picture by: The Great Kat

Born Katherine Thomas in Swindon, England, THE GREAT KAT began her classical music education at the age of seven on piano and at nine on the violin in Long Island, N.Y. After winning numerous competitions, KAT won a full scholarship to The Juilliard School in NYC at the age of fifteen, where she graduated with honors. KAT has toured internationally as a classical violin soloist, won the illustrious Artists' Int. Competition, and debuted as a soloist at Carnegie Recital Hall. After realizing that 'classical music is dead', THE GREAT KAT discovered heavy metal and brought her classical virtuosity to the guitar, becoming the fastest guitarist of the world and the only composer to combine classical music with heavy metal. She has released three CDs: "Worship Me Or Die", "Beethoven On Speed" and her latest effort "Guitar Goddess". Also she has been bringing classical music into the 21st Century through CD-ROM with her amazing "Digital Beethoven On Cyberspeed", by using metal and interactivity. Ladies and gents, METAL MAIDENS presents you...... : THE GREAT KAT!!!

Please introduce yourself to our readers.
"Wake up!! THE GREAT KAT is God!! THE GREAT KAT is the fastest, most brutal guitar/violin virtuoso, vicious, maniacal, finger-bleeding, brilliant, rip-your-head-off tasmanian devil, guitar goddess, high-priestess of guitar shred, inventor of Cyberspeed music and the new Beethoven of the 21st Century!! Can you get a grip on that genius????????!!!@!!!!!#"
How did you first two CDs sell?
"My first two CDs "Worship Me Or Die" and "Beethoven On Speed" revolutionized both classical music and metal by bringing classical music to the common masses through metal!!! They sold well and are still selling!!!!@!!%#!!!"
What was the reaction of the press towards your CDs?
"Brilliant! Everyone is bowing to the brilliance and mastery of the guitar dominatrix: THE GREAT KAT!!! Even the stuffy, old archaic New York Times declares that 'The wave of the future might well be heavy metal Beethoven by way of Juilliard'!"
Who are your musical influences?
"Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Wagner, MEGADETH, OZZY and THE GREAT KAT!!@%!!@!!!!"
Can we find your roots in classical music or in heavy metal?
"Wake up!! THE GREAT KAT's roots are in classical music! I dare you to get some air in those dusty brains and listen to THE GREAT KAT's Cyberspeed versions of Rossini's "The Barber Of Seville" and Sarasate's "Zigeunerweisen" from my new Cyberspeed CD "Guitar Goddess"! Go ahead, educate and geniusize your slow-minded brains!!!!"
Your new release is a four track mini CD. Can we expect a full length CD in the near future?
"THE GREAT KAT's "Guitar Goddess" CD is a four track Cyberspeed CD!! Unfortunately, the suicidal losers out there are just too stupid, slow-minded and inferior too understand a full KAT CD with 10 songs of psychotic, maniacal Cyberspeed, ripping music!!@%!!!!@!! If I gave them more than 4 songs, the lazy stupid faggots would be lying on the floor, hyperventilating!!! When the world full of inertia-ridden groupies wake up and understand the jolting power of the goddess of guitar shred, then THE GREAT KAT will consider releasing a full length CD!!!@%!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
You also released a very nice CD-ROM last year. Is working on computers a hobby of yours?
"My brilliant, unique and ground-breaking CD-ROM "Digital Beethoven On Cyberspeed" is the first and only classical/metal interactive multimedia CD-ROM!! It contains CyberComposers from Bach to KAT, CyberOrchestra-3D rendered instruments, KAT's I.Q. test (How much do you know about music? Have fun being insulted and abused by your messiah!), KAT Ride through time, KAT lingerie shopping show, KAT games, wild videos, photos, KAT SLAVE CLUB and much more KAT insanity! Working on the computer is not a hobby - it's a way of life!! Within a few years, everyone will have a computer, be on the Internet, be brilliant, fast-minded and powerized!!"
Your Internet site ( looks really cool and is very well taken care of. I also heard your page was no- minated for a prize as best web page in its kind. Do you do this site all by yourself or do you get help from anybody?
"My site is the hottest, most blood-dripping, vicious, Cybergizing, aggressive, punch-in-the-face, unrepressed site on the web! I am the webmaster of THE GREAT KAT Guitar Goddess Web Site, which is programmed and maintained by ME!! It's been awarded numerous awards including 'Delta PC Cool Sites Award', 'Funky Site of the Day', "Surfin Pick of the Day' and more."
Your fans could vote for the sleeve of your new CD. Are their choices and opinions very important to you?
"THE GREAT KAT Slaves are the only people in the world that are both intelligent and vicious!! I asked them to vote for their favorite cover and they did!!! Their opinions are very important, because they are the reason why I am writing this revolutionizing music!!!!@%!!!!@!!"
How big is your KAT Slave Club and how can people join?
"The Kat Slave Club has several thousand members from around the world (USA, Mexico, Greece, Holland, Germany and more!) You can join FREE!! Go to The Great Kat Guitar Goddess Web Site at: and join The Kat Slave Club and get your free autographed KAT photo!! Or write to: Kat Slave Club, P.O. Box 20554, Columbus Circle Station, NY, NY 10023, USA. Spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Tell us something about your live show.
"THE GREAT KAT's live metal show is sick!!@%!! I will shred your head off with unrelenting power and crazy energy!! Cyberspeed music and guitar/violin solos guaranteed to leave you gasping for air!! KAT Slaves being whipped, crosses, blood, chains, abuse, skulls, worshippers licking KAT's feet and praying to their God!! Are you ready for this psycho show??@%!!!!"
When can we expect you live in Europe?
"When the backwards, 16th Century, European peasants demand it!! When you archaic mongoloids demand Cyberspeed live in Europe and realize that a woman can be powerful, technical and brilliant, then THE GREAT KAT will play in your pathetic continent!!!@%!!!!@!!"
What do you prefer: playing guitar or violin?
"Equally....THE GREAT KAT is a virtouso at both!!!!!!"
You're always dressed very sexy. Is it important for you to look good?
"In order to wake up the masturbating, penis-obsessed, drunken, loser truckdrivers out there, THE GREAT KAT has to make them take notice with breasts, sex, blood and anything else that will wake up their peanut-sized brains!! Maybe then they can get their minds away from their small penises and into the brilliant power of Cyberspeed music!!!@%!!!!@!!!!!!!!"
Are there any goals you'd still like to achieve?
"Become the new Beethoven of the 21st Century!!!!"
Do you have any message for our readers?
"Wake up! THE GREAT KAT is the prototype of the powerful female of the 21st Century!! That's a fact!! Get into the 21st Century with Cyberspeed!! Cybergize your brain with THE GREAT KAT's "Guitar Goddess" CD!!! THE GREAT KAT is God!!!!"

Interview by: Rita van Poorten/courtesy of Metal Maidens.

Discography THE GREAT KAT:
Worship Me Or Die
Beethoven On Speed
Digital Beethoven on Cyberspeed
Guitar Goddess
Rossini's Rape
Bloody Vivaldi
Torture Chamber