A New Day (Nasoni/Clear Spot)
DAVOLINAS from Denmark is like a steamtrain, that can not find its second gear. Stoner, jamrock, the ultimate return to the sound of the seventies, with Lene as female vocalist. An interesting release. (7 points)

*THE DIFFS – The Diffs (SOS/Bertus)
THE DIFFS return to the times, when the punk rock ruled the scene. Seventies punk pur sang, so to speak. (7 points)

*DIVINE FIRE – Hero (Metal Heaven/Bertus)
Second solo album of NARNIA vocalist Christian Rivel. The neo-classical music on this album sounds great again, and in Maria Rådsten he has found a very good female vocalist. The cover, we hear on this album is QUEEN’s “The Show Must Go On”. (8 points)

*DORO – We’re Like Thunder (AFM Records/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Four different versions of this song, which is recorded together with female boxer Regina Halmich, are on this new single of rock diva DORO. (8 points)

*DREAMLAND – Future’s Calling (Dockyard/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Swedish melodic metal band, that uses female vocals here and there. Especially their ballad “Fade Away” is quite impressive. (7 points)

*DUITSE HERDER – Bark At The Poon (independent)
Great title of the second EP of this Dutch punkrockband. Well, their music is maybe even better. Two female singers are in front to shout out their statements in the microphone. Check out their website at: (7 points)

*FILLI NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM – Fellatrix Discordia Prantokrator (Procon Media)
Portuguese black metal band, that is only interesting for people, who want to buy everything with female vocals on it. And with a name like that, they will probably never get big anywhere in the whole wide world. (6 points)

*FREAK NEIL INC. – Characters (Lion Music/Bertus)
Very experimental CD with lots of very different styles on it. Great musicianship is the keyword here and Irene Jansen (ex-KARMA) is the female voice on this varied piece of art. Not interesting for people who are only interested in straight forward, adventureless rock and roll! (8 points)

*GO BETTY GO – Nothing Is More (Side One Dummy/Bertus)
American all-female punk rock band that will make the sweat and power drip out of your speakers. My advise is to get punked by these ladies. (8 points)

*HIRETSUKAN – End States (G7 Welcoming Committee/Sonic Rendezvous)
Brutal hardcore band with the screaming voice of Michelle Profitt upfront. Don’t say, we didn’t warn you! (7 points)

*IN DUKTI – S.U.S.A.R. (Laser’s Edge/Bertus)
Progressive rock band from Poland, with a remarkable sound and some female (guest) musicians (Anna Faber on harp for example). Interesting enough to check it out, in my opinion. (7 points)

*IN FLAMES – Come Clarity (Nuclear Blast/Suburban)
The Swedish band has also used a female vocalist on their latest album. Her name is Lisa Miskovsky and she sings on "Dead End". IN FLAMES enlarge their musical views with every release. (7 points)

*JANEZ DETD – Killing Me (PIAS)
CENERIX singer Ivy Smits sings a duet on the album of these Belgian punkrockers. (6 points)

*LACRIMOSA – Lichtgestalten (Hall Of Sermon)
Six tracker of this ultimate Gothic metal band LACRIMOSA. In general, you can enjoy some of their heavier tracks here. All the more reason to check out this fine new release. (8 points)

*LEGENDS OF MOTORSPORT – Dual Fuel (Undertow/Munich)
Compilation of two previous released MCDs. On “RX7” we can hear guest vocalist Linda J. (6 points)

*MÅNEGRAM – Vredens Tid (Displeased)
Fourth album of this Viking folk metal band from Sweden, who’ve just added a female singer to their line-up. (6 points)

*NAIO SSAION – Out Loud (Napalm/Rough Trade)
Gothic metal with male and female vocals. Barbara is the frontlady in gothic metal band number so much. They score a little above average with their sound though. (7 points)

*NIGHTMARE – The Dominion Gate (Regain/Suburban)
Sander Gommans and Floor Jansen (both AFTER FOREVER) have a guest role on this magnificent new album of this French power metal band, with whom they toured in Holland at the end of 2005. (8 points)

*THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX – Armageddon March Eternal (Threeman/Bertus)
Jo Enckell replaced Mia Ståhl on this new black/thrash album of the ex-bass player of ENTOMBED Jörgen Sandström. (7 points)

*SILVER – Gold (MTM Music/Suburban)
Michaela Sober does some lead vocals and background vocals on the fifth album of this band of Michael Voss (DEMON DRIVE/CASANOVA/MAD MAX/BONFIRE) and Gary Barden (MSG). (7 points)

*SKYLARK – Fairytales (Scarlet/Bertus)
Italian neo-classical power metal band with Kiara as female vocalist. On this album they cover MIKE OLDFIELD’s “Moonlight Shadow”. A very surprising choice!(7 points)

*SLECHTVALK – Thunder Of War (Fear Dark/Displeased)
Single release of this Dutch folk, black metal band. On the single we hear the title track in the single version and the album version. The band also added two, yet unreleased tracks to this silver disc for the die-hard fans. (7 points)

*SOLEFALD – Red For Fire – An Icelandic Odyssey Part I (Seasons Of Mist/Bertus)
Black metal band from Sweden, with interesting female guest appearances on vocals, violin and cello. (7 points)

*SONIC SYNDICATE – Eden Fire (Pivotal)
Swedish black, death metal band that sometimes uses female vocals. (7 points)

*TAINT – The Ruin Of Nová Roma (Rise Above/Suburban)
There is a female guest vocalist in the song “Amaranthine” on this interesting release of these three Welshmen. (7 points)

*THE VEROS – Just Do It With Style (Guilty/Rebellion)
Oi! – punk band from France, which consists of two members (one male, one female) and a handful of guest musicians. Raw power punk to the max here, with covers of MENACE and THE JAM. (7 points)

*WARMEN – Accept The Fact (Spinefarm/Bertus)
Third solo CD of CHILDREN OF BODOM keyboard player Janne Warman. Jonna Kossonen is responsible for the female vocals on this good progressive metal CD. (7 points)

*WIDOW – On Fire (Cruz Del Sur Music/Sonic Rendezvous)
Lili is the new singer of WIDOW, that was founded in 2000. The roots of the band however, can be found in the early eighties. This is their second release and the first on a real label. (8 points)

Sept./October 2005:

*ACID KING-III (Small Stone/Bertus)
Ultraslow doom metal with female vocals. A nice combination indeed. (7 points)

*ANTIMATTER-Planetary Confinement (Prophecy/Suburban)
Amelie Festas is the female voice on this new album. She's also to be heard on one of the highlights of the album, namely the TROUBLE cover “Mr White”. (7 points)

*ASCENSION THEORY-Regeneration (Nightmare)
Progressive project of some former AZTEC JADE members. Jodie St. John is guest singer on the ballad “Lovers”. (6 points)

*ASVA-Futurists Against The Ocean (Mimicry/Konkurrent)
Another slow, doomy, psychedelic trip with the great vocals of Jessica Kenney. (8 points)

*AYREON-Come Back Home (Inside Out/Suburban)
The single, the video clip, the making of the video clip, a HEART like bonus track with Heather Findlay (MOSTLY AUTUMN) on vocals and a BEATLES cover called “When I’m Sixty-four” make this single to a worthy addition to your record collection. (8 points)

*BATTLELORE-Third Age Of The Sun (Napalm/Rough Trade)
Fantasy metal with lyrics based on the work of Tolkien. (6 points)

*BLACK MAJESTY-Silent Company (LMP/Suburban)
Australian true metal band that uses female vocals here and there. Interesting for old QUEENSRYCHE and IRON MAIDEN fans out there. (8 points)

*DEADLOCK-Earth.Revolt (Lifeforce/Suburban)
CRADLE OF FILTH like music with female background singers. In “Awakened By Sirens”, we hear Sabine in a leading role. (7 points)

*ELVARON-The Buried Crow (Thundering/Bertus)
French thrashy progressive rock band that is completed with an orchestra on their third concept album. (6 points)

*FOO FIGHTERS-In Your Honor (Sony/BMG)
We only want to mention that Dave Grohl does a duet with jazz legend NORA JONES on this new double album. (6 points)

*FURIA-Re-birth (Adipocere/Displeased)
All the well-known aspects are used again on this French gothic metal release number so much. (6 points)

*GITO GITO HUSTLER-Gito Gito Galore (Gearhead/Sonic Rendezvous)
Six track mini CD by this Japanese, all-female screamo punk rock band.(7 points)

*KAIPA-Mindrevolutions (Inside Out/Suburban)
Another album from this fantastic prog rock formation that features FLOWER KINGS frontman Roine Stolt and female vocalist Aleena. (8 points)

*KAPEL MAISTER-Into Salvation (Icarus Music)
STRATOVARIUS like band from Argentina with two female soprano vocalists, so we can also make a comparision to NIGHTWISH here.(7 points)

*KEKAL-Acidity (Fear Dark/Displeased)
Progressive metal with influences of death and black metal. Female vocals by Newin Atmarumenska. (7 points)

*KYLESIA-To Walk A Middle Course (Prosthetic/Bertus)
American band that plays an energetic mix of metal and hardcore. Laura sings and plays guitar in this band. (7 points)

*LIGHT THIS CITY-Remains Of The Gods (Prosthetic/Bertus)
San Francisco based band that sounds like a mix between HOLY MOSES and ARCH ENEMY. Laura Nichol is the grunting frontlady of these talented newcomers in the scene. (8 points)

*LORD VAMPYR-De Vampyrica Philosophia (Officiano Rock)
Black metal like solo album of former THEATRES DES VAMPIRES vocalist. René, Venus and Terry are in his backing band. (6 points)

*LUMSK-Troll (Tabu Rock/Bertus)
Second album of this Norwegian folk metal band, who called in the help of female choir called EMBLA, for the sphereful female vocals on this album. (7 points)

*THE LUST-My Dear Emptiness (Sleazy Rider)
Gothic metal band from Russia that sounds like THEATRE OF TRAGEDY. Vocalist Mirla is only sixteen years old! (6 points)

*MALNÀTT-Carmina Pagana (CCP/Rough Trade)
Black, gothic metal band from Italy that presents us an average debut album, with some female vocals.(6 points)

*MALSAIN-They Never Die (Dark Essence/Twilight)
Norwegian atmospheric black metal band with great female vocalist, who listens to the name of Skumring. (7 points)

*MATTSON-War! (Lion Music/Bertus)
Swedish guitar wizard strikes again with vocal renditions of Ella Grussner, Cocki Sarling and Floor Janssen (AFTER FOREVER). (8 points)

*THE MESSENGERS-The Messengers (Punkcore/Sonic Rendezvous)
Punkrock band from Cincinatti with female vocalist. For everyone who's into THE DISTILLERS and THE AVENGERS. Very raw, rough and uncompromising. (8 points)

*THE MIST AND THE MORNINGDEW-The Mist And The Morningdew (Vendlus)
Folky doom metal from Finland with female vocals of Veera Muhli (ex-UNHOLY). (7 points)

*NO COMPLY-With Windmills Turning Wrong Direction (Deck Cheese/Suburban)
Skapunk band with horns, and the good voice of Kelly Kemp. Although the name of the CD will make you think of Holland, NO COMPLY hails from England. XXX (6 points)

*ORPHEO-Echoes (independent)
Wendelin Visser is the female vocalist of this Dutch prog rock band from the Northern part of our country. Check out for more news about these upcoming talents. (7 points)

*PISSED ON ARRIVAL-Here We Go Again… (Brutus/Sonic Rendezvous)
Punkrock with female vocals. On this album we also hear some covers of THE ADDICTS, BLITZ and THE SEX PISTOLS. (7 points)

*PREY-Heartfelt (independent)
Dutch dark metal band. This album contains good musical ideas but has a rather poor production. Website: (6 points)

*RAM ZET-Intra (Tabu/Bertus)
Weird sounding, Norwegian metal band, whose music is not always easy to comprehend. (6 points)

*RANDY’S RIPCORD-Love (Go-Kart/Bertus)
This band consists of two ladies and one male member from Hamburg. They sound like THE DONNAS. (7 points)

*SECRET SPHERE-Heart And Anger (Nuclear Blast/Suburban)
Italian symphonic power metal band with female vocals here and there.(7 points)

*SHAM RAIN-Someplace Else (Firebox)
Dark gothic rock band with some female vocals here and there. Nothing special though. (6 points)

*SLECHTVALK-At Down Of War (Fear Dark/Displeased)
Dutch viking metal band with a positive message in their lyrics. White metal from a black metal (like) band. (7 points)

*STINKING LIZAVETA-Caught Betweeen Worlds (Monotreme)
Greek, American threesome with a female drummer, who play instrumental, psychedelic stoner rock in the seventies style. (7 points)

*SUNTERRA-Graceful Tunes (CCP/Displeased)
Austrian gothic metal band with angel like female vocals. (6 points)

*TEAM SLEEP-Team Sleep (Maverick/Warner Music)
Pop album of former DEFTONES member Chino Moreno with female vocals of Mary Timoni (HELIUM). This will be too soft for the average reader of our on-line zine. (6 points)

*JENNIE TEBLER-Silverwing (Black Mark/Rock Inc/Bertus)
This EP contains the last notes played by Quorthon ever, when he cooperated on this project by Norwegian nymph Jennie Tebler, who sounds like a cross between Candice Night (BLACKMORE’S NIGHT) and Maggie Reilly (MIKE OLDFIELD). They both covered BATHORY’s “Song To Hall Up High” too here. (7 points)

*UNCHAIN-Unchain (Metal Heaven/Bertus)
Debut album from this Swiss hard rock band, who have a female bass player in their ranks. (6 points)

*VELCREA-Between Force And Fate (Drakkar/Suburban)
RAMMSTEIN like industrial techno metal with the mysterious voice of Jessi Frey upfront. Interesting for dance freaks and rockerz. (6 points)

*THE VISION BLEAK-Carpathia (Prophecy/Suburban)
Exciting, creepy horror metal with a black metal foundation. The female vocals add a special dimension to this fantastic album. (8 points)

*VMW-VMW (Coalition/Sonic Rendezvous)
Punk, the way HUGGY BEAR would play it. Only for die-hards, and not always heavy, sometimes even dancable or with disco like beats. (6 points)

*WETTON/DOWNES-Icon (Frontiers/Rough Trade)
Annie Haslan (RENAISSANCE) is the female guest vocalist in “In The End” on this prog rock album of Geoffrey Downes and John Wetton (ASIA). (6 points)

MM#40/Summer 2005:

*ANTESTOR- The Forsaken (Fear Dark/Displeased)
Norwegian black metal band in the best CRADLE OF FILTH style. On this CD, we hear Ann-Mari Edvardsen (THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL) as guest vocalist. (7 points)

*BETOKEN- The Gate Of Nothing (Steelheart Records)
Italian melodic power metal band with Eva Rondinelli (DAKRUA) on female vocals. At the end of this CD, they cover MEGADETH’s “In My Darkest Hour”. If you like bands such as RHAPSODY and LABYRINTH, you’ll dig BETOKEN as well. (7 points)

*BLODARV- Soulcollector….The Thousand Years Tale (Northern Silence Productions)
Danish black metal band, that simply can’t impress me with their bad sound. Their female singer can’t change this feeling. (5 points)

*BLOODLINED CALLIGRAPHY- They Want You Silent (Facedown)
American thrash metal outfit, that has a great frontlady in Ally French. This album is very powerful but much too short . (7 points)

*THE CREST- Vain City Chronicles (Seasons Of Mist/Bertus)
Nel is the singer of THE CREST – a melodic gothic metal band, that sounds a bit like LEAVES EYES. She also sang on an album of THEATRE OF TRAGEDY and together with guitarplayer Kristian she also sings in an electro-rock project called RUSTFLOWER INCORPORATED. A busy woman, who is blessed with a good voice, this Nel from Norway! (7 points)

*DEADLINE- Getting Serious (I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison/Suburban)
Liz Rose is the frontlady of this brutal English punk band. Great, energetic album. (7 points)

*DRACONIAN- Arcane Rain Fell (Napalm Records/Rough Trade)
Swedish doom metal band, that has a great female singer in Lisa Johansson, next to the dark voice of Anders Jacobssen. The fifteen minute remake of “Death Come Near Me” is one of the highlights of the album. (7 points)

*DREAMAKER- Enclosed (Arise/Bertus)
Second album of this Spanish power metal outfit. Elisa C. Martin is the perfect forntlady, which she proved already on the debut CD and in her previous band DARK MOOR. (7 points)

*EVERGREY- A Night To Remember (Inside Out/Suburban)
Double live CD of this Swedish progressive rock band. The female vocals come from the background choir. Still, it’s interesting enough to check out for all the fans of this music style. (7 points)

*EXILIA- Unleashed (Gun/Suburban)
Italian band that sounds very much like GUANO APES. Maybe they are not very original, but they do it with style. They even supported RAMMSTEIN on some dates. (7 points)

*FALCONER- Crime vs. Grandeur (Metal Blade/Rough Trade)
The input of female vocals limits itself to opener “Emotional Skies”. (7 points)

*FRUIT TREE- Sun Set (Casket Music/Bertus)
Atmospheric black metal band, that didn’t really impress me at all, despite the input of the female vocals. (5 points)

*KAMELOT- The Black Halo (Steamhammer/Rough Trade)
Simone Simons of EPICA, coincidentally also the title of the previous album of KAMELOT, is one of the guest vocalists on this new album. You can hear her in the song “The Haunting (Somewhere In Time)”. (8 points)

*LACRIMOSA- Lichtgestalt (Hall Of Sermon/Suburban)
Again a great CD of this gothic metal outfit, but the vocal input of Anne Nurmi is shrinking on each and every album. The German lyrics give their music a special dramatic touch. (7 points)

*LORDI- The Monster Show (Mayan/Suburban)
‘Best of..” CD from their previous two albums. Released much too early in my opinion. (7 points)

*THE MESSENGERS- The Messengers (PunkCore/Sonic Rendezvous)
It’s punk rock around the clock with loud guitars and female vocals. Fans of THE DISTILLERS will definitely dig this one! (7 points)

*MORRIGU- Blood Shall Be Spilled (Nepherex)
Belgian black metal band with a female vocalist, called Argwaen (excellent name, by the way!). And watch out, because this is not atmospheric dark metal, but it’s fast, angry, powerful black metal. (7 points)

*MORS PRINCIPIUM EST-The Unborn (Listenable/Suburban)
The female input on this second album of this Finnish melodic death metal band is limited to some background vocals. Yet, it’s there, so this release needs to be mentioned here. (7 points)

*NEVEA TEARS- Do I Have To Tell You Why I Love You (Alveran/Suburban)
South Californian hardcore like band with a female drummer. Average and not very impressive!. (6 points)

*NOVAK- Forever Endeavour (MTM/Suburban)
On “Another Woman”, we hear Andreas Novak in a duet with the Swedish singer Martina Edoff. The rest of the album contains good melodic rock music, but this is the only song that has female vocals. (7 points)

*THE PROVENANCE- How Would You Like To Be Spat At (Scarlet/Bertus)
Dark doom metal band from Sweden. Sounds a bit like THE GATHERING mixed with MY DYING BRIDE. Emma Hellstrom is the metal maiden in this band, that sounds as dark as the long winter nights in their homecountry. (7 points)

*RUNEMAGICK- Envenom (Aftermath/Displeased)
Dark doom metal by this trio, who regularly switch band members. Their music however, is always full of variation, power and dark doomy metal riffs. Great stuff!! (8 points)

*TOXOCARA- Visceral Larval Migrans - demo (independent)
Dutch death metal band with a female bass player called Anne van Doorn (SANGUINARY). They show us how good death metal should be played. A name to remember for the future. (7 points)

*UNCHAIN- Unchain (MetalHeaven/Bertus)
Hard rock band from Switzerland with a female bass player, that present us their debut album here. (6 points)

*WHITE COWBELL OKLAHOMA- Cencerro Blanco (Slick Monkey/Bertus)
Very colourful outfit with four guitar players, playing some good ol’ Southern Rock, the way we want to hear it! Bunny is the female vocalist of this well-talented band. (8 points)

MM#39/April 2005:

*TAMRAH AERYN- Typical Gurl (Massacre/Suburban)
Twenty-three year old girl, backed up by BALANCE OF POWER members, who plays music that we would describe as a mix between TORI AMOS and FIONA APPLE. Tamrah also plays piano on the title track. (6 points)

*ALIX- Ground (Go Down/Sonic Rendezvous)
Dusty stoner rock from Italy….with a female vocalist. Alice Abertazzi knows how to bring this band to a higher level on their fourth album already. (7 points)

*ANGRA- Temple Of Shadows (Steamhammer/Rough Trade)
Sabine Edelsbacher of EDENBRIDGE is the guest vocalist in “Spread Your Fire”. The material on this album sounds like a mix of STRATOVARIUS, GAMMA RAY, HELLOWEEN and DREAM THEATER. (7 points)

*ARWEN- Illusions (Arise/Bertus)
Who has two guitarists, two singers (one male, one female) and two keyboard players and hails from Spain? It’s ARWEN and on “Illusions”, they surprise us again with their symphonic power metal sound. (7 points)

*AUGURY- Concealed (Galy/Displeased)
Canadian band that mixes death metal with technical breaks and intermezzos. Easily switching from atmospheric parts to ultra brutal blasting beats. Lots of variation, and very well performed. Check it out. (7 points)

*BOOBIE TRAP- Hidden Agenda (Bad Dog/Sonic Rendezvous)
Great punk album by this female-fronted band from Orange County, USA. (7 points)

*DARKWELL- Metatron (Napalm Records/Rough Trade)
Stephanie Luzie is the new singer of this average gothic metal band. With her, they recorded this new alnum “Metatron”. (6 points)

*DEPRESSIVE REALITY- Growling Death (Nice To Eat You)
Death metal band from Czechia. Jana is the female grunter of this outfit, that never really gets exciting. Website: (6 points)

*DESENSITISED- Bought Beauty/PEACH-HER-Gastrophobia (Grodhaisn Productions) – split CD
DESENSITISED hails from Holland and has a female guitarist called Susan in their line up, who growls and grunts like a madman. This is only for death grind fans, who think that CARCASS are sissies. Very evil, meatgrinding stuff. Website: (6 points)

*DYING PASSION- Sweet Disillusions (Metal Breath)
Relaxed, (THE) GATHERING like album from this band from Czechia. Their third album with female vocalist Zuzana in the frontline. (6 points)

*FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES- The Fiction We Live (Vagrant/Suburban)
Emocore is the only description that you can give to the music of FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES. Melanie Wills is the female guest vocalist on “Autumns Monologue” here. (6 points)

*GÅTE- Iselilja (Warner)
Scandanavian folk music mixed with loud guitars. Gunnhild is the female vocalist of this young but very talented band from Norway. (7 points)

*GORILLA- Gimme Some….Gorilla (Beard Of Stars/Clearspot)
Stoner rock band, that sounds a bit like FU MANCHU. Many instrumental parts are mixed with seventies styled songs structures. Call it stoner, call it psychedelic, I call it surprising. (7 points)

*GRAVEWORM- (N)utopia (Nuclear Blast/Suburban)
This is the fifth album by GRAVEWORM. It contains a mix of atmospheric soundscapes and very brutal blasting riffs. Lots of variation again on this new album, that is far too short. (7 points)

*GUANO APES- Planet Of The Apes (G.U.N./BMG)
“Planet Of The Apes”, not the TV series but the album, is a ‘best of’CD of GUANO APES. It’s available as a single album, and the double CD contains a lot of extras. A must for the fans of this band, that has planned a sabbatical year after their last tour. (8 points)

*HARPIES- Bleed, Believe (Fortune & Glory/Sonic Rendezvous)
Very interesting second album by this British band, that has two female singers in their line up. Laura and Nicola’s voices range from whispering to normal singing and brutal screaming. (7 points)

*HYPNOSIS- Cyberdeath (Crash/Bertus)
Cyber death metal band from France with female voices. A weird but surprising combination. (6 points)

*INACTIVE MESSIAH- Inactive Messiah (Black Lotus Records)
Death metal band with innovative ideas. Nice fact is that the band has a female drummer in their ranks. (6 points)

*INFINITE DAWN- The Enigma Of Reign (independent)
WITHIN TEMPTATION, EPICA and AFTER FOREVER have a new sister. Fronted by Lotus van den Wijngaard, this band provides us five good songs that shows us Holland has a new well-talented band knocking at the backdoor of the generals again. (7 points)

*JEWEL IN THE MIRE- Getting Away With Murder (Music Avenue/Suburban)
You can hear some additional vocals of Marynka Nicolai on the song “Same Colour Blue, and “All That Special”. JEWEL IN THE MIRE is a very promising Dutch sleazy rock band, of which we will hear more in the (near) future, that’s for sure. (7 points)

*MARK LANEGAN BAND- Bubblegum (Beggars Banquet/V2)
PJ HARVEY sings two duets with the former frontman of THE SCREAMING TREES, Mark Lanegan. (6 points)

*LILITU- The Delores Lesion (The End)
Gothic rock mixed with thrashy riffs. The band hails from Georgia, USA. There are some female vocals here and there. (6 points)

*LUDICRA- Another Great Love Song (Alternative Tentacles/Sonic Rendezvous)
Excentric black metal CD with many weird, experimental sidesteps to noise and psychic screams and female vocals. (7 points)

*MANTAS- Zero Tolerance (Demolition/Suburban)
Mantas was the stage name of Jeff Dunn, former guitar hero of NWOBHM black metal outfit VENOM This is his second solo album with Cherisse bashing out the loud drum parts. After the release of the album, Cherisse left the band unfortunately. (8 points)

*MOONLIGHT AGONY- Echoes Of A Nightmare (Massacre/Suburban)
Chitral Somapala (formerly AVALON) is the new singer in this Swedish power metal outfit. During “Icy Plains”, we also hear the vocals of the female guest vocalist of EVERGREY. (7 points)

*NO COMPLY- With Windmills Turning Wrong Direction (Deckcheese)
Punkband from England with a female frontlady called Kelly Kemp. Their music is catchy, but the horns simply don’t match with the rest of the sound. (6 points)

*PLATENS- Between Two Horizons (Frontiers/Bertus)
Italian progressive metal band which uses choirs and the female background vocals of Allesandra Amata. This is a real interesting release with lots of variation and exciting instrumental parts. A must for every music fan! (8 points)

*RAIN FOR A DAY- Elemental (Point Music/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Dream away on the poppy sounds of this German band. Miriam Schnell’s voice sounds a bit dull. Here and there the atmospheric music tends to sound all the same. (6 points)

*RORSCHACH- Stalker (Rorschach)
Casandra is the frontlady of this new promising band from Holland. They already have the skills, now it’s only a matter of time before they can prove to be successful as well. (7 points)

*SHAPE OF DESPAIR- Illusion’s Play (Spikefarm/Bertus)
Brother and sister, Pasi and Natalie Koskinen are the two pilars on which this Finnish doom metal band rest. This is a really interesting release of a band, that shows a lot of variation in their slow, yet doomy soundscapes. (7 points)

*SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM- ….Of Natural History (Mimicry/Konkurrent)
Carla Kihlstedt is one of the two singers on this progressive rock album. The album is a mix of emotional and brutal music. (7 points)

*SPAWN- Human Toxin (Morbid/Displeased)
There are a lot of speed and mood changes on this death metal album. It even gets a little bit over the top. (6 points)

*SUPERFLOOR- Hold Me (Red Bullet)
Floor Kraaijvanger and her band did it again on this new Ep. This rocks like hell, a must for fans of THE BLACK CROWES, JANIS JOPLIN and CRY OF LOVE. (8 points)

*VREID- Kraft (Tabu/Bertus)
There are some female vocals on this black metal album. This is only interesting for die-hard fans though…. (6 points)

*WALLS OF JERICHO- All Hail The Dead (Trustkill/Roadrunner)
Great combination of thrash metal and hardcore. Candace is the frontlady in this brutal band, that makes a great comeback with this wonderful album. (8 points)

*WHERE ANGELS FALL- Dies Area (Edge Runner)
Atmospheric gothic metal band from Norway. With “Dies Area”, they present us an EP that sounds quite average. The die-hards know that it is there now. (6 points)

*THE WICKED- Sonic Scriptures Of The End Times; Songs To Have Your Nightmares With (Spikefarm/Bertus)
Kimberly Goss (SINERGY) is the guest vocalist on the album of the Finnish symphonic death metal band. (6 points)

*WILLOW- Hear Me Out (independent)
Dutch band that slowly moved their sound from pop music to punk rock. Marlein Heskes is the Dutch version of Skin of SKUNK ANANSIE! (7 points)

MM#38/December 2004:

*AD VITAM AETERNAM- Abstract Senses (Karmageddon Media/Bertus)
Fans of TRISTANIA or AFTER FOREVER may want to check out this French gothic rock band. Their singer Celine de Kerliviou really knows to impress me here. (7 points)

*BEHOLDER- Lethal Injection (Dragonheart)
Third album by this Italian power metal band. The input of LABYRINTH frontman Roverto Tiranti just isn’t enough to lift this album up to the above average score. (7 points)

*BEYOND. D. LUSION- First Step To The Source (Adipocere/Displeased)
This French band shows a lot of resemblance with THE GATHERING. Alexandra Bernard is the frontlady of this promising though not very original gothic rock band. (7 points)

*CALLISTO- True Nature Unfolds (Fuusteam/Displeased)
The female vocals are not upfront, and there are also no female members in the line up of this Finnish band. Not really interesting, only for those who want to listen to everything with female vocals. (6 points)

*CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE- As The Roots Undo (Robotic Empire)
Weird album, which is full of speed and mood changes. It’s hard to describe a sound that is never heard anywhere else before. The female input on this album is not big, so better judge for yourself if this is something for you. It sounded quite unique in my humble opinion, anyway…… (7 points)

*CRADLE OF FILTH- Nymphetamine (Roadrunner)
Liv Kristine Espenaes (THEATRE OF TRAGEDY/LEAVES EYES) can be heard on “ Nymphetamine Overdose” by this great English black metal band, who delivered one of the finest albums in their successful career so far. (8 points)

*DARKSUN- El Legado (Goi Music/Rock Inc./Bertus)
The main vocals on this Spanish power metal album were done by a male singer, but there are also some female vocals on the album. It will remind you a bit of DARK MOOR, because of the Spanish lyrics. (7 points)

*DESDEMONA- Version 3.0 (Metal Mind/Bertus)
Agata Pawlowicz is the singer of this band, that slowly takes a distance from its gothic image. If you like their sound heavier, extremer, more electronic and industrial than on their previous album, then I’d suggest to check out this “Version 3.0”. (6 points)

*ETHERNAL MOURNING- The Resident Sadness (Goi Music/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Gothic metal band from Portugal, which seems to impress me more this time than with their previous album. There are however no big surprises, whatsoever. (7 points)

*EVISCUM- Underneath The Burried (Still Dead/Displeased)
Death metal band from the USA, featuring Sharon Bascovsky of DERKETA on bass guitar. The three songs of their “2000 Demo” are compiled with three newer songs, worthy of half an hour of brutal, dark, death metal music. (7 points)

*FRONTSIDE- Forgive Us Our Sins (Regain/Suburban)
Polish band, that mixes brutal thrash with old school hardcore, and added some female backing vocals to their sound. In their own country they are famous already, and who knows this album might bring them some fame and fortune over here as well? (7 points)

*HYDROPHOBIA- The Other Side (indie)
Sascha Maas is the female singer of this Dutch progrock band, that exists for over twenty years already. For more info, I’d like to direct you to the bands website at: (7 points)

*JOHN 5- Vertigo (Shrapnel/Mascot/Pias)
Guitar album by this MARILYN MANSON guitar hero. Very well done and surprisingly fresh sounding! (7 points)

*LORD BELIAL- The Seal Of Belial (Regain/Suburban)
There are some female vocals on this fifth album of this Swedish black metal outfit. Only for die hards! (7 points)

*MERCURY RAIN- St. Matthieu (Shadow Flame)
Symphonic rock band from the UK, that presents their second album. Sonia Porzier is the female frontlady. They’ve added a bonus DVD to the CD, on which you can enjoy some live footage of the band. They will support THERION on their upcoming tour. Not bad for an independent band! Website: (7 points)

*MIASTHENIA- Batalha Ritual (Somber Music/Displeased)
Melodic black metal band from Brazil. Female keyboardplayer Hecate is the vocalist on this second album, which mixes heavy riffs with some nice melody parts. Not bad! (7 points)

*NOCTA- Familiar Noise & Ancient Tunes (demo) (indie)
Continuation of NOCTAMBULANT GRIMNESS. They play a good mix of black metal and thrashy riffs. There are two ladies in the line up of this promising band from Gouda, Holland. You can order their demo by sending 6 Euros to: Martijn Roseboom, Speldenmakerssteeg 7, 2801 XM Gouda, The Netherlands. Website: (7 points)

*ERIK NORLANDER- Stars Rain Down (Think Tank Media/Bertus)
Live album with some vocals of prog princess LANA LANE and the Dutch Michael Schenker, Peer Verschuren, on lead guitar. Impressive album and not to be missed!! (9 points)

*RTX- Transmaniacon (Drag City)
ROYAL TRUX is dead, long live RTX!! Jennifer Herrema is the leading lady of this weird Southern rock like band. (7 points)

*SYLVER MYST- Strains Of Souls (demo) (indie)
Gothic metal band from Holland. Marjolein Hüsken is the female frontlady of this promising band, that recently played at the well-known Summer Darkness Festival. Website: (8 points)

*THE TANGENT- The World That We Drive Through (Inside Out/Suburban)
Progressive rock band consisting of FLOWER KINGS members. Lengthy songs with long instrumental improvisations. Sam Baine (Po90) plays the keyboards on this spectacular new progrock album. (8 points)

*TSUNAMI BOMB- The Definitive Act (Kung Fu/Suburban)
Punk rock at its very best. Great stuff for all the VICE SQUAD fans out there!! (8 points)

*VIA MISTICA- Fallen Angels (Metal Mind/Pitchfork/Bertus)
I think, this is the only band that has a female vocalist, who also plays the cello and Kasia is very capable of handling both!! She lifts the album up in every possible way. And did you have a look at the beautiful CD cover?(8 points)

MM#37/October 2004:

*AETERNITAS- La Dance Macabre (Serpina/Armageddon)
Gothic metal band with two female vocalists in their ranks. If you like gothic metal with sidesteps to electro, pop and classical music, hen this is something to check out.(7 points)

*AGATHADAIMON- Serpent’s Embrace (Nuclear Blast/Suburban)
Another new release of this band with some female vocals on it. If you like their old stuff, you will like this as well! (7 points)

*THE A.K.A.’S (ARE EVERYWHERE)- White Doves & Smoking Guns (Sorepoint/Suburban)
Rock album from a band from New York, that has Nina Aron on organ. (7 points)

*ALYSON AVENUE- Omega (A.O.R. Heaven/Bertus)
Swedish A.O.R. band which presents us their second album in their fifteen year of excistense. Their experience shows on the ten good melodic A.O.R. songs on this album. Annette Bleyckert is the female singer of this well talented band. (8 points)

*AVOID ONE THING- Chopstick Brige (Side One Dummy/Bertus)
Pop rock band led by former GANG GREEN and MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES bass player Joe Gittleman. Ex RAGING TEENS guitar player Amy Griffin is his partner in crime, and the metal maiden on this rock album. (6 points)

*BLINDSIDE- About A Burning Fire (Elektra/Warner)
BLINDSIDE hails from Sweden and started their career under the name of UNDERFREE. Emma Härderlin is the female guest vocalist in the song “Shenika”, which is one of the highlights on this average album. (6 points)

*BUTCHIES- Make Y’r Life (Yep Roc/Sonic Rendezvous)
All female threesome that presents us their new album that is full of nice melodic punk rock songs. Fans of BEKI BONDAGE might want to check this out. (8 points)

*CETI- Living Angel (Oskar Productions)
Great double live album of this Polish melodic metal band. All their hits are played in a stunning live version here. This is a must have for every fan of this great band. (9 points)

*CETI- Rasizm (Oskar Productions)
This is a re-release from the album “Rasizm”, that was originally released in 1994. The band added a concert from 1994 to this CD, so now you can enjoy eighty minutes of fantastic melodic rock on one CD. Great stuff!! (9 points)

*CETI- Czarna Roza (Oskar Productions)
This is CETI’s debut album, compiled with a promo EP from 1994 and some live recordings. Again another mighty release of Polish finest melodic metal band. (9 points)

*CHAOSTAR- The Scarlet Queen (Holy/Displeased)
Freaky gothic metal with weird sound scapes. The band is led by Chris Antoniou (ex SEPTIC FLESH), who is accompanied by a female soprano vocalist on this album, that is full with very experimental music. (6 points)

*CREMATORY- Revolution (Nuclear Blast/Suburban)
CREMATORY mix their gothic metal with industrial beats and dance rhythms. And so they’re slowly creating an ever bigger gap with the metal sound that they had, before they disbanded two years ago. Reunions are not always a jump forward in the career of a band. (6 points)

*DRIVE LIKE YOU STOLE IT- Frequency (Undergroove/PHD/Bertus)
Mel Young sings and plays the guitars on this album, that sounds a bit like the British (read: London) version of HOLE or P.J. HARVEY. (7 points)

*ELVENKING- Wyrd (AFM/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Folkmetal from Italy with here and there some female vocals. Nothing really special, but nice to give it some spins. (6 points)

*EN GARDE- Forgotten Memories (Sleazy Rider Records)
Gothic doom metal band from Greece, with female vocals. Fans of AFTER FOREVER and EPICA might want to check this out. (7 points)

*ETERNAL GRIEVE- Mourning (independent)
Dark metal band with a female singer. Nothing special, only meant for the real diehards out there. (6 points)

*FINAL CHAPTER- The Wizard Queen (Underground Symphony/Bertus)
We hear some female vocals in a few songs. They’re not upfront, but still sound like a good addition to the music of this progressive power metal band. (7 points)

*GALADRIEL- World Under World (Metal Age Productions)
Slovakian doomy black metal band that presents us their fifth album. Lydia Lacova is a guest vocalist on this album, that surprised me in a very positive way. (7 points)

*GENIUS- Episode 2: In Search Of The Little Prince (Frontiers/Bertus)
Second part of the rock opera by Daniele Liverani. This time he chose the voice of Liv Kristine (LEAVES’ EYES) for the female parts. Interesting! (8 points)

*IMBOLC- Beserker Furies (independent)
Good Cdemo from this Dutch black death metal band. Digna van der Put plays the bass guitar on this project. You can order it by writing to: IMBOLC, Agnes van Leeuwenberchstraat 22 bis, 3515 AZ Utrecht, The Netherlands. Don’t forget to enclose US$5.00 or 4 Euro. Website: (7 points)

*INNER SHRINE- Samaya (Dragonheart)
Italian gothic metal band. Cecilia is their guest singer, cause the band originally exists of only two members. (6 points)

*IN-TENSION- Fragments (independent)
Dutch prog rock band with a rather high DREAM THEATER level. Noortje van der Voort is the female singer between all the high quality instrumental explosions. Very promising CD indeed. (8 points)

Inge Johansson, who played bass guitar for THE FEMALE ANCHOR OF SADE, plays in this Swedish rock band. Their sound is catchy and it has a great groove! Sara of THE DOUGHNUTS (Sweden), was once a member of this band as well. (7 points)

*KERIX- New Land (independent)
Another female fronted gothic metal band, in the style of NIGHTWISH. Priscilia Silver is the vocalist of this promising band, who present us their two song demo here. Check out their website at (7 points)

*KEY OF MYTHRAS- Demonspeed Metalstorm (Pulsar Light)
Julia Wernig (DARKFALL) is the female keyboardist of this Austrian black metal band, but she can only be heard upfront in the mix during the intro. Only for die hards!(6 points)

*LEIDEN- Empty (Adipocere/Displeased)
Gothic, death metal band, that presents us their second album. Berangère is the female singer of this very average band. (6 points)

*LOWEMOTOR CORPORATION- Saturnalia (Spinefarm/Bertus)
Claudia Carnal is the engine of this Finnish gothic industrial metal band. In Finland, they even reached the charts with their MARILYN MANSON-like sound. (6 points)

*MEMORIZED DREAMS- Theater Of Life (Sound Riot/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Power metal band with female vocals here and there. Although they succeed very well, they still have a very long way to go! (6 points)

*MOONLIGHT- Audio 136 (Metal Mind/Bertus)
Polish, dark sounding metal band with a rather unique sound. Maja is a great vocalist and on this album she sounds stronger than ever. Better go for the limited edition of this CD if you’re intending to buy it, cause that contains an interesting bonus CD with lots of goodies on it. (8 points)

*MOONLYGHT- Progressive Darkness (Escapi/Rock Inc./Bertus)
MOONLYGHT is a Canadian black metal band with gothic influences as well. They already recorded this album in 2000, on which they called in the help of female guest singer Jessica Bell. Interesting release! (7 points)

*MORTUARY HACKING SESSION- Delightful Carvings (Last House On The Right/Vomit Noise)
Four girls from Nevada going ultrabrutal, ultraloud, ultragore, ultraviolent, ultra-experimental. Their music is weird and not of this world. A full album is in the making. And people who dare to order this single, must send an email to: Your life will never be the same, after you’ve experienced these extreme sound scapes!(7 points)

*NAAMAH- Resensement (Metal Mind/Bertus)
Another Polish band with an alternative sound that shows some resemblance with THE GATHERING. Anna Panasz sings in English on this album, which is a giant step forward compared to their previous album.(7 points)

*NAKED BEGGARS- Naked Beggars (SMA Records)
There are eleven rock songs on this CD. The female vocals come from Inga Brittingham, who sounds like a mix between ANOUK and PAT BENATAR. More information can be obtained from their website at: (7 points)

*NEBELHEXE- Laguz – Within The Lake (Karmageddon/PHD/Bertus)
We all know Andrea Haugen under her stagename HAGALAZ RUNEDANCE. Now we find Andrea back in her new band NEBELHEXE, bringing her back to her gothic roots. She also plays a cover of the LENA LOVICH song “Birdsong” on this new album, that will certainly please all the fans of her HR albums. (7 points)

*PANOPTICUM- Reflection (independent)
Progressive metal band from Belgium, with a sound that comes very much near the sound of DREAM THEATER, because of the keyboard sound they have. Sharri Platteeuw is the female vocalist in the band. The CD can be ordered from their website at for only ten Euros. (7 points)

*SENSER- Schematic (Labelman/Zomba)
SENSER is from London, and on “Schematic” they present us a great variety of styles and sounds. Kerstin Haigh is the female voice of this experimental sounding band. (6 points)

*SILVER MYST- The Bleeding Snowlands (independent)
Dutch gothic metal band, that is not really convincing on this two song Cdemo. Anieke Viveen is the frontwoman of this band from the Southern part of Holland. (6 points)

*SISTER SIN- Dance Of The Wicked (Sleazy Rider Records)
Female fronted metal band from Greece that plays their metal in the well known eighties L.A. style. Liv Jagrell is the female part of this band, that sounds very promising indeed. They also cover “Paint It Black”, originally recorded by THE ROLLING STONES, on this CD. (7 points)

*SKYLARK- Wings (Scarlet/Bertus)
Kiara is the new female member in this Italian melodioc power metal band. You can hear her on the DEF LEPPARD ocver “When Love And Hate Collide’ here. (7 points)

*STARS AND STRIPES- One Man Army (I Scream/Suburban)
Linda Bean (bass) is the female member of this old school hardcore band, that astonished me with their great comeback album full of songs about football and hooligans. Jack ‘Choke’ Kelly (SLAPSHOT fame) is the frontman of the band. (8 points)

*SYMMETRY- A Soul’s Roadmap (independent)
Dutch progressive metal band with a brandnew album. Sofie Letitre sings a duet with male vocalist Erik Masselink in “Turn Away”, which is only a small part of this good concept CD. For more info, write to: (7 points)

*THEATRE DES VAMPIRES- Nightbreed Of Macabria (Blackened/PHD/Bertus)
Gothic rock band, in which the balance tends to move towards the gothic side, which makes this band very much on the edge of being interesting enough or not. Decide for yourself…. (6 points)

*TURISAS- Battle Metal (Century Media/Suburban)
Bombastic jazzy folk metal band with some female vocals here and there. Only interesting for those who want to have everything with female voices on it. (7 points)

*VICE DOLLS- Die Trying (Crosscheck/Sonic Rendezvous)
Great hardcore band with female vocalist Carrie Nance, who proves that women can play good hardcore as well. Raw, unpolished and bold as brass!! (7 points)

*WIZ- Shattered-Mind-Therapy (Arise/Bertus)
Debut album of this Swedish band, that uses some female vocals. Two members of the band are also in NOSTRADAMEUS, and the music of WIZ can be described as melodic heavy metal. (7 points)

*WASTELANDS- Dark Ages (independent)
CARTHAGO vocalist Margreet van Duijvenbode is the female guest vocalist on the MCD of this Dutch melodic rock band. All other information can be obtained from the band’s website at: (7 points)

*XANDRIA- Ravenheart (Drakkar/Suburban)
German gothic metal band that presents us their second album. Lisa is the female vocalist of this band, that plays a good mix of all the bands that are successful in this scene. (7 points)

MM#36/June 2004:

*CLOSTERKELLER- Nero (MetalMind/Pitchfork/Bertus)
New album of this Polish gothic metal heroes, who are still searching for recognition outside their own country.(7 points)

*COASTLINE- Coastline (Vinny)
Swedish AOR band, that presents their twelve song debut album here. Helena Rosendahl is the talented frontlady in this band, that is already working on a follow up to “Coastline”. Check out the latest news at: points)

*DARGAARD- Rise And Fall (Napalm/Zomba)
If you already liked DARGAARD’s previous releases, then I can definitely recommend their new album “Rise And Fall” to you. Maybe we cannot categorise their music as ultra heavy, but it’s very beautiful and of a very high quality. Check it out. (8 points)

*ENTER CHAOS- Aura Sense (MetalMind/Pitchfork/Bertus)
Marta is the grunting frontlady of ENTER CHAOS, that could well be compared to IMMEMORIAL, the band in which Marta Meger sang before she joined this Polish death/thrash combo.(7 points)

*FACE THE FACT- Romeo And Juliet Are Not Dead (Beniihana/Sonic Rendezvous)
FACE THE FACT is an Italian metalcore band with a female bassplayer and a bad male singer. Need I say more? Only for die hard fans…. (6 points)

*FLOWING TEARS- Razorbliss (Century Media/Suburban)
Helen Vogt became the new singer of FLOWING TEARS after Stefanie Duchêne left the band. Their sound remained the same and on “Razorbliss” , we can hear that Helen’s voice sounds almost exactly the same as Stefanie’s. (7 points)

*FIGURE FOUR- Suffering The Loss (Solid State/Sonic Rendezvous)
Third album by this hardcore band. Metalmel is the female guitarist on this album, that is full with loud, brutal NY HC. (7 points)

*GLASSHAMMER- Shadowlands (Arion/Bertus)
Progressive rock music with long complex songs, that will remind you of early YES or KANSAS albums. The band used four different female singers to sing on this eight album of this great American prog rock band. (9 points)

*GRACE FALLEN- Lord Of Gale (independent)
GRACE FALLEN was formed three years ago in Belgium and consists of two ex-AXAMENTA members, guitarplayer Domingo and female vocalist Caroline. You can order this avarage gothic metal demo by sending an email to: (6 points)

*HORRORPOPS- Hell Yeah! (Hellcat/PIAS)
Patricia is the female vocalist of this band that sounds like a cross between BLONDIE and THE CRAMPS. (7 points)

*I.D. TEST- Considering The Human Ignorance (independent)
Five songs are on this third demo of I.D. TEST, a Dutch band, that mixes metal with brutal hardcore. Annemarie Visser is the female guest vocalist on a thrashy song, called “Defying The Gods”. Check out the bands website at: (7 points)

*KARELIA- Usual Tragedy (Drakkar/Suburban)
If progressive gothic metal would exist, then we could put KARELIA from France under this banner. Their sound isn’t too easy to describe. Fact is however, that they use some female vocals in their varied soundscapes. (7 points)

*MAGIC KINGDOM- Metallic Tragedy (LMP/Suburban)
Second album of this band, that used female vocals here and there. A very strong release, but the female vocals are not constantly upfront in the mix. Please see them as guest vocals, when you enjoy the great music of this band of course. (8 points)

*MAJESTIC PARADIGMA- Alone (independent)
This band hails from the Nothern part of our country (Groningen) and surprised me in a very positive way with this three song demo, worthy of twenty minutes of good, gothic metal in the style of WITHIN TEMPTATION and AFTER FOREVER. Marianne is their vocalist. You can order their demo for 7.50 Euro, by sending an email to: (7 points)

*NEUROSIS/JARBOE- Neurosis/Jarboe (Neurot)
Jarboe, a screaming lady, who put her mark on the industrial noise metal of a band like THE SWANS, teams up with NEUROSIS. If you like the sound of THE SWANS, then this release may be interesting for you, too. (6 points)

*NOX- Zazaz (independent)
Helena Iren Michaelsen (IMPERIA) is the guest vocalist on this release during the song “Signed In Blood”. (7 points)

*ORANGE GOBLIN- Thieving From The House Of God (Rise Above/Bertus)
There are some female vocals on the new album of this stoner rock band, but they’re not really upfront in the mix. Nonetheless, I want to mention this album here, if it’s only just for the record. (7 points)

*ORPHANED LAND- Mabool, The Story Of The Three Songs Of Seven (Century Media/Suburban)
We hear a lot of different styles, exotic instruments, different cultures and languages on this album by ORPHANED LAND from Israel. You can also hear some femme vocals here and there in the choir parts. An album, that is very much worth checking out! (7 points)

*7TH CIRCLE- Unsummon (independent)
Three song demo from this Belgian band, that makes a good mix of gothic metal and prog rock. Winnie Versmissen is the great singer and frontlady of this very talented band. Do yourself a favour, check out their website and order their CD. (8 points)

*SIRENIA- An Elixir For Existence (Napalm/Zomba)
Morten Veland did it again! He made a great follow up album to “At Sixes And Sevens”, on which we enjoy the heavenly voice of Henriette Bordvik. Gothic metal at its very best. (8 points)

*SOULFLY- Prophecy (Roadrunner/CNR)
Asha Rabouin sings on the ballad “Wings” on this new album of former SEPULTURA frontman Max Cavalera.(7 points)

*SUMMONER- Winter Solstice (B.T.O.D./Masterpiece)
Female vocalist Nadia sings on three songs on this debut album of this melodic metal band from Italy. The songs, on which we hear her voice, are by far the best on this varied, melodic metal album. (7 points)

*SUSPERIA- Unlimited (Tabu/Bertus)
This band of former DIMMU BORGIR drummer Tjodalv takes us back to the well-known Bay Area thrash sound of the mid-eighties. On some of the songs, we hear female guest vocals, but in general these songs are a bit more modest than the others. (7 points)

*THE VISION BLEAK- The Deathship Has A New Captain (Prophecy/Displeased)
Dame Pandora, the female singer of the French band DARK SANCTUARY, handles the vocals on this dark, gothic horror rock album of these German gentlemen. Interesting! (7 points)

*THRILLS- Original Boston Punk 1977-1981 (Bacchus Archives/Sonic Rendezvous)
Compilation CD from this Boston punk band. Great stuff!! (8 points)

*VARIOUS- In Goth We Trust (Metalmind/Pitchfork/Bertus)
DVD, which contains about twenty video clips of bands like MOONLIGHT, DELIGHT, ARTROSIS and CLOSTERKELLER. In the same package is also a CD with fifteen songs. (7 points)

*ZERO GRAVITY- Synchronity (independent)
Great progressive rock band from Belgium. They play some exciting, long songs on this demo and during “The Old Forrest”, we can hear female guest vocalist Dorien Heyligen, who gives this beauty an extra dimension. I think they’re ready for the next big step. Their website can be found at: (8 points)

MM#35/March 2004:

Rock with a capital R, made by a threesome of Millwaukee, Texas. This sounded good in the sixties, and it still sounds fine today! Honest to the bone!!! (7 points)

*THE GITS- Enter: The Conquering Chicken (Broken Rekids/Sonic Rendez-vous)
Once we had a female fronted punkband called THE GITS. Once we had frontlady Mia Zapata, who died a gruelsome death years ago. Now we have a strong remembrance of Mia and her GITS. Now we also have a compilation album of THE GITS, containing fifteen good punkrock songs and eight live tracks. Fans of THE DISTILLERS might wanna check this out to know where Brosy got her influences from. (8 points)

*HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE- S/T (Cruz del Sur/Bertus)
Great American metal band, that really knows how to write some interesting songs. To some of us this will sound like an ordinary cross between old school NWOBHM and US Metal. I know that this is great stuff on a small independent label. Sigrid (piano) and Jamie (bass/vocals) take care of the female input in this band. (8 points)

*LIVA- Requiem (independent)
Mix metal with classical music, add lyrics to it that are written in Latin, and you’re ready for this band called LIVA. Catherine Elvira Chartier takes care of the female vocals, which are the most interesting part on this CD. (7 points)

*MANDRAKE- Calm The Seas (Greyfall)
Birgit Lau is the female vocalist in this German band, that plays a mix of death, black and gothic metal. However, I must confess, the music of the band is much more innovating and interesting than the vocal parts of Birgit on this debut CD. (6 points)

*ORPHEO- Songs Of The Past Days To Come (independent)
ORPHEO hails from Groningen, The Netherlands. They play melodic metal with a symphonic touch. Wendelien Visser is the female vocalist on this interesting demo. (7 points)

*RANDOM EYES- Eyes Ablaze (independent)
Melodic rock band with a gothic touch hailing from Finland. Warning, this is not the usual grunt, angel like vocals structure we have here. This band goes beyond the paved paths. That’s why they score above average. Katja Rimpeläinen is the female member of this band. (7 points)

*SHADOWS DANCE- A Quatrain For The Damned (Ebony Tears/Suburban)
Atmospheric black metal with a bombastic side and an extreme brutal side. Members of ASTARTE and SEPTIC FLESH sing on this good release. (7 points)

BLACK SABBATH (late 80’s era)-like band with female vocals here and there. Quite impressive.(8 points)

*VERONA BEACH- S/T (independent)
Thrash band from Roermond in The Netherlands. They have a female drummer in their ranks. Better keep them in mind, ‘cause they definitely play the music of today. Check them out at: (7 points)

MM#34/Dec. 2003:

*ANATHEMA- A Natural Disaster (Music For Nations/Zomba)
ANATHEMA uses quite some female (background) vocals on their new album “A Natural Disaster”. This seventh album of this Liverpool based band sounds very well indeed, which makes it extra interesting to check it out. Just listen to the title track to know what I mean here!! (7 points)

*ANTIMATTER- Lights Out (ProphecyDispleased/)
The voices of Hayley Windsor and Michelle Richfeld are the biggest eye-catchers on this second album of ANTIMATTER. The music on this dark piece of work will make the sun disappear forever, what remains are depressing, ANATHEMA like soundscapes. (7 points)

*CASUAL SILENCE- Once In A Blue Moon (Red Sea/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Dutch prog rock band CASUAL SILENCE recorded a ballad, called “Dreamweaver” on this new album. We will hear their singer Rob Laarhoven in a duet with V-MALE vocalist Sandra Peeters. (7 points)

*CIRCE- Aeaian Echoes…… (Hardebaran)
Some albums better stay unmentioned, despite the female voice of Malou. (4 points)

*COAL CHAMBER- Giving The Devil His Due (Roadrunner)
This is a compilation CD, that is full of rarities, B-sides, demos, remixes, live songs and one new song. A nice addition to your COAL CHAMBER collection, while the band does not exist anymore. (6 points)

*DARK AT DAWN- Of Decay And Desire (AFM/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Just want to mention, that I heard some female guest vocals during “Solitude”. (6 points)

*DRACONIAN- Where Lovers Mourn (Napalm/Zomba)
Good gothic metal album from this band from Sweden. Especially the great, angel like voice of Lisa Johansson adds a special touch to the music of this band. (7 points)

*KAIPA- Keyholder (Inside Out/Suburban)
Leena is the female singer on this album of the side project of THE FLOWER KINGS frontman Roine Stolt. If you like the long, complex songs of TFK, then I suggest to have a listen to this album as well. (8 points)

*MYSTIC CIRCLE- Open The Gates Of Hell (Massacre/Suburban)
Female vocals on the new MYSTIC CIRCLE album? Yes, just listen to the song “Wings Of Death” of this great German black metal band.(7 points)

*MYTHOLOGIC- Standing In Stillness (Progressive Music Management)
Melissa Rodler is the female singer of this prog rock band, that sounds like a mix between RUSH and FATES WARNING… with Amy Lee of EVANESCENCE on vocals. Check it out at: (8 points)

*NOCODE- demo (independent)
Dutch band, that explores several music styles on their demo. Johanneke Kranendonk is the female singer in the band, a band that shows a lot of variation and certainly has the potential to become big. You can contact NOCODE and order their demo by sending an e-mail to: (7 points)

*NORDHEIM- River Of Death (Mausoleum/Suburban)
Great power metal album from Brazil. On some tracks you may hear some female vocals, although they’re not upfront in the mix. The first demo of NORDHEIM is added to this CD as a bonus. Full score! (10 points)

*PATHOS- Perdition Splits The Skies (Intolerant Messiah)
Very brutal death metal band coming from America, that uses the help of a female violin player in the opening track “Towards The Precipice” of their debut album “Perdition Splits The Skies”. In “Eroding The Spires”, we also hear the female vocals of Jessica Kenney. Only interesting for people, who like to drink blood from skulls!! Website: (6 points)

*PENUMBRA- Seclusion (Season Of Mist/Bertus)
French gothic metal band that presents their second album. Again, they called in the help of Anita Covelli, as their female ‘guest vocalist’. She fits in very well with the great gothic sound of this band. (7 points)

*SACRIVERSUM- Mozartin (Metal Mind/Pitchfork/Bertus)
Gothic metal band from Poland. The female vocals aren’t that strong maybe, the music makes up for that however. The title of the album already tells us that the band pays tribute to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. (7 points)

*SACROSANCTUM- Fragments (Metal Age)
The doomy music of SACROSANCTUM sounds very well, but I must be honest about the bad vocals of female singer Zuzana. She will have to practice a lot to convince me. Still interested? Better think twice, believe me! (4 points)

*SEVENTH SEAL- The Black Dragon’s Eyes (Steelheart/Bertus)
Power metal band from Italy. Chiara Luci is the powerful frontlady, who knows how to rock real hard. On this album they also crank out two metal covers, namely “Thundersteel” (RIOT) and “I’m Alive “(HELLOWEEN). Great stuff!!! (9 points)

*64 CHEVY- Horse Power Multiplied (independent)
Dutch stoner rock band with ex-FOREVER TIMES forntwoman Laura van Driel on vocals. Their demo sounds powerful and the female vocals make it sound pretty surprising. You can order their demo, by writing to Laura van Driel, St. Jacobstraat 9, 5014 SE Tilburg, The Netherlands, or check their website at: (7 points)

*SONATA NOCTURNA- The Darkest Winter (Rage of Achilles/Suburban)
Very promising MCD by this Spanish gothic metal band. Amparo Garcia is the female vocalist of this band, that has a very bright future if their upcoming album sounds as promising as these three tracks.(8 points)

*THE TANGENT- The Music That Died Alone (Inside Out/Suburban)
Great symphonic rock album of a new super group that consists of members of THE FLOWER KINGS, VANDERGRAAF GENERATOR and PARALLEL OR 90 DEGREES. On keyboards, we hear Sam Baine (PARALLEL OR 90 DEGREES), who adds a special dimension to the four songs that are a mix between CARAVAN and YES. Complex, long sympho songs with a touch of jazz. Great! (8 points)

*TVANGESTE- Firestorm (World Chaos/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Russian black metal band that mixes their brutal side (vocals) with their more modest side (classical orchestral parts). There are female vocals on this album as well. THERION fans might like their approach. (7 points)

*VAMPIRIA- Wicked Charm (GOI/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Another band with good muscians but poor female vocals. This time they hail from Argentina. The band plays a mix of gothic and black metal. Only for purists. (6 points)

*VARIOUS- A Return To Fantasy: A Tribute To URIAH HEEP (Century Media/Suburban)
LANA LANE is the female person, who pays tribute to one of the best heavy rock bands of the seventies, URIAH HEEP. She sings her version of “Weep In Silence”. On this tribute, we also hear contributions of bands like SACRED STEEL, NARNIA and JACK FROST. (8 points)

*VIA MYSTICA- Testamentum (In Hora Mortis Nostre) (Metal Mind/Pitchfork/Bertus)
Gothic doom metal band that presents us their debut album. Kaska is the female vocalist of this band, that sounds just above average to me.(6 points)

MM#33/Oct. 2003:

*AMAZOMBIES- Bitches & Stitches (Go Kart/Sonic Rendezvous)
Female punkrock band with a good sound. Might be promising for the future. (7 points)

*ANTIPRODUCT- Made In USA (Cargo/Suburban)
This English band played already at the Ozzfest, over here in Holland. Now they present us their second album. The ladies in this band handle the backing vocals, but they can’t really convince me. The strong riffs of the guitarist however, make up for that. (8 points)

*ASMEGIN- Hin Vordende Sod & Sö (Napalm/Zomba Distribution)
Black metal band from Norway with influences from folk metal in their sound. Sareeta provides the female vocals on this surprisingly good new album. (7 points)

*CALLENISH CIRCLE- My Passion / Your Pain (Metal Blade/Zomba)
Kaleen, the female bassplayer of GAIL OF GOD, takes care of the few female vocal parts, that you can hear on this new CD of CALLENISH CIRCLE. (6 points)

*DARKFLIGHT- Under The Shadow Of Fear (Rage Of Achilles/Suburban)
Even in Bulgaria they’ve discovered the well-known gothic metal sound. Tatyana Teneva provides the female vocals, while Ivo Lliev plays all the instruments on this rather average debut.(6 points)

*DEADLINE- Back For More….. (Captain Oi!/Suburban)
This punkrock band from America surprised me in a very positive way with their second album. Liz has become a great front woman and an excellent singer, who proves to be capable enough to handle the twelve solid punk songs on this new CD.(8 points)

*ETHEREAL- The Dreams Of Yearning (Recital/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Progressive metal band from Portugal with male and female vocals. The music on this concept album sounds above average to me.(7 points)

*FURIA- Un Lac De Larmes Et De Sang (Adipocere/Displeased)
French bombastic black metal band, that uses some female vocals here and there. Die hards with knowledge of the French language might want to check this one out.(6 points)

*HAUS ARAFNA- Butterfly (Galakthorrö)
Twosome that brings us a weird mix of industrial noise and black metal. This is the third album of Mr. And Mrs. Arafna from Germany. Go to: for more information.(6 points)

*IPSUM- Mystic Evilution (independent)
Melodic black metal with female vocalist Michelle in the front line. The band hails from Switzerland and you can obtain more information from their website at: points)

*LUJURIA- El Poder Del Deseo (Locomotive Music)
Elisa of DARK MOOR does some guest vocals on the fifth album of this Spanish heavy metal band. Lilith is their female keyboard player. Great stuff!! (8 points)

*MEATLOAF- Couldn’t Have Said It Better (Polydor)
We hear Patti Russo on the title track of this new album, that sounds a bit modern. The other female backing vocalists are Maxi Anderson, Rose Stone, Alexandra Bronne, Lynn Davis and Tanya Reicuert. On the double CD version, you’ll get three bonus videos and an extra track. MEATLOAF is preparing the possible release of “Bat Out Of Hell Part III” at the moment. I am already looking forward to that very much!!!(8 points)

*ORDER OF THE TYRANTS- Tribute To CELTIC FROST (Black Lotus/Rock Inc./Bertus)
The new line up of ASTARTE contributes their version of the CELTIC FROST song “Sorrows Of The Moon” to this album. It’s definitely one of the highlights here!!!(7 points)

*MICHAEL SEMBELLO- The Lost Years (Frontiers/Bertus)
JENNIFER BATTEN plays lead guitar on “Tear Down The Walls” and “Love Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”. But also the rest of this AOR CD sounds not bad at all! (7 points)

*SILENTIUM- Sufferion – Hamartia Of Prudence (Spikefarm/Bertus)
Dark gothic doom metal band from Finland. Produced by NIGHTWISH member Tuomas Holopainen. The female vocals on this album are done by former LULLACRY vocalist Tanya, while their original singer Tina Lehvonen has a sabbatical year. Surprisingly good release!(8 points)

*SLECHTVALK- The War That Plagues The Land (Fear Dark/ Displeased)
Dutch dark metal band that puts some nice effort into their compositions. Fionnghuala is resposible for the female soprano vocals to the songs, that are a good mix of powerful metal and black/dark metal with some epic, atmospheric elements. (8 points)

*SPEKTRUM- Spektrum (Progress/MNW/Bertus)
Symphonic rock band with a female singer. Check them out on: http://, where you can hear some MP3 files of this promising band that has some GENESIS and YES influences in their music. (7 points)

*SUBWAY TO SALLY- Engelskrieger (Motor/Universal)
It looks like SUBWAY TO SALLY has metamorphosed in a RAMMSTEIN-like band. They put the fold aside and play their riffs ultra loud now. I better check them out at Wacken this year.(7 points)

*V/A- A Tribute To The Beast - Vol.2 (Nuclear Blast)
GRAVEWORM’s “Fear Of The Dark” can be heard on this second IRON MAIDEN tribute CD. The first copies of this album contain a bonus CD. (8 points)

*V/A- Once And Future King Part I (Frontiers)
Rock opera based upon the myth of King Arthur. Songwriter and producer is Gary Hughes of the melodic rock band TEN. The female input on this first release comes from Sabine Edelsbacher (EDENBRIDGE) and LANA LANE. Part II will be out in October of this year.(8 points)

MM#32/June 2003:

*AREA 54- Beckoning Of The End (Casket)
English metal band that mixes old school heavy metal (IRON MAIDEN) with more recent styles (IN FLAMES). Laura Salmon is the female bass player of the band. (8 points)

*DANCE ON GLASS-Daydreaming (Metal Mind)
This is a gothic band from Poland, formed around Dave Blomberg (NEW MODEL ARMY) and Anna Blomberg (BATTALION D’AMOUR). Their music is not that heavy, but fans of SISTERS OF MERCY and THE MISSION might find this interesting. (6 points)

*DIMENSION F3H-Reaping The World Within (Hammerheart/Zomba)
This is the new band of LIMBONIC ART guitar player Morpheus. I’d like to call their sound electronic black metal. The female input comes from Anette Gulbrandsen (MANDYLION) and Linde Odgard. A surprisingly good debut album indeed. (7 points)

*DIMENSION SEVEN-Infinite Madness (Bukakke/Suburban)
Band from Holland with a female bass player. Their sound is experimental and ultra brutal. Great album to listen to, while tearing down a wall. It will definitely give you enough energy to clear the job! (6 points)

*EVERGREY-Recreation Day (Inside Out/Suburban)
There is a guest role for a female singer in “Darkest Hour”. A short female input on a great progressive rock album. (8 points)

*FUNERAL-In Field Of Pestilent Grief (Nocturnal)
The band name and the name of the record label already suggest, that we’re dealing with a doom metal band here. But the female vocals don’t really seem to match with this style. The music is very good, however. (6 points)

*GROPE-If You Were My Dog… (Grope/MNW/Suburban)
We can hear Sigrid Larssen sing on this fourth album of this stoner rock like band from Denmark. (7 points)

*KAMELOT-Epica (Noise/Suburban)
Thomas Youngblood’s wife sings on the new album of KAMELOT, on which we can hear female vocals in different songs and they also use some Gregorian choir vocals, which gives an absolute mindblowing atmosphere to the whole. (8 points)

*KAYAK-Merlin, Bard Of The Unseen (Kayak/Bertus)
Cindy Oudshoorn is the female guest vocalist on the rock opera on CD of this Dutch symphonic rock band. The CD tells the story of King Arthur, Merlin and The Knights Of The Round Table, and can be seen as one of the best concept albums in the whole impressive career of this legendary band. (9 points)

*KILLER BARBIES-Sin Is In (Drakkar/Suburban)
Chartspunk from Spain. Catchy and with a high sing along level. Silvia Superstar is the supersexy frontlady of these talented punkers. She’s definitely the eyecatcher of the band, if you catch my drift! (7 points)

*THE KOVENANT-Seti (Nuclear Blast/Suburban)
Eileen, from Germany, sings a few lines on the new album of this Norwegian band that mixes extreme metal with elements of gothic and wave music. (6 points)

*NAAMAH-Ultima (Metal Mind/Bertus)
Anna Panasz is the frontlady of this Polish gothic metal band, formerly known as MELANKOLICA. Fans of THE GATHERING (old-style) might want to check this one out. (7 points)

*RUNEMAGICK-Darkness Death Doom (Aftermath/Displeased)
The title of this new CD tells you what kind of music you can expect of RUNEMAGICK. Emma Karlsson plays the bass guitar with these dark doomy Swedes. (8 points)

*SATIRNINE-Void Of Value (White Jazz/Suburban)
Mix THE RIPLETS with THE DONNAS, and you’ll get the melodic punk rock sound of this Swedish all-female band. Very interesting indeed! (8 points)

*SINPHONIA-The Divine Disharmony (Lucretia/Bertus)
Another good band from Denmark is SINPHONIA. Progressive rock fans may like the FATES WARNING like approach of this band. Monika Pedersen is the frontlady of this talented outfit. (7 points)

*SUI GENERIS UMBRA-Coma (Metal Mind)
Second album of a band that was formerly known as UMBRA. They have a female vocalist, and their music style is a bit complex. Ambient black metal would probably be a good description. (6 points)

*SUPERFLOOR-Check (Jacobiberg)
EP from a very good blues rock band from Holland. The band is named after frontlady (super)Floor Kraaijvanger, who is the perfect singer for a blues rock band. Floor sang in a band called BITTERMOON, that used to be the backing band on Rob Lamothe’s (RIVERDOGS) club shows. This mini CD can be ordered on the bands website at: (8 points)

*THANATOSCHITZO-Insomnious Night Lift (Rage Of Achilles)
Is it a black metal band with doom influences? Or is it a doom metal band with black metal influences? Fact is that Patricia Rodrigues is the singer of this Portuguese metal band that presents us their second, average album. (6 points)

*THOU ART LORD-DV8 (Black Lotus/Rock Inc/Bertus)
There are some female background vocals on this Greek black metal album. Only for the die-hards among us. (6 points)

*VARIOUS-Dark Stars (Metal Mind/Bertus)
Good compilation of Polish gothic metal bands like ARTROSIS, DELIGHT, MOONLIGHT, CLOSTERKELLER, NAAMAH, DANCE ON GLASS, DESDEMONA and SUI GENERIS UMBRA. A nice compilation for everybody who wants to taste a little bit of everything from the Polish gothic metal scene. (8 points)

*YWOLF-Trilogy Of The Night (Adipocere/Displeased)
Gothic metal band from Hungary. Too much on the edge to become real interesting for the average readers of Metal Maidens. (6 points)

MM#31/March 2003:

*ASHES YOU LEAVE- Fire (Morbid/Displeased)
Gothic metal band with a female vocalist. Good, but nothing special. (6 points)

*DANCE ON GLASS- Daydreaming (Metal Mind/Bertus)
Ania Blomberg (ex-BATTALION/D’AMOUR) sings and plays the keyboards on this dull electronic, gothic album. They even dare to cover DEPECHE MODE. I think you don’t really need this. (4 points)

*DEATH DIES- The Sound Of Demons (Black Tears Of Death)
DEATH DIES hails from Italy and plays black metal. Some band members played in EVOL before. Female vocalist Banshee screams her lungs out on this debut album. (6 points)

*EXCELSIS- Tales Of Tell (Dragonslayer)
Folk mixed with metal, completed by female vocals. This band from Switzerland does it all, but they have to gain some more experience to convince me from their strength. (6 points)

*IMMEMORIAL- Monologue (Conquer/Sonic Rendezvous)
Polish death metal band that has a great female grunter called Marta. Eight extreme death metal songs are compiled with one videoclip on this CD. (7 points)

*LOVER OF SIN- Lover Of Sin (Candlelight/Bertus)
Solo project of Maitri, the female singer of CHRISTIAN DEATH. She screams like a wild woman on this black metal CD. Most of the band members play in CHRISTIAN DEATH too, by the way! (7 points)

*MOON OF STEEL- Insignificant Details (Steelheart/Bertus)
Italian heavy metal band that sounds like QUEENSRYCHE (in their good old days!) or SAVATAGE. The great female vocals are the cream on top of this great product.(8 points)

*SUNTERRA- Lost Time (WAB/Napalm/Zomba)
Heavy gothic metal band from Austria. The heavy grunt is mixed with some female angel like singing. They also play a cover of "Out Of The Dark”, which was originally done by FALCO. (7 points)

*TZEFA- Feed Me (independent)
No hopers from the USA, that try to play gothic metal. If you dare to buy this EP, you may be able to hear a female opera singer. (4 points)

*VARIOUS-Better Undead Than Alive (Code 666/SPV)
Twenty-four tracks are on this soundtrack, that becomes interesting through the renditions of ATROX (2 tracks, of which 1 previously unreleased) and AGHORA (1 track). The rest of the bands don’t have a female member in their line up. (6 points)

*VARIOUS- The Best Of Gothic Rock 2 (Zomba)
Compilation CD with the best songs of bands like WITHIN TEMPTATION, AFTER FOREVER, NIGHTWISH, TRAIL OF TEARS, LACUNA COIL, TRISTANIA, FLOWING TEARS and MYRIADS. The perfect CD for people, who can’t afford to buy everything! (7 points)

*WILLOW- Second After (independent)
Alternative pop rock band from The Hague in the Netherlands. They sound very promising indeed. Marlein is the female member in the band, who plays bass and sings. For more info, you can go to the band’s website at: or send an email to: (7 points)

*ZWAN-Mary Star Of The Sea (Reprise)
New band of SMASHING PUMPKINS frontman Billy Corgan. Alternative rocklovers may like the sound on their debut album, which is a bit too commercial and alternative for the average old school metal lovers in my opinion. Paz Lenchantin (ex-A PERFECT CIRCLE) plays the bass guitar here. (6 points)

MM#30/Dec. 2002:

*AENIMA- Never Fragile (Equilibrium)
Dutch gothic rock band with a female frontlady called Carmen. This is a promising six track MCD, but I hope they show a little bit more power on their new full length album. (7 points)

*ALL SYSTEMS GO- Monichini (Bad Taste/Suburban)
This release is for our magazine only important because Melissa auf der Maur (HOLE, SMASHING PUMPKINS) plays a guest role on a song called “Meagan’s Law” (6 points)

*BLACK COFFEE BLUES BAND- S/T (Dixiefrog/Bertus)
Poppa Chubby and his wife Galea form the centre of this great blues band. On their debut album, they play some great blues covers. Galea plays the bass, and she did a damn fine job here. (9 points)

*BLACK HORIZON- Infinity Of Chaos (Transmission Records)
Helena Michaelsen (TRAIL OF TEARS) does some guest vocals on this industrial noise album. She tries to become the master of the musical ‘chaos’ on this debut album. (7 points)

*CEMETARY OF SCREAM- Prelude To A Sentimental Journey (Hammer Muzik/Pink)
Polish doom/death metal band that mixes their dark music with some female vocals. Only interesting for the die-hards! (7 points)

*CHARON- Downhearted (Spinefarm/Universal)
Gothic metal band from Finland. They supported NIGHTWISH on their latest tour through Europe. On this third album, we hear female vocals on almost every song. Interesting stuff for gothic freaks! (6 points)

*CRACKTORCH- …Is Not The Problem (Lunasound Recording/Bertus)
Staci is the bassplayer of this garage rock and roll band from Boston. They kick ass and that’s what counts! (7 points)

*CROWN OF THORNS- Karma (Point Music/Rock Inc./Bertus)
Doro Pesch sings on “Shed No Tears”!! Reason enough to mention this great AOR album here. (8 points)

*ENTER CHAOS- Dreamworker (Metal Mind/Bertus)
Wow, what a great sound! Lady Martex is the female singer of this Polish thrash band. If you like the latest ARCH ENEMY CD with Angela Gossow on vocals, then this one is definitely a must!!! (8 points)

*ETERNAL MOURNING- Delusion & Dementia (Goi Music)
ETERNAL MOURNING follows the well-known concept of angel like female vocals and a brutal male grunter singing on a gothic metal background. The website of this Portugese band can be found at: http://eternalmourning. (6 points)

*EVERON- Flesh (Mascot/Pias)
Judith Strüber sings guest vocals on “ The River” and “Already Dead” and that’s reason enough to mention this release here. (6 points)

*FORDIRELIFESAKE- Breathing In Is Only Half The Function (Skipworth/Sonic Rendezvous)
There’s much variation in the music of FORDIRELIFESAKE. It even includes some female vocals here and there. Only for die-hards. (6 points)

*FURIA- A La Quête Du Passé (Adipocere/Displeased)
French black death metal band that sings in their native tongue. The female vocals give this band a slightly gothic tone. (6 points)

*GENIUS- A Human Into DreamsWorld (Frontiers/Bertus)
LANA LANE plays a role in the rock opera of Italian musician Danielle Liverani. A perfect example of another great rock opera in three parts. (8 points)

*JAY HOOKS- Red Line (Provogue/Bertus)
Maria del Prete plays the bass, next to Jay Hooks (guitar) and Jerry Gaskill (KINGS X) on drums. They play raw blues rock like it used to be played. Warn your neighbours, when you play this one real loud!!! (8 points)

*LAKE OF TEARS- The Neonai (Black Mark/Zomba)
Rock band that uses female vocals on their song “Sorcerers”. (7 points)

*LUDICRA- Ludicra’s Hollow Psalms (Life Is Abuse/Sonic Rendezvous)
Dark, black, death, thrash band with two female members. The CD is very powerful and that’s not strange if you know that it consists of ex-members of THE LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG. Very interesting release! (8 points)

*MADDER MORTEM- Deadlands (Century Media/Suburban)
Agnete M. Kirkevaag shows her talent again on the new CD of this Norwegian gothic metal band. It is very much worth checking out, because they’ve come up with some very original and surprisingly compositions again. (8 points)

*MANTICORA- Hyperion (Scarlet/Bertus) *MARBLE ARCH- Another Sunday Bright (Century Media/Suburban)
Tanja, the new singer of LULLACRY, does the background vocals on the gothic metal album of this Swedish new band. But be warned that they sound more gothic than metal! (6 points)

*MONUMENTUM- Ad Nauseam (Tatra)
Dark metal band from Norway. During “I Stand Nowhere”, they use female vocals, which becomes one of the highlights here. (6 points)

*MYSTIC FORREST- Welcome Back In The Forrest(Adipocere/Displeased)
Dark, atmospheric black metal band with female vocals. Not very interesting, unless you’re a real die-hard collector. (5 points)

*OLEMÖS- Eg Od (CCP/Displeased)
Another average gothic rock band with female vocal parts. (6 points) >p> *ORIGINAL SINNERS- Original Sinners (Nitro/Suburban)
Exene Cervenka (X) teams up with ex-members of THE DISTILLERS. You can imagine that they create a nice punky sound on this nice album. (7 points)

*ORKRIST- Reginae Mysterium (KRV)
Czechian gothic metal band that presents us the usual angel like vocals, grunts, pianos, violins, etc. Not too heavy maybe, but still very sphereful indeed. (7 points)

*RAGING SLAB- Pronounced East Shit (Tee Pee/Suburban)
Hard rock with a great southern feel, from a band that plays this style for about fifteen years already. Together with NASHVILLE PUSSY, they brought this style into the new millennium in its most authentic form. Yeeeehaaww! (8 points)

*SECOND LASS- Try To Paint A Fitful Love… (Watch Me Fall)
Italian gothic rock band which is only interesting for the die-hard people, who want to have everything with female vocals on it. (6 points)

*SOULGRIND- Into The Dark Vales Of Death (Holy/Displeased)
Gothic metal band that mixes brutal grunts with angel like female vocals. No genius, but not bad either. Average and we’ve heard it many times before. (6 points)

*STILL BREATHING- September (Solid State/Sonic Rendezvous)
Great nu-metal band that sounds a lot like OTEP. This means brutal, aggressive nu-metal with the female vocals of Dacey. Not bad at all! (7 points)

*TENK- E-Ruption demo (independent)
Alternative metal band with female vocals of Yvette Roovers. If you’re open- minded, you might like the new fashioned songs structures of this Dutch band. Contact address: TENK, Dunandstraat 31, 4701 GZ Roosendaal or have a look at: (7 points)

MM#29/Sept. 2002:

*ASGAARD- Ex Oriente Lux (Metal Mind/Bertus)
A melodic, doomy sound is created by this gothic band from Poland. They use the female vocals in the background, but they still form an essential part of the total sound of this band. (7 points)

*CHE:CHAPTER 127- Profit Prophet (G-7 Welcoming Committee/Sonic Rendezvous)
Femimistic punk band led by Meegan Maultsaid from Vancouver. The band started out as PUNCTURE and now they play some loud punk music. Meegan is also one the the organisors of the Grrrlapaloooza festival. If you’re into loud, brutal feministic punk music with a political touch, then CHE:CHAPTER 127 is something for you! On, you can have a pretaste of one of their songs already. (8 points)

*DARKWELL- Conflict Of Interest (Napalm/Zomba)
Gothic metal with the female vocals of Alexandra Pittracher. This seven track mini CD contains one cover song (“Twist In My Sobriety”) and two video clips. (7 points)

*DYING PASSION- Voyage (Metal Breath)
Melodic doom metal from Czechia. The band has a female vocalist called Zuzanna and a female flute player (!). The CD also contains a video clip of their song “Nightfall”, which was on their debut album “Secretly”. If you can’t find this CD, you can contact the band by sending an email to: (7 points)

*EVEN VAST- Dawning Gloom (Painkiller)
Italian doom metal band, that releases their new single here. Two songs will show you that Antonietta can sing really well. Very promising! (7 points)

*FANGORN- Fangorn (G.U.C.)
German black, doom metal band, that sings in their native tongue. Nothing special, but not bad either. The female member is a vocalist with a high screaming voice.(6 points)

*THE FLIPSIDES- Clever One (Pink & Black/Sonic Rendezvous)
This band must have heard about THE RUNAWAYS and JOAN JETT. No wonder, they ended up with the label of Fat Mike, who only signs female (fronted) bands on his Pink & Black label (like FABULOUS DISASTER). A real must for every female (fronted) punk rock fan out there!!! (8 points)

*HIRETSUKAN- Invasive/Exotic (G-7 Welcomming Committee/Sonic Rendezvous)
HIRETSUKAN hails from new York, and is fronted by Michelle. Their punkrock is furious, yet melodic, catchy and full of interesting political statements. At the end of this EP, the band plays a nice version of METALLICA’s “Creeping Death”. A nice surprise! For more infor you can go to, you can also download one of their songs from that site. (7 points)

*MOSTRO- S/T (independent)
Power metal band from Belgium, that present their most recent demo. Jacula is the female frontlady of this band. The band can be reached by writing an email to: You can also write these people a letter by sending it to: Kris de Man, Borsbekestraat 156, 9551 Herzele, Belgium. (7 points)

*THE NY REL-X- She’s Gotta Gun/Paranoia (TKO/Sonic Rendezvous)
Eleven songs are on this CD, which is a compilation of the bands two mini albums. Very interesting for people who like VICE SQUAD. (8 points)

*ORIGINAL SINNERS-Original Sinners (Nitro/Suburban)
Did you ever wonder what happened to Exene Cervenka, the frontlady of X? She is the singer of this punk rock band, but the songs on this album are definitily not as good as the songs she created with X. In fact, she even disappointed me a bit with this release. Only for the diehard fans of Exene! (6 points)

*PAIN CONTROL- Subvert (Demolition)
English thrash band that gets some help from Madeleine Pehm, an Hungarian female vocalist, who added some vocals to this album. (7 points)

*SERENADE OF DARKNESS- In Solitude Engraved (independent)
Although the band doesn’t exist anymore, we still think that this Dutch band needs to be mentioned here. Wendy van der Hek is the frontwoman of this gothic metal band, that really had the potential to become huge in this scene. (7 points)

*SWANS- Feel Good Now (Atavistic)
Live CD recorded in 1987. Jarboe, the female singer of the band, sounds uninspired. A useless release, that I won’t really recommend to you. Again only interesting for the diehard fans of THE SWANS. (4 points)

*TIRANILOR- Morion’s Destiny (independent)
Melodic black metal band from Holland with a female bassplayer. Check out; for more information about this band. (7 points)

*TYRANT- Legend (Displeased)
The metal maiden in this Japanese black metal band plays the keyboards. You must definitely check this band out, if you’re into melodic black metal. Also pay some special attention to the great artwork on the CD cover! (8 points)

MM#28/June 2002:

*ANCIENT CEREMONY- The Third Testament (Trisol Music Group)
Great black metal CD with touches of power metal waved in its sound. The concept is easy: speedful power metal with icy black metal screams, keyboard layers and heavenly female vocals. Great release! (8 points)

*BATTLELORE- Where The Shadows Lie (Napalm/Zomba)
Bombastic black metal band. Their female vocalist is called Kaisa Jouhki The old sound of THE GATHERING meets TRISTANIA here. Can we possibly go wrong then?? (7 points)

*THE BLUE SEASON- Secede (Grey Fall/SPV)
Spherefull piece of gothic rock from Holland. Go to for all the information about this band. (7 points)

SEVERANCE is a punk band that doesn’t have any female members in their line up. DEATH BEFORE DISCO has got some female vocals in their music. They play melodic hardcore. Both bands hail from Belgium, but couldn’t really convince me too much. (6 points)

*THE DISTILLERS- Sing Sing Death House (Hellcat/Epitaph/PIAS)
Great punk band with female vocals and a brutal sound. (7 points)

*DYING TEARS- Amnesia (Thundering)
This is a French gothic metal band with the usual concept. Brutal male grunter, female angel like vocals, pianos, violins and powerful riffs. Sometimes the music is better than the vocals. The band will tour with PENUMBRA through Europe. Look at for more information. (6 points)

*HUMAN ALERT- Dirty Dancing (Dialektik/Suburban)
Happy punk rock from Amsterdam. High quality meets fun and happiness in the music of HUMAN ALERT. (7 points)

*THE KINGPINS-Plan Of Action (Stomp/Mad Butcher)
Ska rock from a band from Canada. Lorraine Muller is the front woman of this band. But this stuff is not really interesting for the average readers of Metal Maidens. Think about it, ska rock! How far can you go? (5 points)

*OTEP-Jihad (EMI)
Nu metal band from America, which has Otep Shamaya as their charming front woman. Sometimes she screams like she’s absolute insane, while on the other hand she seems to be very desperate and emotional. The music of the band is quite heavy and catchy. Check them out! (7 points)

*RAM-ZET-Escape (Century Media/Suburban)
This band mixes a thousand styles to make it a style of their own. Complex music with extreme, brutal explosions. Their female lead vocalist sounds really talented. (7 points)

*SIGNS OF DARKNESS-Beyond The Autumn Leaves (The LSP Company)
This is a black metal band. Their female singer is called Sarah. And its just another fine band from the metal ranks of Belgium. (7 points)

*VANITAS-Der Schatten Einer Existenz (CCP/Zomba)
Gotchic metal band from Germany. They mix their music with some black and death metal here and there. Sometimes we can enjoy some female vocals next to the male grunter. (7 points)

*VARIOUS-A Tribute To The Beast (Nuclear Blast)
IRON MAIDEN tribute CD which contains sixteen IRON MAIDEN covers. There’s only one song here, that should be interesting to the die-hard Metal Maidens readers and that’s “The Number Of The Beast”, done by SINERGY. It’s definately one of the highlights on this great tribute CD. (8 points)

MM#27/March 2002:

*AESMA DAEVA-Here Lies One Whose Name Was Written In Water (Root Of All Evil)
Dark metal Band with Rebecca Cords as their female singer. Rebecca lifts this band to a higher level, with her outstanding vocal qualities. Essential buy for all the gothic/dar metal fans out there. (8 points)

*ANOREXIA NERVOSA-New Obscurantis Order (Osmose/Zomba)
There are no female members in this black metal band from France. But in “Stabat Matter Dolorosa” we can hear two female opera singers. It’s also nice to hear the band play the CANDLEMASS cover “Solitude”, although there are no female vocals on this song. (7 points)

*CASSIOPEIA-Duality Demo
This is the second demo from this band from Goes in The Netherlands. Five gothic doom metal songs in thirty minutes is value for money. We still hear Maaike Rijk on vocals, while she’s now being replaced by Irene Visser. The band also has a new drummer and bass player now. Your copy of this good demo can be obtained from CASSIOPEIA, Monnetstede 4532, 4463 GX Goes, The Netherlands. Their website is at, and you can email them at The demo costs 9 Euro or 10 US$ (incl p&p.) (7 points)

Gothic metal band with a female singer. But Mea is different than all the other gothic frontladies. She’s a brutal screamer in this good gothic metal band. It really sounds different. Try it out! (7 points)

*DEADLINE-More To It...Than Meets The Eye (New Blood)
English oi! band with male and female vocals. A band like VICE SQUAD comes in mind when hearing the sound of this band. (7 points)

*DEMIMONDE-Mutant Star (Epidemie)
Black, death metal band from Czechoslovakia. The female vocals lift this band to a higher platform. This band performs just below the average level. Leave it for what it is, unless you need to have everything with female vocals on it. (4 points)

*DIVILIUM-Aurora (CCP/SPV/Zomba)
Gothic rock band with a female singer. Okay, we’ve heard it all before, but we know that there are a lot of fans that love this music. That’s why we want to introduce you to this average band. (6 points)

*FLOWING TEARS-Serpentine (SPV/NSM/Phonag)
Stephanie Duchêne proves us again that she’s one of the better female singers in the gothic rock scene. With her warm voice she adds an extra dimension to the music of FLOWING TEARS. (7 points)

*FOUR PROMILE-Und Ab... (Knock Out/Sonic Rendezvous)
Another punk/oi! band with a male and a female singer. Melanie is the female part of this German band that convinced me with this strong album. (7 points)

*KELTGAR-Wintermist (Uxicon)
Death doom band number so much. This time they hail from Belgium. They also put female, angel like vocals next to a brutal male grunter. Nothing new here. (6 points)

*MAZINGA PHASER-Dissatisfied Customers Of Hallucintations (MM Idol)
Psychedelic rock fivesome from America, with a female singer in their ranks. Jessica Nelson is the metal maiden in the middle of all these fuzzy guitars with tonz of effects. Nice release! (7 points)

*PALE FORREST-Exit Mould (Listenable/Zomba)
PALE FORREST hails from Norway and with Kristin Fjellseth, they have a great singer in their band. Their music is a bit soft maybe, but fans of THE GATHERING may like the poprock that is on the third album of this band. (7 points)

*THE SCREWS-Shake Your Monkey(In The Red)
Musical cooperation between Mick Collins and Terri Wahl (RED AUNTS). Their raw, unpolished rock sound must appeal to some of our readers I guess. (7 points)

*7TH MOON-Alter Alma (Trisol Music Group/Sonic Rendezvous)
Gothic rock band with a female singer, next to a male grunter. Old GATHERING fans might like this album...a lot. (6 points)

*SEX MUSEUM-Speedkings (Locomotive/Rock Inc/Bertus)
Second album from this Spanish stoner rock band. Only for the diehards who need every CD with a female input. (6 points)

*SHAPE OF DESPAIR-Angels Of Distress (Spikefarm/Bertus)
Slow doom band with female vocals here and there. Are these winters always that dark? Will it never stop raining? Can’t we play any slower than this? Won’t the reviewer get depressed after hearing this?........No, I kinda liked it! (7 points)

*SOUTHERN ISOLATION-Southern Isolation (Relapse/Suburban)
Dark doom project from Stephanie Opal, a female singer songwriter who made this album all by herself. Well with a little help from PANTERA frontman Phil Anselmo then. See for yourself if you’re interested in this experimental project. (7 points)

*TILT-Been Where? Did What? (Fat Wreck/Sonic Rendezvous)
Compilation CD with old demo material and other rare recordings. Very interesting for TILT and hardcore fans.(7 points)

*TIMO TOLKKI-Hymn To Life (Nuclear Blast)
Second solo album of the STRATOVARIUS guitarplayer. The album is full of nice poprock songs and some heavier stuff here and there. On two songs we hear guest vocals of Sharon Den Adel of WITHIN TEMPTATION. Maybe therefor it might be interesting for our readers. (7 points)

*WARMEN-Beyond Abilities (SPV/NSM/Phonag)
Kimberly Goss of SINERGY makes a guest appearance on this solo project of keyboard player Janne Warmen. She sings the HEART cover “Alone”, like it must be sung. Hard and heavy!! A good bombastic power metal album from this Finnish project. (8 points)

*WILLOW-Octobergrey Demo
Cdemo from this band from The Hague. Madelein Heske sings and plays the bass guitar on this three track demo, which is full of catchy, alternative rock music. For more information about this promising band you can surf to their website at, or send an email to: (7 points)

*WOLVERINE-The Window Purpose (DVS/Rck Inc/Bertus)
Progressive rockband from Sweden. During “Leaving Yesterday”, they present us the beautiful voice of Jamina Jansson in a great duet. A very surprising appearance on this nice progressive rock CD. (8 points)

MM#26/December 2001:

*CHAOSTAR- Threnody (Holy Records)
Movie music would be the best description of the sounds of this band. It’s bombastic, it’s dark, it contains classical music and it has the vocals of female singer Natalie. Beautiful, but not too heavy! (7 points)

*THE BURNOUTS- Close To Breakevil (Bad Afro/Suburban)
Helle Hellcat is the lady singer of this Danish punk rock band, that presents us twelve catchy songs here.(7 points)

*DEAD BLUE SKY- Symptoms Of An Unwanted Emotion (Good Life)
Black metal mixed with heavy metal. The band hails from Florida. They combine heavy blast parts with acoustic passages. Variation all over, so to speak. They also have a female singer in their ranks. (7 points)

*DRAGONLAND- The Battle Of The Ivory Plains (Black Lotus)
DRAGONLAND hails from Sweden. They play some HAMMERFALL like power metal, but when guest singer Ingmarie Juliusson sings “A Last Farewell”, you can better compare them to NIGHTWISH. Interesting release!! (7 points)

*THE DREAMSIDE- Mirror Moon (Serenades)
Kemi Vita is the driving force behind this gothic metal band from Holland. Their music may not be that heavy, but it sure sounds intense and very well done. “Mirror Man” is the bands third CD already, since they were formed in 1994. (6 points)

*ENSOPH- Bleeding Womb Of Ananke (Beyond Productions)
CRADLE OF FILTH like black metal band, that didn’t really convince me. Patricia is the female vocalist here. (5 points)

*FALLEN- Warcry (independent)
Seven track Demo CD with the angel-like voice of Eefje Beschman. Think about WITHIN TEMPTATION and you’ll come close to their sound. The demo costs Hfl. 15,-- or US$8.00. You can send this money to: FALLEN, Vick Gosen, Peperstraat 88, 5554 EL Valkenswaard, The Netherlands. (7 points)

*GORILLA- Gorilla (Lunasound/Bertus)
Threesome from England that plays some real slow doomy metal and stoner rock. They have a female bassplayer. (7 points)

*MORGENSTERN- Heute Ist Die Rache Mein (Napalm/Bertus)
Medieval German metal with female vocals and instruments like bagpipes and flutes. Their concept is OK, but the performance of it all still lacks of convincement. (5 points)

*NOVEMBRE- Novembrine Waltz (Century Media/Suburban)
Ann-Marie Edvardsen (ex-3RD AND THE MORTAL) makes a guest appearance on the new CD of this Italian threesome. Together with NOVEMBRE she sings the KATE BUSH cover “Cloud Busting”. (6 points)

*ORDO DRACONIS- The Wing & The Burden (Skaldic Art)
Black metal band from Holland that already surprised us with their debut album “In Speculis Noctis”. Maaike Arkesteijn and Annabel van Baren take care of the female vocals on this fabulous CD. Very much worth checking out!!(8 points)

*PLANE- Found And Lost (Solardisk/Bertus)
Metal band from Finland, who are totally out of direction. Leave it for what it is. It’s worthless! (4 points)

*THE PROJECT HATE- When We Are Done….Your Flesh Will Be Ours (Massacre/Suburban)
Metal band that plays a mix of heavy, powerful metal with electronic rhythms and industrial metal. Mia Stahl is the female member in this band. (6 points)

*THE PROVENANCE- 25th Hour Bleeding (Scarlet/Bertus)
Gothic metal band from Sweden, who make some sidesteps to folk, doom and black metal here and there. Emma Hellstrom plays flute, keyboards and sings in the band and lift them to a much higher level. A name to remember. (8 points)

*SILENTIUM- Altum (Spinefarm/XIII Bis)
Doom gothic metal band from Finland with the usual references like violins, pianos and female, angelesque vocals. It’s done before, nonetheless it’s very well done. (7 points)

*SIX FEET UNDER- True Cranage (Metal Blade/Zomba)
Karyn Crisis provides some guest vocals on the new CD of this brutal death metal band. So check out the song “Sick And Twisted” to hear the brutal and aggressive grunt of this metal lady. (6 points)

*SUPERCHUNK- Here’s To Shutting Up (Matador/De Konkurrent)
Guitar rock with influences of grunge and alternative rock. Nothing special though. (6 points)

*TADPOLE- On All Fours (independent)
Interesting rock CD from this Dutch band. Their female singer Martine Thijssen is a real talent. Check them out by writing to: Phil Dekker, Kerkstraat 31, 7671 HE Vriezenveen, The Netherlands. (7 points)

*THERION- Secrets Of The Runes (Nuclear Blast)
The female vocals in the choir that THERION uses are very essential for the bombastic opera like sound of this new album “Secrets of The Runes”. Reason enough to mention it in our short review section. (8 points)

*TWIN OBCENITY- Bloodstone (Century Media/Suburban)
Viking metal from Norway with the female vocals of Tonje Ettesvold. Unfortunatley, this lady isn’t the most talented singer around, while the music is quite impressive. Only for the die-hards. (5 points)

*UPPERCUT- Shroud Shifter (G.U.C.)
German death metal band with a female vocalist. Dani’s voice is very brutal, which suits their music very well. Getting interested already? You can order this album at their website. Go to: (7 points)

*VERONICA- Hope For A Brighter Future (The Militia Group/Sonic Rendezvous)
Lois Volta of MELODRAMATIC makes a guest appearance on this pop rock album. It’s one of the best songs on this soft CD. Only interesting for the die-hards. (6 points)

*VICE SQUAD- Lavender Hill Mob (Combat Rock./Sonic Rendezvous)
This is a new four track mini CD from the most fabulous frontladies of the punk scene, Beki Bondage. And this really sounds amazing! Beki is still an amazing singer. Hail to this real punk vamp!! (8 points)

*WHITE STRIPES- White Blood Cells (XL/V2)
Great rock band from Detroit (Rock City). Brother and sister White know how to make a good rock song. Their whole new album is full of them!! Check it out! (7 points)

*WINDFALL- Loud With The Windows Open (Smorgasbord)
Rock band from New York with Jennifer as their singer. Their music may not be too special, but Jennifer is a great singer. (6 points)

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