THE MYSTERY Has Been Solved....

Germany's THE MYSTERY have just released their excellent new CD, titled "Soulcatcher". The new CD is chock-full of memorable riffs, great metal inspired songs and just an all around enjoyable listen. This is also the first album to feature new singer Korry Schadwell. She definitely makes her presence known on the fifteen songs, that are presented here. Recently, Korry and guitarist Alex ‘Thunder’ Martin were kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Here is what they had to say...

Please introduce the band to us...
Korry Schadwell: “THE MYSTERY are songwriter and guitarist Alex ‘Thunder’ Martin, Christian J. Rüther on bass-guitar, Daniel Kahn on drums and me, the singer Korry Schadwell.”

Can you please tell us a bit more about the history of the band and what you’ve accomplished so far?
KS: “THE MYSTERY exists since 1996 and was formed by Alex. After many line-up changes, Christian joined the band in 2001 and Daniel in 2004. With the previous singer (Denise Olbrich) they recorded the CD "Scars". THE MYSTERY played gigs with bands like DIE HAPPY, MAJESTY, REBELLION, CHINCHILLA, POWERWOLF, JADED HEART, TANKARD and many more.”

Please tell us a little about your excellent new CD, "Soulcatcher"...
KS: “... Melodies that catches your ears! We produced "Soulcatcher" with Tarek Maghary (MAJESTY) in his Steel-Pride Studios. It was a fantastic time. After that we‘ve been signed by Limited Access-Records. They make a great work for us.”

How would you describe the music on "Soulcatcher"?
KS: "Soulcatcher" has all kinds of stuff, that's related to the eighties metal.”

It seems to me that there are common themes running through the songs. Would you consider "Soulcatcher" to be a concept album?
KS: “No, I don't think so. We have so many different contents in our songs on the album.”

Who writes the lyrics and what are some of them about?
KS: “Alex wrote the lyrics for "Soulcatcher". A few of the lyrics are open to interpretation, so you can understand the lyrics in different ways. For example "Unready To Die" is about an ending relationship, although there’s still love in it, but I think maybe you can interpret the song in another way.”

Where do you draw inspiration from, when writing songs?
KS: “Oh, it's a question for Alex.”
Alex ‘Thunder’ Martin: “Most times I just jam some for myself and then there is a riff and I try to put some chords around it and find a melody for the lyrics. Sometimes there’s just a sentence and a melody in my mind and I try to support this with some chords on the guitar. Mostly these are the first steps with the songwriting. For the lyrics, I get inspiration from reality, most of the time. Just take a look at the world: there is enough to write about.”

Have you played many shows with THE MYSTERY yet and how has the crowd reaction been?
KS: “Yes, we did a few gigs together. It's always hard for fans, when the singer changes. And so I thank all the people, who supported me from the beginning, that I joined THE MYSTERY. The reaction has been really positive.”

What can fans expect when they come see you live?
KS: “We give our best and we are happy, when we all have fun and enjoy our music. They get a real powerful show and I get cold shiver running down my back, when the crowd sings our songs.”

Korry, how did you get the job in THE MYSTERY?
KS: “I was searching for a band and found an anonymous advertisement. I was surprised, that it was the band THE MYSTERY, because we recognised each other from a few gigs, THE MYSTERY and my former band had played together. Later on, Alex told me, that he had been searching for a way to contact me, but couldn’t find out any number. So I guess, it was just fate.”

Who are some singers, that have influenced you?
KS: “I don't have idols, but I like to hear the great singers like Aino Laos, Tony Martin and Jorn Lande.”

Prior to joining THE MYSTERY, what are some other bands that you have played in?
KS: “Most of them were hard rock cover bands. The last one was called PROCONTROL - a melodic progressive band with own songs. And at this time, it was my decision to sing not sing in another cover band. I enjoy doing our own songs with THE MYSTERY.”

I heard you will be taking part in a DORO/WARLOCK tribute CD. What song will you be doing and do you know when it will be out?
KS: “It was an honour to record "Bad Blood". The tribute album will come out at the beginning of October.”

How did you come to take part in the DORO/WARLOCK tribute CD?
KS: “We came to take part in the DORO/WARLOCK tribute CD by a good friend of mine, the guitarist from CUSTARD, who play on the album as well. And we also got some help from our manager Mario.”

Are you already working on new music and what can we expect in the future from THE MYSTERY?
KS: “We are still promoting "Soulcatcher" with gigs and interviews. The fantastic feedback show us, that we are on the right path. We're already working on new material and want to go back into the studio as soon as possible, but I think that won’t happen before the beginning of 2009.”

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?
KS: “Thanks to all readers of Metal Maidens. I hope, this interview leads you to hear "Soulcatcher" from THE MYSTERY!“

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interview by: Tony Cannella, Metal Maidens 'zine / August 2008.

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