The Memories Of A WYKKED WYTCH....

It has already been ten years, since we did our last interview with Demoness Ipek of WYKKED WYTCH. That is far too long of course and shame on us! In the meantime, the band has developed themselves immensly. They toured throughout Europe several times and recorded some great albums like "Angelic Vengeance", "Nefret" and their most recent one “Memories Of A Dying Whore”. So we had a lot of topics to discuss in our update interview with one of the most brutal female fronted death metal bands from the Southern part of Florida, WYKKED WYTCH. Demoness Ipek provided us with all the latest news about her and her successful death metal outfit WYKKED WYTCH....

What are the reactions like towards "Memories Of A Dying Whore" so far?
Ipek: “Out of the four albums we have released, this album has had the best reviews so far. Most of the reviews have been positive. Even magazines that gave us negative press in the past have given us redeeming reviews with this one.”

What's your favorite song from this new album and why?
Ipek: “You are asking like a mother, which child she loves the most.. I really can't choose any of songs. I recorded them with passion, so I like them all.”

What would you change about the album, if you had the chance or are you still a hundred percent happy about it? ("Shrouded In Ash" is my personal fave, by the way, followed by the dark and mysterious "Bloodstained Tears")
Ipek: “Nothing at all. When you capture the moment of the best recording and performance that's where you stop and say that is it! “Shrouded In Ash” is very good emotional song and so is “Bloodstained Tears”. Glad you liked them.”

Can you tell us a bit more about the lyrics on the album? (Maybe a song by song explanation would be nice to do?)
Ipek: “Ok, here is basically a song by song list:
“Memories Of A Dying Whore” - Opening song is about serial killers; their motives and thoughts going through female victims mind.
“Desperation” - This song is for everyone desperate to reach their goals. On the way, there are many tasks and rough paths you may cross, but you keep on going.
“Blood Stained Tears” – This song is about the tears you shed, when someeone dies.
“Awakened” – This song is when you feel totally numb from fear, when suddenly something happens and you are awakened by wind, cold, screams, etc. It's like having a body convulsion..
“Suffering Through The Years” - The pure suffering in life, that lasts forever...
“Wishing Sickness” – This song is about the people, who have done you wrong: humiliation and stabbing you in the back every chance they get, so I wish them dead as they wish I was dead.
“Shrouded In Ash” – This song is about memories of someone you care deeply or your childhood is fading as the pictures in the frames start discolor and fades, covering up your crimes and mistakes in ashes when you are cremated, asking forgiveness from yourself and forgive yourself.
“Beneath Our Skin” - We all have demons hidden under our skin, but you can't really see who someone is on the surface.”

Does the eleventh song, the short one with the acoustic sounding guitar, have a title and why is it not mentioned on the CD sleeve?
I pek: “It’s a hidden track and no name was given. We left it up to listeners, if they truly listen the whole album, they will catch the track. Just a little outro.”

Why was Matt not part of the recording lineup of "Memories Of A. Dying Whore"?
Ipek: “We started working with Matt several months back and he was not in the band, when we recorded the album.”

In which way does this new album differ from "Nefret" and "Angelic Vengeance" in your opinion?
Ipek: “From “Angelic Vengeance” to “Nefret”, we had some lineup changes and this effected how the direction of the album went. On “Nefret”, it was the first time I worked with guitarist/songwriter Gio Geraca. We wanted to experiment more and add other influences. We discovered what worked and what didn’t. Now with “Memories Of A Dying Whore”, we had a more focused outlook on the sound and the direction that we wanted to take WYKKED WYTCH in the future.”

Ipek, I heard that Howard Stern played "Sweet Dreams" on his radio show. That must have been a cool experience?
Ipek: “Well, Richard Christy is a long time friend works for Howard Stern and we sent him the album. One day I was listening the sirius satellite radio, when suddenly I hear our “Sweet dreams” playing! I thought maybe I was dreaming, because this is a talk show radio. I never expected that Howard would be playing our song, let alone some crazy extreme music stunned millions of listeners..But it was a nice surprise, especially since I have been a fan and listening Howard for at least fifteen years.”

"Sweet Dreams" is a cover by THE EURYTHMICS and an odd choice for a band like WYKKED WYTCH, if I may say so. But I bet you will come up with a good explanation?
Ipek: “You guessed it..We were fooling around with the song and Gio started working on it. He said: “Hey, no one ever covers a cover song, let's butcher this song, so none can tell it's a cover song..We really did not want to put this on our album, but it got a great response, so we did. It’s more of a heavier and faster cover of MARILYN MANSON’s version than THE EURYTHMICS.”

Who designed the excellent cover art of the album, which really looks excellent in my opinion...
Ipek: “It was our idea for a little girl like exorcist in the church and this model went through many changes. Alexandra V. Bach is the French artist, who has done the artwork. You can check out her stuff at She has also designed covers for ANOREXIA NERVOSA, KAMELOT and many others.”

You played in Europe several times. What was this experience like and what memories do you have about your shows in Holland and about our country in general?
Ipek: “It almost feels like a second home in Holland, due to touring and I have very fond memories. Most of the tours we’ve done have started in Holland, so we always fly into Amsterdam early. In 2005, we had three tours back to back planned and when our second tour got canceled with MARDUK, we could not come home for two weeks and fly again. We had a friend, that lived outside of Sneek (who also drove our tour bus). He lives at a farm and we stayed with him for two weeks at his farm. In that time, we lost our drummer and recruited a Dutch drummer to play with us on the “No Mercy Fest”. Also at that time we played several small warm-up shows in several bars with other metal bands. Really fun times. Can’t wait to come back to Holland!”

Did you sense any difference between European and American metalheads, and maybe you can explain the differences?
Ipek: “ Not really. Metal heads are all the same crazy bunch of people. Most wear the same type of clothes and love to bang their heads. Europe has more denim jackets and they really cherish their tickets.”

We read, that you are playing at the Indianapolis Metalfest II. Do you have more touring plans to promote this album in Europe perhaps?
Ipek: “Yeah, as we speak we are working on a European tour in November supporting VITAL REMAINS. As soon as the dates are confirmed, you will know.”

What inspires you to become more brutal each album, is there a particular reason for that?
Ipek: “Well yeah, people.. People anger me, so I take my rage in my music.”

Are you becoming more and more angry, and does this reflect in the brutality of your l yrics?
Ipek: “Definitely! I guess, I always had this short of span patience with stupid people and life in general. Everything angers me on a daily basis. Driving behind a slow driver, old people giving me a dirty look at grocery stores, asking me if I worship Satan and people, who take advantage of women and children. It’s a corrupted society.”

In 2005, you toured with DEICIDE in Europe. What was Glen Benton like, when he was not on stage and did you have many contact with him?
Ipek: “Glen is a little bitch and I don’t want to say too much to inflate his already expanded ego. All I have to say is, that I gave him a piece of my mind on tour and this was witnessed by many. You could have heard a pin drop in the room, since it was so quiet. All ears were open. I’m probably one of the few to ever call Glen out on his bullshit.”

You financed "Memories Of A Dying Whore" yourself. Was there a reason for this decision, and why did you actually leave the Six Six Six label of CRADLE OF FILTH bass player Dave Pybus?
Ipek: “Basically, we wanted to try something new. We were with Demolition for three records and we signed briefly with SixSixSix. Dave Pybus did what he could, but they didn’t have the finances available to record and support the album. After this happened, we decided to self release.”

Are you still in touch with former band members and maybe you can give us a short update about what some of them are doing nowadays?
Ipek: “Unfortunately, the majority of the ex-members have left on bad terrms, so we haven’t spoken and don’t plan to. There are other members, who have left on good terms and we occasionally chat on myspace and keep in contact. The ones that have left on a positive note are mainly working on their own musical projects.”

What do you think of your female colleges like Sabrina Classen (HOLY MOSES) and Angela Gossow (ARCH ENEMY) and do you have something of a special bond with other female musicians, or not?
Ipek: “I love females in music, but I get really sad seeing some of them posing like a whore to get recognized. I appreciate Sabrina. I think she has been around long enough and doing a great job. I’ve talked with Angela several times a couple years back about vocal techniques and such. I'm very happy for her.. I support all females, as long as they are doing this thing for passion not for attention and gimmick.”

What are the future plans for WYKKED WYTCH?
Ipek: “We want to keep supporting the album touring. Maybe next year release a DVD and start working on new material.”

Do you still collect antique furniture or do you have other hobbies or interests nowadays?
Ipek: “Ha.Ha. You remembered that! huh..not really. I'm so involved with my band, also a label doing distribution, promotion, sales advertisement, interviews. I don't have time for anything else, except the band and my animals. I have two cats and two dogs, and I love feeding the birds in my yard and watching them in the morning flying.”

Who will become the next president in the USA, if you have to decide between Barack Obama or John McCain and why?
Ipek: “I don't like either one. They are all corrupted liars. There is no one to trust, but we do need a president.”

Do you have a message for the readers of Metal Maidens?
Ipek:”Yeah man, it was about time! Like the last ten years we have know each other, but never met in person, so you gotta show up to our next gig in Holland. Metal Maidens is a true female old school true metal no bull shit ‘zine. You rule, Rita!!”

Maybe you have a Wytching newsflash for us to close this interview?
Ipek:”Yep, but it's gonna be a shocker one! Wait a few weeks to find out and stay tuned for this big one!! Just a new song, we recently recorded and wait until you hear it! It's gonna be a shocker! It's an exclusive digital itunes single.”

The last words are for Ipek and WYKKED WYTCH?
Ipek: “Metal is not just music, but for some of us it's a life style! Metal up yours, spread the disease and keep on listening. Thank you, Rita and Toine for being true metal people and fans of WYKKED WYTCH!”

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interview by: TOine van Poorten, Metal Maidens 'zine / August 2008.

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